GE cooktop

The knob won't turn on my cooktop range.  3 others work.  Is there anything that I can do to free this up?

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ge adora pours water during gentle cycle?

Had this front loading GE Adora washer for 2.5 yrs. OVer last few months it has begun to leak on every cycle except speed wash. Have cleaned out filter, drained water, but it comes back. Don't know if associated, but washer will "dance" and rattle throughout. When the water leaks, it sounds like an open facet. Any help would be appreciated. DId not want to call GE (unknown # and no warranty)

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Ge AM tube radio-Only hums won't tune?

I have a GE tube radio that I got at a yard sale, but it only hums when turned on, it won't tune to a station

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GE Adora Front Loader with no power?

We bought a used GE Adora Front Loading washer. We should have done our homework first but now we're 5 months into this. Out of nowhere I cannot get it to power on to save my life. We've unplugged it, tripped the power and nothing. My husband was able to get it back on after some playing around with the buttons and controls but now it's just plain dead. It was running fine until then, no problems, no leaks, no nothing. I hate to make an expensive service call but there has to be something. Any suggestions?

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I have an old GE answering machine (digital) what to do with it??

What can I turn my old GE digital answering machine into? Just curious, if anyone has any ideas or has done anything with it?

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G.E. dielektrol capacitor making popping sounds internally Answered

I recently acquired a G.E. 40,000 volt capacitor and initially it was fine but it has started making loud popping sounds inside while charging and discharging. It sounds like there might be arcing inside but it still holds a charge just fine which is quite strange. The sound always comes from the same exact spot and the capacitance has decreased from 1.88 uf to 1.5 uf. I'm wondering if inside the cap there is several smaller ones and maybe a connection came loose during shipping but I really don't want to pull it apart because it's welded shut. Any advice on what I should do would be helpful :) Thank in advance!

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How can i have my home alarm system email me system status?

I have a concord 4 home alarm system from GE. It currently supports the following communication methods to report status. 1. GSM by means of a $250 module to connect to 2. Outbound dialing to a pager # which will send codes which you need to look up to see what they mean. 3. Central monitoring station service which it will dial and send system status to. I've seen modules such as the Telguard TG-1 which will intercept the outbound dialing and convert the pager tones and transmit them over GSM to a central station as well. What i'd like to do is one of the following. I'd like to get the system status messages from my system, but I don't want to purchase the GSM feature or a pager as I already have a cell phone. I can add the enterprise paging feature from at&t; but I just feel there must be a DIY method for this. One option I've been considering is a phone line simulator component to basically have it connect to a server I have via a fake modem connection and use the GE Enterprise Downloader software to have the system upload/download from that using the phone line simulator. Beyond that, i'm not sure what options I have.. Would love some ideas.

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GE Adora Washer won't spin

I have a GE Adora washer, it will tumble the clothes in wash cycle, but will not spin, cleaned the lint filter (twice!!) and still nothing.  Any ideas or tips?

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Can i use a GE inhaler?

Is it possible to inhale adeno associated viruses full of genes i want in my bloodstream, without affecting my lungs? Also, if i want a constant supply of altered red blood cells, can I inject AAV into bone marrow and have my red blood cells replenished with mutant ones?

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i have a GE SCA 1000 MICROWAVE AND NOTHING ON IT WILL WORK, IT HAS POWER COMING INTO IT. Does it have some kind of overload fuse or what.

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Looking for a glass turntable for a GE microwave stainless steel oven

Looking for a glass turntable for a GE stainless steel oven Model # JES 1142 SJ .Could you help withlocating this part as well as the cost?

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Uses for GE 12AY7 tubes? Amplifier, Preamp etc? Answered

I found a box full of brand new GE 12AY7 electronic tubes in my basement. I dont have any experience with tubes but i know alot about electronics. Can i make an amplifier circuit or something with these? Schematics or any information on them would help. Thanks.

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I unclogged the lint trap in my GE front load machine but am still having problems.

The machine runs through a cycle but gets down to the last few minutes and stops. now the words Door Locked are lit up but nothing else is happening. any suggestions?

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I have a ge moogram advantium microwave ?

The interior light bulb needs to be replaced - purchased 6-07. Repair wants $65 plus labor & part. Anyone know how to replace it. There are instructions for the Profile series but the Monogram has a different setup with a trim kit

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GE Microwave Makes Humming Sound with Smell

My GE microwave (JE1860SB 002) made a cracking sound and stopped working. After some research, I removed the cover and checked the fuse and it was good. I then checked the thermal flame/sensor and discovered it was burned out. I replaced the thermal flame/sensor and now the unit comes on but makes a loud humming sound and has a burnt smell. The next step (according to my research) is checking the diode (cable) which is attached to the capacitor. It appears I need to discharge the capacitor before proceeding? --- BEFORE replacing the sensor, the unit had been unplugged for over one week….AFTER replacing the sensor, the unit was plugged in for about 5 minutes on Jan 25, 2018.- What is the best/safest way to discharge the capacitor? Is an insulated screw driver or pliers needed or will a rubber handle tool work considering the time it has been unplugged? (Capacitor pictured below) - Should I remove the two connecting wires and diode before attempting to discharge the capacitor? - If the diode is bad should I still check the Magnetron? - If the diode is good, what is the next item to check/test?

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My GE Profile cooktop surface burner control won't turn. I can push it down but won't trun..what can I do?

The model # is JGP979.  I can't get it to turn to ignite the burner

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how to replace a GE WR57X10032 Dual Solenoid Water Valve with Guard?

I have a leak in the side of the valve. the valve is the one that the waterline connects into and 2 lines come out 1 goes to the icemaker and the other goes to the water dispencer. any help would be great!!

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I have an old GE corded phone... Is there anyway I can turn this into a cordless phone?

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My GE Profile Quiet Power II isn't letting me do anything?

It will let me select Rinse & Hold, Hi Temp rinse & the delay selections, but it won't let me push start or reset it. How can I fix it without too much trouble since I rent my condo?

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How to make a Replica of a peace of glass using GE 100% all purpose Silicone Answered

HI, I've been trying to make a mold for a piece of glass that broke from a lens in other words I want to make a replica of that glass that broke what I'm using is GE All Purpose 100% silicone waterproof I tried to do a piece in a corner and it came out all sticky and gooey so my question to you is is it better for me to do it with water and soap and some cornstarch to make it a bit more harder I really don't know what to do can you please help me with some ideas thank you

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Wiring schematic?

Need wiring schematic for old Turf rider 4 golf cart, 36 volt, GE motor

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GE washer mod. #WJSR4160D0CC I like to soak our cloths so I stop the washer & the timer still runs can hear it clicking?

I have a GE washer model #WJSR4160D0CC.  When I start a load I like to soak our whites for a few hours so I stop the washer after it fills up and spins for a while and let them soak.  After I stop the washer you can still hear the timer running and clicking is my timer going bad?  My husband says it should not make this noise at all once I push in the knob to let it soak.  Once the washer runs through the full cycle it does not make this sound.  Is it going bad?  Any thoughts?  Thank you.

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which kind of magents are used in free electric generator

I want to know the names of the magnets which are used in this project and what should be the size of the fan

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Does sombody review your instructable before it gets published?

I have just finished and published an instructable but i cannot find it anywere!!!

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Anyone ever make an rs232 cable for a Fanuc system T6? Answered

I've done some on older GE 1050's and I couldn't use a plain old null modem cable because GE reversed two lines so you had to buy from them. I didn't, I changed the two on port and used a regular cable.  Now I have this old Fanuc that I have to get comms on and I have absolutely no literature.  Anyone ever done this on a fanuc system 6?

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Amateur electronic question

Can someone pls help me with these pins? I cant find any information regarding this one online. Would really appreciate any help.

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what is the application of germanium single crystal

Germanium single crystal, which is made from Ge metal, who can tell me the basic and newly developed application?

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I found an old electric meter, what can I do with it?

Its a GE Rr 13 8/9 with 5 dials  type i-70-s  it says Ct 200 • 240v 3w • fm2s ta 3o GE watthour meter 50 Hz  Cat no. • 720 x 70g465 code 81 I've seen lamps made out of them, that tell you how much power they're using, maybe that's already on instructables, but any other Ideas would be cool.

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New LED lightbulbs shine light in all directions

GE is going to be releasing a new LED lightbulb early next year that shines light in all directions, like a normal bulb, instead of one direction like they do now. The bulb will use 9 watts and shine as much light as a 40-watt incandescent. It will also last for 17 years. The drawback is the cost, which will be $40-$50, but it does provide an efficient lighting option for those who don't like the light from CFLs. No word about the blades on the side, however. GE Unveils New Omnidirection LED Bulb That Will Last 17 Years

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how to use piezo electric transducer for power generation ?

We plan to do a project using a piezo electric transducer to generate a power to charge  a cell phone while walking so need a idea . 

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Advantium Turntable repair

I have a GE Advantium oven, model number SCB2000CBB 03 and the turntable has stopped rotating. Everything else works. Does anyone know how to repair this part of the oven? Thanks dor your help. Jim

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Tube radio not tuning, only making a hum

I have an old, Light green GE tube radio, AM only, and when I turn it on it only hums, it doesn't receive any stations, How can I fix this

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how to make a piezo disk wiggle?

How would you make a piezo disk wiggle so you could see it move. Short story short i ultimately want to make a dual piezo cooling jet that GE had made (

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Can alternator create electricity IF yes can it generate 230 v and what size alternator would be required?

Can a alternator create electricity IF yes can it generate 230 v and what size alternator would be required? Would it be advisable to connect a transformer between a alternator and a battery?

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forget homework, school sucks, no matter what i get bad grades, anyone else?

Btw, anybody got an exercise lab introduction i can have, it just has to be about exercise and what happens when you do it. seriously, i dont want to do it.

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3 year old GE Adora front load washing machine has much water and suds in door gasket lately. Any ideas?

I followed the instructions on cleaning out the filter which produced 1 penny and no lint. I also checked out the tube leading from the tub to the filter and found the underwire that came out of a bra a while ago. Ran a small load and previous problem of very wet clothes after complete cycle seemed to be taken care of but still had a fair amount of water in the door gasket with some suds. Also looked at the output drain which goes into the wall and it appears to be clear. There are three holes at the base of the door gasket which I assume is where the water is draining to...have tried to see if there is any blockage there and can't really see any reason why water wouldn't drain. Help!

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Autodesk Design For Industry

HELLO!  You may have come here from the GE Appliances Home Robotics Challenge, if not, be sure to check it out.  It's easy to enter, just submit a photo or video explaining "What should a home robot do for you?" through the Giddy mobile app (details and download link on the link above). The GE Appliances Home Robotics Challenge runs from August 1 through August 15.  On August 22nd we will launch an expansion of the challenge right here on Instructables.  The topic will remain the same, but we'll ask participants to take it a step further and submit CAD files.  More info, prizes, and judging criteria to be released on 8/22/2017.  We'll post a link when it goes live! Details on the Autodesk Design for Industry series of challenges, a new flavor of the Instructables Design Challenges are also coming soon! 

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how do you wire up the coils in a homemade wind generator using either 7 coils or 9 colis and is a recifier need

I want to know how to hook the coils up in a homemade wind generator, using 7 or 9 coils which is better,are there any wiring digrams that one can get,

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Is it safe to power a 9v=150mA (cordless phone) with a 9v 300mA adapter? Answered

I have a Philips CD250DUO cordless phone that has no user's guide , and a GE Atlinks cordless phone that is powered by 9v i50mA i wonder if i could use my 9v 300mA adapter on the Philips brand and can anybody tell me if there is free download of user's guide for this device

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Traffic signal input voltage help

I have recently bought this traffic arrow from a surplus store and i cannot find the input voltage anywhere on the net. it has a built in switch mode power supply from what i can tell and i think it is 120V AC but am not sure. the arrow is a GE Gelcore LED Traffic Signal. ANY help would be appreciated.  thanks

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Best place to find/buy a cheap, high efficiency generator?

I have to build a small wind turbine to generate electricity (highest voltage is the goal).   I'm wondering if anybody in the community would know where I could source the most efficient generators possible for price points of around $30 $50 and $100? thanks! David

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where does electricity go?

I got a question. If we ground everything to the Earth for shorts and things like that, Where does that electricity go to? Does it just disappear deep down inside the earth? Does GE have an electrical well and is sucking all this electricity that people pour onto the ground? Please dont use big words like anode and cathode and coulombs (simple is better) :)

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It may sound crazy But... Do anyone know how to get all info need to build Stargate? Answered

I know stargate is not real. just tv show. My point is...  I want build stargate. Scale size and stick it in my backyard with step down.  Like this picture from Stargate tv show.I think it would be neat to have it there... maybe and able to spinning too.

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Speed control for AC electrical motors

I want to use a GE A-C motor (5KC33GG101): Connection Type and Voltage Rating in Volts: 115.0 line to neutral single input Rotor Speed Rating in Rpm: 1725.0 single full load Frequency in Hertz: 60.0 input to run a 50' line on pulleys for a Halloween project but it's too fast. Can anybody help me figure out if I can buy/build a controller to run it slower?

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How do I use my own headphones with the new 3rd Gen iPod Shuffle?

As you know, or if you don't, the new iPod shuffles have a proprietary setup going on with only two kinds of headphones being able to be used with it.( Both of which are sold by Apple and are expensive and only mediocre) How can I use my own headphones or even an FM transmitter with my Shuffle?

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