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Stippling Flower

Something i did. Please be free to give any tips or comments. Thanks

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Folding Edible Flowers?

 I'd like to make some edible flowers from some type foodie material, like pie dough or egg roll wrappers. is this possible? if so, are there any other materials I  could use?

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What Flower plant is this?

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Repotting flower plants

I tried repotting flowers from one pot to another but they die.  I am doing something wrong. How can I repot flower plants from one pot to another.  What soils and other items do I need and is there a certain size flower pot I have to repot them in or does it depend on how big I want the flower to grow.  I want to put these flower(s) plants on my patio.  Sometimes during the day my patio has a lot of sun and other times it does not.  What is the best flower plant(s) for this. What is the best way to take care of a repotted flower plant.

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Hanging flower box

I have a large front window that goes down to sidewalk, and we want to add a hanging flower box. Any thought on best way to attach a flower box? Attach to metal window frame? Add plywood to window to attach box? Any input gladly appreciated.

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What is this flower, please? Answered

This single flower grew in my garden completely at random. I was so in love with the 'pom-pom' flower heads that I let it go to seed and planted hundreds of its seeds earlier this year. I have around 150-200 of the plants dotted around my gardens now to see where it thrives best. I have looked many times over this past year to identify the plant to no luck - can you help, please? I am in the the north of the UK, and this appears to flower in August time although I had only one early developer. The photo shows the plant in all its stages of flower, seeding and seed-bulbs. The flower itself lasts only a few days and had no scent. Many thanks! ;-)

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Flowering plant identification

I live in Chicago, IL and have a plant in my garden that I can't identify.  It is a  perennial.  The leaves are smoke-green and look a bit like marijuana leaves.  The plant drapes over and is covered in single yellow blooms that close up at night time and reopen each day.  Each flower has five flat heart shaped petals.  There is no odor to either the plant or the flower.  I will try to attach pictures to help with identification.  Thanks!

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Flower identification, please? Answered

This beauty belongs to my friend in S. Cal.   She says it blooms once a year then goes dormant (dies back) until the following year and repeats the cycle. Sorry, this is the only picture I have. Can anyone identify it?

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flour shooting flower

watching this again inspired me to try and make my own, but can't find too much online in the way of ideas how to do it. any of you have any ideas how I could construct one? in the video he mentions it being co2 powered and the base is a faux sunflower. I was thinking about trying to start with a base from a cheap 20$ paintball gun. does anyone have any tips/hints before I get started on this? it was also suggested to buy one of these: and put flour in that, reloading could get tedious though.

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Hi what kind of herbs/seeds can i plant in a recycled plastic bottle?

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can you make luna clay at home?

You can make cold porcelain clay at can you make luna clay at home? 

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how to make artificial flowers Answered

How to make artificial flowers? Please include the step by step procedures.

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how do I trim a straw hat with fresh flowers? Is there any way to incorporate a water supply into the trim somehow?

How long will greenery last before wilting? I plan to be outside all day.

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how to make paper roses using dollar bills Answered

Want to make roses/flowers using dollar bills as gifts for graduations, weddings, birthdays. Any and all suggestions will be appreciated. thanks.

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What Flower is this please. Does anyone know?

Found this Flower  in my garden.    It  is  very small  (less  than one inch across).

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How to make a puppy flower bouquet

Hi, I would love to make my own puppy bouquet for christmas. Does someone know how to make? I would love to see an instuctable about doing this Thanks, knarx

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can i dye arificial flowers with fabric dye? Answered

Will it work well on artificial flowers?

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How can I make flowers out of dollar bills?

Green Flowers, folded and constructed from dollar bills. Prefer rose shape, but open to other types of flowers as well. No cutting, just folding. Thanks

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How to carve wooden flowers?

I have a need to hand carve wooden flowers and plants for outdoor use.

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Freeze drying flowers at home????

Ok, so I've done a little searching and so far no one has said this can be done without expensive equiptment so I'm not getting my hopes up.   Here's my idea:  Place my flowers in a container with silica gel, seal it, and put the whole thing in a deep freezer for a couple weeks.  Then I would unplug the freezer to allow the temperature to slowly rise.  I THINK the silica gel will eliminate the need for a vacuum by absorbing the moisture instead of pulling it out.  Its a long shot, I know.  Has anyone tried this?  Does anyone think it would work?  Has anyone found another way to preserve flowers so they maintain their shape and color? I plan on coating them in resin to use in jewelry designs so they need to look as fresh as possible. Thanks for any ideas you can give me!

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Seedling care help!

Is it okay to have only soil for them to start in? How long should I wait until I move them? I am growing flowers, not vegetables or anything like that. Any additional help would be much appreciated! Thank you in advance for your help! :)

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Flower Contest Winners Announced!

Instructables is happy to announce the winners of the [/contest/flowercontest Flower Contest!].Flower of all kinds were submitted and we were thrilled to see the creativity involved in each one. This contest also looks to have brought in some new family members related to users who have been here for a while. Kitewife joined Kiteman, linuxmom joined her son LinuxH4x0r, and Lil Mrs. Rig It has joined Mr. Rig It.It's great to see that the DIY spirit thrives through whole families and across generations. It's a beautiful thing.OK, on with the winners! First PrizeThe authors of these Instructables will each receive a Fiskars Bypass Pruner and an Instructables Robot t-shirt. How to Make an Easy Inverted Planter by laminterious How to make paper daffodils and narcissi!by stinkymum Flower Whirligig Robogigithingy by caitlinsdad Second Prize The authors of these Instructables will each receive an Instructables Robot t-shirt. Dried roses the easy way How to Update Your Garden Annually for Flowers, Veggies, or Vines. How to Draw a Love Flower A flowered baby blanket.

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CIY: Bold Flower Necklace

Growing up I use to love playing with Play-Doh.  Something about the color, the texture, and the smell.  Oh, the smell… I remember I use to play with this contraption that I would attach little people to, that had holes in the tops of their heads.  I would crank a lever and the little people would grow Play-Doh hair.  I had hours of entertainment cutting and re-growing hair.  Ipad what? Oh, how entertaining kids has changed. I never imaged that I would get the chance to play with clay again in my thirties.  To create my Oscar de la Renta look I decided to grab some clay and go to town.  Unfortunately this clay did not have the Play-Doh smell I remember, but I still had just as much fun creating with it. Click here for the full tutorial!

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How to make shoe flower clip

Just came accross a site full of very beautiful shoe flower clips. Anybody knows how to make and share with us here ?

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how to make paper flowers easy

My youtube channel will help you make handmade products, DIY crafts such as crepe paper flowers, Quiet book, valentine card/gift, birthday card/gift, christmas card/gift, christmas card/gift,...  It is quite easy . There are a lot of kinds for you to make Flowers: peony, carnation, orchids,.... If you are interested in it please follow/like/comment my channel 1 how to make crepe paper flower - Sunflower   Easy and beautiful Paper Flowers - Gerbera paper tulip flowers to be continued...

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want to remove a two layer flower bed .

2 layer  flower bed   that i want to be removed. however the flower bed is made out of  railroad ties  and steel bolts. however the  concern i have is  wwhen i remove the flower bed is i dont wantt my back yard flooded .  behind me is a  cementary and belived that is why the flower bed is s o high. i went around and ask my neighbors and none have this high flower bed and i want something  level to the ground.

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how to make flowers out of fabric?

I am attempting to be crafty and want to learn how to make easy flowers and roses out of fabric...different types like silk, cotton etc.

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Do I have to sand water clear casting resin?

I'm a COMPLETE novice when it comes to resin of any kind. But I'd like to start doing my own flower castings as a hobbie. I was thinking of buying water clear casting resin- I want to be able to see the detail in the pieces but recently after watching a few videos and researching, i've found that I have to go through a sanding process. I thought that if I buy water clear then I wouldn't have to sand it because you will see the details? am I wrong in thinking this. Also,  if I cast items in glass jars will they come out super clear?

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Does anybody know what type of flower this is? Answered

 I went shooting photos for subjects for my Summative Art Project, and i came across this flower. Its pretty, =P and I'd like to know what it is.

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where can I find instructions for decorating an edible flower basket cake?

I need to see how to make the basket pattern and form the flowers. Thanks :)

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How do you force a flower bulb to bloom in the winter?

What kind of bulbs can be forced? Can they be forced in water, or does the bulb need soil?

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Can I make custom terra cotta flower pots?

I would like to make some rectangular terra cotta flower pots with raised fleur-de-lis designs for my front porch. Is there a way to do this? What supplies would I need to make the pots and the molds?

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Would isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol) be too strong/"rough" to make perfume?

Would isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol) be too strong/"rough" to make perfume? I don't know what the industry uses (suppose I should google THAT), and I'm worried that if I make a tincture by soaking flowers in it that the result would be too dehydrating or bad for the skin...?

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how to decorate a flower girl basket?

I have 2 plain baskets and want to decorate it for the flower girls in my daughters wedding. Do anybody have any tutorials or videos that can help me?


how can i made pots (clay, hipertufa, etc.) molds?

I want to know how to do cheap, easy to do molds of wood or any easy to find material to cast pots in many forms (oval, round, square, rectangle, etc) to cast in concrete, hipertufa, clay or any common sturdy material like such. any sugestions welcome :)

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how to decorate a flower girl basket?

I have 2 plain baskets and want to decorate it for the flower girls in my daughters wedding. Do anybody have any tutorials or videos that can help me?


How to make natural flower jewelry? Answered

I have searched everywhere and cannot get any info on this. I am trying to get instructions on aking real (natural) rose & natural flower and leaf jewelry. I have seen these for sale, but there is never any info on how to do it. They are still in their 3d shape and some even remain soft and pliable. I think it is down with resin , poly resin, or acrylic. An example can be seen at: after you reach the website, in the search box enter item # H20-7497JW I am also posting a photo for you to see. As I said, there is NOTHING on any sites with instructions. Thanks so much, Patti Meadows

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Q: flower-pot mounted in plastic bottle partially filled with water

Hi, i have major water-issues here in the garden (steep southern slope in the mountains; little earth:; hot in the summer). so i always play around and look for solutions. latest play: i cut off a bottle, filled it with an inch of water, and then, a couple inches above inserted a flower-pot that tightly fits. q: is there a chance that the roots will eventually feed of the ´tank´ at the bottom of the bottle so that no waterinbg of the flower(pot) is needed (sort of a self-contained system)?bowing (flower, too)

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Options for making a moving/wiggling stem for a flower toy?

I am NOT talking about those flower desk toys that make the entire flower wave. What I would like is to make a toy flower that had a stem that could wiggle if you pushed a button or triggered a sensor. It would move like the picture below. I have no idea what the mechanism would be inside the stem so I would like some ideas on that. The simplest/cheapest mechanism would be the best option. Thank you!

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Free Patch Giveaway- Closed!!

It's Spring and I'm giving away flower patches.  Name a flower and I'll do my best to send you a patch with that flower on it. If you are not into flowers, I can send you a bird patch (just name the bird that you want). Limitations: One patch per person, please nothing to obscure that I can't find on Google.         Sorry I've run out of Patches :(   

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What Flower is this please. Does anyone know?

Http:// Thank you, by shop it should be canadian blueberry but I don't think so :D

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Anyone know how to paint real flowers onto walls?

My friend works in a flower shop and is going to be redoing the bathroom there to make it fit into the flower theme.  I remember seeing somewhere real leafs painted onto walls.  It seems like what they did was somehow secure a leaf onto the wall (glue would create a flat spot behind the lead) and painted over it.  The effect was the wall had the texture of the leaves.  Anyone have a good idea how to secure the leaves to the wall without ruining the texture of the leaves, or maybe another way to get this effect?

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