Garage Sale

Tomorrow is the community garage sale (day sanctioned for garage sales...the neighborhood advertises it, just a way of getting more people to come) so, i'm going to go around and look for things to play with. Do you guys ever go around to garage sales?

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If I bought a Gameboy advance SP at a garage sale for 15$ would that be a good deal? Answered

It was only 15$ Anyone know how much they are normally?

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Looking for someone to go to estate/garage sales with. Will pitch in for gas, etc.....

Looking for someone who's into estate sales, garage sales. I usually go to the ones in Brooklyn(which are the best by the way) but would like to go to some in Queens and Long Island. I'm good company and will chip in for gas, tolls. I mostly collect photo equipment and vintage office supplies and I also photograph the junk.  

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i bought a little girls bike at a garage sale what can i do with it?

We had a community garage sale and ive been looking for a little bike t do something with up the streen some people are selling a small 4 yr old girls bike so i bought it for 5 dollars any ideas on wat i can dowith it?

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????????????? what is it

Found this at a garage sale-what the heck is it ?

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I need to make money for science camp. I want to sell creative things at a garage sale.

I basically need to make $$$ for science camp. a girl  in my class says she is going to have a garage sale, and that i can sell my stuff there. sadly, i dont have much stuff to sell so, i was thinking i could make some creative, high value things to sell any suggestions?

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What on earth is this???

I have a weird peice of unidentified optical equipment, got it at a garage sale, does anyone have any clue as to what it is or what/how its used?

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Genie model 209 Garage Door Opener schematic

I took our Genie garage door opener apart [the light wasn't working and I read where that was probably caused by the 555 timer] and thought I'd carefully drawn a schematic before doing so, but I failed to label where the 3 wires from the receiver connect to the terminal block on the main unit, and also where the 3 wires from the main unit connect to the terminal block. Regardless, I have the unit back together and when the remote is pressed the receiver relay clicks, but that's the only thing that happens. I'm fairly certain the problem lies with a component on the internal motor controller board. And NO ONE gives out this kind of information. I can't even find it for sale !! But I'll be derned if I'm going to pay $50 for a new controller board when I'm almost 100% certain the problem is a $.59 diode or the like. Plus, I like a challenge and hate getting beat. Any and all help would be very much appreciated. Possibly I could find someone who has the same model unit and they could diagram theirs for me, possibly someone knows where to obtain the real thing. Thanks !!

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Is it possible to do a 3D laser Scan of my garage ?

Well , I have an itch , I want to scan my garage with a laser and input it into something like 'Meshlab'. I've bought the laser from a car boot sale ,I've tried it and its excellent , I have a finepix S8000fd digital camera, I scan and record the laser OK . but cannot find suitable software to get it into 'Meshlab' or a similar software tool . Does anybody have any ideas about where I go from here. ? If succesfull what would be the limiting factor for scanning distance. ?

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What can I do with a lineman's test set?

I bought a lineman's test set at a garage sale for a dollar. What can I do with it, anything legal?

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Would anyone have an idea What kind or make car alternator do I have?

I bought it at a garage sale some years back.  This alt has two  pullies on the drive end, and two spade connections on the anti-drive end both marked FLD.  This alt was rebuilt by an independant builder using the code " 29-1029" for this alt. Would anyone have an idea as to which vehicle this thing came off of or any specs?  Thank you for any assisstance you may provide!    Leshane

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20 watt PA amp transformers.

Today I bought a 20 watt PA amp at a garage sale for 5$, and there were 2 big transformers in there. Any ideas of what I could make?

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What can I do with Ilford 5x7 photo paper( no darkroom).?

I got a box of photo paper in the free box at a garage sale, any way to use this without a darkroom? Thanks.

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What is this thing?

I picked this up for 5 bucks at a garage sale. It looks like an old phone device but the part you would speak and listen into is missing. The one label that it has is too damaged for me to read it. Any ideas on what this is?

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Can I make this handheld toy projector brighter? Answered

I bought this handheld viewmaster projector at a garage sale yesterday. The problem is the bulb isn't bright enough, it takes two D batteries. Anything I could change to make it brighter?

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Has anyone converted a 27mhz remote controller to 49mhz or vice versa?

You know how everyone keeps losing remotes for the great toys they sell at garage sales and such? It would be neat to be able to control different frequency toys from one controller?

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What can I use for airbrush paints? Answered

OK, so I recently bought an airbrush set for $20 at a garage sale. I don't have an air compressor, so I bought the canned proppelant stuff and the nozzle attachment I need, for another $20. Then, I noticed there wasn't a hose in the kit, so I spent about 12 more bucks. I would love to try it out, but I don't have airbrush paint, and I am reluctant to spend any more money on this project. I do, however, have some standard Testors model paint laying around my workbench. Will this work in my airbrush or will it clog it up or damage it in any way?Thanks,Noahh

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Old LED ratings?

I bought a large box of what appears to be New Old Stock (NOS) of electrical parts at a garage sale.  In one box was a bunch of orange LED's and a piece of paper with the following written on it. Ir=6nA Uf=1.92V C=1pF Can anyone decode this for me? Duane

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Toxic glue in dishwasher

My spouse washed a bunch of antique children’s china in the dishwasher. They were from a garage sale and he didn’t realize some had been glued back together. The glue must have broken down and melted during the wash. Now the dishwasher smells awful (like chemicals) along with everything that was washed in it. Do we need to replace it?

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What to do with old nintendo?

Well yesterday was the community garage sale, and today is trash day. So everyone is throwing out the stuff they didn't sell. Here I was, walking down the street when...VOILA...I see an old Nintendo console with a game in it, and one controller sitting right on top. So, what should I do with it?

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How can I use my cordless drill on this old drill stand?

I got this at a garage sale but my Ryobi cordless drill does not fit properly into the holder/slot, it takes an old sears craftsman drill. Any ideas on how I can get it to work? Thanks.

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dell dimension 2400 help?

Hi I recently brought a dell dimension 2400 for $20 from a garage sale. There was nothing wrong with it but now i want to set it back to stock settings. How do i do this. I contacted the origanal owner he said he does not have the disk anymore. What should i do.

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Were can i find cheap used drills? Answered

I need about 10 old drills to rip apart for their motors and gearboxes. Garage sales are a no go as i have not seen any drills for the last 5 years and i can't buy new.  So do you guys know where i could find some

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what is this device and what can i do with it and how much can i sell it for

Hello everyone i have a question for the collective minds of the instructables community i recently went to a garage sale and purchased the device you see below my questions are what is it and how much can i sell it for thank you, fidgety 2

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How to wire a fan to a thermostat? Answered

I have a fan for a greenhouse that I need to turn on at certain times to counteract the Texas heat, I was just wandering if I could just go to a garage sale and buy one then wire it to the power chord or is there a special small one that plugs into the wall socket. Also how would I go about instaling a thermostat in the greenhouse.

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Program a cheap microcontroller to work with a electric odometer?

I need suggestions for 1) a cheep microcontroller, and 2) how to program this controller to work with this setup (link) (minus the arduino) .  If that does not make sense just ask and I will try to answer as soon as possible. Edit: If this solution can have anything to do with the ATtiny85 that would be great because i just found a box at a garage sale that was full of them. Thanks in Advance, Zootsuitman

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Where can you find a multi-tool in the Philippines? Answered

You see I live in the Philippines and I have no idea where to get a very very cheap multi-tool. The only hope I have is someone's selling one for 10 Pesos in a garage sale until someone here knows where to get a cheap one in this country.

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What can I build with surround sound speakers?

I have 5 small speakers from a surround sound system, and a subwoofer. I picked them up at a garage sale, but I do not have a receiver. I have thought about trying to find a way to tie them in with my guitar amp, or just make an awesome sound system.

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****Epic GIANT Slinky!***

Hey guys, I thought you just might want to see a GIANT slinky that I got at a garage sale! And of Course I push it down the stairs too. Check it out here: And if you want to check out some other epic things on my channel, you should watch them!

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Is there anything awesome I can do with a Nintendo Gameboy Advance (Original)?

I had got a Gameboy Advance, new, for 5 bucks at a garage sale and well this was recently. I don't buy games for it because I usually just play them on my computer and I just have a Gamboy Advance sitting there collecting dust, so I want to know if anyone has any suggestions?

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usb 5lb digital scale from

Link to website 5 lb scale model 510 hello might be the wrong place to ask this question but ... i have picked up a usb digital scale from a garage sale ..... anyone have a instructable of what to do with it as far as software to use with it instead of the software or dose anyone have any ideas what to do with it beside using it with the software / thanks mike m?

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I need an instructable on how to set up a vintage (60's) canvas tent

I bought a vintage canvas Wenzel brand tent at a garage sale and am now trying to set it up at home. I cannot for the life of me remember where all the poles go; ru-roh! Anyone out there have an old 2 room canvas tent that you know how to set up that you might be able to instruct me on???

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Digital camera screen replacement or use for other project ideas

I just bought a Kodak easy share DX4530 at a garage sale for $2.00 the LCD screen is broke but the camera otherwise works. Can I replace the screen from another device such as a cell phone screen or something else? Or is there another cool project I could do with the camera? such as online type video camera? Or will it work to make a digital picture frame. Any help will be appreciated.

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How to change frequency on RC toys

Hi , i just got this Rc Nikko Heavy metal, i think it's quite rare because i can't manage to find it anywhere in the Internet. So, it was an old lady who gave it to me on a garage sale, and it came with a rechargeable 7.2 v battery pack, but the controller was missing, and i don't know how much MHz it's on. so how can i change the frequency, does it work with a donor car?like i change the whole electronics setup?   1000 thanks for answering

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Wanted: Crosman M1 Carbine

I'm looking to buy a Crosman M1 Carbine from the late sixties or early seventies. My relatives in the Midlands had one when I would visit them, and I miss that plinker to death. I asked them about it and they said they sold it at a yard sale a while ago. Now that I'm in Ohio, I can own one legally, but can't seem to find one. The rifle is out of production, and every Goodwill, thrift store, and garage sale I've been to has yielded nothing. So, if anyone has one of these rifles in preferably functioning condition and with the wood furniture and "magazine", I will gladly buy it. A broken plastic rifle with no magazine I will also accept. If anyone either is willing to sell theirs or knows where I can acquire one, please let me know.

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A little help

I've been looking for ways to make a little spending money. I've looked up a few things, and I was disappointed with the "generic" ideas, like garage sales and stuff.  One of my latest ideas is for a Ebay business. So my question is what should I sell? I know, I know, that's a big question.  Some of my interest are... Wood working ( Along with wood burning ) Outdoors ( Fishing, Hunting, Biking, Hiking ) Tinkering with mechanical objects Building little doohickeys off Instructables Any Ideas?

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Can 18 months of non use of lawn mower cause a blown head gasket?

I just purchased a small lawnmower at a garage sale and the owner said he had not used it for 18 months or longer. I put fresh gas in it...changed the oil and spark plug and it started right up. After about 5 strips of cutting with no started blowing out smoke and the exhaust got very hot. Is that a blown head gasket and could the sitting idle for 18 months cause the gasket to deteriate? 

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How do I clean my deeply and badly scratched gamecube disc?

I went to a garage sale yesterday and bought mario party 7.Little did I know it was scratched badly. So I went home and tried it and as soon as I turned my gamecube on... right after the logo it said cannot read disc so i tried it a few more times and it said an error has occured.I have been searching ways to clean it but none of them have really helped......Any suggestions???

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Dremel Micro Repair/Reuse

Recently at the end of 2016, I acquired a Dremel Micro cordless rotary tool from a garage sale/yard sale for about $20. I used it maybe 3 - 4 times until it didn't want to hold a charge for long. Basically when I put it on the charger, the LEDs scroll top/down indicating it is charging but after a minute or two they stop their normal scrolling sequence and they all stay lit up, which isn't even mentioned of in the manual. The fuel gauge battery indicator shows up red meaning it's near its battery life. At this point, I'm considering either to salvage the motor or buy a new battery for the dremel (which are 2 Sanyo 14650 batteries that are soldered onto a circuit board inside). I'm just wondering is there something that I have failed to do that would make the dremel not hold a charge? Thanks in advance!

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Help with clothes rack?

I desperately need some racks for clothes on hangers, to be used for out-of-season storage in my garage and also at my upcoming yard sale. I'm tired of buying the flimsy garment racks at Wal-Mart, etc. I'm willing to build them myself from wood or pipes (preferably pipes, for sturdiness) if someone could suggest how to do this. Any advice? I don't know anything about welding or cutting pipes, etc. -- just simple home repairs -- but am willing to tackle any beginner-level instructions. Thanks for any information -- Carolyn Bahm, Collierville, TN

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Good Repurosing for an Old Office Swivel Chair?

I bought an old office chair at a garage sale today for a buck. Now, after rolling around the neighborhood in it like a maniac, its time to figure out a way to repurpose it. Any ideas? I was thinking ethier using the base to make the Car Seat Office Chair ( ), or combine it with a bike, still with the office chair wheels on it, for a unquie ride. Any idea how to do the second one, or any other thoughts on how to repurpose it? Thanks!-xD

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How do you remove an image from an outdated silk screen?

Is there a way to remove the image from the fabric after you are done with it in order to use said fabric for another design? We have professional screens and equipment that we picked up at a garage sale some time ago and would love to reuse the screens with our own designs. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Even if it can only be done on newer emulsions (we have a few blanks) it would be helpful. Thanks in advance!

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Blue-ish tint to my projector?

I recently bought a digital lcd data projector from garage sale , i saw the projected image before buying and was happy with it , but alas once getting it home and setting it up the image now has a blue tint it. the projector model is,  Sony VPL-351QM  lcd data projector . i think it was made in about 1994 , and it weighs about 25 kgs, to be honest when i saw it i thought it was some sort of old digital cinema projector, like they use for the Ad's before a film. any help would be much appreciated.

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Melted plastic lamp

Hello. I found this hanging lamp at a garage sale, had to have it... Cannot find any information on this style. Looks homemade, melted plastic strips. Does anyone have any information you could share with me? How it was made? Maybe when making things like this was popular? Was it possibly mass produced? They kind of look like Fruit RollUps....Anything at all would help. Thank you.;=pcb.601760483191616&type;=1&theater;;=pcb.601760483191616&type;=1&theater; Couldn't upload photos with the uploader.

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3 year old explains Star Wars in 90 seconds

This is just too cute. The video is of a 3 year old little girl explaining Star Wars very entertainingly. She mentions "a garage sale, but with robots" and explains that "the shiny guy always worries". Oh, and she warns not to mess with Darth Vader - he'll get ya! As she says, it's an exciting movie.I must admit to having never seen any Star Wars (so I can't vouch for its accuracy) - but hey, after watching this video, I don't need to! :D

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how to connect pc to tv?

Hi i brought this computer from a garage sale its a Dell dimenstion 2400. It has windows xp. Pretty good for $35.But the monitor that came with it is horibile. So i decided to connect it to my tv, well tryed. I was told S-video. My tv has that but not the computer. Then I was told V-G-A but my tv dosent have that. Then i tryed this plug that connects to the Pc througth V-G-A, then i add R.C.A cabels and connect it to the R.C.A ports on the tv. (Thats the red,yellow and white.) But it still dosent work. Can any one help me.                                                                                 Thank You.

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How can i get my old record player louder??

I bought an old record player from a garage sale. It came with 2 speakers, each having 2 cables  that connect to the back of the record plaer. The player has 3 screws that you connect the 4 bare speaker wires to. (L,C,R. i just double up the center.) Then it plugs into the wall. Iv heard i need a pre-amp but im confused on which one to get and how it would hook up in my situation. Please help and thank you soo much!!

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What to do with a box of motherboards?

I just went to a garage sale that I saw on craigslist. The guy advertised a good amount of computer stuff. Upon getting there I found a treasure trove of 3-8 year old computer parts. Long story short i bought a box of 20 motherboards for five bucks. Sadly only six of them have processors though. Now comes the problem, what the hell should i do with 20 motherboards? I'm actually gonna go back there too because he's got empty towers at $5 a piece, as well as NICs, video cards, power supplies, and the like. So again, any ideas on what I should do?

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toy musical keyboard...How to fix?

I am new to Making and to instructables so bear with me. I recently bought an old toy musical keyboard at a garage sale. The nice ladies told me it would work with batteries but of course it does not. This is a no name (brandless) toy probably bought on the street in Hong Kong or something. Anyway, I would eventually like to get into circuit bending and the like but for now I would just like to try to understand how to fix the thing. Does anyone have any advice? Can you point me to a resource on how to troubleshoot this thing? I know I will probably need a multimeter and a soldering gun but other than that I am clueless. Thanks

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