I would like the ability to search and favorite forum topics like instructables. This would be very helpful for staying on top of the forum. At least give us the ability to subscribe to a forum topic.

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knex fourm

I might make my own forums for knex Here i will trust everyone to say all they like and only remove the reply or topic if you request Plus there will be carton category were it is ONLY for the "should i post?", that you can only reply yes or no And i will try to make vote-able treads so you can do surveys and asking "what should i make?" Ect. Tell me what you think. p.s it will not be like knex innotervation.

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what are fourm topics for? Answered

Just need to know

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Write with electricity

I read somewhere (I dont remember where) that if electricity is put on indicator paper then it creates some kind of mark.Or is there any other kind of paper that gets maked on contact with electricity?Most importantly can I use this to wrte or draw?

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Spark Productions Fourm Logo Contest!

Hello all Spark Productions Members! I am holding a contest that which will most likely change the Group Logo for Spark Spark Productions! This will require a picture made from , then put onto , and posted on the Colaboration Instructable. People that dont send in art will be judge's. Good Luck and Have Fun!-DDSN the LeaderEXAMPLE:

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goodbye for a while

Ok bye now for a while cause i,m disconnected from the internet if you have any sigh of the srv2 tell me on the fourm ok and heres a cool pic for every one to mod post the mods on this fourm if u want

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Web comics

This may be the stupidests fourm ever, but i need to know what comics are out there.

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Error 400 when trying to view forums

This may be a problem with the server, or youre just updating it:

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Let the Battle Commence! (Help me find some components)

Hello Instractables community! I am currently building my computer on paper and wanted to know, What components to buy, Here is the list of what I'm not sure of Processor (Dual core) Video card Motherboard And if possible show your system specs, Thanks, and you may see an Instructable in the near Future! AMD Vs Intel

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What is the record for replies/comments on Instructables

What is the record for replies/comments on Instructables, and if you guys want try to break it on this fourm.

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Super Smash Bros!

Hey guys, I made this fourm topic for you guys(and me) to talk about smash bros!  And I can't wait for the new 3ds/wii u versions!  So, chat away!

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breach loading sniper rifle

Welcome to this fourm, this fourm is about a breach loaders, if you have made any feel free to post (this dose not mean mag gun for the whole point is to help 1 shots/ sniper rifles get a easy load that is acurate fast im gessing at one point in time almost everyone made a 1 shot. But 1 shots have not evolved much, its all almost the same, pull fireing pin back and "muzzle load" it (with some exeptions of folding and back loading it)but wile loading the thing sometimes it fires, so it would hit your hand or your face (and my spring powered rifles have done so) , the solution? simple somehow get the thing to load without ever geing you to look at the barrel, sniper rifles usaly have it hard for they have long barrels (not including mepains) and take a long time to muzzle load the bullet. a faster way would be to breach load itso on this fourm posably post pictures of ideas you have of breach loading and if it somehow makes it more acurate. but just no old mag guns for the idea is to help make a fast and easy way to load. example this sniper rifle i made heres a video

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Top 50 Instructables Fourm Commenters of 2007 Ranked by Number of Comments Mosaic!

Hi,I just took the data from the Top 50 Instructables Commenters of 2007 Ranked by Number of Comments from a while ago and turned all of the users icon into the a Robot Icon Mosaic.Here is result.Enjoy! ThanksBTWIf someone wants to help me right a script to download all of the users icons I would love to make a giant version with thousands of Pictures.

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tr-v1(br8) parts list? Answered

Tr-v1(br8) parts list?yeh a parts list i dont have the time to count them out cus i wanna bulid it and who ever gets a parts list i will 5* all of there ibles and if you dontn have a ible i will do the same with the fourms

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Urban Art

Hey, this fourm is for peoplewho make urban art and want to show it off.What is urban art? Urban art is creatingand art work out of anything common to making a portrate of jimi hendrix out ofa cassette tape ( have fun about showing off and discussingthis art form!

Topic by The Urban artist 10 years ago

im selling a modified nerf maverick it is a shorty maverick singgled and comes with 15 stefan darts

The gun comes with 15 stefan darts shoots at about 50 ft cash or check only bidding ends june 12 just say how much you are offering oh and i do trade nerf guns bid starts at 10 dollers happy bidding i will make a fourm soon with picture

Topic by jonessodanerf 10 years ago

I've been featured but no 3 month pro membership. Answered

One of my instructables (when I look on my profile) has the featured ribbon. I saw a pro fourm topic about being featured and getting a free 3 month pro membership. I'm not being greedy but would more like to understand how it has to featured to get this. It's ok if I don't get one, it would be awesome if someone could help me understand this.  

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