how to get free pro membership

I know pro membership can be winned in contests is there any other ways to get it without any payment ?

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is there anything you can make from completely free electronic part's? Answered

Like an old phone,  cell phone, free sample's from electronic website's, thing's like this/

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Has anyone ever invented a practical microwave-freezer? Answered

You can get water from room temperature to boiling in under a minute, but how could you get it from room temperature to freezing in about 2? Obviously I'm referring to more than just speed freezing water, could be useful for other stuff too. I was just wondering if it was even theoretically possible to make something that did this.

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Testing Tesla coil frequency with a multimeter frequency (Hz) meter?

My multimeter can measure up to 20MHz and I was wondering if I could test the resonant frequency of my Tesla coil by running it (untuned) then having the multimeter attached to an inductor a few feet away?  Would this work or would I need some kind of small circuit attached to the multimeter as well? If I could do this would it work with the primary as well?

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How do I make my own satellite dish to capture free to air broadcasts?

I would need a list of materials suppliers and drawings. please work from the premise that I know very little ( which is true! ). I would also be interested in motorizing the dish and making it remotely operable. Also what would I need to decode the signals?

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A circuit which can find out frequency of high frequency signals?

Alright so I am doing this project and we have to find out the fundamental frequency of any input signal so that we can use that information to select sampling frequency. Can anyone point me in the right direction regarding making a circuit which can measure high frequencies in the order of GHz even?Thanks!

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Back arrow nalfunction, and comments rejection frequently.

I use Windows 7. on a lap top  1) The back arrow does not function on Instructable pages as it did two weeks ago. It works sluggishly when I press refresh in the sight bar. I go through many Instructables pages almost twice daily. Such problem is deterrant to free viewing. 2) Frequently the comments section rejects acceptance of my notes. Please help and advise. Best regards 

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Purchased 2 year pro, but my account remains as free

I purchased 2 years pro membership ( 39,99 $ ), but my account is still set as free account, where I can't download anything.  I payed via paypal, my CC got charged ( March 8 ) and nothing changed. I wrote to on Saturday and on Monday about it, but I haven't received any response from them.  Has anyone else had such problem, because I don't know if I can cancel that payment now and noone is responding on my emails from instructables? Please help!

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Have music control a device with sine wave and frequency? Answered

Whilst I was using  a TENS unit (electric muscle stimulator) and was messing with the frequency and pulse width controls, I thought to myself, "What if I would redesign this device, so that I could plug it into my mp3 player and it control the frequency and pulse width so I could literally feel the music?" After long though, and looking to see if such a device existed (None that I could find.) I came up with nothing. Now my question is, how could I design such a device that would take in standard audio, and give a pulse width and frequency output? I would assume I would use a pulse width modulator (PWM) for the first part, but what about the frequency? And how would I make this as one unit? I am a complete novice at sine waves, frequency, audio, and things in that area, and I find the best way to learn is do a project involving it. So would anyone have an idea how such a device could be designed? Link, circuit diagrams, and tips are all gladly excepted.

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How do I keep my chicken's watering system from freezing? Answered

Hi!  I just found this site and can imagine I will be spending a lot of time here!  What brought me here today is a concern from last winter.  I raise chickens and developed a winter watering system that ALMOST works... It involves 80' of PVC piping that is circulated with an aquarium pump and was heated with a bucket heater.  The water is stored in a Coleman Cooler.  The birds access the water using 10 "Chicken Nipples" ( and here in lies the problem.  Even though the system flows in cold weather, the small amount of water in the nipple tends to freeze.  I imagine I could heat the system more, but I would rather have the heat directly on the nipples to keep them warm. I could use a light bulb on each but I would rather be more efficient.  I am hoping for a way to heat a bracket or coil around each one and have it turn on periodically as needed (maybe using a timer and a ThermoCube).  All the heat coils I find tend to produce too much heat and I am afraid of melting the plastic around each of the nipples.  I have spent countless hours at Home Depot, Radio Shack and electric supply stores trying to solve this.  Any help is greatly appreciated!   ---Regards Alexander

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You know those protective disks you find on a fresh stack of CDs or DVDs?

NOT the actual recordable disks. Those disks that come with a fresh stack of recordable media that are usually kept long enough to keep dust off those items, then get tossed when one runs out of disks. I need them. I use them in my art, making Alien Orchids and such I have been told that with the way technology is moving I will have a hard time finding these disks in the future. I already do! I'm down to about 6 and I can go through that many trying to make one good orchid. I would be happy to pay for shipping for a bundle of 10 or more at a time but what I would like is to find someone with access to a lot of them and pay per flat-rate Priority shipping box full. I think a small box (about the size of a video tape) would probably hold at least  40 disks and if I paid $10 it would cover shipping and put a few bucks in your pocket. Or I could give a shop credit so you can buy stuff I've made out of other stuff. If you can get a box-full together gimme a shout and we'll discuss details... I am also finding it tough to acquire used inner tubes - bike or (especially) auto. I have a project I'd like to finish and don't want to have to purchase a new tube just to cut up. E me at rhonda (at) oddartist (dot) com

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How can I make a water level indicator panel for an RV fresh water tank?

I'm rehabbing an RV.    It has a 100 gallon fresh water tank made out of plastic (polyethylene). The tank has four built in sensors on the side of it, 0%, 25%, 50%, 75%, I assume these sensors are just a bolt sticking through the side into the water. How can I make a simple indicator panel which will light up an LED for 25%, 50%, and 75%? I doubt I'd just be able to use the electrical conductivity between the 0% sensor and the other three, as the electrical resistance would be too high to send any usable connection through the water, am I correct? But maybe something based on capacitance?   Anyone know how to build something like that?   My skills are too rusty to think that through. Maybe I could cannibalize the sensor out of one of those touch sensitive table lamps and use it as the basis for my indicator panel? I'd prefer not to use an arduino or pi for this, I need something incredibly simple and robust.   I realize those would do the job but I need the quick and dirty solution. Thanks in advance for your help. EDIT:   Here is a webpage that talks in depth about the standard tank monitors and how to upgrade it with an Arduino.   Unfortunately, this seems incredibly over engineered for this task and I don't have the liberty of spending the time to do this, as I am working with a tight deadline.  But it does discuss the resistor network which was originally used with the sensors on the tank.   Since the original display panel on mine was too damaged to save, I thought it wouldn't be too hard to rig up something simple to replace it.

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@ 'Homeland,' Season 3, Episode 6,WATCH/DOWNLOAD ONLINE 'Still Positive':?

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Tips and tricks for UV curing glue, resin and coatings

Only a few years ago your only option to repair certain plastics, glass or even a broken crystal was epoxy based resin or the good old superglue.You might have already tried one of the 5-seconds-repair pens or tried your own UV curing nail polish art at home.For the later you might be lucky as the resins used here are optimised for the purpose and lights you get with them.Sadly even the best nail polish is no substitude for a glue as the material properties need to be different.One of the most common complaints when it comes to using some UV glue, like Kafuter or similar is that it never comes with instructions.Sould be straight forward but it is not free of problems.For example almost all commercail UV curing glues that you can buy require quite stirct procedures and for the light the right wavelenth(s).Resins and coatings can be even more painful here as they might also require you to stick to the correct temperature.Let's start with one thing you might have encountered already...The glue is definately cured and rock hard but the surface tacky and smeary.Quite annoying if you want to fix a piece of jewellery and can't prevent it from collecting dirt and dust...The next thing you might have encountered is that despite having transparent materials it seems to be impossible to cure the clue.Both problems come down to wavelenght and exposure.UV curing glue is prevented from curing in the presence of oxygen - a factor utilised for example in resin based 3D printers.Uncovered glue is exposed to the oxygen in the air and won't cure easy.The glue or resin below this layer however with fully cure with ease in the absence of oxygen.For the second problem consider that not all materials that you can see through will let UVC light pass through ;)Bonding strenght is another complaint I hear a lot...Be aware that certain things just are no good for UV curing glues or resins.Take the molds you get for that purpose: on the material the glue won't bond!Teflon is another prime candidate here.But in a lot of cases it comes down to surface preparation.Don't be afriad to sand the surface!Not only will the surface area increase but the scratch marks will be invisible once filled anyways.Use sandpaper on your fingernails, then go over with clear nail polish -mirror finish ;)With curing often a problem consider to fully cover the glue.A bit of clear sticky tape, food wrapping foil....If that is not an option then eliminate the oxygen.You can use a container filled with inert (for the glue) gas like CO2 or just place a burning candle in it until it goes out....Either way the amount of oxygen should then be low enough to cure the surface of your glue.Not always is any of the above an option.Then you can still try more power and a lover wavelength.Mercury based lamps for example provide a very broad and powerful light that in most cases will cure within seconds.For a proper surface cure you need a wavelength of 265nm or lower.LED's offering this exist but at prices well out of range for the hobby user.A mercury lamp under high pressure is nothing for short term use and the limited lifespan does not always justify the costs of buying them.Like with most things in life certain inventions can have a dual purpose.Quality germicidal lamp systems for examples often state to go as low or even lower than 265nm.And they come at a fraction of the cost you have with a broadband mercury lamp.Even cheaper is the fre weather forecast.If the sun is siad to be strong enough so you need protection than even the worst glue will fully cure in seconds outside in the sun - tackfree!Don't be fooled and protect yourself!!These tiny LED lamps for your glue stick, the curing thingies for your nailpolish and everything else using UV light comes with warnings.For very good reasons!It might be hidden in the fineprint but you can not really see UV light.The blueish-purple glow you see is on the high end of what comes out and by that in the visible range of your eye.Just because a LED only gives a faint glow you see does not mean the UV light wouldn blind you if you could see it!Even worse for fluoroscent lamps or open cruning systems like those for your nailpolish.Reflected UV light is still UV light and you can still NOT see it!Stories of people getting sunburnt from germicidal lamps in a butcher shop or other people going blind from checking money as their living have a true base...In most cases lamps used well past their lifespan or simply the wrong type of lamp but still: the damage came from UVC light...If you just love creating your own artwork or jewellery with UV curing resins and glues than protect yourself.Proper sunglasses with a stated UV protection for example or just black nitrile gloves for your hands...

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