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Airsoft fps

I have a Super 9 bolt action sniper rifle. Problem is, the guns that I use now have higher FPS then the sniper rifle, which means that a pistol would shoot farther then it. I would love to know of a way to ramp up the FPS in the sniper so that it won't be out gunned by a pistol.

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FPS games

Hey everyone!!! Any favorite games you guys liek to paly? ? personally mine are Counterstrike and BF2.!!!!11

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psi and fps??

I am wondering how much fps/ a 300 psi/ is. Iam icelandic and not wery good at english but man when i´m finished making my air rifle you´ll get the best instructable you´ve ever seen!!!

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FPS arcade gun

//Rustlabsthis is a project Ive been working on for a while now and am nearly finished! its a FPS shooter arcade style gun for FPS computer games. it uses robo realm software to track blue or infrared LED's (depending on the surroundings) and gives full point and shoot game play. it uses a side mounted joystick to control player movement and has many axillary controls.i will have the instructable up soon- just got to finish it up- enjoy!

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OK so I'm making I new game right it's gonna be based or made to light like NAZI Zombies now i need a new script to make it so that I can make the player only be able to keep and have only two weapons AT A TIME ???

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FPS games based on World War

Hi all you guys, I love to play FPS games. I'm playing Call of Duty: World at War now. Can someone tell me your fav FPS games based on World War history? Thanks all you guys :D

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500 fps airsoft gun

I just got a brand new custom airsoft ak-47 that shoots at 500 fps. I need ideas of things to do with it then dominate with it in a war.

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fps creator wont work!? Answered

right, okay so i download fps creator. (man it was expensive) cheaper version though. i try to open it and it says i need directx version 9.0. okay so i do that. i try to open it again and it says:in windows vista, insure that you are logged in as administator and UAC is switched off. the strange thing is that im on windows 7. i have seen if there is a uac file but no. any help?

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i am looking for a way to create a fps-like head mounted display.

I have read looked at alot of the hmd's on this site, but none of them do anything more than show what you can already see without them. i want to build/buy (preferably build) a hmd with a compass, gps guiding system, battery life, ect. i know its alot, but i think it would be cool and useful in alot of cases.

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were do you get a good velocity measuring device? Answered

I need something to find the velocity from all of the guns i make does any where find one for relatively cheap?

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Can everyone give me some suggestions on what kind of airsoft gun I should get? I want an electric one. Please reply.

I am looking at one that is not clear, has over 350fps, electric or rechargeable,and holds a lot of ammo.

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need info on slow mo cams!?

I broke my last camera so i have decided to step up my options with my next one... i want a camera with high speed options.... preferably something that can show the path of a dart. any help is good... what price range is cheapest, what frame speed do i need... how do i use the slow motion option...

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I have a UHC MP5 A5 Mini Electric Airsoft Gun that is really low fps, like 150 fps. Is there a way I can raise its fps? Answered

I have a UHC MP5 A5 Mini Electric Airsoft Gun that is really low fps, like 150 fps. Is there a way I can raise its fps? it's fully auto and runs on 4 AA batteries. It takes 0.12 airsoft bullets.

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Can an Airsoft m3000 shotgun pierce a clay skeet? Answered

I have an airsoft m3000 shotgun 355 fps and I'm wondering if it will be able to pierce through a clay skeet? Anybody Know

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Tips for playing MW2 on pc. (classes, hiding spots. etc.)? Answered

Please share any tips or tricks that you know.

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Does anyone know of a good free FPS Creator software?

Do not sugest trialpay please

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I have an Airsoft m3000 shotgun but i need a sight so I'm wondering if a Tasco 4x20 scope will fit on the guns rail? Answered

I have an Airsoft smith and Wesson m3000 shotgun (355 fps) and need a sight for wars but will the scope fit on the shotguns rail? there is a pic of the gun if you click on the other picture at the bottom

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what is the ending song in the recent video's of FPSRussia? Answered

I watched a couple of his video's, and i liked the ending song(the one you hear at the pic with links to other video's), but i just  can't find which song it is

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What infomation are needed to calculate fps for an air canon? Answered

I know that fps is speed unit, and I'm trying to calculate the initial speed(or the power) for my air canon. Information I have: 1: value of the air chamber 2: psi 3: diameter of the barrel 4: length of the barrel 5: diameter of the air release valve will those information be enough? How to calculate fps or power from information above?

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Help horrible EXtreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeme lag on pc ?

Please help my friend pc in totally extreme lag and low fps on any game even simple flash game " happy wheels" fps average is between 5 and 2 fps and before 2 months the pc was normal and good speed for example AVA the game was 20 fps and his computer have: processor : pentium 4 (3GHz) graphic card : Intel® G41 Express Chipset ram : 4 GB kingston hard 500 GB 390 used  please i need help

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Is Borderlands more "FPS-ish" than Fallout 3? Answered

Hi guys, I didnt really get into Fallout 3 because I just didnt like the way the game works. I think it's a bit too RPG based, which isn't a bad thing, but I bought it as a shooter. Is Borderlands more like a shooter with RPG prinicples, or a RPG with some FPS features? Thanks

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Cube 1 FPS game mod- Help needed

Hello, I am a C++ Developer, and I am building a game off of the Cube 1 Engine, I will be needing some help in the folowing catigories: Images (a.k.a textures, weapons, etc...). Replacements for the Hellpig and Goblin monsters. CGI scripting/hosting for the games Master-Server) With this comes being a possible developer for the game.

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How to stream live video from a webcam using raspberry pi?

Hi, I have had my raspberry pi for about 3 months now and I purchased it with the intention of mounting it on an RC car so I can have live video. The problem is that the pi doen't support flash so I cannot simpley run my webcam through a program like skype. I have bought a wifi usb dongle with the rtl8188cus chip and want to be able to drive it within range of my modem. I also a have a proper tx and rx for an rc plane because I prefer the joystick control. So the olny thing the raspberry pi needs to do is stream live video at a high fps. Can anyone provide me with instructions on how I can stream live video at high fps on my raspberry pi? Thanks, David.

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I need a good airsoft primary, preferably automatic.

I have a few airsoft guns, a Swiss Arms sniper rifle that fires at 435 FPS, a crappy Crosman Pulse R70 that fires at around 115 FPS, and has a fried battery, and a UK Arms M4 carbine M- series that fires at 350 FPS, and I'm looking for another AEG with a good range, has good size for close quarters combat, fires at at least 350 FPS, and is in the price range of 100 to 150 dollars 

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Where To Start For Making Games

Hi everybody, i want to start making video games but have no experience with computer programming i have worked with tools such as : FPS Creator (thegamecreators) Sandbox (Platinumarts)

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help modify my paintball gun shoot at 400 psi , or 600 fps, im trying to convert it to shoot special paint projectiles

Im trying to modify an a5 tipman marker to shoot a specialised paint projectile im creating , basically a sniper round of my own disign, but i cant get the gun to volicity i need. im not overyly into pmnumatic sytems as i should be, so i need help. i want at least five to six hundred fps, as the projectile is about twice as heavy as a regular paintball, so at 300 fps for a standard round i fiqure 600 fps for a round that is double its wiehgt, any help on how to acomplish this would be great,

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how do i make my 175 fps spring airsoft pistol more powerfull?

It is realy quite weak but instead of buying a new one, i would like to make this one better

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Laser mouse mod

I want to ask can anybody explain me can I put a real laser in an optical mouse? I want to be able to move in on any surface even in the air (1cm betwen mouse and surface)? I want to make an fps gun mouse, so please, tell me, can anybody do it ? And if yes what laser I should use?

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The difference between 1200 fps and 1000 fps (frames per second, not feet per second or first person shooter)

I'm currently deciding between two cameras, well three actually. The EX-F1 Which can be found for $1,000 and the EX-FH20 or EX-FH25. Both are practically the same. They cost about $300 I think I should get the EX-FH20. The only real difference is 200 fps. This is only a 20% increase. At the speed of sound or 340.3 m/s filming across one meter, the difference between movement in frames per second is only 2.236 inches. 340.5/1200=.2835 340.3/1000=.3403 .3403-.2835=.0568 meters, or around 2 inches. I'm not going to deal with the speed of sound anytime soon, so I think the EX-FH20 should be fine for my needs. It also means I can get;=electronics&qid;=1201176487&sr;=1-2      

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Your Airsoft Arsenal

What Airsoft Guns do you have? I have a S.P.A.S. 12 Combat Shotgun, DPMS M4 RIS and a Colt Mk IV. I will update this as I get more guns. What guns do you have? These are my Gun Stats: *S.P.A.S. 12 Combat Shotgun* Power: Spring FPS: 250 Material: Plastic Extras: Folding Stock *DPMS M4 RIS Solid Stock* Power: 7.2v 1500mah Large Battery FPS: 300 Material: Plastic Extras: RIS ForeGrip, laser site *Colt Mk IV* Power: Spring FPS: 200 Material: Plastic Extras: Rails, Flashlight Heres are my guns:

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What airsoft guns do you have? I am getting a echo 1 g36c and I have a cheap springer

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how do i fix my halo trial? PLEASE HELP Answered

First of all i played on my computer which is windows 7 by the way and it crashed for some reason. now i have to play on a different computer and i really want it back on my computer and if any of you know me i am Beast145 and i know tons of mods if u want any. i can download halo trial and when i get into it it says: a problem occurred initializing DirectDraw. Hardware acceleration may be disabled. Please run DxDIAG. if anyone can help me please respond because i really need it back. IN EXCHANGE FOR FIXING MY HALO TRIAL I WILL GIVE YOU PELICAN MOD OR OTHER REQUESTED MOD. PLEASE LEAVE YOUR EMAIL SO I CAN SEND IT TO YOU.                                                                                                    THANKS,                                                                                                                                                                                                           Beast145

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Are there any free programs i can make a game? eg RPG, fps etc?

I want to make a small game and know if its possible to find a free program!

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my newest project

Well I am working on my newest project using knex. the download for it will be here when I am done! project is going to be a fps game using knex guns! it will be multiplayer over the Internet and I will program it with pictures of all the knex guns and there range, power. you can give my data for the pic of the gun by making it with mlcad.i am sorry world but my game programmer wont let me make a 3d fps. n I will try to get it to let me but until the happens you will have a over head view of the game when you play. sorry. it will still have your guns in it.update:the game is 10% done( as in the shooting works and enemys shoot at you. you can also move. right now i have pacman sprites :)when you make a picture in mlcad all you need to make is the top and it just needs to be the shape.update: 12/27/07update:i have good news and bad news.bad news: the program fell a part. every thing started to glitch up the other programs and i do not have time to fix it. good news: i found a different fps that i should be able to mod to have knex guns. so the game will be a fps game!!update:i am starting to run test of the web server.

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Primed .22 cases?

Would the primer go off on a .22 case that has had the bullet and powder removed if you shot it with a 900 fps .177 lead pellet? Also, would it go off if shot from a slingshot at a brick wall.

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Tutorial for an easy DIY 5-Min. timer-switch set to emit a sound.? Answered

I am trying to make a few game-types for my friends and I to play in airsoft, and one is a variation of the classic FPS game-type called Assault.  I am wondering if there is a tutorial for beginners that explains how to create a DIY Timer Switch that will emit an explosion sound 5 minutes after it is set.  I want to make a false bomb for us to use, but I am unsure about how to do that.  Thanks.

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Ok I've got an idea of a aarcade like gun that could be used for your everyday PC \lappy. I was thinkin that people could probably use the arcade gun for a mouse.   Instead of using it just for game etc it could used to play FPS game and even for FPS creator so instead of using your mouse it could be as if you were the character and the one who is aiming!!! I even noticed that the newer or older? guns with a slide would be cooler.

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What is the BEST knex airsoft gun?

I am wondering, are there any knex airsoft guns that shoot about 300 fps? I do not care how it works, just want one that would work as a backup in an airsoft war.

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where is the cheapest place to full scale airsoft AEGs? Answered

I want to get an AEG with a least 250 fps but don't know where to find one for under $60. can yoU HELP?

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Free games?(Non free if really good)Rated E-T no blood Answered

Ya see I just got a laptop and I want to load it with games for when I wanna chill out and maybe for online multiplayer. Sugestions?????? ***!!!Mostly fps games!!!***

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The best first or third person shooter game

I'm looking for other's opinion on the best fps or 3ps out now. my fav's are- Crysis Call of duty 4 Serious sam 1,2 encounter Doom 3 Quake 3,4 and Endwar

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Give me your opinion for airsoft?

Ok, I have a problem. I am just getting back into the sport of airsoft and need some of your experience. well, i used to be an avid airsofter, but i switched to paintball and got rid of most of my airsoft stuff, including my sidearm. well, now ive gotton some money and would like to get back into airsoft. well, i have recently purchased the echo 1 m8a3 cranestock aeg, an nc star 3-9x40 scope, and a madbull gemtech blackside supressor. but i forgot one thing, my sidearm. Well I have around 130 bucks left to spend on a pistol. I was wondering if you guys know of anyhting in that price range within these general perimeters: I want it to be a gas pistol mainly blowback (im flexible), over 300 fps, and all metal. let me know of anything that you may know of or just comment on the gun lol. Thanks, The lonelysandwitch

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Anyone know of a cheap Digital Video-Camera that has (or can be hacked to support) External / Asynchronous triggering?

Basically, I'm wanting to record something from several vantage-points (tennis-strokes mostly, but it would be relevant for things such as baseball or golf swings as well) using two or more cameras. The problem of recording with multiple-cameras is, if they're not triggered simultaneously, they could be capturing their respective frames at as much as 1/(fps*2) of a second (i.e.;16.7 ms for 30 fps) off from one another; which for many, if not most things wouldn't be a concern. However, since they wouldn't capturing the event at the exact-same moment, the usability of the video information for motion-analysis purposes is greatly reduced. For everything else other than lacking support of external/async. triggering, something like my relatively-cheap $120 ApiTek 60-FPS 1080p Camera (Std-Def would suffice) I picked-up on a whim at Walgreen's would fit the bill quite nicely. While professional cameras do have this feature (also referred to as a Master/Slave Camera Array), this is simply for my personal-use, and I'd have a hard time selling my wife on the idea that I need to spend multiple thousands of dollars on it.

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Fisher and Paykel WM water leak

Hi All, Our 5 year old Fisher and Paykel  8 kg Fabricsmart Top Loader has recently started to spill or leak water from under the machine. Can anyone advise what might be causing this and how to fix it. Thanks KEHG

Topic by KEHG  

Is this normal?

Sorry for the bad quality, but I thought this looked strange...This is an arrow flying through a piece of plywood.It was captured using a digital camera filming at 30 fps, I used windows movie maker to slow down the video to 12,5% of the normal speed.Can you spot the arrow on this blurry video? I can't :/

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Airsoft Gun I bought

I bought a airsoft gun which looks like a AK-74u and with a folding stock i bought it for a 100$ and I want to know if it was a good buy 350 fps foldible stock 3 tac rails chager and all adapter including be-be spin adjuster It includes a bunch of other stuff to

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A barrel for a modded nightfinder airsoft gun?

I have a 8 year old bro who has a bunch of nerf guns. He wanted play airsoft with me but doesn't want to get shot with my 400+ fps airsoft gun. I've been searching some things on instructables and found a way to change a nerf gun into a weak airsoft gun. My brother let me use his nightfinder and i ripped out the air restrictor. so now im supposed to make a barrel. He doesn't really like the idea of cutting up one of his darts so what is another item that i could use to make a barrel. he doesn't mind a decent fps on the gun just nothing too extreme. any other suggestions for other mods are accepted as well.

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What other mods can I add to make my Buzzbee Doubleshot that I converted to Airsoft shoot with a higher FPS rate?

I already have taken out the air restrictors in the shells, I am looking for something in the actual gun type of mod.

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