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Budget for Zombie FX?

Hallloo. I am trying to come up with a budget for make-up and gore FX for a decently funded Zombie movie. Usually I work with an existing budget, and I've never done anything this extensive. There are 8 dessicated zombies, a few of their heads explode, one human head is destroyed with a sledgehammer, drill-bit in the eye, that kind of thing. Any advice, past experiences, memoirs, etc. would be wonderful. I'm a sculptor by training, so that's how I'm looking at this project. Like gross kinetic sculptures. Yikes, and away!

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Disecting Strobe FX

Hello all you LED inventors I have a few questions for you....One of My Favorite LED toys ever is the Stobe FX LED wand(which they dont make anymore) they used to be ten bux each NOW they are like 75 a pair on EBAY....What I would like to do if possible is collaborate with some one that knows electronics and might beable to hel me recreate the effect but Modify it for durability...The wand has 30 mode and 2 buttons one turns it one and one changes the color 15 original modes but if you hold the CHANGE button it send orignal into slowest too fastest mode...I have some "dead" soliders that I can use for "POI" like to practice my FIRE arts.. Neighborly Yours Dave

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How can I get the old imovie FX?

I always loved the old imovie FX (pixie dust...) but to my disappointment, the new mac osx (or should I say old now) do not have those FX anymore. is there any way I can change that !

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assembly program

I have pic12f675. i have the neccessary asm and the header files.but i cannot compile it. please can you send me the hex file after compiling the program? as iam a student of class 8, idon't know how to compile. can you also send me the required steps? The required files are posted ;******************************* ;;LED FX.asm ;  11-3-2010 ;******************************* list p=12F629 radix dec include ""   errorlevel -302 ; Dont complain about BANK 1 Registers during assembly __CONFIG _MCLRE_OFF & _CP_OFF & _WDT_OFF & _INTRC_OSC_NOCLKOUT  ;Internal osc. ;_MCLRE_OFF  - master clear must be off for gp3 to work as input pin ;**************************************************************** ; variables - names and files ;**************************************************************** temp1  equ 20h ; temp2  equ 21h ; temp3  equ 22h ; temp4  equ 23h ; jump  equ 24h ;jump value for table1 fadeUp  equ 25h fadeDwn  equ 26h sequences equ 27h sw_duration equ 28h testing  equ 29h ;**************************************************************** ;Equates ;**************************************************************** status  equ 0x03 rp1   equ 0x06 rp0   equ 0x05 GPIO   equ 0x05    status  equ 03h option_reg equ 81h   ; bits on GPIO     pin7  equ 0 ;GP0  LED C pin6   equ 1 ;GP1  LED B pin5  equ 2 ;GP2  LED A pin4  equ 3 ;GP3  Sw A  pin3  equ 4 ;GP4  Sw B pin2  equ 5 ;GP5  Sw C     ;bits     rp0   equ 5   ;bit 5 of the status register ;**************************************************************** ;Beginning of program ;****************************************************************   org  0x00   nop   nop   nop   nop   nop   SetUp bsf  status, rp0  ;Bank 1           movlw b'11111000'  ;Set TRIS  GP0,1,2 out   GP3,4,5 input   movwf TRISIO         ;    bcf  status, rp0  ;bank 0   movlw   07h          ;turn off Comparator ports         movwf   CMCON        ;must be placed in bank 0    clrf  GPIO         ;Clear GPIO of junk   call _memory   btfss gpio,5   ;SwA to: "record new sequence"    goto record     btfsc gpio,3  ;SwC removes attract sequence   goto $+.10    movlw 0FFh   bsf  status,rp0 ;select bank1   movwf EEDATA        bcf  status,rp0 ;select bank0   movlw .101   bsf  status,rp0 ;select bank1   movwf EEADR      bcf  status,rp0 ;select bank0   call  write     movlw .101   bsf  status,rp0     movwf EEADR           bsf  EECON1,0 ;starts EEPROM read operation storing result in EEDATA        movf EEDATA,w ;move read data into w   bcf  status,rp0      xorlw .8   ;look for 8 - for Attract mode   btfsc 03,2   goto Attract_Seq ;selected sequence will appear first   goto  Main         ;**************************************************************** ;* Tables    * ;**************************************************************** table1 addwf   PCL,F           ;02h,1  add W to program counter   retlw   .10     ;   retlw   .50         retlw   .30     ;   retlw   .50         retlw   .100     ;   retlw   .40  ; program starts at bottom of table   retlw   .10     ;   retlw   .50         retlw   .30     ;   retlw   .50         retlw   .60     ;   retlw   .10     ;   retlw   .50         retlw   .10     ;   retlw   .50         retlw   .100     ;   retlw   .20     ;   retlw   .50         retlw   .30     ;   retlw   .50         retlw   .70   retlw   .60     ;   retlw   .100     ;   retlw   .50         retlw   .100     ;   retlw   .50         retlw   .100     ;   retlw   .70     ;   retlw   .50         retlw   .30     ;   retlw   .50         retlw   .70     ;   table2 addwf   PCL,F           ;02h,1  add W to program counter   goto seq1     goto seq2     goto seq3     goto seq4     goto seq5     goto seq6     goto seq7     goto seq8     goto seq9     goto seq10   goto seq11       goto seq12  ;**************************************************************** ;* Delays    * ;**************************************************************** _xuS movwf temp2 _uS  movlw .10   movwf temp1   decfsz temp1,f   goto $-1      decfsz  temp2,f   goto  _uS    retlw  00   _ZuS movwf temp2   goto $+2   goto $+2    decfsz  temp2,f   goto  $-3    retlw  00  _xmS movwf temp2 _x  nop   decfsz  temp1,f   goto  _x   decfsz  temp2,f   goto  _x   retlw  00     ;5mS delay for increments in timing for "New Sequence"   _5mS movlw 05h   movwf temp2 _5  nop   decfsz  temp1,f   goto  _5   decfsz  temp2,f   goto  _5   retlw  00     _10mS movlw 0Ah   movwf temp2 _10  nop   decfsz  temp1,f   goto  _10   decfsz  temp2,f   goto  _10   retlw  00    _50mS movlw .50   movwf temp2 _50  nop   decfsz  temp1,f   goto  _50   decfsz  temp2,f   goto  _50   retlw  00   _100mS movlw .100   movwf temp2 _100 nop   decfsz  temp1,f   goto  _100   decfsz  temp2,f   goto  _100   retlw  00     _150mS movlw .150   movwf temp2 _150 nop   decfsz  temp1,f   goto  _150   decfsz  temp2,f   goto  _150   retlw  00       ;**************************************************************** ;* Sub Routines    * ;****************************************************************    _memory        movlw .48   movwf temp1   movlw 2Fh   movwf fsr   incf fsr,f   movlw 0FFh   movwf indf   decfsz temp1,f   goto $-4   retlw 00        ;SwB puts current sequence into EEPROM for turn on.      ;and puts "marker" in location 101      Attract   movf sequences,w ;put sequence number into w   bsf  status,rp0 ;select bank1   movwf EEDATA        bcf  status,rp0 ;select bank0   movlw .100   bsf  status,rp0 ;select bank1   movwf EEADR      bcf  status,rp0 ;select bank0   call  write   movlw .8   bsf  status,rp0 ;select bank1   movwf EEDATA      incf EEADR,1      bcf  status,rp0 ;select bank0   call  write    nop   goto $-1   ;Project must be turned off       ;Seq selected as Attract will be displayed when project turned on     Attract_Seq   movlw .100   bsf  status,rp0     movwf EEADR           bsf  EECON1,0 ;starts EEPROM read operation. Result in EEDATA        movf EEDATA,w ;move read data into w   bcf  status,rp0   movwf temp4   movf temp4,w      call table2    goto $-2    ;record new sequence - looks for "no switch pressed" for 1.25 seconds to exit   ;uses files 30h to 5Fh  (48 files)   ;three files per "step"   1st file = LEDs,  2nd = Off time, 3rd = on time   ;15 steps allowed - look for 5Dh   record btfss gpio,5  ;wait for release of button A   goto $-1   movlw 30h   movwf fsr   ;start storage at file 30h      ;look at keys being pressed - identifies 2 or 3 keys pressed together    _r1  clrf sw_duration _r1a call _5mS   incfsz sw_duration,1  ;5mS x 256 = 1.25seconds   goto $+2   goto Store  ;time out! store files 30h to 5Fh in EEPROM    btfss gpio,5  ;see if one or more Sw is pressed   goto $+5   btfss gpio,4   goto $+3   btfsc gpio,3   goto _r1a  ;no sw pressed create 2.5 sec timing        ;1,2,or 3 sw pressed     call _10mS  ;delay to detect 2 or 3 switches   incfsz sw_duration,1   goto $+2   goto Main    btfsc gpio,5  ;SwA   goto $+2   bsf  gpio,0  ;turn on LED A    btfsc gpio,4  ;SwB   goto $+2   bsf  gpio,1  ;turn on LED B    btfsc gpio,3  ;SwC   goto $+2   ;   bsf  gpio,2  ;turn on LED C        ;LEDs have been illuminated         movf gpio,w    movwf indf   ;w moved to fsr's file (30h+)       incf fsr,f     movf sw_duration,w ;off time!!   movwf indf   ;w moved to fsr's file (30h+)      incf fsr,f    clrf sw_duration       _r2  call _5mS   incfsz sw_duration,1       goto $+2   goto record  ;time out! keys pressed too long. Start again   btfss gpio,5   goto _r2   ;sw pressed   btfss gpio,4   goto _r2   ;sw pressed   btfss gpio,3   goto _r2   ;sw pressed          ;file empty. Put duration into file   movf sw_duration,w ;on time      movwf indf   ;w moved to fsr's file (30h+)       incf fsr,f     movlw 5Dh   xorwf fsr,w   btfss 03,2      goto $+2   goto Store  ;stop at 15 steps. store files 30h to 5Fh in EEPROM      clrf gpio    goto _r1          ;sequences:       ;seq1 Self-Programmed sequence    ;1St file:LEDs  2nd file:OFF time  3rd file:On time    seq1 bsf  status,rp0     clrf EEADR    bcf  status,rp0    bsf  status,rp0       bsf  EECON1,0 ;starts EEPROM read operation. Result in EEDATA        movf EEDATA,w ;move read data into w   bcf  status,rp0      movwf gpio   bsf  status,rp0   incf EEADR,1        bsf  EECON1,0 ;        movf EEDATA,w ;move read data into w   bcf  status,rp0    movwf temp4 ;this is OFF time. Store it   bsf  status,rp0   incf EEADR,1        bsf  EECON1,0 ;        movf EEDATA,w ;move read data into w   bcf  status,rp0    movwf sw_duration ;this is ON time   call _5mS   decfsz sw_duration,1   goto $-2   clrf gpio   call _5mS   decfsz temp4,f ;create OFF duration   goto $-2    bsf  status,rp0   incf EEADR,1        bsf  EECON1,0 ;        movf EEDATA,w ;move read data into w   bcf  status,rp0     xorlw 0FFh ;look for 0FFh - end of routine   btfss 03,2   goto $-31   retlw 00          ;seq2  chase right - very fast     seq2 bsf  gpio,0   call _100mS   bcf  gpio,0   bsf  gpio,1   call _100mS   bcf  gpio,1   bsf  gpio,2   call _100mS   bcf  gpio,2   call _100mS   clrf gpio   retlw 00     ;seq3  chase right     seq3 bsf  gpio,0   call _150mS   bcf  gpio,0   bsf  gpio,1   call _150mS   bcf  gpio,1   bsf  gpio,2   call _150mS   bcf  gpio,2   call _150mS   clrf gpio   retlw 00     ;seq4  chase right with off-delay at end     seq4 bsf  gpio,0   call _150mS   bcf  gpio,0   bsf  gpio,1   call _150mS   bcf  gpio,1   bsf  gpio,2   call _150mS   bcf  gpio,2   call _150mS    retlw 00     ;seq5  left right left right   seq5 bsf  gpio,0   call _150mS   bcf  gpio,0    bsf  gpio,2   call _150mS   bcf  gpio,2      retlw 00       ;seq6  middle on   middle off   seq6 bsf  gpio,1   call _150mS   bcf  gpio,1   call _150mS     clrf gpio     retlw 00         ;seq7  All on   all off   seq7 clrf gpio   call _150mS   decf gpio,f   call _150mS   clrf gpio       retlw 00     seq8 ;seq8  middle on then sides on      bsf  gpio,1   call _150mS   bcf  gpio,1   bsf  gpio,0   bsf  gpio,2   call _150mS   clrf gpio       retlw 00     ;seq9  police flasher  3 times left 3 times right   seq9 bsf  gpio,0   call _50mS   bcf  gpio,0   call _50mS   bsf  gpio,0   call _50mS   bcf  gpio,0   call _50mS   bsf  gpio,0   call _50mS   bcf  gpio,0   call _50mS    bsf  gpio,2   call _50mS   bcf  gpio,2   call _50mS   bsf  gpio,2   call _50mS   bcf  gpio,2   call _50mS   bsf  gpio,2   call _50mS   bcf  gpio,2   clrf gpio   call _50mS      retlw 00     ;seq10  random flicker   seq10 movlw .32  ;start at bottom of table   movwf jump   bsf  gpio,1   movf jump,w ;put table jump value into w   call  table1   call _xmS   bcf  gpio,1   decfsz jump,f   goto $+2   retlw 00  ;top of table found   movf jump,w ;put table jump value into w   call  table1   call _xmS      goto $-11       ;seq11  slow fade up down   seq11 clrf fadeUp  ;   clrf fadeDwn   incf fadeUp,f ;to create 1 (delay routine does not like 00)   bsf  gpio,1   movf fadeUp,w   call _xuS   bcf  gpio,1   movf fadeDwn,w   call _xuS         decfsz fadeDwn,f ;   goto $-8   incf fadeDwn,f ;to produce 1   bsf  gpio,1   movf fadeUp,w   call _xuS   bcf  gpio,1   movf fadeDwn,w   call _xuS   decf fadeUp,f     incfsz fadeDwn,f    goto $-8     clrf gpio   retlw 00       ;seq12  fast fade up down   seq12 clrf fadeUp  ;   clrf fadeDwn   incf fadeUp,f ;to create 1 (delay routine does not like 00)   bsf  gpio,1   movf fadeUp,w   call _ZuS   bcf  gpio,1   movf fadeDwn,w   call _ZuS         decfsz fadeDwn,f ;   goto $-8   incf fadeDwn,f ;to produce 1   bsf  gpio,1   movf fadeUp,w   call _ZuS   bcf  gpio,1   movf fadeDwn,w   call _ZuS   decf fadeUp,f     incfsz fadeDwn,f    goto $-8     clrf gpio   retlw 00        ;Store   Store the 15 steps in EEPROM    Store bsf  status,rp0 ;select bank1   clrf eeadr        bcf  status,rp0 ;select bank0    movlw .48   movwf temp1   movlw 2Fh   movwf fsr   incf fsr,f ;fsr starts at file 30h   movf indf,w ;retreive data in file 30h   bsf  status,rp0 ;select bank1   movwf eedata  ;   bcf  status,rp0 ;select bank0   call  write   bsf  status,rp0 ;select bank1   incf eeadr,1        bcf  status,rp0 ;select bank0   decfsz temp1,f   goto $-10   goto Main       write bsf  status,rp0 ;select bank1   bsf  eecon1,wren ;enable write    movlw 55h   ;unlock codes   movwf eecon2   movlw 0aah   movwf eecon2   bsf  eecon1,wr ;write begins   bcf  status,rp0 ;select bank0  writeA btfss pir1,eeif ;wait for write to complete   goto writeA   bcf  pir1,eeif   bsf  status,rp0 ;select bank1   bcf  eecon1,wren ;disable other writes   bcf  status,rp0 ;select bank0       retlw 00           ;**************************************************************** ;* Main        * ;**************************************************************** Main clrf sequences   movf sequences,w   call table2   btfss gpio,5  ;Is swA still pressed?   goto $-3   ;SwA still pressed    movf sequences,w ;SwA released   call table2   btfss gpio,4  ;SwB puts current sequence at turn-on   goto Attract   btfsc gpio,5   goto $-5   ;SwA not pressed   incf sequences,f   movlw .12   xorwf sequences,w   btfss 03,2   goto $-12   goto Main      ;**************************************************************** ;*EEPROM           * ;****************************************************************           org  2100h                 END

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FX-9 Monster Pistol

Every one check out this slideshow. It's a huge pistol with a removable mag that can be preloaded. Tell me what you think.

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FX-9 Sniper Rifle

Here it is, The one the only FX-9 Sniper rifle!!!This is the first of five in the FX-9 series. This has been my secret project for the last 2 1/2 months. Here are the pros and cons: Pros: Range 70-80 feet weighs 5 1/2 Pounds sturdy reliable new trigger design 11 layer design cons: uses a lot of pieces no mag bad bipod but if I post I will make a different one Now that you know about it tell me what you think. Should I post it?

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Maya vs Houdini FX

I have been wanting to get a animation software for some time now, my question is which one should I get?I want to work with live action movies and I really like the crowd effect, I know Houdini has a crowd built into it, but Maya has plugins for crowds, I can't change my computer to linux or windows so Goleam is not a option.Which one is better for live action movies?Which one is easier to use?Which crowd is better?Please comment and give some me answers.

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Desoldering/soldering a geforce fx 5700 on a toshiba laptop?

I need help on Desoldering/soldering a geforce fx 5700 video card on a toshiba laptop?

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The FX-9 series has come to an end.

As you may or may not know. I have been working on a series of guns called FX-9 since January of 09. I have recently decided that I have made all the guns I can under that name. Don't get me wrong I'll still be making guns just not under the name FX-9.Here are all of the guns in the series: now that I'm done with the FX-9 series I will be working on a series called the Thunderbolt series. This series of guns will be meant for war only. So keep an eye out for the Thunderbolt series.Thanks for readingKiller~SafeCracker

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Does anyone know what I've done wrong here? Answered

I used the green screen setting in iMovie and cropped in an additional clip to give this clone effect, but the cropped in image doesn't appear as it should. Does anyone know what I did wrong?

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Color changing stage lights?

I'd like to make a light that will accommodate 2 or three light bulbs/spotlights/floodlights so that one comes on, and ideally fades into the other. It would be used in haunted houses. I am pretty sure this is a simple build, but I'd appreciate direction or advice.  Or a full on Instructable. A simple setup with a switch (foot pedal?) that simply shuts off one color and turns on another would do.  A button that begins to fade one color out and another in would be better.  One that can be set to fade from one to another automatically at a predetermined interval would be awesome. Such a setup can be used to create a transformation effect as simple as Jekyll into Hyde or as elaborate as girl into gorilla. The reason I would prefer it to be automatic is so it can be "plug and play" with only one actor, and work even if it's a different actor each night. Probably something like this exists commercially, and A), I don't know what it is called B) I'm doing it for the Boy's and Girl's club, which has no budget, which means I'm paying for it, which means it needs to be as low cost as possible. C) If I can build it well and inexpensively, I'd like to play with variations on the theme.

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FX-9 Pistol V1.2 Review

Ahh here it goes! Alright , this is my review for the FX-9 Pistol V1.2 made my Killer~SafeCracker. It is a 9 round sidearm with decent strength. it is 5 layers thick. It shoots gray connectors. Now lets go down to the pros and cons:  Pros:            9 round magazine            True trigger            Internal Ram Guide            Comfy            Nice, Easy Ram Pull-back            Reliable            Strong Cons:         15 ft Range With One Band         Jams Occasionally          Not To Easy To Find A Place To Attach The Mag Band To         Somewhat Awkward Trigger Pull Alright now we will do the scoring:                                     Strength: 8/10              Range:6/10              Durability:10/10              Capacity:10/10              Trigger:7/10              Comfort:10/10              Accuracy:8/10              ROF: 10/10              Looks:10/10              Inovation: 8/10 Total:87/100 Great gun K~SC!  

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Broken Panasonic Lumix FX-01

Who knows, could make a good instructable. My camera turned on unbeknownst to me, and I leaned on it (in my jacket pocket), which bent the lens to the side. They want $111 to repair it and i am so annoyed that I would rather sell it for $50 to someone on Instructables for the greater good of some new invention. Or who knows, maybe you can repair it. Right now the camera is at Panasonic and I'd want you to pay for shipping from their place to you. Let me know if you're interested! If you have questions about the camera please search the net for specs etc. :)

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I dont really want to buy a $130ground fx neon kit for my car, can i use cold cathodes for the underside?

The ground fx kit for my car would be around $130 bucks. Cold cathodes go for $6 on ebay. Can i use 6 cold cathodes and wire it into my car?

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Call for new Backyard FX host (Indy Mogul)

Our friends over at Indy Mogul are looking for a new host/producer to replace Erik in the Backyard FX show!  I'm betting someone from Instructables would be a perfect fit.  They want you to make an audition episode by February 28 - anyone up for it?  Check out their previous work for ideas.  Video posting on Instructables here, and more on the Indy Mogul website.

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How do I sync the sound fx to my flash animation?

 The problem occurs when I play the animation back, and the sound events are played ahead of the animation. say I add sound fx to frame 60- but when the animation plays, the sound starts around frame 40. Changing the properties between 'event, stream, and start' dosen't have any effect on the problem. any advice?  (Flash CS4, windows vista).


Needed sound fx and voiceover Animation programs?

Firstly I do not want a complicated or high end professional stop motion program. I also do not want to spend more than say $80 dollars. I want it to have sound capability such as sound fx and voiceover. I do not want to have to export to another program to add sounds. It is for windows use by the way not mac.I will be using it with a Logitech Pro 9000 webcam.All your suggestion helps me to take decision !!

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Knex fx-9 crossbow v2.5 review.

This is killer~safecrackers fx-9 crossbow v2.5 review. comfort: 9/10 - comfy handle with 3 foregrips. power: 10/10 - since its a crossbow its very powerfull. looks: 7/10 - it looks ok... could be better tho. innovation: 9/10 - new trigger and 3 foregrips. accuracy: 8/10 - its got a good bit of accuracy. piece usage: 8/10 - it doesnt use lots of pieces. strenght: 8/10 - its quite stong, but the bow could be improved. reliabilty: 9/10 - good trigger, means great reliabilty. overall: 68/80 - great crossbow from killer~safecracker. its worth building!

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SEEKING: I need a safe way/fx rig to explode a watermelon on a tv show...? Answered

Hi gang, I'm working on a show and I need to make a live audience believe that their 'telepathic psychic powers' have made a watermelon explode. I can build a booth with a lexan/plexiglass window so that watermelon doesn't spray the audience, this will also allow me to hide special fx rigs in it. I've done a somewhat similar rig before where I made the watermelon fall unnoticed through a trap door while a nozzle simultaneously sprayed watermelon guts against the plexi (so it looked like it exploded but didn't really). This time I'd really like to make it blow up.  I have a pyrotech license and have access to some basic explosives, but I think I would prefer to explore compressed air-based explosions. Anyway, any ideas would be appreciated. Please find a rough sketch attached. Many thanks! DAZU

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I deleted this question from instructables because they removed the ability to view an instuctable in its whole for free Answered

I deleted this question from instructables because they removed the ability to view an instuctable in its whole for free 11-2-09

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How to build a remotely activated spring-loaded glass-smashing special fx rig?

Hi all, I need to design/build a special fx rig that I can use to remotely break glass doors in a cabinet for a tv show. I've looked at the glass poppers sold at fx shops but they use squibs; this is a hidden camera prank show and the victim of the gag has to believe the glass smashed because they were singing in a high-pitched voice, so I can't use the squibs (the victim will hear them go off). Also, the glass is candy glass. I am imagining something like the hammer on a gun; something that I can cock and leave set in the cabinet, then perhaps pull a string to trigger it into hitting the glass. Anyone have better ideas? Many thanks, Damian

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What is your dream arsenal??

Okay I have a question for all of you. What is your dream arsenal?? I want to hear from all for you telling us what you would want for an arsenal. Also if you already have an arsenal put together tell us what you have in it. My arsenal: Rifles: A rifle based on the Rectangle ZKAR AR-4 V3 Knexsayer BRV1 My long rifle DD-27 Pistols: FX-9 FX-9 V2.5 Spiff Oodassault pistol Crossbows: FX-9 V2 My arsenal is pretty much my dream arsenal. lol Now jump in and tell us about your dream arsenal.

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What makes a voice male or female, besides pitch?

I am making an animated film, and I plan to voice the whole thing. thanks to my wizardly powers of audio editing (aided by Soundtrack Pro, no less) I can make it sound like anything I want! but, what exactly makes a female voice sound female? I know pitch is a part of it, but just raising the pitch on a deep-voiced male (read: Me) does not girly voice make. Audio and/or music terms? suggestions? thoughts?  feel free to post any of the above.  Ciao!

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Almost Realistic Major Wound FX for Under $0.50US

Just a bit of a survey. Would an I'ble on this be worth it? Or should I, work on the technique some more. My aim is to create semi-realistic wounds for minimal cost, that can be applied as this was 20mins before kids turned up. Turned out after the first boy, the wound was just too scary for under 16's. I had to cover it up, until later at night when the hoodlems came out. This was last Halloween, took 15mins and cost $0.50US all up... Is it good enough to deserve an I'ble? I know there are plenty, if not too many FX I'bles,  yet all seem to induce some significant cost and/or having to locate "not normal" products. Comments / critique welcomed, as I want to improve this moreso.

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IR / RF control, payment for help.

So im working on a project at the moment, combining IR and RF control onto one circuit. The design is, 4 buttons, 2 hold up to 10 IR codes, and 2 hold up to 10 RF.They also all each have a sound effect when pressed 2 times.When held down, it enters programming mode, RF and IR, cloning the button pressed on some other remote.When pressed 1 time, each button will execute every code programmed on it (IR or RF buttons)IF you can help and need more info to help me, if its something you can do, please contact me through a email.MORRIS2896@GMAIL.COMKind regardsbutton 1= up to 10 IR code store, and double pressed = FX warping sound, with power LED torch button 2= up to 10 RF code store, and double pressed = (5 sec delay) FX futuristic alarm. button 3=up to 10 IR code store, and double pressed = FX searching bleep sound, fast to slow occurring button 4=up to 10 RF code store, and double pressed = FX mine scanning bloop

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computer sugestions

I need a relivly cheap mother bord to work with  amd FX 8350 4GHz AM3+ Black Edition Boxed Processor and AMD Radeon HD 7970  thanks for your time

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Using a Rhino FXS Analog Chanel bank to actuate a relay

Ok so i've got a VOIP system that's connected to a Rhino FXS Chanel bank  that's used to control our overhead paging system. From the Rhino we go to a Volcom analog adapter to a Volcom Stacker unit (echo cancelation). Every once in a while this system will "lock up" and just throw static over the paging system (and even more rarely someone will put the overhead paging system on hold which pumps our hold music over the intercom system) combat this i've got the Rhino, the adapter, and the stacker pluged into a surge protector so that when the "abnormal condition occurs" we just flip the switch on the surge protector and it drops the whole system. then we turn it back on and all is well.This works great but the system is in a remote location in the facility so it takes a bit of walking to get to it. What i'd like to do is try to hook up a NC relay between the surge protector and the wall and have an open channel on the Rhino actuate the relay to basically turn the power off to the system any time you dial a specific extension.According to the datasheet the Rhino itself has a line current limit from 18ma to 45ma and it emits standard telephone line voltage....i can also configure the ring i can probably set the ring duration long enough to actuate the relay before it cuts the system off (which would then return the relay back to closed)i'm having trouble finding out what the actual output voltage on the analog line and a general lack of schematics to try to make this workso...if anyone wants to have a little fun attempting to design a relay that can be actuated by a telephone...please reply

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any good free movie editing programes ?

I want to have adobe after effects or final cut studios for free to run on my mac but I can't find anything good. 

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Is there a circuit board or FX module that mimics a Fender tremolo system that can be installed on the guitar itself?

I'm not referring to the amplifier-type Tremolo's as in Fender Amps, but a device that takes the mechanics out of a traditional tremolo set-up and digitizes the signal to do exactly what a Fender-Style Tremolo on the guitar does. In other word's, I would like to design a module or device that act's and performs by using the Tremolo Arm, as in slang term's, DiveBombs, Diving Harmonics or just about anything you can do with the mechanical Tremolo Arm itself. I've really been researching this, but so far no luck. Any info will be deeply appreciated...Thanks..Wayne6412

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when did malcom in the middle get canceled? Answered

 i saw an episode of malcom in the middle on fx and reese said something about an xbox 360... i thought the 360 came out like this year.

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Upgrading my PC and need advice? AMD FX -8150 or INTEL i7 3820? Answered

Hi all, im in the planning stages of a PC upgrade for my new "5 Year PC" my current system: intel Q6600 Asus Commando Sapphire ATI Radeon HD 7970 3gb (will be reused in new system) Hytec 950w PSU (will be reused in new system) 2 x 2GB DDR2 Ram 1TB, 2TB, 320gb & 500gb Sata HDDs (will be reused in new system) system 1 AMD: (approx price. AUD$700) AMD fx -8150 Asus Crosshair V Formula z G.Skill Ripjaws X F3-1866C10Q-32GXL (4x8GB) 32GB DDR3 system 2 INTEL: (approx price. AUD$1000) Intel Core i7 3820 ASUS Rampage IV Extreme Motherboard G.Skill Ripjaws X F3-1866C10Q-32GXL (4x8GB) 32GB DDR3 Case: Lanboy Air which system would last me the "Long term" with minimal upgrades. the system would be on 24/7. i use it mostly for gaming (WoW, AC, Diablo, Mass effect 3) but will be doing some photo/video editing in the future. i WON'T be overclocking. TL:DR AMD FX -8150 or INTEL i7 3820? Windows Score 5.9 Processor Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Quad CPU Q6600 @ 2.40GHz 7.1 Memory (RAM) 4.00 GB 7.1 Graphics AMD Radeon HD 7900 Series 7.9 Gaming graphics 4863 MB Total available graphics memory 7.9 Primary hard disk 451GB Free (932GB Total) 5.9

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What heatsink should I get for my AMD FX-8350?

In short: I built a computer octoboer 2013, I used an AMD FX-8350, the default heatsink is terrible and often gives me the BSoD when playing games or rendering things in Cinema 4D, What heatsink should I get? I don't know much about heatsinks, especially seeing that I used the stock heatsink. My motherboard is an ASUS M5A99X ( and my case is a RAIDMAX Seiran ATX-902WB ( My budget is about $60 or so. I don't want to spend more than I need to though. The most demanding thing that gets me the BSoD is rendering things like on Cinema 4D 100% CPU. When I render, however, I usually set the affinity of Cinema 4D to only 5 cores instead of eight. So here are some of my questions: Do I need an extra wire from my PSU to run the fan? Or does the fan on the heat sink simply have a wire to plug into the CPU fan socket? Also, do I need to take my motherboard off in order to put the heatsink in? Thanks!

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How to chemically reproduce a product called crystal fx or DNA mutant crystals from just an MSDS? Answered

I have been trying to reproduce a chemical paint treatment made by Alsa Corp - Crystal FX.  All I have to go on is the MSDS.  A similar solution is produced by DNA Mutant Paints. Yes, I am trying to do this on the cheap, we are looking at spraying my entire Japanese mini truck in this solution come spring, so... why not make up the solution myself.  Ingredients from the MSDS - Water, Urea, Neocryl BT-175, Aqua Ammonia. Have been experimenting already with urea to some success and another product that is designed to reproduce crystal like ice patterns on your window glass for Christmas.  I found one can at a store that said that container had been sitting there for over 20 years, they don't even know where it came from.  No data solution on that.  Any thoughts, path forward ideas would be great, provided they don't exceed the price of just buying the solution pre-made - about $200.00 plus 150$ for shipping - I live in the middle of nowhere.... 4 hours south of Alaska.  The pictures are of the product applied, and the silly truck is my target, a 1991 right hand drive Mitsubishi Mini Truck

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Does anybody here own a Barber Trifecta?

Just wondering if anyone here owns a trifecta. If you do, is it possible to get a Fuzz Face kind of sound out of it? Thanks! -AG

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Special Effects

Hey guys, Our first topic is making special effects with explosions and fire. The goal is to make a way to make safe special effects explosions and make them look realistic. Movie quality special effects on the chaep and/or on the safe. Please, dont copy the ideas of others. And we still except all other transmissions of diffrent ideas.

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What fuzz pedal can do Fuzz Face and Tonebender?

I'm about to get my first fuzz pedal and I was wondering if there are any pedals that can do  a Fuzz Face sound and a Tonebender sound. I know the Barber Trifecta is pretty versatile and can definitely produce a Tonebender sound but can it produce any Fuzz Face sounds? Any suggestions? Thanks! -AG

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need help writing Arduino sketch for Nano to Adafruit FX mini soundboard communications?

Hello everyone.  I am new here, and fairly new to arduino. Im an electrician/ communications tech by trade, but have only been working with code as a hobby for a few weeks (have wanted to learn this for a long time).  I am working on a project that would require an Motion sensor input to play an audio track at random, whilst illuminating a corresponding PWM LED. said LED should fade in sync with the audio file. ITs a robot of sorts that will detect movement and speak a random audio track.  Some nice (0-5) and some not so nice (6-12).  it will have a a diffused glow when on, blue when speaking nice, and red when speaking not so nice.  hence the audio input to act as an anologRead and output to the PWM's I know, a lot to take on for a noob.  but go big or go home.  I have put together what I thought was a good start sketch, but it doesnt even illuminate an LED, communicate with the soundboard, or serial link on the monitor. I think I am on the right track in regards to the parts and overall Idea.  And im pretty sure my sketch needs a lot of work, but i am trying. so here are the parts I had intended to use. (if im going down the wrong path, or you see another way, feel free to say so.  I expect some criticism, I can handle it) Arduino elegoo Nano V3.0, CH340/ATmega328p Adafruit Audio FX Mini soundboard w/o amp Adafruit Mono 2.5W Class D amplifier (PAM8302) Sodial mini IR motion sensor module, 3-pin LED's are undecided for finished product, but i was thinking RGB 6302's (5-7) speaker is an 8 ohm 2W power will be supplied by a small 3.7v lipo (thats the plan) My wiring idea should be easily discernible from the sketch, but i can draw my idea, and add it if need be. I did install the soundboard _library. but thats the only one (didnt think i needed others) Any and ALL help is greatly appreciated. the sketch... [code] /*   Menu driven control of a sound board over UART.   Connect UG to ground to have the sound board boot into UART mode */ #include #include #define SFX_TX 9      // Defines pin D9 as TX to FX Mini #define SFX_RX 10     // Defines pin 10 as RX to FX Mini #define PLAYING 11    // Connect to the ACT pin on the FX Mini #define SFX_RST 13   // Connect to the RST pin on the FX Mini SoftwareSerial ss = SoftwareSerial(SFX_TX, SFX_RX);  // Passes Software Serial to FX Mini SoftwareSerial mySerial(SFX_RX, SFX_TX); Adafruit_Soundboard sfx = Adafruit_Soundboard(&ss;, NULL, SFX_RST); // can also try hardware serial with // Adafruit_Soundboard sfx = Adafruit_Soundboard(&Serial1;, NULL, SFX_RST); int incomingAudio;            // Audio input assigned from FX Mini Right audio output int RedLED = 5;         // the PWM pin the Red LED is attached to int BlueLED = 3;        // the PWM pin the Blue LED is attached to int LED = 4;            // the output the normal state LED is attached to int Button = 12;        // pushbutton test play track pin int Track = random(0,13);     int inputPin = 2;       // choose the input pin (for PIR sensor) int pirState = LOW;           // we start, assuming no motion detected int val = 0;                  // variable for reading the pin status void setup() {   Serial.begin(115200);         // softwareserial at 115200 baud   Serial.println("Adafruit Sound Board!");   ss.begin(115200);      pinMode(LED, OUTPUT);           // assigning LED as an output   pinMode(RedLED, OUTPUT);        // assigning RedLED as an output   pinMode(BlueLED, OUTPUT);       // assigning BlueLED as an output   pinMode(incomingAudio, INPUT);  // assigning incomingAudion as an input   pinMode(Button, INPUT);         // assigning Button as an input   pinMode(inputPin, INPUT);       // declare sensor as input   if (!sfx.reset()) {     Serial.println("Not found");     while (1);   }   Serial.println("SFX board found"); } void loop(){   digitalWrite(LED, HIGH);        // assigning LED to start with +5V   incomingAudio = analogRead(A0);               //read voltage at A0   incomingAudio = (incomingAudio+1)/4 - 1;      //scale from 10 bit (0-1023) to 8 bit (0-255)   if (incomingAudio<0){                         //deal with negative numbers     incomingAudio = 0;   }   PORTD = incomingAudio;   Serial.println(PORTD);   val = digitalRead(inputPin);                 // read input value    if (val == HIGH) {                          // check if the input is HIGH       sfx.playTrack(Track);       Serial.println(Track);       if (pirState == LOW) {                   // we have just turned on       Serial.println("Motion detected!");      // We only want to print on the output change, not state       pirState = HIGH;       }     }    else {       if (pirState == HIGH){                   // we have just turned of       Serial.println("Motion ended!");         // We only want to print on the output change, not state       pirState = LOW;     }   }     if (Button=HIGH){                             // pin D12 to button, ground thru 10K res, and +5v       sfx.playTrack(Track);       Serial.println(Track);       }   if (incomingAudio>=128 &&Track;>=0 &&Track;<=6){      digitalWrite(RedLED, incomingAudio-128);      digitalWrite(LED, LOW);      }   else if (incomingAudio>=128 &&Track;>=7 &&Track;<=12){      digitalWrite(BlueLED, incomingAudio-128);      digitalWrite(LED, LOW);      }   else{      digitalWrite(LED, HIGH);      digitalWrite(RedLED, LOW);      digitalWrite(BlueLED, LOW);      delay(15000);   } } [/code]

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Cool websites for making Big-Budget looking movies for about a tenth of the cost

If you want to be making Pro movies for almost none of the cost, then look to these sites for assistance:IndyMogulVideo CopilotFX SupplyThese are just the few I find to be the most helpful; if you know of any others, please put them in a comment for everyone to use.

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broken flexible communication flat plastik stuff soft circuit between camere lenses and it's cpu how 2 fix?

Is it fixable or where can I get only the kinda wiring track- soft circuit bettheen cpu of camera and it's lenses SEE ON PICTURES  email:     astan-art-fx

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Weller wes51 vs hakko fx888?

Hi everyone. I have put up with a crappy $10 soldering iron for years now and have had enough. I want to buy a new soldering station for under $100. The two options I have looked at are the weller WES51 and the hakko fx-888. What are your'e thoughts on each of them? What would you buy?

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Twitter Mood Light, Bacon Fruit Cups, Maker Faire 2010

  Twitter Mood Light Bacon Fruit Cups Maker Faire 2010 Moisturizer for Eczema Make Your First Robot Mobile Veggie Garden Ear Spa betacup Coffee Cup Challenge WInners Scorpion FX Makeup Elevator Stick Linux-Controlled Sprinkler Quick Resin-Cast Parts Keyless Dorm Entry Tableless Cloth DIY Mouse Trackball  

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Is it possible for the Arduino to execute a Neopixel strip animation while simultaneously playing some type audio effects?

Hi,I have my Arduino mega connected to a 84 pixel Neopixel strip with an IR proximity sensor monitoring a basketball hoop. When the sensor is triggered the program executes a Neopixel animation. Simple as that. My question is:Is it possible for the Arduino to execute a Neopixel strip animation while simultaneously playing some type audio effects?

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Popsicle Stick Guitar, LED Coffee Table Panel, Junkbot Planter

  Popsicle Stick Guitar LED Coffee Table Panel Junkbot Planters Laptop Hard Cover Portable Workbench Adjustable Round Bag Survival Stoves Wooden Kids' Pull Toy Moveable Garden Giant Ball from House M.D Special FX Bald Cap Desktop Zen Garden LED Projector Lamp Easy Origami Pallet House  

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Will My Computer Run Hackintosh OS X Leopard? Click For Specs!

Will My Dell Dimention 4550 run OS X Leopard with any hackintosh distro Tech Specs: CPU: Intel Pentium 4 CPU, 2.53 GHZ RAM: 1 GIG Graphics Card: Nvidia Geforce FX 5500 WHICH IS NOT THE STOCK ONE THAT THIS COMPUTER CAME WITH, I DO HOWEVER HAVE THE STOCK ONE! Sound Card: Creative SB Live Series (WDM)

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Zombie Makeup, Ten Best Costumes, Arduino Pong

Zombie Makeup Ten Best Costumes Arduino Pong Wizard Staff Hot Dog Burgers Become a Zombie Realistic Wound FX Iron Man Repulsor Beam Time-Lapse Smart Phone Enclosure Toddler Costumes Open Source LED Driver Giant Spider Decoration Giant Robot Costume Candy Corn Goblin Spooky Spirit Panel - 82 2nd St. - San Francisco, CA

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Firefox Download Day!

Download Day!!So, everyone. Many will agree that Firefox is the BEST web browser In the world.So now we can show our support by "pledging" to download FX3, when it comes out in June.Here is the site:Download Day 2008Mozilla is also trying to set a world record for most FX downloads in one day.Incase you can't wait for the release, Firefox 3.0 Release Candidate 1 is available for download HereWhat do you guys think?

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upgrading my PC need power advice? Answered

Hey all, i'm going to be upgrading my PC soon and need to know if i'll need a new PSU to go with it. CPU: AMD FX 8150 Motherboard: Asus Crosshair V Formula-Z GPU: Sapphire ATI Radeon 7970HD  current PSU: Hytec 950w   (can't get any better info than that) Side question: will an Asus Commando, intel q6600 & ati 5450 run on a 380w psu? it will only be acting as a "server" of sorts no heavy lifting

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Customize CASIO® logo from Calculator [REQ]

I want to change/customize/replace the CASIO ® logo flashed while turning off my fx-991ES calculator to make it more cool . I want to replace it with a desired word/letter like for example my Name or some initials. So please make this COOL instructable . The image of that Calculator screen flashing logo is attached to make it more clear what i wanted to say. Thank You...

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what do i use to make a mold of my face?

Instead of using plaster, I saw on a show someone mix up a powder that he said was made with some kind of seaweed. It was the show "Unwrapped "on the Food Channel. He was making a jello mold of his face, I'm trying to get the name of this powder He uses it because it sets fast and does not stick to skin. also he got the idea while at the dentist getting a cast of his teeth Thank you. Tony Romano

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I play minecraft and im thinking on buying a new computer is 16gb of ram good enough(keep in mind i use skype too)? Answered

I am wondering if a 16gb ram DDR3 Quad core computer if good enough for playing minecraft, skyping, and possible recording at the same time. This is what I am looking at:;=item5d4a47d7fb   OH AND WHEN IT SAYS 16gb do they mean ram ( thats what im thinking)

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