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flow meter?

How to construct a flow meter to measure the flow of water(or any fluid) at home? what materials and construction steps are required??

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Laminar Flow

Thanks for all the help with making my laminar flow, I am nearly there but would really like to add a light so it can be seen at night. Is there a simple way of doing this. I cannot quite understand a couple of sites I have seen. This is such an exciting project I never believed it would be possible after seeing it at Bellagio but being able to interrupt the flow and also light it - simply- would be great.

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flow code projects?

How can i find flowcode projects like 8channel programmable timer by eric

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Mechanical Cover Flow

I was thinking of a project for a type of shelf for your CD jewel cases. It would be a way of presenting CD covers in a similar way to iTunes 7's cover flow. (see You could mount the cases and have a slider to flip through your CDs. Anyone know how this could be achieved?

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Mechanical Cover Flow

I was thinking of a project for a type of shelf for your CD jewel cases. It would be a way of presenting CD covers in a similar way to iTunes 7's cover flow. (see You could mount the cases and have a slider to flip through your CDs. Anyone know how this could be achieved?

Topic by spinach_dip  

CO2 gas flow detector

Hi all,  I have a 1/4 inch id plastic pipe fed by co2 at very low pressure, normally there is no flow,  but when there is flow (actually suction) I want to to operate a switch that allows flow from the source gas cylinder.  Can anybody help.  A friend can help with making components on a lathe.  Thank you.

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Confused about air flow Answered

I wanted to make a DYI cooling stand, but I'm confused about air flow.. fan for bottom laptop : flow in or flow out? and then I wanted to add an additional fan at the back.. ( at the heat-air-out ) same question, flow in or flow out? : sorry, my English really bad..

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Arduino eeprom&water flow?

Hello friendsanyone can help me how to save water flow meter in arduino mega eeprom

Question by ahmedhodhod  

Pulse charging to constant flow

So i had to replace the chargercable on our babycall and used a female usb port. The adapter uses 6 volts to charge the device but if i wanted to use a 5v portable charger, how can i make the current flow instead of pulsating? Capacitor? And what value?

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Ultra sonic flow meters

We have 4 independent ultra sonic flow meters and they give us ghost readings at random times. We are sure it’s not emi from an outside source. It’s a frequency signal that our flow computer picks up without product ever running through the pipe system. It only happened at random times like 3 or 4 weeks apart. And are happening more often. Does anyone know best way to troubleshoot.

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Arduino with flow sensor and relay

Hello. I'm needing help on a project with a water flow sensor. Basically, I'm trying to activate a relay (to turn on a motor) when the Arduino board senses any water flow present for 15 seconds or more. I was expecting the relay to turn on after the flow sensor picked up water flow for 15 seconds. After I ran the code, I had water flowing through the flow sensor for 5 seconds and then I shut off the water. The relay still turned on 10 seconds later. I didn't want this to happen. Instead, I would like to have the relay turn on only after there is water flow for at least 15 seconds. Please review my code below. I would appreciate any help. Thank you!!!byte sensorInterrupt = 0; byte statusLed = 13;byte sensorPin = 2;const int threshold = 15000; // thresholdfloat calibrationFactor = 4.5;volatile byte pulseCount; float flowRate;unsigned int flowMilliLitres;unsigned long totalMilliLitres;unsigned long oldTime;unsigned int countstart = 0;unsigned long starttime;unsigned long endtime;unsigned long elapsedtime;void setup(){ Serial.begin(9600); pinMode(statusLed, OUTPUT); digitalWrite(statusLed, HIGH); // We have an active-low LED attached pinMode(sensorPin, INPUT); digitalWrite(sensorPin, HIGH); pinMode(7, OUTPUT);// connected to relay pulseCount = 0; flowRate = 0.0; flowMilliLitres = 0; totalMilliLitres = 0; oldTime = 0; attachInterrupt(sensorInterrupt, pulseCounter, FALLING);}void loop(){ while (1){ if((millis() - oldTime) > 1000) // Only process counters once per second { detachInterrupt(sensorInterrupt); flowRate = ((1000.0 / (millis() - oldTime)) * pulseCount) / calibrationFactor; oldTime = millis(); flowMilliLitres = (flowRate / 60) * 1000; totalMilliLitres += flowMilliLitres; unsigned int frac; Serial.print("Flow rate: "); Serial.print(int(flowRate)); // Print the integer part of the variable Serial.print("L/min"); Serial.print("\t"); // Print tab space Serial.print("Output Liquid Quantity: "); Serial.print(totalMilliLitres); Serial.println("mL"); Serial.print("\t"); // Print tab space Serial.print(totalMilliLitres/1000); Serial.print("L"); pulseCount = 0; attachInterrupt(sensorInterrupt, pulseCounter, FALLING); } if( totalMilliLitres > 0 && countstart == 0) { starttime = millis(); countstart = 1; } if ( totalMilliLitres > 0 ) { endtime = millis(); elapsedtime = endtime - starttime; } if (elapsedtime >= threshold){ digitalWrite(7,HIGH); // Activate relay to turn on motor delay(10000); digitalWrite(7,LOW); // Deactivate relay to turn on motor totalMilliLitres = 0; countstart = 0; elapsedtime = 0; break; } else{ digitalWrite(statusLed, LOW); // Turn the LED off digitalWrite(7, LOW);// turn relay OFF } }}void pulseCounter(){ // Increment the pulse counter pulseCount++;}

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pressure to flow rate conversion

Anyone know, or know where I can find out how to convert pressure to flowrate by time? I have a 3Litre cylinder of normal air, at 300psi, and I want to release the air at between 0.5CFM and 1CFM (at around 15-30psi, through an airbrush, the internal diameter of the escape wold be no more than a millimeter. how can I figure out how long it will take to reach equilibrium with the outside air? cheers naught

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Help using a Neptune FS-100 flow sensor with an Arduino/pi?

Hey folks, I'm trying to detect a flow in a 1" pipe with a flow sensor. The best one i could find was made by this company called Neptune (FS-100) It looks like a basic hall effects flow meter but i am trying to get it to talk to an arduino and I seem to be failing. It has a TRRS 3.5mm plug on it. I used a volt meter to determine which color wires inside correspond to the TRRS: Tip: RED Ring: ?? White ?? Ring: GREEN Sleeve: Black can someone help me figure out how to get this thing to talk to my arduino? thanks so much

Question by saltyrover    |  last reply

The mental state of Flow/Focus/Zone?

Hey guys, I can achieve a mental state through meditation called flow, which helps me get better physical and mental results for a period of time. Could someone help explain a little more about it to me?

Question by Shadowwalker2551    |  last reply

Which way does electricity flow? Answered

Does it come from the negative terminal of a battery, or the positive terminal?

Question by PKTraceur    |  last reply

Casing dimension to install Chilled Water Coil sizes for cooling

I need help on dimensions please. I need to build a box (casing) to install Chilled Water Coils and a squirrel fan to run well water thru for cooling a work shop. In short, I have very cold well water and want to take advantage of it. My shop is 50’ x 29’ x 10’ height. I’m figuring 14,500 cubic feet to cool. What I need to know is if a casing of 24” square that is about 5’ long would be enough to have one coil in front, fan in the middle and a 2nd coil on the other end? I will have a return vent and include at least 4 vents for air out flow. What I’m not sure of is how to calculate if I need to use bigger coils other than 24”? Do I need to give more information to get an answer? Thanks

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Equation exponentielle ? Answered

Bonjour , Qui pourrait m'indiquer la marche à suivre pour utiliser cette équation avec Arduino, il s'agit de relever le débit d'un capteur analogique , je pensais utiliser cette équation pour afficher le débit sur le moniteur mais ça me donne des valeurs erronées  Voici l’équation du capteur y = -8E-05x2 + 0,0361x + 1 y est le debit capteur x est la tension en sortie du capteur

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is there a way to reduce the power flow of the fan? Answered

Im making something using a fan and it shut my computer taking to much power from the usb is there a way to reduce the power flow of the fan?

Question by CarStalkerZ    |  last reply

i want to stop the flow of current .....

I have the following situation--> i have two DC power sources one is 9v and other is 7.5v i want to combine these two power supplies such that when one power source is off then other is available....  for example if 9v is off 7.5v is flowing and counter wise also but i want to combine in such a manner that when both are on both should give the output.....and the problem is the adapter giving 7.5v has a capacitor which could charge above its limit and can cause failure of the adapter or burn i should say... i have the connection diagram.....this works but when i connect a led to its output it glows normally...and when i turn off the supply the led turns off slowly  giving an indication that the capacitor is over charging....please help me to restrict the flow of current of both power supplies in each other.......

Question by anuk07    |  last reply

How to Make a Power Flow Controller ?

Hello I am making a massager i got 6 viberator's and i dont want all 6 viberators to work at the same time example i want a set of 2 to work for like 10 sec and other 2 following a pattern how do i make a controller so i works automaticly that way i dont have to keep pressing buttons to switch em on and off...

Topic by sydazak    |  last reply

how to connect the waterflow meter to raspberry pi

Please help in getting the output of the water flow meter tahat consists of a output wire and how we can interface the gpio pins to the water flow meter please help me as soon as possible thanking u all

Topic by avinashd9  

The mysteries of electricity... do I understand this correctly? (w/ pictures) Answered

Ok, is this diagram correct? Am I understanding all this right?

Question by nepheron    |  last reply

jrchefs: Kids Can Cook

Shouldn't there be a limit of how many ibles you can post in one day, All the ibles people have put work into are now not seen on the recent feed (The one I've always used), I really don't think this is very fair for other users as the first page is really where people first see it and it gets it's page views. Discuss!

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flowing river and moving waterfalls Hamms Scenorama ?

Hi  I am trying to make somewhat similar to Hamms Scenorama beer display, with moving waterfalls and flowing river.  heres the video : The concept i have grasped is that the forefront picture is printed in clear plastic,  the problem is the moving part picture , should i print it in clear plastic too or shoud it be translucent paper (cloudy like ) or is it the other way round ? any suggestions would be appreciated , thanks all  

Question by jimz73    |  last reply

EXTREMELY LOW!! flow fan/power system

 EXTREMELY LOW!! flow fan/power system   I need to find an EXTREMELY low flow air movement system (Fan?) That can be powered on almost nothing! Think 1m^3/hr maximum. I need to link this with a low power solar system. (think calculator solar cell) Weight is everything. Really need to move 10-100cm^3 air every 2-3 minutes max with minimal weight and power requirements. Much lower than cell phone fan air movement with power that can be generated from a few-gram solar cell. I am not sure this can be done mechanically, may need some kind of ion movement system. The point is to exchange air in a 50cm^3 volume enough to prevent condensation in medium humidity environments, (40% of the area is at dew point) where weight is important and no power is available beyond ambient room light. 5% royalty if product is ever brought to market.

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Unified power flow controller, matlab/simulink?

Please somebody should help me change the default port of UPFC to 2 input, 2 output matlab/simulink I need to do some simulation with 2 input, 2 output port, so anybody who can help should email me to send my circuit diagram. i have attached files I am using matlab/simulink 2012a

Question by tchut  

Directing rain flow; how do I make rainwater flow into my yard and not into the garage at the bottom of the driveway? Answered

The downspout empties onto my driveway, which goes downhill to my garage, 50 feet away. I want to direct the runoff away from the garage and into the yard about 20 feet before the garage, without digging up the driveway and still leaving the driveway driveable.

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how to stop flow of electricity within a period of time? Answered

The concept of the circuit is, when electricity is applied to the circuit, it will stop the flow of electricity in 10 minutes. after 10 minutes the flow of electricity from the circuit to the load will be normal. for example my load is a refrigirator, when house electricity cuts off, as soon as the electricity is back, the refrigirator will not work within 10 minutes, after 10 minutes, it will be normal. any idea guys? any help would be very appreciated.

Question by sai00    |  last reply do I convert pressure to flow to determine ounces over time? Answered

How do I convert beer. How do I convert pressure to ounces. If I know my pressure at the valve is 20 psi with beer running through 3/16 inch tube how do I convert the flow to ounces say over 10 seconds when I open the valve? Would love some help. thanks

Question by Cosmoo    |  last reply

How to make a milk dispenser?

Im looking to build something like a milk dispenser where the milk can be sent through a tube and opened with either a spigot or a handle. It could also be something similar to a box of wine, where the wine is in a bottle, and flows when the spigot is opened, but I would like to know how I can have it so that it comes through a tube when opened. Is it possible to create something that will pull the milk when exposed to air? thanks for any ideas! If these plans are already made or something similar, can someone send me a link? thanks again! Anthony

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electronic switch

Hi, i'm a bit new to electronics. I was wondering if its possible to turn on the flow of current by another electrical signal. Yes, i know about transistors and relays but these switches turn off as soon as the second current is stopped, how to make this change in switch permanent, i'll be precise, i'm working on a laser alarm system, and it works fine, but the thing is that when i block the laser, sure the buzzer goes off, but when the obstruction is moved, the buzzer turns off, how can this be kept on until turned off manually by a switch. i know it must be quite simple but i dont know, please help thanks

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Conventional current. A question about DC current flow. Answered

I just started reading electronics for dummies and it tells me that DC current flows from negative to positive.  It later states that in the early days of electronics it was assumed that current flowed from positive to negative.  Later they discovered that it flows from negative to positive.  Some schematics will have an arrow for current flow going from positive to negative (conventional flow).   Why do they still do this if they know the current flows from negative to positive?  This is confusing.  Thanks.

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Will a magnet disrupt the flow of electricity through a nearby wire? Answered

I made a removable connection in a project I was working on by soldering the two wires to metal plates and hot glueing magnets onto the plates. This way the metal plates can be brought together and the magnets will hold the plates together so that there is a good connection but I was wondering if the magnets would create magnetic fields that will mess up the flow of electricity. I posted a picture showing the two plates that form the connection I am talking about.

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Can any intangible thing manipulate electrical flow?

Like is there anything non-material, like a magnetic field which when brought near a wire or by any other way stops or allows the electric flow through it? And I am not talking about a changing magnetic field producing a current in the wire.

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which way is the air flow going in a laptop stand? Answered

I want to make a laptop stand for my wife but I don't know wich way the airflow of the fun goes, Is the airflow pointing up towards the laptop? or Is it point down away from the laptop? I want to make this instructable and I am talking about the fan that is attached to the laptop stand. thanks for your time and your answer.

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Can the pressure of an input water source in a laminar flow setup be variable? Answered

I.e. Can I change the total ballistic traveling distance of the water stream by lowering/raising the water pressure into the laminar flow nozzle assembly? I can't seem to find any theory/equations regarding laminar water flow and how pressure fits into its creation. Thanks for any help everyone!

Question by kidiron    |  last reply

DC power + or -? Answered

I have looked at lots of Instructables and websites, but there is a 50/50 split that power flows positive to negative and negative to positive. Which is it? I use both, depending on the circuit I am building it is easier to build one way over the other (NPN and PNP Transistors usually) But I have heard that it used to be thought that positive flowed to negative but I have since heard that the new idea is that it flows negative to positive. I know that everything is supposed to flow from higher concentration (+) to lower (-) but we could have batteries labeled wrong so I don't know. Very confused.

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what type of current flows in the starship coil and in which amount ?

I want to know that what kind of current is flowing in starship coil because it has winding of naked copper wire so if we give any supply than how it will work?

Question by vipsi    |  last reply

Flow Circus brings DIY skill toys to the world with Fundama

Flow Circus is a group of jugglers and skill toy artists dedicated to promoting creativity and play among kids and adults. Based on the Kendama and other ball, stick, and cup games from cultures around the world, they have created what they call "Fundama". From the site: Fundama: 1. Easy-to-make toy using basic elements such as string, tape, cups, and sticks that provide hours of challenging play; 2. From the Latin fundus: the bottom or basis for engaging programs for children, tweens, & teens Brief History: ...We know that budgets are tight and programmers are always looking for ideas that can be done on a shoe-string budget. We love encouraging skill-based play so we sat down with paper cups, string, tape, sticks and Fundama was born! There are videos and instructions all over the site telling how to create your own Fundama using sticks, strings, cups, and tape.  Great DIY and wonderful for parents and kids to do together at home, church, library, and school.

Topic by yoyology    |  last reply

word flow on windows phone app doesn't work whilst searching

On windows phone, when you go to search for an instructable by using the word flow (swipe Keyboard) which is defaultly installed onto windows phone 8.1, it doesnt work. I have included a screenshot of myself trying to attempt to use it without success. Thought this problem may be helpful to know. Mitchthestitch

Topic by makeosaurus  

Electrons flow from positive terminal to negative terminal inside a battery? Answered

If a bulb is connected to a battery, then in the bulb the direction of current is such that it flows from negative terminal of battery to its positive terminal. Whereas inside a battery electrons flows from positive terminal to negative terminal. How is that possible? If this is true wont it look like saying that a battery has infinite life time as battery discharges via bulb but charges inside by itself.

Question by deepakmurali    |  last reply

Valve that shuts off once a set pressure is reached?

For something I am in the process of designing, I need a valve that can be connected to a high pressure source and will allow the gas from the high pressure side to to flow into a sealed container on the other side until a pre-set pressure is reached. It should then shut off. The system used to do this should also be able to handle a very high pressure spike (possibly even the type of compressed pressure wave generated during a super-sonic combustion / detonation) on the sealed container side. If you can provide a diagram or the name of a type of valve or even just a description of how this could be done it would be appreciated. No computer controlled stuff please. ##################### The answer I have discovered is to use a regular diaphragm-type pressure regulator. ######################

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The water flow/pressure to my tub/shower is slowed to barely a dribble.

The pressure to the sink in the same bath is fine. What could be the problem for the reduced flow to the tub/shower but not the sink? I've tried changing shower heads but this didn't help?

Question by staceyjamesrn    |  last reply

how effective is this airflow design? Answered

I am working on a very small build pc, and i was thinking that the best way to reduce overall height would be to design a cover piece that directs the airflow from the intake fanover the CPU and northbridge heatsinks and out the back of the unit via an exhaust fan. this method was chosen because the fan cannot be on top of the cpu heatsink because the unit would be too bulky if it was. I have attached a crude image of the planned cover and the layout of the board's heatsinks, and i would like to know if this is a effective method for cooling, in such a small form factor. if it isn't, what is?

Question by zack247    |  last reply

Question Regarding Measurement of Vacuum Pump Air Flow Using Anemometer

Hello everyone, I am new to Instructables and am loving it so far. I was reading through some literature on a piece of equipment we have at work and it requires 18"Hg @ 25CFM. We have flow gauges at work, so it is just a matter of using one to determine the flow but it got me thinking... What is the most effective method of measuring airflow of a vacuum pump without a flow gauge. All I have is an anemometer, a basic understanding of physics and time. So I came up with this method and am looking for some folks to poke holes in it: I placed the anemometer at the end of a 36" piece of PVC with a 1.6" I.D. sealing the anemometer to the PVC to ensure no air gets pulled around the fan of the anemometer. The other end of the pipe is reduced to a 1/4" line (.16" I.D.) which is connected to the vacuum pump. Turning on the vacuum pump yields a steady 3.5MPH (307.98 ft/m)on the anemometer. Doing the math, I come up with 4.3CFM (307.98ft/m*.013962634ft^2).  Unfortunately, I cannot bring a gauge home from work to compare and I cannot bring my set up, as glorious as it may be. So this is more a thinking exercise. So what sort of accuracy would you guys think this 'rig' has? Can you think of some method for me to verify it's accuracy (or, more likely, lack thereof)?

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Any idea how to build something like this Blood flow restriction device?

I saw this now im thinking about building one, but i don't know what parts i should or can use for it. Any suggestions?

Topic by jonathans401    |  last reply

HELP there's any inverter or el wire that can make the flowing effect? Answered

I'm modding my bike and i want it to look like a light cycle in tron. I was searching a light that can make an effect like it was sending data or like KITT's grill.

Question by chuchuY14    |  last reply