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I've logged in OK but the search function does NOT work...have tried for days. Very frustrating. (Let's Make________) Eish

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Comments Functionality?

Your Comments Section really sucks. Actually, it's pretty much non-existent as far as I can tell? There is no way to follow up on comments you've made, (or even find them), there's no subscription, there's not even any kind of sort function. (Newest, Most Popular, Oldest). C'mon.. look at any random internet page, and they will have a more functional Comment engine. It shouldn't take much to improve this.

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The search function

The search function is, IMO, too restrictive now. Limiting it to searching only instructables, forum topics and the answers section hides a large section of the site from folk who did not know it was there. I propose (re-)adding to the list: Groups People Whole site

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Commenting Not Functional

When I try to leave comments on Instructables, they won't post. The button seems inactive, and the bottom of the browser screen says 'Error on Page' when I click. I've tried on Chrome, Firefox, and IE. Anybody else having this issue today?

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search function

I don't know what's goin on here. I'm looking for a keyword (in this case: WS2811) - i get the results and when i scroll to the end, it switches to a white field and when i scroll down, i get some "common" unrelated results instead of the end of the results-list. That way i can't klick on/check entries at the end of the list. I'm really a lil fed up by now with "advanced" functions of this site, after it takes me several times of clicking on "comment" to comment an ible. I checked java installation on my comp and it's set to newest. I don't know what's wrong with the site vs. my comp or whatever, but i clearly don't like it.

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professional arrow keypads functions using mikroC compiler and PIC microcontroller

Hello, I want to design a professional arrow 5-keypad functions using mikroC compiler and PIC microcontroller to navigate on a LCD page or screen so that; a cursor can move UP , DOWN , RIGHT , LEFT  and ENTER (enter and select functions) on the a 20X4 LCD or a T6963C GLCD to select an item on it and to do a function or output for each of those mentioned  5 keypads using mikroC compiler and a PIC microcontroller. Would you please place the above circuit request;its hardware and codes(programs/software) here as a project?                                                                                                                     Thanks,

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How do you execute multiples functions simultaneously?

Hi! Got a programming question today. How would I run multiple functions/execute commands at the same time? What I'm basically getting at here relates to games. Lets say you have a game where you have 2 tanks. An enemy comes into view, they both turn and fire, but at the same time. In the code I've been used to writing, it seems that if you were to achieve them doing this, commands to turn and to fire would need to be executed at the same time. I suppose you could write a function that would govern all of the motion for the game, but that seems like it might get bulky quickly, especially if its a big game. How would you  do this? Thanks for answering! If you answer specifically in one programming language or another thats ok, b/c I'm familiar with several! Just need something to set me on the right track here!

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what do these features do on a multimeter??

I went to this website to help me find a multimeter and these features were in the filter that i either dont know what they are/do or know if they are important. so can anyone tell me what these features do on a multimeter, what they are used for, and if they are important. 1. frequency 2. period 3. ratio 4. temperature 5. Vp-p 6. diode 7. continuity 8. 2/4 wire resistance 9. conductance 10. dBm 11. duty cycle 12. inductance. 13. pulse 14. TRMS 15. capacitance note: they have said that capacitance doesnt need to be a feature do to problems and i want to use a multimeter to simple to complex electronic projects like on and robotics when i get to that level. thanks

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computer function generator?

I want to build a simple computer based function generator and only spend about 10 dollars. Is it possiable, if so please lt me know about it.

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search functionality not working

Hi, when I click on search i get to a page with html coding. This also happens if i click on "more videos" etc

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Search Function Error

This is a rather odd bug/glitch that I have been having recently, and could not find any other information on the forums or elsewhere. When I use the search function, it seems to work properly at first. But as I continue to scroll down, it seems to me that the website reloads itself on top of the already existing search. The entire search page is blocked off by a white screen, and upon further scrolling down it displays the menu bar, and the featured page on top of what I was currently searching. I don't know how or why this is happening, but it is really frustrating as I can no longer find what I am trying to search for.  I am currently using Google Chrome Version 39.0.2171.71 m, the newest update on Windows 7.

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Remember Me Function

Hello out there, at first please forgive me for my bad english. I have a problem with the account login. When i try to login the current page accept my login and display my account name. But if i navigate to other pages or use the "right-clickt open in new tab" option in my browser the new page dont know me and i need to login again. Also, my account name displayed with false characters. The same occured when i check the "Remember?" box during the login process. Maybe the german characters in my account name create these errors. Maybe your database dont support these characters, you can use UTF8 encoding to handle these problems. But what i want now: Can someone change my account name from to "RobertRoemer", please. Thanks.

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Replacement of function generator?

Sorry earlier i posted reverse of that...i saw a video on utube a man producing magnetic flux from dc current (conveted to AC with help of dc motor) that can be done What i want to stay is you hava a 9v battery a 5v dc motor and a capacitor ow can u produce magnetic flux? without doing any  implicit changes i mean disturbing the motors etc etc(internally)

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lego power functions motor?

I had broke my battery box and

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what is the function of a pulley in a elevator?

May i know can pulley be substituted with anything else as efficient?

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stepper motor function as generator?

I want to make a stepper motor function as generator. Is it possible to do it if I don't want to hack the motor system? This is because, I cant change the principle of the motor itself. 

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What is this function on my multimeter? Answered

Model of the multimeter is DT9205A. the picture is given below.

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What is the function of a SPDT switch? question is that what is the actual function of the SPDT (single pole double throw) switch and I would also really appreciate if any body also told that how does it work...Thanks..

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Can not use the Customize function.

Error on page when trying to CUSTOMIZE to get my FAVORITE button up.

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A function missing from the site.

After patsowers started asking questions about the history of the site, it occurred to me that there is a function missing from the site - we cannot list the membership. It would be nice to be able to list the membership in the same way that we list the Instructables - sorted by date joined, alphabetically, even by average views or ratings. Just a thought for the next time The Management have a spare moment or three...

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Stylish birdfeeders - art and function

I came across these stylish birdfeeders via Notcot. Abstract, architecturally minimalist, functional... ... copyable. These are welded and painted steel, and presented as "affordable" (although I think it's a bit cheeky to call a bird table "Cheepie" and then charge $125...) - if you need a new bird feeder, have a look at Joe Papendick's Etsy shop.  If nothing else, you'll get inspriation...

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Should there be an automatic answer function? Answered

I get annoyed every time a see an answered question left unmarked, is there any way the computer could automatically mark the question as answered after a week? That would be helpful for sorting out people that need help from people that are lazy.

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Bypassing a multi function controller

I have just bought a laser nebular disco thingy off ebay (incorporating a red and green laser) - and whilst its works fine, I don't like the fact that it switches between various modes automatically (flashing, steady, red only, green only etc).  I opened it up to get some pictures of the circuit board - and wondered if anyone with knowledge of electronics could point me in the right direction with regards to bypassing the multi function controller on the circuit board.  I just want both lasers to remain on all the time. Thanks

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RC vehicle function modification

I have here a cheap rc vehicle with foward//turn capability. Is there some way i can alter the controls to make it turn left and right? The front wheels arent restricted to left or right only, they turn freely in either direction but the remote only has a turn button. (Pics of front and back of remote just added. Some sort of switch activates each motor but the control is either on or off from what I can tell. Although from what I can see, simply adding a couple of switches with foward/reverse functions soldered directly to the board would do what I needed.)

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Functional intra nasal prosthesis

A patient had a malignant cancerous tumor removed from the nasal anatomy and is now left with no nose and no internal nasal structures that normally would filter, warm and humidify the inspirated air. Can anyone design a mini air conditioner that is light weight, safe to use, easy to clean, and affordable? If you do, then you can patent your device, and will probably be the first to ever create such a device. While there is no monetary reward, you would probably become known in the international medical community, and your device could be developed and marketed through the usual channels. As for me, I have nothing to gain. Its just that I am trying to help some colleagues who are now faced with this challenge. Anyone?

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Layout and page down function

The banner or top frame is enormous.  Why?  When I'm reading the instructable I admit I have the zoom enlarged.  the problem is the banner enlarges.  Now it occupies about 25-35% of the vertical space.  Why am I seeing this thing when I hit page down?  There's absolutely nothing of value on that banner.  Most of us (unless we have zero short term memory) don't need to see this space wasting thing.  Why not have an "opt out" option for it?  Give your readers a choice.  Readers like choices.  When I use Page Down using Firefox on Win7 it doesn't work accurately.  It goes too far so I'm missing a line or 2.  This has been like this for years.  Its because of that banner.  This happens often on many websites.  ----------------------- PDF downloads are nice but an HTML download would be far more useful as then the line could have an adjustable wrap width.  With the PDF the image size is locked.  This is very restricting and so last century.  Consider an HTML download  (minus that space wasting banner...duh) and that would preserve formatting and allow good user control.  ----------------------- You have one of the most informative and useful websites on the planet.  You should be proud of it.  I hope you are because its well deserved.  So now lets get it functioning more logically!

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Help with annotate function in python

Hi everyone I'm trying to plot live data on Python from an arduino through the serial port. I found some difficulties with annotate function. I don't know how to configure it or whether the place where I have put annotate function is it the the right place or not For example: for every point in temperature, i want the value to be printed next to the point ? this is my python code import serial # import Serial Library import time #import time import numpy  # Import numpy import matplotlib.pyplot as plt #import matplotlib library from drawnow import * temperature= [] vitesse= [] charge= [] current= [] Time = [] arduinoData = serial.Serial('com5', 9600) #Creating our serial object named arduinoData plt.ion() #Tell matplotlib you want interactive mode to plot live data cnt=0 ##fig1 = plt.figure() STARTINGTIME = round(time.time(),2) def makeFig(): #Create a function that makes our desired plot     plt.subplot(2,2,1)     plt.subplot(2,2,1).annotate(str(temperature)+','+ str(Time), textcoords='offset points')     plt.title('Live Streaming Temperature Sensor Data')     plt.ylabel('Temperature C')     plt.grid(True)     plt.plot(temperature, 'ro-')     plt.subplot(2,2,2)     plt.subplot(2,2,2).annotate(str(vitesse)+','+ str(Time), textcoords='offset points')     plt.title('Live Streaming Speed Sensor Data')     plt.ylabel('Speed KM/H')     plt.grid(True)     plt.plot(vitesse, 'bo-')     plt.subplot(2,2,3)     plt.subplot(2,2,3).annotate(str(charge)+','+ str(Time), textcoords='offset points')     plt.title('Live Streaming SOC Sensor Data')     plt.ylabel('Battery Charge %')     plt.grid(True)     plt.plot(charge, 'go-')     plt.subplot(2,2,4)     plt.subplot(2,2,4).annotate(str(current)+','+ str(Time), textcoords='offset points')     plt.title('Live Streaming Current Sensor Data')     plt.ylabel('Current A')     plt.grid(True)     plt.plot(current, 'yo-') while True: # While loop that loops forever     while (arduinoData.inWaiting()==0): #Wait here until there is data         pass #do nothing     arduinoString = arduinoData.readline() #read the line of text from the serial port     dataArray = arduinoString.split(';')   #Split it into an array called dataArray     temp = float (dataArray[0])     vite = float (dataArray[1])     char = float (dataArray[2])     curr = float (dataArray[3])     temperature.append(temp)                     #Build our temperature array by appending temp readings     vitesse.append(vite)                     #Build our vitesse array by appending temp readings     charge.append(char)                     #Build our charge array by appending temp readings     current.append(curr)                     #Build our current array by appending temp readings     Time.append(round(time.time(),2) - STARTINGTIME)     drawnow(makeFig)                       #Call drawnow to update our live graph     plt.pause(0.00001)     cnt=cnt+1     if(cnt>50):         temperature.pop(0)         vitesse.pop(0)         charge.pop(0)         current.pop(0)

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Given the derivative of a function, how would you find the original function? Answered

I am trying to teach myself calculus, so I am asking this question. For example, given that the derivative of a function is 2x, you could use the d/dx [x^n] = (n)(x(n-1)) to guess that the original function was x2, but what would you do if you were told that x2 itself was the derivative of another function? Please help me. Note that I am NOT someone asking for homework help, my homework from school is not calculus.

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Is there any possible way to make a lego motor that is powerful enough to "move" lego?

Instead of paying 50 bucks for a power functions pack, why not make your own lego motor? except I can't find anywhere that tells you how to make one ' Anyone have some ideas? Edit: i have made the one in the vid, its not pwerful enough for multiple thing. Thanks tho, i know now that theres nothing on instructables

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Question about calling arduino functions?

So i'm messing with some 7-segment displays and i have a function for each number to display, right now I'm ending up using a ton of if statements to control which number's function is called based on a value, however I wondered if there was a way to output a number or value that would select the function for instance the functions I'm using are named 0-9 so if I could have it setup in some way almost as if it were like this "(value)();" instead of the if statements to activate each function 

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What would be the exact functionality of a capacitor? Answered

I don't know why saving a little energy in a circuit that already has it, some examples will be appreciated, thanks

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"block this user" message function not working

Will someone tell me what in god's name is going on with that?!

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How to make a functional sonic screwdriver?

What sort of technology could one fit into something the size of The doctor's screwdriver? I was thinking about maybe a universal remote, an rf/if one maybe a small laser (100-500 mW) maybe a function generator with an antenna and a frequency generator with a speaker or something, just to make it be sonic. Making it clear, not just a prop but with some interesting functions. Any suggestions? Also if possible anything that can be salvaged from old equipment and electronics that can be used please say it.

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Can't get search function to work

I can't seem to get the search function to work. For example, I put in the search term "car radio" and it returns all kinds of irrelevant results like "Fuzzy Cover for a Hot Water Bottle". How can I get accurate search results?

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Editor's Picks Links not functioning in the Newsletter

You must have changed something because this always worked before. Starting with the Feb 11 emailed Newsletter and also evident in todays, the link for the initial Featured item works but all the ones below in "Editors Picks" do not function.    When mousing over the pictures, the link is displayed in Featured instructable, but not with the ones below. I am using the Microsoft Outlook to read emails. DGW

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Is the "Popular" sort function in Contests Broken?

Looking at the sorting in contests when you sort by "Popular" 'ibles with fewer views (both daily and since creation) are ranked significantly higher than others with more views (Daily and since creation). 

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Bronze Rubiks Cube - Heavy and Functional

This Rubik's Cube is made out of bronze and can be used just like a regular Rubik's Cube even if there's no difference of the faces to try and solve. So even if it's "useless" it's still a lovely item and an impressive build. Link

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Ipod connector pin out and function?

Hello! I was hoping some one could point me in the direction of an Ipod (5g preferred) connector pin out, and some info about it. I'm looking to pick up audio out, power in, possible video in the future. Thank you.

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Multi-function, multi-materials workshops?

I'm on a small rural acreage. My shop situation is that I’ve got two separate, fairly compact spaces for working with wood (or general “handyman” repairs for the home) and for working with metal (cutting, welding, grinding, etc). My metal area is where I also often work with small-engine equipment. These spaces are located inconveniently, separated by nearly 100 feet! I think about how I might like to combine functions under one roof. So I’m posting to try to coax some of you people to show me how you may have done this. Or examples you've found on the internet (give URLs). Obviously, no one wants to get sawdust into an area where torch flames or electric-welding sparks could cause a hazard. And you wouldn’t want to get engine lubricants or solvents mixed up with wood projects. Discussion and description are fine, but I’d really like to see pictures or floor-plan diagrams if possible.  I need examples that represent modest investment, as I could probably only afford to build an enclosure of about 16x24 ft, with a bay door. ( Yes - could probably learn something from shops that are somewhat bigger than this.) In grandfather's day, farm shops were usually multi-purpose. You know, for "bench carpentry", and maintaining or servicing the truck or tractor, welding bailer components back together, etc. Often had a tablesaw, maybe a bandsaw - besides the hoist, welders, socket wrenches. I suppose sometimes a fire did occur in one shop or another, but probably not often.  I'd like to see some more modern versions, rather than just the "version" I have in terms of vague memories. Thanks.

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Arduino moist sensor with email function

Hello! I would like to do a project with an Arduino one including soil sensors and wifi options. I have all the materials (i think) needed for this but i would need some help with the code. The idea is to connect atleast 2 soil sensors to the arduino that also has an LCD on it. I want to be able to monitor the current state of the soil on the LCD in percentage of how moist the soil is. As for example, when i just watered my plants the LCD would show close to 100% of moist. And for example when the moist drop below 25% i would receive an email depending on which of the sensors that sent the alarm. If i have both tomatoes and peppers in 2 different pots, i want the arduino to know the difference between theese 2 so i can get an email specifying which pot i need to water. I could however see this on the LCD aswell since it would always show me the current moist percentage of both sensors but i would also want it to be specified in the email.  So let's say i'm out of town and my tomatoes run low on moist, so the sensor alarms the arduino and it sends me an email saying "Moist in Tomato pot is below 25%, water them" or something alike. I could help write the code and modify it afterwards for my needs. I just need someone to help me get started with it :) Thanks!

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Producing Hydrogen to Function as a Lift Gas

The short version: I want to make hydrogen to fill model airship envelopes with, because screw helium. Help me make a cheap electrolysis device that can do this in under an hour (ideally), or come up with an even better system for production. My immediate problem is that I need a high-surface electrode that won't fail in a solution of sodium hydroxide.The long version:I've devoted a fair portion of my time to contemplating airships, primarily because they're awesome. Fell out of use with the rise of much faster aircraft, and the technology its fate sealed by the extraordinarily bad rep the Hindenburg gave it. It is still far from useless, however, in that lighter-than-air systems can lay claim to flight times measured in days, and sometimes months, thanks to the fact that they literally float in the air like a boat floats in water.Their day may have come and gone, but I still want to experiment with the technology and create some model airships of my own. Helium works okay as a lifting gas, but it remains expensive and isn't going to get any cheaper in the foreseeable future. It is for this reason that I am pursuing hydrogen, in the hope that I might be able to produce a cheap lifting gas for my projects. Unfortunately for my aspirations, hydrogen is surprisingly hard to get cheaply in decent quantities. Here's what I've figured out so far.For one, it is absurdly hard to find sites that don't veer into fringe science when talking about hydrogen. HHO production, Joe cells, power your car with all keeps cropping up, and not only does none of this do what I want, the concepts are often poorly documented or riddled with problems. However, I have been able to glean some information from my research. First off, one of the easiest methods (and the one I'll be pursuing the most) of hydrogen production is through electrolysis. For those of you unfamiliar with the concept, you can basically take two electrodes, stick them in water, add some electrolyte (like regular table salt), and apply a decent voltage. You'll get hydrogen gas streaming out of the negative electrode and oxygen out of the positive electrode. Fancier systems use large tanks, platinum electrodes, and a strong acid or base as the electrolyte. To increase efficiency (yeah, it's not 100% efficient), there is ongoing experimentation with high-temperature electrolysis and ongoing research into an effective electrocatalyst.Now, when I did my research, I thought "Hey! This sounds easy! I'll just set the system up like explained, and away we go!" Unfortunately, those exclamation marks were unwarranted. My first attempt showed that production is mind-numbingly slow with small electrodes. Using salt had the wonderful side-effect of producing chlorine and sodium hydroxide, a.k.a. caustic soda. It's called that for a reason, and I'm lucky I didn't run it too long or I might have a chemical burn now. Now I know. Choosing a good electrode turns out to be a problem too, as most conductors oxidize quickly or dissolve in the solution (now I know why everybody uses platinum when possible). My aluminum foil electrodes in a sodium hydroxide solution? Yeah, that didn't work AT ALL. I had better luck with steel mesh, but I recently found that it seems to fail over time too. The only thing that isn't disappointing is the container and the collection apparatus: an inverted plastic bottle with some airtight hose running off it, connected to a gas valve. If the bottle is placed such that forming gas causes the internal water level to be lower than the external container water level, the gas will be pushed through the hose (no pumping necessary!). There was one good thing I discovered, however. Apparently there was a bit of soap or something left over in the container, and I ended up forming a bit of explosive foam as well. The hydrogen foam blows up like nothing else, and the oxygen foam makes a loud pop and sends (slightly) caustic foam all over the place. Totally useless but still somewhat cool, so long as you're not fool enough to do it in large quantities.So, as of right now, I've got a good container and collection system, but my electrodes suck and production rates are so low that it'd take me hours and hours to inflate a good-sized balloon anyway. I'll be using sodium hydroxide in the future as the electrolyte, skipping the chlorine production and observing the proper safety procedures. My top priority is finding a good electrode, my next is finding a good way to increase surface area, and my last is getting a higher voltage source than the 12V power supply I had lying around. Any ideas?

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I can't get my my javascript code to work! Answered

I have been trying for days to get just the simplest of javascript working on my webpage but no matter what I try nothing happens. I am trying to display a button and then make a pop-up message when the user clicks it. I cannot stress how much frustration I have gone through just trying to make it do anything. I am writing it in mozilla Kompozer and testing it in mozilla Firefox. Here is the full code:

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What is the function of "Enable Input" pin in a multiplexer?

I was studying Multiplexers and I found this term in the circuit. I cannot understand what is it used for.

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Making a Telephone Function Without a Phone Line?

I have an old telephone desk set with a DTMF keypad. I was wondering if there was a way to some how get it to function without hooking it up to a telephone line, not to call people, but to make the DTMF tones, make it ring, and maybe be able to talk into the receiver. If you want to know why I would want to do this I'll just say I'm a musician, and I'd like to be able to run the phone into my mixer and use it like as an instrument. Also, yes I've seen the instructable about how to make a telephone receiver microphone, so no need to show me.

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