how can i fro out my hair? it's thick, curly, and kinda asian Answered

Basically, i wanna turn my hair from pic 1 into the hair from pic 2... and i would like to do it myself if possible=]

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Im Really sad.

I got a hair cut, it looks nice, but i miss my fro, all warm, now when i go out side, i have to wear a hat. i hate it.

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Motors and servos

Please all, what motor could I use to create a to/fro movent?

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Pro woodworker seeks advice fro a machinist - I think?

So, I have 5 young nephews (5 - 12) that are super into Harry Potter. I want to make them individual, unique wands for Christmas. Not so much “traditional” HP style wands, but ones geared to each of their individual personalities. I am highly skilled with (and own) all major wood working hand tools and stationary tools, except (crucially) a lathe. Plus a lot of basic metal working tools. The goal - I would like to build a lathe like appliance, that would hold small wand sized branches / sticks, and execute assorted procedures on the branch... 1st - allow me to turn the workpiece at variable speeds (because most will not be straight). A sliding router jig would allow me to rough round theme most irregular pieces at a low lathe spin rate. I’m not so worried about achieving this goal. 2nd - I need one mandrel to be lockable (so I can inlay details with my router, for example). 3rd - I need to be able to INDEX and LOCK the mandrel at least at 6 to 12 positions (or 60 degree to 30 degree positions) - preferably the 12 position so I can make 90 degree faces, too). Unlimited stop options would be ideal, of course. This allows me to create all kinds of faceted surfaces and textures with different bits or tools. So, the obvious answer is go buy a wood lathe with an indexable and lockable mandrel. But I can’t find a cheap one, and I am a touch cash poor right now. I assume there must be a machinist mandrel head that will index like I’m describing, that I could build into my homemade appliance and power with a variable speed motor. But my main problem i have found is that I do not know the correct terminology. Any help? Thanks! Colin

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Help please: dc motor

Ok so im wanting to build a remote control pan/tilt head for a relatively large camera (canon XL2). I've started off using a few 12 volt motors that came from a car window opener, but i've found these motors to be rather loud and bulky. Does anyone know where i might find some dc motors that are quiet and small but can still be able to pan/tilt 8 pounds of camera?

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Is there is any way to acquire elemental Boron from Borax.?

I have decent chemistry equipment available, so if it's needed, it won't be a problem.

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what is the basic way of using leds as display from its matrix? Answered

What is the way of using leds as a display and how a specific leds are lighted in matrix 

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Hi, I'm receiving this message ERROR 500: What is the problem with that?Thanks fro your Reply.? Answered

Javax.servlet.jsp.JspException: ServletException in '/common/newlayout.jspx': Can't insert page '/pages/explore/newrightbar.jsp' : ISO-8859-

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Is there any way to make a high voltage supply from a disposable camera? Answered

I want to make a high voltage supply with a camera.It needs to produce more than 380 volts.

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can any body help me make simply bio gas plant from the scratch to generate electricity?

I want to make a simply bio gas plant to generate electricity for home use

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Is there a way to automatically forward emails from one email to another?

I got an andriod phone and it seems to not want to support my yahoo email and made me get a gmail. Is there way to automatically forward any messages sent to the old email to my new email?

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How to control a dc motor/ pump to rotate in both directions for transferring a liquid from one bottle to another?

I want to control a dc motor / pump to make it rotate in both directions such that I can transfer water in a certain bottle to another making the motor work as a pump and then re transfer the water back to the original container. ie basically a to and fro motion of water between two containers.  Constraint is that only one motor can be used for the purpose. The main disadvantage with this is that I am not able to transfer water to and fro in both direction using the same water channel.  I am planing to use an arduino micro controller for controlling the motor switching. 

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For some reason I`m not getting any more E-mail from you Guys? Please Help !

Was getting E-mail from you and it just stopped for some reason ,I signed back up Can you set me Back Up ???

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What is the easiest way to remove DRM licenses from downloaded iTunes 9 music? Answered

I want to remove the DRM licenses from all my download iTunes music. What is the easiest (free) method of doing so? Thanks! -Shadow Ops

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Has anyone has experience buying display cases from

The offer baseball, jersey display cases and flag cases at very attractive prices. Would like to hear from anyone who bought from them.

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how can I make a replica of Corvo Atano's mask from the soon to be released dishonored?

Http:// . or go to

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posted my instructable video, cannot view it

I posted this intractable and I can not search for it even when I search fro the direct links: It is an instructable on how to train your abdominals at home. It is definitely instructable. Why can't I see it?

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Need help with making m-80 out of flash powder from firecracker!!!

I have been trying over and over again on taking the (what i think is flashpowder) out of firecrackers and putting it in my own homemade tubes and all they do is burn up not one pop. someone please help!!!!

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on youtube, how do i switch my youtube account from my old gmail account to my new one?

A long time ago, i made a gmail account and attached a youtube account to it. now, i created a new gmail acount. is there a way to switch the youtube account from the old to the new gmail?

Question by benoscar 

how to make a reed switch for sensing a magnet from 4 to 5inch distance? or a substitute with RF Answered

Experts, pls guide, that i want to know the way to make a reed (in DC) have to sense a magnet from a distance of 4 to 5inches. did small reed will act so ?? if a yes, then which specification have to look?? or did there any circuit or something for making it much more powerful??

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what would be the best way to remove the algae from the water and dry it?

I just recently made myself a recycled bottle bio reactor to grow algae in, and now I'm wondering what the easiest way would be for me to separate out some of the algae and dry it. I'm hoping to be able to get something fairly dry and dense without having to bake it. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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Where did the recent published ibles go on the front page? Answered

At the bottom of the page the recent ibles seem to have been misplace or stolen.  Where did they go?  So many ideas that don't get featured show up there, how are we going to find them now?  Hopefully it's a  oversight on someones part, but till it gets fixed I'll might miss something ...AARRRGGGHHH!!!!

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Is there a way to include some kind of circuit from an reciever antenae?

I have these LCD headsets which let you see a message, and I was going to modify it for (Restricted ideas/plans/instructable intel!) Basically, i need to wire a resistor on the reciever end. Help?

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How to attach gps to network?

Hello All, I am Robert i am doing phd and fro that i have to make an project of which one is gps detection. Now query is:- I have an gps device how do i connect it to net and see where my car to which i have attached the gps device is presently at and on which route is it going? Please help

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Why is that Puerto Rico residents are excluded from some of the contests?

I feel very disappointed and discriminated by instructables, after I was looking at the Make it Stick Contest 2, and the Epilog Challenge, and I find out that I can't participate, because Puerto Rico is excluded. Please I personally request some more information about this subject. 

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I recently received my rotary encoder led ring from sparkfun, but I'm having trouble programming it.

I'm using an Arduino Uno. I found example code but it involves using a rotary encoder for input, which I don't have and don't intend on buying. Does anyone know how to program it to simply turn all the led's?

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how to use CELLPHONE DISPLAY to show animation from PC

Hi I'm into this really lo-fi animation and am searhing a way to display my works in the way they are meant to be seen: from 1bit display. Any matrix display would do a la monochrome nokia. Is there a way to feed this display directly from computer? Or from a separate chip. If so, how the chip would be programmed. Any help would be apprechiated. Ott from Estonia

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Urban soccer, tips, and tricks from all the way from Argentina.

I there guys, well, have 18yrs I played for all my life soccer (here is called Fùtbol), Almost get to the 1rst divison , but i got this lession and now am unable fro a year. Anyway, if you have any question, about this, make now. In this week im going to uplod my videos

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Will cutting off the tab from a pair of vibram fivefingers classic affect the shoe?

I have a pair of vibram fiefingers, classic style, as seen here. When I wear them, I get small blisters on the achilles tendon part of my foot. Would cutting off the two rubber things that jut fro the back of the shoe affect the shoes?

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how can i make a drawing tablet and pen for pc from a optical or laser mouse?

Ive been trying to figure out a way to make a graphics tablet with a pen for photo shop& gimp using either an optical mouse or a laser mouse . think i just about have it figured out . i would just like to have some input to see what you guys think

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Instructable not showing also

I used the new editor and i say i like it allot better . i have  been out for awhile for shoulder surgery so i may have missed something  but any way it will not show up even in the search all is there a list of words that might cause it to get caught up in the filters for some reason ? or is it just that i did something wrong  thank you fro your response

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How to duplicate this levitation effect?

I saw this video on Facebook which shows a Ouija board themed cake with the planchette hovering aboard the cake surface and spinning.People have asked how this is done, but the maker is not answering.It looks to me like it must be magnetic. I don't really care about cakes, but it would be cool to make something that levitates and even spins like this. A "haunted Ouija board" would be an obvious application fro a haunted house. So, how would you duplicate this effect?

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How to attach a jack to a small speaker pulled from a computer? Answered

Well, I have obtained a small speaker from a computer that I have scraped. It seems to only have a positive and negative wire, my only problem is, is that I do not know how to attach the jack to it (I'm very new to this). I've obtained some cord from an old pare of headphones witch also has a volume control wheel. The wires inside the cord are Copper, Green, and Red. Would very much appreciate the assistance.  

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How to protect the conversation in the house from evasdropping using microphone listening through walls?

My house is townhouse, walls are made of concrete, 6 inches thick. The next house beside my house shares the same walls with my house. I think he put the microphone through walls because even I just whispered he can hear it and know every conversation in my house. Please instruct me the countermeasure or cheap DIY device that work effectively to protect this situation. Thank you

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How can I adust my tv aerial to detect signals from the rear?

I have a Yagi style tv aerial in the loft. I get very good reception from the forward direction, however there are a few stations that I would like to receive from another transmitter to the rear of the forward direction. I do not want to lose much gain from the front, but would like to increase gain from the rear. Any suggestions - short of fitting a second aerial? Thanks

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Inclined Circular Column Formwork?

Hi everyone, I would appreciate it if someone can help me with this. I was looking for how to pour inclined circular reinforced concrete columns. When a circular column is straight, its base is a circle but when the column is inclined, its base is more to be oval. How can I place the formwork, how can I estimate the base of the column and how can I pour it. I would appreciate any sources regarding this issue! Thank you fro your attention to my request!  

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Making your own digital assistant using ardino uno gsm shield Sd card module and VR shield

I am building a personalized assistant or a daily smart reminder sort of which speaks to you. Using the Arduino R3 and GSM Shield: SMS will be sent to the SIM card in the GSM shield connected to Arduino uno and the data fro the SMS will be extracted and stored on the SD card which will be displayed on an LCD screen. All of this will be voice activated and controlled.  Need help with the logic and working of this setup.

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How can I make my robot lower and raise itself from the ceiling?

I working on a something that will be able to move along the ceiling. It will stick to the ceiling using magnets. To get through door ways, I need to be able to make it lower itself from the ceiling, move through the doorway, and raise itself back up to the ceiling. How can I get my robot to lower and raise itself? How can I get it to move horizontally through the air?

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Has anyone built an efficient rectifier before, from 220-230V AC to 12V DC as well as a 12V DC to 220-230V AC inverter?

I want to build a DC-AC inverter / AC-DC rectifying system. I want my inverter to convert 12V DC to 220V AC as efficient as possible and without to many components because i want to host my rectifying system in the same box as my inverter. my question is who has designed this two systems before separately of course with the least components and had an efficiency higher then 85%?

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USB Driver

I got a USB cable fro the dollar store today for, well, one dollar. I was wondering if there was a way I could control the voltage output from my computer. I stripped the cable (it was male to male), and tested the output with my multimeter, too. I am getting about 5vdc, is that normal? I thought I got more out of the USB port. Like I said, I was wondering about any opensource usb control program I could use to control the USB voltage. Is this even possible? Also, I can't program AT ALL, or understand it, either.(if it matters)

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Join the Borat group! Gain a free subscription from yours truly!

The group "Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan" is for those who appreciate, enjoy and admire the cunning brilliance of Borat Sagdiyev. Borat fans unite! If you're a mere passerby and haven't watched the movie yet, watch it! WATCH IT NOW!Very nice, sexy time, jagsemash, wa wa wi wa, great success, etc.Kazakhstan is the greatest country in the world, all the other countries are run by little girls.BORAT FANS UNITE!!!!P.S. As always, join my group and you get a free subscription from yours truly.

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