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Are these Capacitors Fried??

I think i blew out a cheap voice chance I have... can anyone verify that the capacitors I have circled are indeed blown... I've never looked before, and am not 100% sure the black isn't just a manufacturers marking. also, the caps are 20pF and 56pF and I need to replace them STAT... would Radio Shack's 100 pack capacitor grab bag have these numbers?

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No Instutables for Curly Fries

There are zero search results for curly fries. Surely somebody out there knows how to make curly fries. I like Jack in the Box curly fries. Be the first to post an Instructable on how make great tasting curly fries! A copycat Jack in the Box curly fries recipe would be great. Here's your chance to post the very first Instructable on how make curly fries.

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No Instructable for Waffle Fries.

No Instructable for Waffle Fries. Regular waffles are great. Jack in the Box has great sweet potato waffle fries. I would like to know how to make crispy sweet potato waffle fries like Jack in the Box.

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how can I get crispy french fries at home??

I've tried soaking in ice water for an hour then pre frying, freezing and frying-it gets close but not like bars and fast food.

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Arduino mega fried/not working?

Hey guys I was using ramps 1.4 for a CNC project of mine.When I was trying to upload a code for repatier when the ramps 1.4 was already connected to a 12v source, this forced my laptop to shutdown as well as forcing the mega to get heated up bad. Now I think the laptop ram is fried cause the display is not working and mega (even though the lights are blinking),the code cannot be uploaded

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I fried the arduino mega?

Ok i was using an arduino mega and ramps 1.4 motor controller for my home build cnc.During the time of testing ,there was ahuge back current and probably the mega is fried. This is the state now,when i plug the mega on to my computer : 1)The Green ON led lights up 2)device detected ,but not recognized.( tried  re installing the drivers ,but no use ) 3)Reset button does not make the L light blink. 4)RX-TX not lighting up. I want to know if this arduino can ever be used again. And for the safe use of the cnc,what micro-controller/micro-controller precautions/PLC   should be used. Can i fix this MEGA by replacing some components , i really dont want to spend more on the cnc(i have already spend around 400$ till date)

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how to get to myspace from school??

The website to get to myspace from school?

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Fried Contest Launches 5/13, HQ Celebrates with Fried Day Friday

We're launching the Fried Foods contest on May 13th. Enter your best fried food recipe to win frying tools and accessories that look remarkably similar to the ones below: Update: We fried food for about three hours today. The fryers are still running, the oil is still hot, and there have been no injuries. All in all, a pretty great Fried Day. Here are some photos from today's extravaganza: Everybody hovering near the fryers, along with the Cap'n Crunch that was used to bread fried chicken. ewilhelm trying out cryofrying with his hamburger patties. Instructable should be forthcoming. ------------------------------------------ We're so excited about the notion of a fried foods contest, that tomorrow will be Fried Day at Instructables HQ. Randofo brought in a pair of deep fryers, I'm bringing in some liquid nitrogen, and everybody's bringing something to plunge into the hot oil. Some ideas we're kicking around: deep fried cupcake deep fried oreo cryo-fried meats fried chicken with an unusual crust fruits I'm particularly excited to play with the cryo-frying technique I first learned of from the series of Modernist Cuisine videos circulating on Youtube. In cryo-frying, you flash freeze the exterior of fully-cooked food, then deep fry to brown the outside without overcooking the interior. But don't take my word for it. Because you can watch these inspirational videos for yourself: So, anybody have any great ideas for the Fried Foods contest? Are we missing anything awesome?  

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Original Xbox fried, any ideas?

I seem to have fried my original  Xbox but I tested the power strip and the cord is fine, are there any other things that could make my Xbox not power on?

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Bad stereo ground/fried alternator

After reading the instructions I installed an aftermarket stereo in my 1999 Toyota Camry. I'm confident in that I made all the proper connections correctly, but I think my ground wire is bad.a few day after I heard a high pitch whine that got louder when the rpms got higher. Then the power would cut off from the stereo but only for a split second, then my car would do the same thing until ultumitly it was completely DEAD I couldn't even turn on my hazards. I'm pretty sure my alternator is fried. And I think it's the ground wire. Now my question is can I run a direct ground from my stereo to the car or do I have to chase this wire down?

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How to make french fries without oil?

Please, some recipe maybe? :)

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Trying to fix fried remote control LED light

I'm wondering if it's possible to fix a dead LED remote control light. The LEDs themselves are still good and will come on when I put 3v directly to them. I think the problem is a part that looks obviously fried (S9017 burnt spot HF). I'm hoping to get some opinions from you guys on what exactly it's function was and how to replace it. Thanks!

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Power Surge Fried my Integrated Network Card?

At least, it seems this way. I while ago we had a weird "power surge like thing". It was odd... It seemed to "restart" some electronics...I was on my computer when It happened, it was like a really close lightning bolt. Though after it scared the crap out of me and I looked at my screen, the computer was still on and everything was running. Then windows started to act like I had just unplugged everything and plugged them back in. It started to read my flashdrive, my printer turned back on and announced the black ink was low (stupid $35+ ink :P), etc. Since it was going nowhere I just held the power button and shut er off. Then, later, after turning it all back on I found that it didn't have an internet connection. I finally got one after unplugging my router (Which I could still get a connection through the wifi) and connecting my modem to my comp through usb instead. I think it fried my NIC. ...crap Think that's what happened, and I'll have to buy a pci adapter instead? Thanks,RX --This is odd too. I went upstairs and my PSP, and Zune were both turned on. Neither were plugged in and both were completely off....and now it seems my tv is blown out.

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(newsletter) Fried Ice Cream, Treehouse, Werewolf Costume...

Sign-up for this newsletter: October 1, 2009 Welcome back! NEW: Arduino Contest - Make anything involving Arduino and win a sweet prize from Evil Mad Science or an Arduino Mega! Digital Days Photo Contest - Show us your best photo trick, tip, or homemade gadget to win a new Sony digital camera! Winners announced: See who won the Forbes Teach Me Fast Contest and the SINGER Kids Crafts Contest! Coming soon: Our most awesome Halloween Contest ever! Any Instructable published since the last Halloween contest is eligible! Want a more convenient version of Instructables with fewer ads? Get a Pro Membership! Laser Powered High- Speed Photography A Word Clock Fried Ice Cream Build a Treehouse Win sweet prizes from Evil Mad Science! Win a digital camera! Build a Polished Concrete Desk Star Trek 2009 Uhura Costume Make a Sewing Pattern with Tape Realistic Werewolf Costume "Garage Door Open" Indicator Make a 9 Doll from the Movie Make Plastic Bones Look Gross and Old $0 Camera Level See the winning videos! Winners announced! Projector Slide Window Hanging Zombie Burgers! Pumpkinseed Kayak - Easy and Light How to Sound a Shofar Now go make something awesome, and I'll see you next week! - Eric - 82 2nd St. - San Francisco, CA Sign-up for this newsletter:

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Can someone identify this?

Can someone tell me what this thing is? Thanks in advance, Fried.

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What is this?

What is this delicious looking snack? It looks like fried avacado, but I've searched and can't find it. I want fried avacado. 

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frying stuff Answered

I just got a fryer for christmas. My family and I have been thinking of things to fry with it. Aside from fries, we thought of mushrooms, onion rings, and some other things. I was wondering, what are some things that we can make?

Question by Fizzxwizz    |  last reply

I am going to cook dinner for 5, I need an idea what to cook.?

I am going to cook dinner for 5, I need an idea.? I have plenty of jasmine rice, some frozen corn, deep fryer with potatoes to fit for fries, frozen ground meat, a TON of spices, potatoes, hot sauces, orange and orange zest, lemon zest, a little cornstarch, etc. I have the works. What can I do with the works? Can you give and/or link recipes?

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Little Gem MkII may have fried my ipod?

I`ve built and was testing a Little Gem Mk II amp on a breadboard and for audio signal input i used my ipod shuffle 2nd generation. What happened was that the output sounded very distorted ( probably too large of pin 1-8 bypass capacitors) before the ipod stoped working. For the first two times i pluged it to the pc the orange light came on steady, not blinking as expected. From the third time on i got no response at all. So, is the amp - and me - guilt of killing the ipod? (considering that it was 4~5 years old and may have died of natural causes)

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MP3 player fried by USB car charger... Common problem????

Just fried my MP3 player, by sticking its mini USB cable in a compound outlet: 3 cigarette lighters, and one USB outlet. The car outlets measure 12.3 V, the USB outlet measures 4.7 V. It is specified for 2000 mA. I put a switch between the battery and this outlet. The (scooter) battery is wired in series with a similar one, for powering a 2 X 15 W amp; each battery can be switched to a separate compound outlet (described above) for powering gadgets, or to be charged. The plugs of the compound outlets (containing a fuse) have been removed. The player was playing, connected to the amp; the USB was plugged into the compound socket when the switch was activated.  A very loud pop sounded. Now the sound of my MP3 player is very weak and extremely degraded.... :( I used to charge it via my computer or by means of the mains USB charger provided with it.  Never any problems!!! My 1st theory is: destruction by peak voltage... But should the electronics not have prevented this (I did not open it, but it is probably based on a 7805 circuit)??? 2nd theory: Current too high. USB is normally 500 mA??? This would mean the USB player behaved like a LED (very low resistance, needs current control????) I bought my nice former 8 GB player for E 15... But it is now discontinued... Before I connect another one, I would want to know how to keep it alive while playing it hard!

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How do I determine if my computer's CMOS is totally fried? Answered

Yesterday I got a call from my wife that she was bringing the computer back up (there had been a storm and she SAI(D she shut everything down normally and unplugged everything),  and she has this "message" that CMOS had failed and was loading F1 to continue or F2 for set up. Sadly, neither option actually works.  It  "sounds" like it is processing (looping?) but nothing happens.   Turning it off, waiting and back on again produces the same results and it doesn't get far enough into the boot process to access either the CD or the HD. Give it to me's brain dead, right?

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I may have fried my FlipHD camera with a 10V power adapter. Is it hopeless? Answered

I tried to power a FlipHD camera using a wall wart. Listed output was 3V, but on a meter, it turns out to be 10V. Camera doesn't work now.  Have I fried it, or is there a fuse or something that I can replace so I can fix it. Why does a power adapter list itself as 3V but output 10V?  Is this a cruel joke?

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What is this tool? Answered

It has segments that screw off, with springs inside. Top is pointy but not sharp

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Has scoochmaroo plagiarized Emeril Lagasse's work?  You be the judge! I, for one, would find it hard to believe that Emeril would poach from smoochmaroo, and that's not considering the six year difference in dates.

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This device is the opposite of environmentally friendly.

This machine burns energy year round. Is there or is there not another way to compost without a plug?

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Any good Bacon instructables?

Can someone upload a bacon instructable here? Actually a couple, but one is a start.

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The transformer in my Tesla coil fried, how can i prevent this from happening again? Answered

I recently built a tesla coil, and after some demonstrational use in school the transformer burnt out (it wouldn't do anything, and a red light appeared inside). I have already ordered a new one, but i want to prevent this from happening again. Any tips from experienced tesla coilers? thx in advance, all help is appreciated.                  additional details: transformer: 6500v, 21 ma. ordered here. the tesla coil has gone without sparking for a few seconds at a time, however resumed after turning it off and back on. could this be related to the spark gap length or something similar?

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Cheap Christmas presents

Hey.... any ideas for christmas presents that aren't for your close friends... (parents of b/f, b/f's frieds... etc.) I need some crafty cute inexpensive ideas.

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My Arduino UNO is no longer communicating with computer Answered

Hi, I own the Freenove UNO (identical to the Arduino UNO) and it has been working fine with my laptop (Win10 and using the Arduino IDE program) but recently it stopped communicating with the laptop. I have reinstalled the Arduino IDE program (tried uninstalling and reinstalling a few times, including installing an older version of the IDE) and have tried it on 3 different computers (2 running Windows 10 and one on Win7) with 2 different USB A-Bvcables, but still, when you plug it into a computer the on and L lights turn on so it is receiving power but code won't upload and it doesn't communicate the device I am not sure what to do. In the past, I successfully uploaded sketches to the UNO and they worked as expected, so I'm not sure why the UNO would suddenly stop communicating with the computer unless it is fried which would make sense because a week before this I was trying to control my WS2812B LEDs with the UNO but the LEDs need 12 volts so I powered both my LEDs and my UNO with a 12-volt wall adapter I had a 220 resistor but I don’t think it worked because after it smelled funny In the case, it is fried, I am not sure what to do is there a way to fix a fried Arduino UNO also why would the on led be light up if the Arduino UNO if it fried

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110AC to 140DC? Answered

I've got a 140VDC motor from an old garage door opener.  I want to use the motor for another purpose.  The original controller board is fried.  Will a bridge rectifier that can handle 110AC over power the motor?

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where to find old microwaves...? Answered

I FRIED my MOT and im looking for some old microwaves, i checked all the junk yards, but couldn't find any. Any suggestions?

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You crazy Linux users!

I can't believe what some people will do to try to invent their own OS. Why can't you just stick to UNIX?!?!

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Had yourself an 'ibling Christmas ?

Inspired by an Instructable posted here, our Christmas dinner was a deep fried turkey, accompanied by my own Potato puffballs and all the trimmings Who else has used 'Ibles to help the season along ? Steve

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I have a small heatsink and fan,What do i do with it?

Its about 6 Cm Wide and 4 Cm tall. The same for the fan. It came from an old computer that is now fried.

Question by ReCreate    |  last reply

LCD and MB

Hello im the new guy here and im wondering what can i do with these parts i had a lcd monitor and the motherboard is fried and jjust the screen is ok what can i do with him somehow to use it or something and also i have GPS motherboard it works fine it has a 8gb disk space i dont know what to do with her i have old motherboards for dekstop computer mini itx,msi..... and i have two laptops one the motherboard is fried and the other one doesnt have a problem but its too old and if somebady can give me some examples in what can i convert this things Thank you      

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Does anyone know where I could get a replacement electric motor for my dremel 800?

Its the Li-ion variable speed model. Ive already looked and you cant replace the brushes like the corded models

Question by technic6490    |  last reply

Is there any possibility that i can use the laptop screen of my broken laptop as a LCD monitor for my desktop???

I have a Hp laptop whose mother board is fried. but the screen seems to be in good shape. i want to use it as an LCD monitor for my desktop. please help

Question by para p    |  last reply

Favorite Food

Hey,   In an effort to get some discussion going in this group I am posting a simple question: What is your favorite food? If there is an instructable for you favorite food please leave the name of the instructable too. My favorite food is fried cucumbers and tomatoes or bubble tea. There are lots of instructables for bubble tea.

Topic by nerdfighter73  

Wacky Races - for real! (where I was Thursday)

I got up early, spent a long time traveling, and fried in the sun to see a whole load of cars (at Goodwood). Here are some pictures. (They're all built around car-chassis and run) L

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Fried 3 leds - 5 x 3 watt LEDs and mean well lpc 35watt 700ma constant current driver Answered

Hi, I have 5 leds all of 3 watt each, i used the Mean Well LPC-35-700 constant current driver I hooked up all the leds to the driver in series, but as soon as i turned it on it fried 3 leds 1x 660nm, 1 x 450, and one 630nm led, but the last 2 leds are stil working. Could anybody let me know what did wrong, if you need more specs i can  give you

Question by MistaMasta    |  last reply

How do I determine the right fuse size for a wire?

I'm working on restoring a robot and one of the ground wires is completely fried. I will replace the wire, but I want to add a fuse to make sure it doesn't happen again. How should I determine the fuse size for the wire?

Question by DELETED_afw11    |  last reply

how do you make an origami burger?

I've been searching and the only answer I've been given is a link to Ready Made website but I've searched the website and cannot find the instructions on how to make the burger (and not the origami burger set with the fries and soda pop and tray) at all!! Can anyone help me?

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Can I fix it? Answered

I have a 512mb flash drive mp3 player, made by hip street. a long time ago, i was working on a computer. i had just installed the usb ports, so i got the flash drive/mp3 player and plugged it in. a component fried on the motherboard, and windows said that the device malfunctioned. the computer still worked fine, as if nothing happened. alas, the flash drive/mp3 player didn't. it wouldn't connect to the pc. nothing looks fried on the mp3 player, so why wont it work? can it be fixed? i can almost get it to turn on, the power light will flash and then the battery just starts to get really hot. can someone please help? i really want the files off of it.

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Wiring some speakers? Answered

I'd like to hook my ipod up to these speakers but I don't know if my ipod wil get fried. I'm going to take headphones, take off the buds, and attach the wires to these big speakers. Can someone tell me if I need a regulator or something to stop my ipod from becoming toast?

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