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Auto Flush for Dual Flush Toilet

I'm looking to make a auto flush mechanism like this one:;=1431231167&sr;=8-1&keywords;=auto+flush. I haven't been able to find any kit like this for my dual flush WaterRidge toilet.  Anyone know how I would go about creating some kind of mechanism like this?   I have a cat that is toilet trained and I'm looking for a way to automatically flush my toilet.  Please let me know what you all think. WaterRidge Dual Flush Toilet:

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can somebody please explain how I can change the flush un it on a two flush button toiley please?

One of the flush buttons has broken off my two button flush toilet, I cannot get a replacement for the button unit, aparently I need a complete assembly flush unit, and have been told by store I bought the original unit off I need to remove the complete toilet from the wall, I am hoping the flush assembly either just plugs or screws in rather than removing the whole water tank,

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What do you call the way water leaves a toilet bowl when it's flushed? Answered

OK, it's a weird question, but I'm getting nowhere with google.  The Ibles community is big enough that someone here must know.  And why do I care?  I'm going to be buying a bunch (flock? herd? stand?) of toilets, and I want to know the term for the way water goes down the drain so I can communicate with  salespeople.  We all have experience with multiple styles.  Some swirl the water around making a bigger and bigger whirlpool that then then empties the bowl.  Some send a big jet of water from the front that blasts directly down the drain.  Some just fill up and then calmly empty the bowl.  Somebody designs toilets to direct the water one way or another.   There must be words to talk about this stuff.  Anybody know?  

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how do you flush a radiator??

I cant find a instructable for this one, how do you flush your radiator???

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How to flush out a groundhog

Alright I have a real problem.A whole community of groundhogs has just made its home in my dams retaining wall. I have counted around five separate holes in the wall and have tried to smoke them out with around 5 separate smoke grenades, but apparently the tunnel system is much like the Viet Cong and are just to vast. I need to nail these rodents ASAP before they break through. Any help would be great thanks.

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What is the best way to dispose of used alcohol cleaner? Evaporate, Burn, Flush, ...? Answered

My electric razor cleans itself with alcohol. I need to change the fluid every few months. What is the greenest way to dispose of the dirty alcohol? I can't decide if it is better to flush, burn, or evaporate it. I think it contains some methanol (probably  - it is 'denatured'). The can doesn't say what the denaturing agent is. It is sold as shellac thinner and stove fuel. It also includes a small amount of d-Limonene (orange terpene), plus the whisker residue.

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Overmax Fantasytab - can I change the Android on that?

Hello Forum! So there's this kids' tablet I got from my brother's workplace - it was returned due to malfunction - boss wanted to throw it away - I opened it up, replaced few things and it's working just fine. I was wondering if I this kiddy android can be replaced to something lightweight - just for the sake of free wifi device (but with no ridiculous system). I'm a total rook when it comes to android re-/installation so I ask politely for your advice. Take care!

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Source for sheared flush circuit boards

Thinking about making wallets and or clipboards with circuit boards for the holidays. Does anyone have a source for sheared flush (pre soldered) circuit boards? Any help is greatly appreciated

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Source for sheared flush circuit boards

Thinking about making wallets and or clipboards with circuit boards for the holidays. Does anyone have a source for sheared flush (pre soldered) circuit boards? Any help is greatly appreciated 

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Is there a hidden hinge that lifts a flush floor door?

Hinges for floor door/ trap door Is there a hidden hinge that lifts a flush floor door? As the door will be heavy, I'll use a gas piston to aid lifting and closing. I like the system used in but the hinges are visible. Thanks for looking!!! Miguel?

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Help needed with recycling greywater to flush the toilet!

We have a small shower and toilet room and what I'd like to do is use the water from the shower and store it in a tank so that it can be used for flushing the toilet. It sounds simple enough, but I'm new to building things like this so I have a few questions to ask the forum! 1. I've read that greywater can go stagnant quite quickly. Would this matter if it was only being used to flush the toilet? If it is a problem, is there a simple/compact/cheap way of filtering the water first? 2. You'd need to make sure that there was always enough water in the tank to flush the toilet, so there would need to a minimum amount in there that if there wasn't enough greywater from the shower available, that it would get topped up from the mains water. Would you use a float valve for this or is there a better way? 3. I'm not exactly sure where I would be able to position the tank. Either way I would probably have to use a pump of some sort, either to get the greywater into the tank or to get the water from the tank to the toilet. Should I just use a submersible pump or something else? Any other ideas or small projects that people have done would be great to hear about. Thanks James

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Need to purchase small diameter metal tubing with screw-on flush endcaps?

Hello, I am looking for a supplier that sells metal tubing, steel, very small inner diameter with threading inside and end-caps that screw on to make it flush and appear as a solid metal rod (rubber O-ring if needed to keep dry).  I am attempting to make paracord survival key fobs.  I want to fit various tiny survival gear inside the tube, closed on both ends then weave the stitching around the rod.  When needed the user can unravel the paracord for use with what's inside the tube.  It must be tubing because one of my ideas is to put thermite inside a tube, wrap some magnesium ribbon around the outside, then stitch the fob around that.  Other ideas include other types of survival gear but that one will be my fire starter fob.  :)   The rods would be about 2-3 inches in length, wall diameter thin but sturdy, inner diameter maybe 1/4 - 1/2 inches.  Thanks for any help.  Rounded end caps would work fine as well as they would give me more room to stuff things in, but I need access to the suppliers for both the threaded tubing and end caps.  :)

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How to hang an inspiration wire?

Just wondering if anybody knew of a way to get an inspiration wire that taut AND also flush against the wall? Like this, but flush against the wall: We're trying to add some posters to a wall but it needs to limit the holes in the wall itself and also have it not move very much (with a wire that isn't flush against the wall, all the posters will flap around too much).  Any thoughts?

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How can i support a large plastic barrel so i can flush my outboard engine in it ?

I want to use a large heavy duty plastic pickle barrel to flush my outboard engine in . My concern is how to support the barrel so it will support the engine ?

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You know how in the northern hemisphere toilets flush forward and in the southern they flush the oppposite way?

What would happen if you were in a plane and flew over the equator while flying. Would it like stop and turn around. My friend asked me this and now im curious

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What is the proper way to solder the compnents; resistors, caps, diodes etc. to a pcb. Flush or off a little?

What is the proper component positioning when soldering resistors, diodes, caps to a circuit board, flush or just slightly above the board? I want to get a good solder bond on both sides of the pad.  I'm building a Nixie tube clock kit.

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Water-saving toilet hack

Toilets use fresh water, and lots of it.  Sure, you can buy a low-flow model, but you're still flushing with a (smaller) quantity of fresh, otherwise drinkable water. Gregorylavoie decided to get double use out of that water by hacking his toilet.  It's a neat, reversible modification: after you flush, you use the clean, incoming tank refill water for handwashing.  Your slightly soapy hand-wash runoff fills the tank, and is saved for the next flush.  It's a simple, ingenious way to save water with little to no effort. What do you think?  Would you try this mod on your toilet? This post has been sponsored by Pepsi. The Pepsi Refresh Project celebrates the people, businesses, and non-profits with ideas that will have a positive effect on our world.

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Toilet Makes the Super Mario Bros. Warp Pipe Sound When Press the Flush Handle

I thought the games forum might like my Warp Pipe Sound Effect Toilet. Please rate it and vote if you like!

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Something is making a mysterious noise.

So it's been awhile! Between school, homework, work, and playing with gadgets and such, I haven't gotten the time to post or make an instructable for quite a long time. But now, I'm back with a question. I see lots of new users here, and to them I say welcome to the community! You are going to love  it here, everyone is helpful, and you'll find answers to just about everything. I also see some members here that were around when I still used instructables. Remember me? How are things? :P Ok, so now for my question. A few weeks ago, after flushing the Toilet, a strange noise began behind our refrigerator. It was king of like a rattling, but not so much that as say, a prize wheel at a gameshow spinning and hitting something heavy. It's really quite odd. The refrigerator is a model with the built in water and ice dispenser. I googled it, and many seem to say it is something called "Pipe Rattling", but I don't think that is what it is, because it only started a couple of weeks ago and we have had this fridge for a year. I have drawn a diagram of the first floor of our house to help you get a better understanding of where the fridge is in comparison to the bathroom and the toilet. Like I said before, the noise only occurs after we flush the 1st floor toilet. Another odd thing about it is when the noise occurs. It can make this rattling as the toilet is flushing, directly after the toilet has flushed, and it has happened up to a minute after the toilet is finished flushing and refilling the bowl. The noise goes for about 5-8 seconds each time, and it only sounds once after each flush. We have not made any additions to the house before or since it started, have npt experienced any severe weather, and have not modified any plumbing in the house in quite a while, and never in that area of the house. In the incredibly bad sketch I made, you can see the bathroom, and the incredibly bad drawing of a toilet. The fridge is indented in the wall so there are cabinets surrounding it. Any thoughts on what this noise can be?

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ceramic tiles and electrical outlets?

I'm installing ceramic tile as a backsplash in our kitchen.  My problem is my electric outlets. How do I make these flush or even with the tiles?  Thanks you, Stumped Mom!

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why do they call it taking a dump when you aren't taking it anywhere? Answered

Isn't it really leaving a dump and flushing it?

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How do you fix a whistling toilet? Answered

My toilet emits a high-pitched whistle or squeal when flushed.  This just started two weeks ago.  Of course, when the plumber was here, it didn't make the sound. help Janet

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Can't post new images

Currently, on FF21, and Chrome, I can't post new images to the site as answers. I've flushed cookies as usual, no dice. Anyone else seeing it ? Yet HERE, in the forums, using the old code for the image uploader, it DOES work.....

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proper pc board soldering technique

Should the resistors, caps, diodes etc. be slightly off the board, or flush to it. I'm building a nixie tube clock. I've asked 3 people and got 4 different answers.  All advice and reasoning , meathodology appreciated.

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Binding granular activated charcoal

I am looking to bind granular activated charcoal in a particular form to avoid flushing because of water flow . what binding material can i use or how to make water resistant briquette which stays compact for long time.

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How to get an old and filthy toilet back to glory

I moved into a new rental and it was a bit neglected to say it nice.My longest nouisance however was the old toilet.Calcium and urine stains turned the bottom, where the water sits, into a black, crusty mass.Toilet cleaners of all sorts provide a nice smaell, but even bleach or things like jiffy did not do a thing.Hours were wasted trying to scrape, brush or just swear the filth off but no luck.All I managed was to turn the black into a slightly grey crust, still ugly.One day I had the honor to clean my water kettle and to remove the calcium deposits in it.Of course I was lazy and just some delimer, citric acid, as instructed.Let it sit a few hours, wipe it out, nice.Hmmmm.....Hold on a second, what would happen if I use that stuff in the toilet?!?So I flushed some hot water through to warm up the bowl, then about 1 liter of boiling hot water with two packs of coffee machine cleaner dissolved in it.Let it sit over night only to be very disappointed the next morning.It looked like nothing changed.Unlike pots and kettles my toilet appeared to still have al crusts stuck in it.When I flushed however most of it just flushed away!A little brushing and the rest was gone too - a clean and white toilet again!No more calcium and other hard deposits :)

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Cutting acrylic sheets

I am trying to cut some pieces of acrylic sheeting about 3/16th inches thick.  I was wondering if the instructables on the laser cutter built from 2 old scanners would work for cutting the acrylic sheets? Or if not that, what might work for making acrylic parts that are flush enough to chemical bond making a water tight connection? Thank you, Eron.

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Outdoor chandelier

I am looking to DIY an outdoor chandelier with mason jars. It would be located in a gazebo but i guess i cant assume water wont get in there. Has anyone built anything similar? Also i would like it to be almost flush have a low profile. My main concern is how do i keep it water proof? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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Toilet Paper Cores -- Rolling Out Of The Recycling Bin & Into A Very Creative Rainy Day Craft Project!

Finally, dead trees everywhere will revel in a life well-lived (above and beyond being flushed down the drain). This is a very original way to use the inside of toilet paper rolls and will probably appeal to parents, greenies, artsy people and crafters alike. Fun stuff!

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Custom outlets?

I'm planning to build a new computer desk with space inside to manage cables. I would like to include various ports on the side edges of the desk itself (power outlets, USB, hdmi, etc). What could I use to fit these outlets in place and look flush with the desk? I would like to come up with something somewhat modular, so that I can add or remove them as I upgrade my PC.

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Is it possible to connect multiple grounds or (-) into a switch while keeping the power sources and outputs seperate? Answered

Heres a picture of the concept i need to know i would be doing this with more power sources and outputs is it possible and is each battery's power isolated from the others even though i can switch them both off! This is vital because im working with diodes and one burst of power and flush goes my money any help is appreciated greatly. Thank you!

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Copper inlayed wood

Hello, I'm new to working with wood, and I want to find a way to inlay pieces of copper into small pieces of wood. Can someone explain how I might do this. I want the copper pieces to be flush with the wood, and I like an element of spontaneity, so I'm wondering if its possible to pour molten copper into a crevice on a piece of wood. If it's not how can I at least get the piece of copper to stick into the wood? Thanks for any thoughts. 

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Looking for a creative idea - fastening

I was wondering, perhaps somebody has a creative idea how to fasten a piece of Velcro to an aluminium plank 3/8'' wide. I was thinking: 1. Riveting - the head is to big though and the result is not as flush as I would like to be. 2. Glue - I don't like gluing things, would rather have a mechanical\fusing solution. But even if I agree to do so, what kind of glue should I use?

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Laptop problem: "Appropriate permissions"? (Edit: Gave up on DIY approach)

#1 son has done "something" to his laptop (Sony Vaio VGN-FE31Z).  No matter what software he tries to start directly, he gets the message: "Windows cannot access the specified device, path, or file. You may not have the appropriate permissions to access the item." However, if he goes to "My Documents" and opens an existing document, the software opens fine, and if I type a link to a word document, then hit "Ctrl+click" the Safari browser starts up, but runs incredibly slowly. Is there a way I can fix this myself? There are no documents that need rescuing, but it would be nice if the software survived the fix. EDIT: Since the general consensus is that he's gone and infected it with something, I think I'll take the laptop to be flushed and started over.  Thanks everybody for the help, but no "best" this time. FURTHER EDIT: The tech that fixed the computer for me stopped counting at 400 viruses and 40 trojans.  It turned out that two pieces of anti-virus software were spending more time fighting each other than doing their actual job.  Whole system flushed, and Avast installed.

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Is a digitizer frame necessary when buying a new digitizer? ?

I'm repairing an iphone and need to buy a new screen/ digitizer. I'm looking at this one: however the website says i should also buy this: in order to have the screen fit flush. Is it necessary to buy this or would i be able to remove a part from the old screen?

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Magnetic Switch Paired with Timer - Help

Hi All, I am a real newbie in electronics, and have been researching. I want to build a submersible pump, using (5 gallon bucket, a toilet flush valve and a pond pump -120 volts). What I need is some way to control the pump so its not running 100% of the time. What I need is a Timer which would keep the pump running for X minutes and a magnetic switch which would activate the timer once the toilet flush valve is at a specific level.) I dont know how to set this up, I found 555 timers on amazon but not sure which ones would serve to what I need this one seems to be what i need but it is 12 volts;=1420401325&sr;=8-2-fkmr0&keywords;=555+timer+10+minutes maybe this thing would work;=1HAEQTK68GZRVFP7XHFZ Can someone recommend how to go about building something like that? Or maybe there is something similar already built? Thank you very much!

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what purities of sodium iodide and hydrogen peroxide are required to replicate the bogfoam prank from brainiac?

Helo , i would like to know, what purities or quantities are required to replicate the bogfoam prank from brainiac, in which dr. bunhead puts hydrogen peroxide in the water resevoure and sodium iodide in the bowl, then flushes the toilet and the whole room fills with foam, i need to know how much and how pure, please, a and also if the foam is bruoght up by soap, and if not is the foam toxic

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I need to source a very small thermal switch that would fit beside a peltier and open at approx 50 C. Answered

This is to prevent someone from getting a burn. I was thinking of the small battery cut offs but I do not know if they reset once opened.  The smaller the better as it would be ideal if it was flush with the peltier. I would like to wire it to the power source as a simple mechanical thermostat.  Power supply ranges from 5V, 500ma to 13V, 1A. It needs to be simple as there is no logic board. Thanks, Paul

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Covert bluetooth dongle to mini USB?

Having purchased an android tablet with mini USB ports I have finally got my tiny USB bluetooth dongle to work with it using the provided OTG USB to mini USB cable. I was wondering if anyone has dismantled a bluetooth dongle and fitted it with a mini USB connector? I think it would be so much better to have it sitting directly flush to the tablet rather than having it hanging out at the end of a cable. Would this be easy to do or should I leave well alone? Thanks Gaz.

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Why can I not post! Answered

How is that for 120 words?  It took me 15 minutes for it to accept the above. I really wanted to say I am so pissed.  I can not post my first instructable because I can not get the steps to work.  I have spent three hours and 4 attempts to simply post the language to the pictures.   I also can not get the pdfs to download. Instructables appears to be falling apart.  It is frustrating. I am so ready to just flush this whole thing.  I think I want my money back. Peter

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Peeponics doggy urine nutrient cycle system

Hi, I have a dog at home who uses a litter tray. It's basically a large plastic water run off tray with some AstroTurf. Currently, I have a pump that draws off liquids and deposits them into an empty soda bottle, which I flush down the toilet. But I was wondering if there is an easy way to convert the urine into nitrates which I could use in an aquaponics, or peeponics, system? Possibly using an attractive under water garden in a 25 gallon fish tank?

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Hey all, I want to put smallish open-ended wrenches on some wood cabinets as handles. How do I do that? Any ideas?

The cabinets are unfinished wood, bought from IKEA, and they are in a hold-all room where we keep our tools and stuff (no garage). I also want to paint them. I need to attach something to the wrenches (hopefully I can find some that are about 4-5 inches long) so they aren't flush with the doors, and then screw them in from the inside of the door. But what do I attach to them? And how? Thanks

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use for intestine veiwing camera

My husband is getting ready to have a procedure done where he swallows a pill sized camera that moves through his digestive system taking pictures, then passes from the body. I know it sounds disgusting, but I keep wondering if there is a way to use the camera after it's been passed.If it passes before he eats anything, it shouldn't come in contact with any body waste and can easily be disinfected. It just seems like such a waste to just flush the little camera down the toilet

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Touch sensors using lights and PVC?

Hmm... What would it be like to replace a physical switch with a touch sensitive switch. Instead of using a beam of light to detect a triggering, we use a illuminated transparent PVC plastic. This allows the interface to be more flushed into the wall. How it will work, is that by touching the transparent plastic, you allow a small amount of light to escape. The circuit will detect this drop in light level and trigger the switch. Pros: it looks cool, and is of lower maintenance than a physical switch. Its also cheaper then other options such as capacitive sensing Cons: it can have false readings due to the use of light as a sensing medium.

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Replacing black ink with colour ink

Hi, I'm trying to do a uni project and I'm not having much look at the moment. What I want is for the ink in the black cartridge to be a colour ink instead of black. It did seem to work but now it's not. I flushed the cartridge with water several times to clean it out and then placed magenta ink in and the first through prints it started to print the Magenta but then stopped and how all it seems to do is leak from the cartridge and flood the base. The printer is a HP 1220c using HP 45 Cartridge which has the print head on the actual cartridge. Can anyone suggest anything? Thanks Phil

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Part of iPad Screen Not Working after Replacement

Hi! I replaced the digitizer on my iPad 2. It was damaged in 2 separate drops and the screen was completely shattered. It was working fine before I replaced it. Took me 2-1/2 hours to get it off and clean up the glass and I had to grind flat two of the corners with my Dremel Tool so the replacement trim and the digitizer would lay flush with the frame. After I installed it, the iPad fired up just fine and was working, just there is a 2-1/2 inch section of the screen (about 4" up from the home button) that wasn't responding to touch. The top 1 inches of the screen worked fine, and the bottom 4" worked fine. I tried reseating the digitizer cable numerous times with no effect. I heard it's supposed to fit into the connector with the white dots flush with the connector, but it won't go in any further, even when I pushed it with my plastic pick. I was very careful in removing it and didn't damage any cables (WiFi, power, volume) or connectors. However, I did rub the sleep/wake sensor with my spudger and roughed it up a bit. It's not completely destroyed, but you can tell it was molested 8( Is it possible that in damaging the sleep/wake sensor that it would make the screen behave that way? Could it be the digitizer being faulty? I got it off Amazon for cheap. I am doing an RMA on it soon. If the replacement digitizer doesn't work, then I don't know what to do. Any suggestions would be appreciated! Thanks. Nick

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