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Favorites Folder

Hi there, I love this site and as a result am slowly accumulating a massive amount of instructables in my favorites. Now when I'm feeling creative, I'm having a hard time finding something appropriate in my tome. A good solution would be the ability to organize favorites by topic. Like a folder system. That way, I could go right to an electronic project (for instance) if I had a folder for that, instead of having to sift through a ton of stuff that, though I enjoy, isn't what I'm currently looking for. Anyway, a humble suggestion. Perhaps others have the same situation.

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Folders For Favorites

I'd love to be able to add folders to my ever growing list of favorites, right now they are getting a bit unruly!

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Artsy Folder

Hello all! Am a student and desperately needs organization. Figured a designer file would be the best way to start. Bought denim material and a couple of A4 folders. Was thinking of how to wrap the file with the cloth. Ideas? Thanks.

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Convert File to Folder? Answered

Is there a way I can use batch file to convert a file to a folder and back to a file again. OS: Windows 7

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Save Instructables in a Folder

Hi, I am not sure if this has been suggested before.  I have been a member for years on this site and find the projects fantastic.  I have even built some!  I am always coming across instructables that I want to try and spend a lot of time on the site surfing and coming across great projects.  I would like to see a feature where we could add an instructable to our own "favourites" list so that we can manage them and go back to them and build them without having to add them to the web-browser favourites.  This way, we can keep a list of those 'ibles that we intend coming back to inside the website.  Perhaps we can even share that list with other users.  Just a thought. EJB

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Recover folders on OUTLOOK? Answered

Dear All.. I've lost my some name of folders on Outlook (Hotmail email Mozilla Firefox) Please see photo . Could you help me to know how I can reset (recover ?) the name folder has been loss please (if possible give me a photo please). Many thank you

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Where is the time folder located? Answered

I wanted to make a batch file to tell the time and I wanted to know what is the exact location of the time folder thing. The clock is in the bottom right hand screen but what file actually controls that? If anyone could give me the location of the file for the clock for Windows 7 that would be great. Thanks!

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Can't delete folder on Desktop? Answered

I have a folder on my desktop from network magic and I can't delete it. I don't even have the chance! I right click it and my only options are "open" and "create a shortcut". I have even tried just clicking a dragging it into the recycling bin nothing happens. It isn't really a problem but I like to make my desktop look nice and clean and there is really no need for the folder. Any ideas are appreciated.

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what is a wildcard for folders in batch?

I am making a batch file to hide files and folders, what would be the wildcard to hide all folders, like *.* for files?

Question by XOIIO    |  last reply

When I open a folder, windows instead of showing the files inside it starts a search inside that folder. Answered

I use windows XP x32. How can I restore the file showing predefenition?

Question by tgferreira184    |  last reply

um where is the start up folder?


Question by Fiire    |  last reply

Can you password protect a folder?

Question by ltmdb    |  last reply

How can we lock a folder?

How can we lock a folder in our computer?

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How to create new folder in php?

I am trying to create a folder using php, i have used the mkdir command to make a folder, however i would like it to make a folder based on the username of the person who is currently logged in. so far i have " Upload Form mkdir("c:/xampp/htdocs/user/", 0700); ?> " I would liek it to create a folder after (/user/) and use the username of the person logged in " session_register("myusername"); " ("myusername") as the new folders name, how do i do this?

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Can it be possible to seperate favorites with folders?

Is it possible for members to categorize their favorites? for an example...i have many interest...woodworking, cake making and sewing etc. It would be great if i can make separate folders and put each in their specific folder...easier to find stuff! perhaps you could make it a pro feature?? please let me know what you think?

Topic by shazni  

Can it be possible to seperate favorites with folders?

I, like many in this community have loads of would be great if I could organize it by separating it in folders. Is it possible for the  tec team of  instructables to  make it possible for us to organize our favorites by making it possible to put them in folders?? You could make it 'Pro Membership" benefit if you would prefer. Also...Is it possible to again include the Hit totals in contest by again adding the 'VIEWS' Tab? It would be so much easier...especially for some contest which have like 600++ entries!! Then we could see the new and the old easily....else who is going to go and check the entries...18 by 18 by 18!! Thanks!

Topic by shazni  

Windows XP

Hello, I am one of the benefidiary of your site wherein i get lot of replies to solve my computer problems. Now i have a problem.Kindly help me out. I have downloaded some music file and stored in a folder. I wanted to delete the folder, but it says access denied. When i saw the properties it shows the file is read only. How to delete this folder. Similarly i have zip file it is also not being deleted. Kindly advice. regards, Balatv

Topic by balatv44    |  last reply

how do I access my favorites?


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I need instructable images that I "Save-As" to go into Pictures Folder, NOT Download Folder by default

PC Question: Just recently, every image I "Save-As" goes into my Download Folder by default unless I manually redirect it to my Pictures Folder. Then the next image I "Save-As" goes into my Download Folder again. I want all images to go into my Pictures Folder. What am I does wrong? Could a piece of software from my Epson printer be causing this. Thanks for helping!

Question by Dave55555    |  last reply

How do i list folder contents in php?

I have a folder that i would like to upload files, edit files, and delete files on,  i would liek this done in php, and the folder that is being edited maches the name of the person logged in " session_register("myusername"); "  How do i do this?

Question by comsa42    |  last reply

Instructions for getting my Folder Options back in IE.?

I got as far as step 5 where it tells me to double click on Windows Exployer. I don't have an option of Windows Exployer there. I"m now worried I have left something opened for virus or hackers to do as they wish, is this the case? What do I do now? Thanking you in advance.

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On an iPad, how do you make a folder? Answered

I think I've made one before, but I forgot.  I know how to move apps in and out of folders, but I forgot how to make folders.

Question by thispageiscringeignoreit    |  last reply

Can you paint pressboard file folders?

I am wanting to paint some file folders to match an office decor. Can they be painted with acrylic paint?

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Can I password-protect a specific folder?

I want to password protect a single folder on a flash drive - and I want it to be passowrd protected on ALL computers I use the drive on. Any idears how to do that?

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Batch file that opens a program in that folder (but not that easy)?

Hello I made a troll virus to my friend. It opens a troll face picture and opens trololol song. I found a program that binds 2 files. It also has a option that starts second program when first closes. my plan is to bind that program and a batch file that calls that program. But my friend can change it's name and everythink crashes. I tried this @echo off start *.exe exit but it said there is no file named *.exe Help me please

Question by DORUKY    |  last reply

Is there any way to make a file into a folder under Windows?

I know you're thinking I could just rename it to .tar and untar it, but is there any way to rename the file, change the registry or ownership to make Windows treat it as a folder? And would changing it back work the same way?

Question by Nofew    |  last reply

How do you add a password to a windows vista folder?

Hey everyone, I was so frusturated and have been searching for a long time to figure out how to out a password on a folder.  The folder is on a flashdrive if that helps any.  And ive seen people right click on the folder and hit "Add to Archive" but mine wont show up.  Can any one help me?

Question by Kalrag    |  last reply

How to search on for folders with a bunch of instructables inside?

Sometimes they popup on the search, but i want to specifically search only for folders or amalgamations of instructables!

Question by DIAGONALLIS    |  last reply

is there a way to copy your image library into a desktop folder? Answered

I'd like to be able to save all my pictures into a desktop folder but it seems I have to open each picture, right click and save one at a time. Is there a better way?

Question by Mrballeng    |  last reply

rar remotely located folder using command line

Hi all i  am trying to rar file located on location \\Hqstffvs1\Common\Company Share\WWE Shop-eCommerce_Data Files_Archive\TJG\Archive   into \\Hqstffvs1\Common\Company Share\WWE Shop-eCommerce_Data Files_Archive\TJG\Archive\c.rar but when i try runining winrar \\Hqstffvs1\Common\Company Share\WWE Shop-eCommerce_Data Files_Archive\TJG\Archive\c.rar \\Hqstffvs1\Common\Company Share\WWE Shop-eCommerce_Data Files_Archive\TJG\Archive than it give error some unc name erro PLease guide me where i am doing wrong ? as much i know i think it is not able to access the remotly located folder Please help .. thanks Chhaya

Topic by chhaya_porwal    |  last reply

How to create a new folder and text file in php.?

I want to create a new folder and a text file while uploading image. I can upload picture but cannot able to create a new folder where uploaded picture directly upload to a new folder. Can anyone help me? //define a maxim size for the uploaded images in Kb define ("MAX_SIZE","100000"); //This function reads the extension of the file. It is used to determine if the file is an image by checking the extension. function getExtension($str) { $i = strrpos($str,"."); if (!$i) { return ""; } $l = strlen($str) - $i; $ext = substr($str,$i+1,$l); return $ext; } //This variable is used as a flag. The value is initialized with 0 (meaning no error found) //and it will be changed to 1 if an errro occures. //If the error occures the file will not be uploaded. $errors=0; //checks if the form has been submitted if(isset($_POST['Submit'])) { //reads the name of the file the user submitted for uploading $image=$_FILES['image']['name']; //if it is not empty if ($image) { //get the original name of the file from the clients machine $filename = stripslashes($_FILES['image']['name']); //get the extension of the file in a lower case format $extension = getExtension($filename); $extension = strtolower($extension); //if it is not a known extension, we will suppose it is an error and will not upload the file, //otherwise we will do more tests if (($extension != "jpg") && ($extension != "jpeg") && ($extension != "png") && ($extension != "gif")) { //print error message echo 'Unknown extension!'; $errors=1; } else { //get the size of the image in bytes //$_FILES['image']['tmp_name'] is the temporary filename of the file //in which the uploaded file was stored on the server $size=filesize($_FILES['image']['tmp_name']); //compare the size with the maxim size we defined and print error if bigger if ($size > MAX_SIZE*10024) { echo 'You have exceeded the size limit!'; $errors=1; } //we will give an unique name, for example the time in unix time format $image_name=time().'.'.$extension; //the new name will be containing the full path where will be stored (images folder) $newname="images/".$image_name; //we verify if the image has been uploaded, and print error instead $copied = copy($_FILES['image']['tmp_name'], $newname); if (!$copied) { echo 'Copy unsuccessfull!'; $errors=1; }}}} //If no errors registred, print the success message if(isset($_POST['Submit']) && !$errors) { echo "File Uploaded Successfully!"; echo "$image_name"; } ?>

Question by nazarkhan    |  last reply

PowerMac G5 problems - main hard drive won't mount!? Answered

Oh, this is bad... So, I woke up this morning and went to my computer, to find it hung up.  I could move windows around, but that was it.  I was not able to open any folders or applications.  So, I restarted the computer.  It took forever to boot up, and then I was presented with the Most Feared and Dreaded Blinking Folder/Question Mark Panic.  I know what this means - the computer can't find a valid OS X install.  I rebooted, reset the PRAM, no go.  I then booted up from the OS X install DVD.  I launched the Disk Utility to see if I could repair the hard drive, but it wasn't in the list!  I could still see my second hard drive and my USB backup drive, but not the main drive. Panic++ So, fellow Mac Addicts, what's the next step?  How can I tell if the drive is Really and Truly Hosed, rather than some stupid little thing like a boot record that needs to be rebuilt?  Would it help to swap positions with my secondary drive?  It just seems odd to me that it was running perfectly for years, and it died with no warning.  I've got it shut down (usually it just sleeps while I'm at work) so maybe having time to cool off will help.  Oh, and here are some details on my computer: PowerMac G5 1.8GHz DP 4GB RAM 1 TB Seagate Barracuda main drive (the one that's "dead") 120GB secondary drive (forget the brand) OS X 10.5.x (whatever the latest version that'll run on a non-intel mac) Wow, the timing on this is really bad.  I'm prepping three Instructables (one due in three days!) and now I don't have access to my computer!  Argh!

Question by jeff-o    |  last reply

My psp videos folder is gone.Or I do not know were it is!

Can someone show me step by step photos? Or tell me what to do?

Question by cool knex13    |  last reply

How do I install tarballs in Fedora 11 (Actually, how do I enter a folder that exists, but the computer can't find)? Answered

      I found out how to install tarballs in Fedora 11.  The problem is that I have to access the directory where the unzipped files are from the command line.  I'll open up the main archive where the folder is that holds the unzipped files, and the folder with the unzipped files is displayed.  Then when I use the "dir" command to access the folder with the unzipped files, it says no such file exists.  Any recommendations on how to fix this are appreciated.  Thanks!

Question by mad magoo    |  last reply

Sent items OE folder may have been damaged? Answered

I recently received a message from OE6 that my sent items folder may have been damaged. OE6 created a new "sent items 1" folder. The original sent items folder still exists on my hard drive. I tried moving the sent items 1 out of my mail directory and moving the original sent items folder in it's place. That didn't work. It created a new sent items 1 folder which was blank. I then moved the original sent items folder to another directory and tried to import, received the standard "no files or in use by another application. Then I created a new identity and tried importing. Same result Same has now occurred to my inbox folder. Is there any utility out there that can repair a corrupted folder and then be able to import into my existing folders? How about upgrading to a full edition program like Outlook and importing from OE6? Any assistance would be nice as I would like to retrieve my old email files

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I can't drag and drop images from camera to folder....

Ok, so this one has been bothering me for a while. I hook my camera up via USB to my computer, and drag the pictures I took to folders on my hard drive. I liked this method because I didn't have to name pictures, and it was a helluva lot faster. But, for a while now, I haven't been able to drag and drop pictures to folders. I don't know why. Right now, I'm forced to use Windows Picture Wizard, which I detest. I've checked, and it seems to be my camera, because I can drag and drop from folder to folder on my computer. I'm running XP, it's a Canon Powershot S3 IS, and I'm working on a fairly big iBle. Please, don't say it's because I have a Canon (W-Burg)! Thanks for any help!

Topic by Bran    |  last reply

My skydrive folder has made it self read-only?

I use skydrive for school and when skydrive is read-only, onenote can't sync and I cant read my notes on any of by other computers. has anybody else had this problem and knows how to fix it because it is really bugging me and my teacher needs to see my homework. thanks.

Question by tvsamuel    |  last reply

Help with a deleted folder on an iPod? Not sure if it's deleted or lost or what?

My brother accidentially deleted a folder(full of word, works, and rich text files) of his that was on his iPod. He said he never say the "do you really want to delete this" window and that he pressed undo (he says it said undo copy) and it didn't do anything. Apart from that he says he didn't do anything, he just unplugged it. He also says that there is no more free space on his iPod than before he accidentally deleted it. We've tried recovery programs and search programs and nothing helps. Nothing we use even recognises that it was ever there. The only evidence that the folder was there is that it is in the recently accessed list, but nothing else.

Question by remmy5    |  last reply

Help! Missing Email after running compress folders in Outlook Express? Answered

Running Outlook Express in Windows XP Pro. Email was in my Inbox. Ran compress folders. Email now missing from my Inbox.

Question by stokesjohn451    |  last reply

Restore lost external hard drive files and folder after format

The day before yesterday, my external hard drive was dropped to the ground for a sudden shock. When trying to access it again on the computer, the windows just gave me a not formatted error and disabled my access without formatting, so, without deeper consideration, I formatted this drive and finally found all the files and folders were gone. What a stupid operation. In order to access my files and folders of the past two years, I began to crazily search for related articles and questions to see whether there was a way for me to get them back with success. Follows some recommended steps and data recovery programs, like: Firstly, stop using this formatted drive till rescuing everything back. Secondly, attack drive to computer and use data recovery software to scan this drive and rescue original stuffs back as many as possible. Thirdly, save all restored stuffs on another different drives or storage device at last. Fortunately, after trying these steps, I got most of my needed drive files and folders back with success. If you are also experiencing such data loss problems, you also can get some clues with my found articles, like: Or Hope my words also can help someone there!

Question by Nicolenon0    |  last reply

Firefox bookmarks - is there any point still putting them in little folders? Answered

I've been a user of FF for many years, and have probably a couple 1000 bookmarks. More than half were setup in the old days, before I could search and tag them with the Wonderful toolbar or whatever they called it. They are saved in various bookmark folders. The tag system is much more powerful. I don't think I have used the old system to store a bookmark for a couple of years. Is there any practical reason to keep the old system, or should I just inventory and tag the old files ? How do other people handle topics in their bookmarks ?  Any pointers, as usual, much appreciated. Steve

Question by steveastrouk    |  last reply

Outlook express file corrupted? Answered

My inbox disapear from the folder list in outlook express, the other folder are there normally. I searched for the outlook express folders and I found it, in that folder it has two inboxes one named inbox.dbx its size is 42

Question by BrittonSutton    |  last reply

desktop won't show up after stanby and cannot open any folder? Answered

So its fast i start my computer but and the monitor is on it connects with the CPU but doesn't show any thing its just black, then i restart the computer again and it works i can log in. But the problem is this problem still happend only now there's an additional problem is that i can't see any folder that i click but in the taskbar it is open but i click on it and nothing shows even the task manager doesn't show up so i can only open google and my youtube downloader and microsoft office. So any one know how to fix this problem? Thx  sorry for my  bad english i'm indonesian

Question by eydie kevin    |  last reply

I cant find Library folder in Programs files/Labcenter Electronics/Proteus 8 Demonstration > win 10

I want to add AURDOINO Library tp proteus..I cant find library folder

Question by moh.malik.ahmed    |  last reply

Adding files to a Virtual Hard Disk

I am trying to add a file to a virtual hard drive (.vhd file) made with Virtual PC. I can't seem to figure out a way to open it outside of VPC, though. Does anyone know a way?

Topic by puffyfluff    |  last reply