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Fondant vs. Frosting

Do you prefer fondant or frosting? I personally don't know which one is the best for cake decorating.

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How to frost acrylic? Answered

Hi Guys, I'm making a project in which I will need to frost the acrylic (3mm plexiglass) and since frost paint or frosted acrylic is not available around here where I live I will have to use sandpaper. Last time I tried frosting acrylic (6mm plexiglass) with sandpaper (which was 180 or 280) I kinda succeeded, it was frosted ...... until I dropped water on it. What I was left with was lightly sanded acrylic with lots of scratches so I was wondering if anyone could tell me which sandpaper should I use and how should I do it.   Thanks in advance :) -Prickly Potato

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Guide for mixing frosting colors?

I need a chart to guide me in mixing red with blue, green with yellow, etc. to make different colors.  I am especially in need of mixing combination for black frosting.

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Find/make frosted glass/plastic tubing

I'm building an audio vu meter, and thought the LEDs would look nice enclosed in some frosted tubing, but I'm having trouble finding any. Something like a fluorescent tube would be perfect, but the coating on the inside of them rubs off fairly easily (is it phosphorous based?), and cutting these things open isn't usually recommended (they have small quantities of mercury in, I believe). It's easy enough to find perspex tubing on ebay, but it's all clear - I really want something translucent, so that the LEDs give a glow of light, rather than a point. Is there something I can coat glass or perspex with to create this effect? Or am I searching for the wrong words? I sometimes see the fluorescent tubes referred to having a satin finish, but that hasn't helped

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Making translucent, glowing cubes. Best shell material choice?

I'm making eight, seamless 15 cm3 cubes that will be translucent and have a glossy finish. They will be lit up (with LEDs, etc.) so the entire cube appears to glow, but there is a base side which will always be on the bottom (it doesn't have to be made of this material.) Sturdiness is desired (they will be in transit at some point), as well as low cost. The solutions I have in mind at this point are: Frosted acrylic/perspex glued together Some form of cloudy resin cast into a single-piece shell I imagine that the resin would have a better overall appearance if it goes well, but it sounds expensive and complicated. The perspex solution may have a less appealing end result due to the edges between each face. Please suggest alternate solutions if you can think of some! Thanks for your help. TK.

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What is the most easy frosting to make and what is the recipe?

I think the question says it all. Thanks.

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How to frost plexiglass (w/out buying coating)? Answered

Hey all, trying to find a way to sand about a 10x8 (inch) section of plexi (lucite technically, harder than plexi from what ive read). I dont necessarily want to go out and buy a specific coating, so would sandpaper work? Ive got a good selection of sandpaper, and can get more easily. It is based off of the DIY glowing mouse pad project (on instructables), so would that hinder mouse movement? Just like moving back and forth/tracking issues :) Thanks, I will post more info if you want since its kinda sketchy..., Thanks! Astroboy907

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How to REMOVE "Frosted Glass SPRAY" from "Plexiglass???

I have windows on my 3rd floor that are PLEXIGLASS, because of the unique window design(s), and they are FROSTED GLASS SPRAYed for privacy reasons but now it's time to change this idea and remove it all, SAFELY. Problem is: Keep in mind that it's Plexiglass, a petroleum based product and using the wrong remover can, potentially, destroy it. I hesitate to TEST-AREA as if it does, the plexiglass is damaged for life. My objective is the TRIED AND TRUE method(s). Thoughts??

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How to get burn marks off a "frosted" hookah vase!? Answered

My MYA hookah vase has a brown/orange burn on the side otherwise its perfect i got it for 25$ which if you know the price of MYA brand thats incredible. Please help me. 

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How would I do the design of rise of the guardians jack frost pull over? Answered

I was just wondering...How could i do the design of the Hoodie/Pull over of jack frost from the movie rise of the guardians, I would like to make it look like this one... Though...I am not sure how to do the design O_O I mean....should i just paint lines and going out wards thin lines and make them look like their fadeing? Or...what? Please help...

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Is there any kind of clear material that changes clarity when electricity is passed through? Answered

I mean a glass-like material that, when electricity passes through it, acts more like frosted glass. Not LCD though, because that only gets darker.

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ideas what to do with quotes printed on frosted paper .. unfamiliar craft I need instruction as to what to do with them

I need ideas on what to do with wedding quotes printed on frosted paper. A craft I am unfailiar with but my neice is getting married and I picked these I need instruction as to what to do with them.....examples.......My heart is ever at your service....Shakespeare....   I just know there is a very elegant craft out there waiting for me ...thanks to all who reply

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Varnishing, shellacing, or polycoating sugar cookies

What would be the best paint-on preservative (some type of clear coat; varnish, polyurethane, shellac, etc) and the method to use to seal a frosted sugar cookie so that it would be durable, colorfast, and not get moldy or crack? I'm not looking to seal it into a block of acrylic, I want to keep it looking like the original cookie.Yours unpreservedly,- FP

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How to bring more light into the hallway by cutting panels into interior doors and installing frosted acrylic panels? Answered

Three hallway doors with large amount of outside light coming in. I want to bring that light into the hallways by installing frosted acrylic or pelixiglass panels in the doors. Rather than buy pre-made doors, I want to use the existing doors, save money and save landfills.

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do i need to cover pineapple plant planted outside for winter. live in va.

I planted a pineapple top , i need to know do i cover plant  for the frost?

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Printing on plastic?

Im looking to make some business cards out of clear or frosted plastic. Other than taking the order to a printing company, is there any way that I could print the information or images I want onto the plastic myself?

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Two luminous, frosted swans rest before a red plaque inscribed with "Love." A candle holder at the back adds a romantic glow.More Info:;=34122

Topic by Rick99  

how does a conduction freezer change electric current into cold air ?

The freezer in question has no fan only a system of "pipes that form frost on their surface. I was wondering if the "pipes" or metal tubing contained a liquid. if so what liquid?

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restoring a knife

I recently acquired a knife in poor condition. It is a Frost Cutlery Flying Falcon lock back. The thumb catch knob is missing and I was wondering if any one had an idea to replace it. Also, I was wondering if anyone had any info on stainless rostfrei.

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Cupcake Gifts

A two in one reuse and cooking project. Fill an old glass jar with cupcakes and frosting...I think YES! I'm always trying to think of easy to make gifts.  These Mason Jar Cupcakes are perfect gifts for co-workers, a sick friend, or just to say thanks.

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Rainbow Cake

This rainbow cake is a labor of love and sweetness. Getting all the colors right and laying down all that frosting takes some serious time and effort. If you want to learn how to make one for yourself or someone special, follow the link below for the details.Say it with Cake... via Neatorama

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How do you add glass to doors? AND where do you get it for cheap?

I have a standard bookcase that holds our DVD's, but I think it is an eye sore. I plan to add doors to the bookcase with frosted glass in each door to hide the dvd's. I saw another tutorial on how to add the doors, so I think I undestand how to do that. What I am not sure about is how to insert the glass into the doors we make? Also, are there any places to buy glass for cheap? I even considered getting those behind-the-door mirrors and frosting them, but I dont think it will look as good as if I used a real strip of glass. Any suggestions for finding the glass to how to install it is greatly appreciated!

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Diffuse or direct bulb light for an area.

Http:// Say that you had a 5W led and you wanted to light a small room, would it be better to use a bulb with a clear / no dome or one with a diffuse / frosted dome? Would there be a big difference between the two?

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Could you use Mastic as a wall texturing stuff? Answered

I love mastic, it's affordable at 3 Gallons for $34.00.  It has a consistency like cream cheese or frosting, dries rock hard and is easy to clean up and work with.   So...  could I use it as a wall texturing compound? Thanks for any clues -foo

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Gingerbread House Slideshow Contest

It's gingerbread house season! Making miniature houses out of gingerbread and frosting and candy is hard to resist and in honor of these tiny abodes we will be having a Gingerbread House Slideshow Contest coming soon! It's a slideshow contest so you don't have to put up instructions of how you made it, just the amazing results. More details soon!

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What are the brightest RGB LEDs. How could I string 24 for them together with out wall power?

Build a light design. 24 RGB LEDs in a square. 8 inch circles. Frosted Plexiglass. I need this thing to roll on coasters though so I was hoping to have a strong battery that I could light these with and then recharge the battery after wards like a jetski battery. Thanks new to electricity.

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Is it possible to add a 3.5mm headphone jack to a pair of antique crystal radio headphones? Answered

I am looking to purchase a pair of antique headphones, and possibly fix them up to work like a new pair of headphones.  For example, would it be possible to manipulate these headphones, and add a 3.5mm headphone jack to them?;=item1c172998bb Thanks for your help.

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Diffused LED

Hello, I am working on a lighting project. Right now I have a typical yellow LED (like so mounted in a 5" tube. It is shining through a frosted acrylic sheet at the end of the tube, 2" away from the LED. it creates a circle of intense light on the acrylic that is about 3" in diameter and then some ambient light around it. Are there any LEDs that are designed to diffuse light more so that the circle of intense light would widen and be a bit less bright? Thanks, Ben

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IWhat's the most flexible, clear or translucent white, plastic tubing? Answered

I'm working on a multicolored mask with EL wire and want to string the wire through tubing. I need tubing that's got an ID of .5" (at least), and is preferably frosted (translucent) white (though clear will work), and quite flexible. I had originally thought of using Nylon-12 flex tubing in a natural color, but I'm not sure that the natural color is translucent. Does anyone know of a specific product like this?

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How to mount Peltier elements?

A peltier is a element that gets very hot on one side, and very cold on the other side. Cold enough (with enough power) to make frost all over it. So. I got one, I want to make nice cold cold air. I read wiki, if you don't heat sink it, it will self destroy. If I heatsink the cold side, then a fan on the heat sink to blow the cold freeze air, will it be fine? Or must I cool the hot side too? Peltiers are cool :D

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Under Desk Lighting

I'm getting ready to purchase a desk with frosted glass surfaces ( and want to add lights of some sort under one of the surfaces so that I can use part of the desk as a lightbox for sorting negatives and slides.  I'm guessing that a fluorescent fixture of some sort would be best, but I need ideas on mounting (there are rails along the front and back of the surfaces that have around a quarter-inch clearance from the rubber offsets that hold the glass), what kind of light to get and how to wire it.  Anyone have any ideas?

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Video projection on glass?

Hi I was doing some resources on how to achieve a rear projection on transparent surfaces like glass, but without of much success (there are projects on this site, but all are using a black projection material). I would like to do it on a shop window using a projector. I have found out that I need some special foil to get this working, but most of them are black and not transparen and there are a lots of brands. I am wondering if there would be a DIY solution, maybe a frosted white sticker cut to the size would work, to still keep a level of transparency on of the window. Suggestions are welcomed! Thanks!

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Butter Challenge Special Guest Judge Announced!

We’re also pleased to announce that we’ve appointed a special guest judge for the Butter Challenge, Rosie Cake Diva. Rosie Dummer is a food artist from Manchester, UK. This artist has a sweet tooth, and her preferred mediums are cake, frosting, and fondant. She also hosts a baking show on YouTube where she shares her culinary knowledge with others. Check out her videos for some tips on with working with fondant, or visit her Facebook page for even more delicious, inspiring posts.

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Does anyone have any good "food crafts" to do with a group of middle and high school kids? No baking or stoves.

The group of kids I have coming to the library has been asking for play-with-your-food type programs. Over the summer, I offered a "sweet sushi" workshop, where the kids cut sircles out of poundcake, and using fruit by the foot, swedish fish, coconut shreds, and white frosting, made everything look like sushi rolls. I'd love to find more ideas like this one -- we all love to play with our food!!

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RGB LED Sun and Moon

So, I'm working on this thing, its just an idea right now so I won't delve into it too deep, but I want to use a single RGB LED behind a frosted plexi screen as a Sun and another as a Moon, that will move on a clock motor. Could I get a white with a yellow tinge and a white with a blue tinge with a RGB and a few fixed resistors? I'm just wondering if that would be possible. Would I just set the red and green components to 70% and the blue to 100% for the moon and the red and green at 100% and blue at 70% for the sun? Thanks for the help. I don't have any RGBs so I'm just trying to theorize right now.

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i want something to build!!!

I would like to build something for some one!! anything reasonable! i do make and forge custom knifes. i will soon begin construction on many projects, but i just like to build stuff and do a pretty good job of it....     i won't do it for free, but i'm not trying to make a gross profit it's more for the challenge. oh one last request, please don't have me make anything you intend on patenting, unless i get to have a share of the patent lol!!

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Desk-top 3D printer - competition idea.

(I've mentioned this before, but in what seems to be a season of big making competitions, it seemed appropriate to mention it again.)Fab@Home is a scheme where people build their own 3D printer ("fabber") and print ... anything, made of.... anything - silicone, glue, frosting (icing). Their dream is to send fabbers into space on autonomous probes - they find somewhere interesting to investigate, they print a robot suited to the environment. If conditions change, print a different robot. Things get busy, print another printer! (Von Neuman, can you hear me?).Apparently one kid won a science fair by printing a map in chocolate!They have a wiki, including a page of ideas.Doesn't that strike you as a great project for Instructables?How about a competition - design something to be printed by a fabber, and win your design, printed by somebody's fabber.

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Spread LED light?

I'm having trouble using an LED to light up a vase. I have frosted a vase and was hoping to get a blue led to light it up from putting it in the bottom of the vase and give it a sort of blue glow, however, it is just not working. I can still see a big concentration of light where the LED is and towards the top of a small vase (maybe 8 inches?), there isn't much light. Is there a particular LED feature I should be looking at? Certain type? Certain voltage? etc? I was hoping the sunjar tutorial would shed some light (no pun intended) but it really didn't help much for my project. I was trying to get an effect similar to: or maybe ideas?

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Imitate Fire With Flickering LEDs?

I'm an artist looking to use this in a new series of work. I'd like to imitate fire inside a frosted globe with flickering LEDs, maybe several each in red, orange & yellow. Unfortunately I'm fussy about realism and electronics illiterate. It would be nice to be able to buy or build this part of the project for under $25 each and fit it inside a 2.5 inch (65 mm) circle. A battery operated circuit would be preferable but I could live with a 110v circuit if I had to.  What do you think? Can any of you electronics guys or gals get me set up here? I'm strapped for cash at the moment but if one of you can help me make this work I'll send you one of the first finished pieces, post an instructable on the project and give you credit for the electronic portion. Thanks! BrianJewett

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New to electronics, RGB led's help!

First off, let me just say this website and all the great instructables have inspired me to get into electronics. I recently ordered the Arduino Projects Pack from make and have been creating simple led projects for myself. I'd really like to step it up for christmas and have an idea that currently I do not have all the knowledge to complete. My parents kitchen was recently renovated and a brand new cabinet with frosted glass panes was installed. I would like to install 12 RGB led's controllable by on/off, speed of colour change, and by colour itself. If anyone has the time a basic start to finish guideline would be extremely helpful to wrap my head around the whole process, and if I had any questions we could go into more detail. Is the Arduino Duemilanove the right device to be using? Programming is very new to me and any sites that help with that would be great. Thanks so much for your help in advance!!!!

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Building a sound reactive lightbus/module visualizer

Hello fellow dwellers!!I am wanting to do a case mod with a window of frosted plexi glass and have LED lights behind it for show. I also want to be able to make them dance to music or whatever goes through my soundcard and cannot find a good instructable for this.What I understand is that you need a sound reactive module hooked up to your lights and have seen these things for sale on ebay, but no info on how to build my are some links to videos who us this tech in lighting:LED visualizerexternal cold cathodsON A DS!!sunbeam lightbusmorelast oneSryy bout all those links : )So if anyone can help me find a DIY guide for something like any of these, or any info that will prevent me from having to buy one and have no idea how to mod it. Thanks to everyone who replies in advance, and wish me luck.

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Car, Cold, Ice, Snow and Wipers and better defrosting question

So if you live in a state that gets snow and ice one area you can never seem to get all the ice off, or the area that seems to build up ice easily is your wipers. Now my idea is like the rear window, when you turn on the defroster it warms up wires inside of the window that melts and defrostes the snow/ice/frost etc. A. Any ideas how I would make something like that, where I could turn on a switch that would be hooked to the battery with a fuse in the line where I could some how coil the wire around or under the wiper to melt the ice on the blade and in the area where the wipers are "stored" when turned off. B. Any different ideas then the one above?C. Any ways to make a roll of plastic or something with the wires held in place?All thoughts, ideas, diagrams and explanations welcome =)

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Cheap plexiglass alternative

So i was going to make a desk. I was gonna make it about 2x3 and make the top out of two pieces of plexiglass, with about a 1 inch hollow area between them. I was gonna put some lights in that area. However, Plexiglass is costing a bit more than i want to spend. so I found this:;=10051&catalogId;=10053 Its ALOT cheaper. However, can it support a decent amount of weight probably? No ones gonna be sitting on the desk or anything. I would say NEVER more than 50 pounds on it, but 25 is probably gonna be the maximum, and not even that most of the time. (just gonna have my laptop and stuff on it, maybe some textbooks). And im assuming a blue light LED would shine through it fine..I kind of want the frosted look (would sand it down a little bit to get rid of the "bubbles") to give it an effect similar to the lights in this: except without the notifications and stuff.

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LED Light Box Help!

Hey, I am very new to crafting things using LED's and stuff, but I want to get in to it, and have set myself a project as I need a lightbox for drawing/tracing for work. I want to make a A3 (29mm7 × 420 mm) sized box, with the aim to keep it as slim as possible. So I know that I need to use LED's because they are small and bright, I have been looking at white ones. I also know that I need some sort of frosted perspex to diffuse the light and keep the coverage of light even. That is important. A switch is necessary too of course! However I know nothing about what I need to connect the LED's together and how I am to power this. I would prefer to power this with power, but don't know how viable this is with LED's. I would just like a bit of advice of what I actually need then I will probably be able to figure the rest out! Oh also if could keep the cost under £40 that would be perfect because if it was more, I might aswell just buy one from the shop! Cheers! Will

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LED Light Box Help!

Hey, I am very new to crafting things using LED's and stuff, but I want to get in to it, and have set myself a project as I need a lightbox for drawing/tracing for work. I want to make a A3 (29mm7 × 420 mm) sized box, with the aim to keep it as slim as possible. So I know that I need to use LED's because they are small and bright, I have been looking at white ones. I also know that I need some sort of frosted perspex to diffuse the light and keep the coverage of light even. That is important. A switch is necessary too of course! However I know nothing about what I need to connect the LED's together and how I am to power this. I would prefer to power this with power, but don't know how viable this is with LED's. I would just like a bit of advice of what I actually need then I will probably be able to figure the rest out!  Oh also if could keep the cost under £40 that would be perfect because if it was more, I might aswell just buy one from the shop! Cheers! Will 

Topic by Will172  

Polycarbonate panel thickness for secure windows? Answered

I need to glaze 16 small panes (430 x 275 mm) in very strong, cast aluminium window frames (8 per frame, either side of the door). Is 3 mm frosted polycarbonate going to be impact resistant enough to keep people out? The building these windows are part of is in a fairly remote place, so security is a concern but for cost and aesthetic reasons we don't want to glaze with glass and install a metal security screen. The current ugly solution is boarding them up and securing with screws but this doesn't allow us light inside. Cost is a consideration since I've been given permission by the company that owns the land to reglaze them and if I provide the labour they will supply the materials. 16 off 3 mm sheets, £3.85 each = £61.60 16 off 4 mm sheets, £5.14 each = £82.24 16 off 6 mm sheets, £7.70 each = £123.20 I've found lots of sites shouting "yeah polycarb is badass! It's unbreakable!" but not one that gives an idea for thinner sheets. Am I wasting money by going for thicker sheets? Or if someone's trying to get in might a 3 mm sheet be breakable?

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Idea: motorized cocktail shaker (for a real Ramos Gin Fizz)

There are a couple of motorized martini shakers on the market, but neither of them shake hard enough. I'd like to make one that would simulate the actual motion of a good bar tender. The traditional way to make a Ramos Gin Fizz requires shaking it for 12 minutes. I don't have that kind of endurance. For a martini, I'd like the machine to shake hard enough to chip the ice and leave frost floating in the drink. 1. I'm wondering if an electric drill would be capable of driving this thing with modifying the gearbox. I have no experience creating or modifying gearboxes and would like to avoid that if possible. 2. Anyone out there have (or want to make) a good video of a bartender shaking the hell out of a cocktail? (There is a difference between a casual and an agressive shake.) It needs to be from a perspective perpendicular to the plane of motion. This will allow me to trace the path and recreate it in CAD software. 3. The most exciting thing about this is designing the elliptical mechanism that would produce the realistic shake. I've never done animation in SketchUp. Can it handle gears and levers? Is there something else that you recommend? (no windows software please) I'd love any suggestions you have on any part of this.

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Plexiglass Book: Advice Strongly Encouraged

Hey y'all! Firstly, thank you for being a part of the Q & A community. You rule. Secondly, I'm trying to make a book form out of plexiglass. This won't be a functioning book; it will just resemble an open book. For the spine, I'm using steel. For the body, I'd like it to be a frosted acrylic (I checked in with TAP and they have a .75" that should do). However, the acrylic is pricey at that thickness so I'd like to get as much advice as possible so as not to mess the whole thing up. Here's my question: 1) How do I shape / sculpt the acrylic so that it has that nice bookish bell curve? Like so: Suggestions I've received: -3D printing (I hear there is one at noise bridge but am not certain it's big enough / available for a non-noisebridger to wander in and use) -Milling (never tried milling before but how hard could it be?) -Sanding (sounds messy. And scuffy. Maybe hard to control smoothness accurately) This will be the exterior for an interactive artist's book I'm building. If you're interested in seeing it when it's done, you can add me on twatter! By the way, if anyone has any experience with coding for the Kinect and wants to nerd out sometime, I'm down.

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