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Is low gearing more torgue high gearing is more top speed

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Hello! Convolution is almost done being taken apart, and I will be sorting it and counting it this weekend. Meanwhile, I've started on a new project. As of now, I only have a compact gearbox. I won't say what it does or how it works just yet, to make things interesting... :P For those of you who know, please do not spoil anything. Expect a full update around Christmas.

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Gear design

Hello there, I was wondering if you could help me: I need a simple program to design a basic gear, a pair of twin wheels. I need to set the number of cogs and the diameter of the wheels; this mechanism has to be as tight as possible. The idea is to print the wheels on paper and then cut a metal sheet accordingly; can you tell me a way to transfer the image directly on the metal? That would be of great help... Thanks.

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Gear Study

The last Friday of the month is a build day around Instructables HQ. I've been meaning to create some art involving gears of different pitches, so I took part of my build day to do a study in gears. These are two laser-cut acrylic gears I made on our Epilog 36EXT that are half 10 in pitch diameter and half 20 in pitch diameter. I advanced the 20 pitch side about one-half of a pitch. The gears were designed in OMAX Layout, which just happens to have a nice gear profile generator. I'm hopeful about putting together a set that gradually change pitch diameter.There's a bit of slop between the gears, and I'm taking advantage of it (at least in this set) to keep the teeth from colliding at the transition. They only rotate freely in one direction; in the other they bind.

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Trademark Gear

Just think it's about time I make another forum topic. So yeah, do you guys have a trademark gear? Something that you wear all the time? Something that some friends even use to characterize or define you? (e.g. oh John? He's the guy with the headphones). My trademark gear are these MDISK MD-66 headphones. I wear them all the time and some of my newer friends doesn't even recognize me without these on because I wear them not only to hear music but so I can wear my hair differently. So, what's your trademark gear? Armbands, headphones, custom garskin-embed iPod, you name it!

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Instructables Gear?

How can i get instructables gear? It seems like eveyone has it but me. Please help. ='(

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Executive Gear

Check out some of Dale Mathis' beautiful gear art, including this $21,000 Executive Desk, with running gears and integrated desk drawer.Don't forget to check out the video of the desk in action!link via InventorSpot Edit: found some more! Here's another video, this time a coffee table; and a page on HGTV that is almost an Instructable for how to build a cool zodiac astronomical clock!

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Gear seeking?

 Hi all instructables dudes,  I have a scanner made by Pimax (model name Profi 9600) drived by a SCSI adapter. Is old model (1999) but is very good and reliable too. The problem now is i have a broken plastic gear that drives the belt for doing the passes during the scanning. Without this small gear the belt is dead and the scanner too. Has anyone this small gear from his old and non using scanner? If not please inform how can i reuse this scanner because everything else on it works fine. Can i modified it to a manual shifted scanner? This scanner is ONE pass so can I put any external case hand gear to move the lamp? Please give some ideas.....anyone is acceptable.... thank you all in advance! Agis

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Freerunning/Parkour Gear

Okay, im an experienced freerunner but im curious about what people think would be the best thing to wear freerunning

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Question about gearing

Hi everyone. I've been a long time lurker, and I love the site. I've learned so much just by coming here. I've just registered to say you have inspired me to take on a project of my own. I've sort of hit a bump in the road, though. I have an idea for a clock. I want to do a steam-punk flavored wall or desktop clock with exposed brass gears and various and sundry bits I have laying around. I want to tack the numbers directly onto the gears and use them instead of hands. So one large gear on the left with the numbers 1-12 in place of an hour hand, one large gear on the right with 00-55 by fives for the minute hand and a gear under the two that counts off the seconds. So, if I can get a motor downgeared to 1 rpm to drive the "second gear" I'd need a 60:1 gear ratio to make the "minute gear" accurate, and then 12:1 off of that to do the "hour gear." I know I can't drive them all directly off each other, because that would make the "Second Gear" tiny and the "Hour Gear" huge. Where I'm stuck, aside from my poor math skills, is how to get the ratios right and size of each intermediate step and number of teeth, etc. I don't know enough to tell if I'm in over my head, but it seems "do-able" from my perspective. I'd appreciate any feedback you all could give, even if it's just a link to a tutorial that will get me started. I'm not on a deadline or anything, I just found the urge to make something cool. I have a bit of a budget if I need to have something custom fabricated, but I'd prefer to do as much of it as I can. I wouldn't mind using off the shelf stuff like bicycle gears or similar, because I could always have them engraved and plated and made to look cool. So, any help or nudges in the right direction would be appreciated. Thanks in advance, and thank you for such a wonderful site/community. Iggy **edited to add*** Of course I'd be delighted to write an instructable about it when It was done. It would only be polite. ;)

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Ideal Gear ratio?

Hello i am competing in a design challenge at school. were were each given a 9v 12000 Rpm Motor, the object of the challenge is to build a land vehicle that can go 10m as fast as possible. we will be holding a race on november 3rd to see who has designed the fastest vehicle. anyway my question for the community is using a 12000 rpm electric motor what would be the best gear ratio to use between the motor and the axle to optomise take off speed as well as having a high top speed. (if the gear ratio is to high then the car wont accelerate fast enough to low then the car wont have a fast enough top end) so basicly im looking for that perfect med ground. if anyone here has had much experience with gears and help would be great thanks (PS the vehicle cant be any biger then a vhs case but can be as tall as i want it)

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Gears of War (pc)

Does anyone have Gears of war Pc and get a strange message when they try to open it?

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K'nex Gear Ratios

What Ratios Do the K'nex Gears Produce? I have noticed there have been a lot of questions about gears for k'nex models and in particular, engines but there have been no documents or information on what the different gear combinations actually convert the input speed to. On the document attached there are the worked out combinations and what the speed produced is, but you will notice that the combinations only go up to three gears; this is because if you have only three different gears, you will have to repeat atleast one gear therefore the ratio would be able to be created using less gears as intended.  The new file has now been uploaded. I hope this helps. MattJoeP

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Small Metal Gears

I'm looking for small metal gears for a project of mine, I don't have the money to pay them to ship to me but perhaps we can make some sort of deal or trade?

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tiny motors& gears

I need someone to convert a motorized tooth brush into a reciprocating needle tool for me,for a fee.

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Gears guns, anyone?

Okay, we need from Gears of War still: Boltok Lancer A SMALLER Snub Hammerburst MULCHER Mortar Try them out, guys.

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Gears for Servos and Steppers

Hey guys (and gals), I've been researching this a lot, but I still haven't the solution.  When you are working on a project and you need a gear for your stepper or servo, where do you acquire it?  For example I work a lot with TowerPro 996 servos, but I haven't found any third parties selling gears for them.   Same thing for motors.  If you are using a stepper motor, like a NEMA or something where do you find a gear that attaches to it? 

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Gearing a gearmotor again?

Http:// This is the CAD of the gearmotor I want to purchase. I need to gear it AGAIN to attain my design goal of 120-150 lb in of Torque (approx. 3:1 gear ratio). Anybody familiar with this or know if it possible? Any gearboxes to recommend?

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knex gear box?

hey everyone i need help on my current procect it is very large and a part the swings around and if i turn off the moter it clicks alot and sometimes breaks so i need a gearbox that has a nuteral (where it can spin on its own) and a 1st gear and 1st gear needs to be slow.

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Gears Of War Weapons

I think that there should be more Weapons from games such as gears of war and Bioshock. I tried to make a Lancer, With a motor for the chainsaw. But I ended up making a totally different single shot. Here are some guns to make: Torque Bow Lancer Boomshot Sniper Hammer of Dawn and maybe some more

Topic by HBF  

survival gear and tips

What do you guys think are good survival items to have and tips to learn

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manual gear oil?

Hi why i have to change my "hyundai elantra" 1500cc 1995 model, manual gear oil. mileage of car is 230000 km. car shape is good. and what recommended for this car if i have to?? many thanks

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Yellow Gear with 84 Teeth!

I have a large collection of K'Nex and have discovered that a few of my yellow gears have 84 teeth instead of the usual 82. The shade of yellow is paler than usual and the spokes have a narrower shoulder near the rim. Can anyone shed any light on this?

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Force an automatic transmission into a gear?

Is it possible in the technological day and age to force a computer controlled automatic transmission to start in a higher gear like second.  About 90% of people will never need this, however out on the farm in a big diesel truck with 800lbs of torque you need it.  By starting in a higher gear it allows us to get through snow much better and this becomes extremely difficult with an automatic transmission.  Sure we can set the highest gear it will go into, but we can't lug through the snow and mud like we would like to.  Do any of you know of a chip out there already, or one you can make that will let you pick and chose your lowest gear.

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Metal Gear Solid Guns

I'm also looking for guns from one of the greatest games (at least to me), Metal Gear Solid. My top 5 requests are: 1. The SOCOM 2. The USP 3. The FAMAS 4. The Mauser C96 (The gun Eva uses in Snake Eater) 5. P90 (The gun Solidus Snake uses in Sons Of Liberty) Of course, all other guns from Metal Gear will also be appreciated as well, so if anybody who knows where I can find the instructable for any of these, or if anyone knows how to make it themselves (or is up to the challenge of trying to make them), please reply and tell me where to go (or what it will be called, if you need time to make it and put it up). I believe that it is possible to make at least 2 or 3 of these guns. Thanks to everyone that joins in the cause of making these guns, or at least telling me where to find the instructables for them, and happy building.

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DIY Palette Gear - Possible

I have been looking at the old Kickstarter campaign for the I have been looking for possibilities to create one myself for much less of the money's :) . I already have many anologue switches and buttons and stuff. The issue is making them talk to premier pro, ext. Could you hack their software to work with your own hardware or something. Another simular company has made this Ideas?

Topic by Mutant Tortoise  

Make odd-shaped gears

This tutorial by Clayton Boyer covers how to make some really funky looking gears. Start with one odd shape and make a second gear that matches it. Really cool and great for anyone entering the Woodworking Contest who wants to add a special touch. via MAKE

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What grinds my gears

You know what really grinds my gears? This forum is made by me you should just tell me what makes you angry or grinds your gears.An example would be" you know what really grinds my gears when people fart in public then don't say anything and they do it repeatedly."

Topic by shawntherobot  

Wind turbine! Gear motor?

I'm thinking of making a VAWT and saw a 115v Bodine gearmotor for $30. Been looking all over for the popular Ameteks. Are gear motors feasible?

Question by fifh89  

Large Gears template anyone?

I need to make gears that are approx. 4 feet in diameter for a float in a parade.  The gears will line the perimeter of the truck and are going to be made out of 3/4" plywood with metal bracing on the teeth to prevent the plywood from chipping and attached to a plywood background.  It would be awesome if we could alternate 4 foot gears with 3 1/2 or 3 foot gears for visual interest.  It needs to look childlike - so we are not using sawteeth.  I'm going to try to attach a picture with our logo for ideas.  Any help with designing a template or where I could go to get measurements would be appreciated!  Thank you!

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Need Help on Orrery gears

Hi, I'm planning on building an orrery and I need some help. I've been doing some research on instructions on how to build one. The main thing that I'm not completely understood with is the gears and how they actually work. I know a bit about some basic principles of gear ratios and stuff but not like the actual mechanism (ps i like to look at diagrams). I'm also planning on making 9 planets (i mean 8 + pluto and the moon and the sun). Any help would be appreciated, thanks!

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Geared Motors in Household Items

There's only like 15 entries in the robot contest, and I think part of the reason (not all) is the parts that people have on hand. Does anybody know where to get a motor (with a geartrain head on) in a household device? I don't wanna go buy one

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places to get gear online

So Im looking to find some decent prices on safety gear online from an at least somewhat reputable dealer. I have been eying has anyone bought from them before? alternatively what online retailers have you used and whats your opinion of them?

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cruiser to fixed gear conversion.

I can't seem to find much here about making a bike into a fixie, am i missing search results or is it crazy easy?

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Keeping canoeing gear dry

I'm about to go on an overnight canoeing trip with my scout troop, and we were wondering about the best way to keep our gear dry. I know that there are those dry bags that you can buy at places like REI, but I was trying to come up with a cheaper option. We'd be storing tents, food, personal gear, and backing stoves, and a few other things. If you have any ideas and methods you have previously tried, please tell me!

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Sega game gear recap.

I have been repairing Sega game gears for a week now and i seem to be having a consistent problem with the VA1 single ASIC boards. i recap them and none of the work. Ive recapped tons of the twin ASIC boards with no problem i was wondering if anyone could help me figure out why i cant seem to get them working. the power comes on so the power board is good. no sound but the backlight CFL comes on. any help will be greatly appreciated. I am a Blacksmith by trade and happy to trade smithing knowlage for electrical

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How can we make a gear at home? (Without a gear making machine)?

How can we make a gear at home? (Without a gear making machine)?

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Make me This

I posted a very detailed post of what I wanted help building, but it is not showing up even after 5 days. So I am trying a super simple post with just the two pics below. Can someone please help me make this?

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where to buy differents kind of gear?

Where can I get small to large sized gear (compound gear) ? there they sell the kind I want but id like metal gear instead of plastic. thx.?

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how to make micro ear gear?

Can u tell me how to make a tiny micro ear gear like which u see in a Hollywood movie ( national Treasure). can me make that kind of mini ear gear which fit perfect in our ear hole? if any one know this plz tell me how to make it and what are the things necessary for that.

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Attaching a Spur Gear onto a Motor

I want to attach a spur gear with a bore diameter of 6mm onto the shaft of this motor (6mm diameter shaft). How would I go about doing this? From what I see, the shaft is smooth so is my only option to find a gear with a set screw? Or is it sufficient to attach a gear with no set screw and simply rely on the friction of the bore? The torques will be low. Are there any websites that one would recommend for finding gears like this? I'm finding it impossible to find gears with a module of 1.0, bore diam. of 6mm, 12 teeth, and a thickness of less than 20mm to fit onto the shaft.Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Which Low RPM Gear Motor?

I am working on a robot that will have a grabbing claw, of sorts, and I'm not sure what gear motors to use to actuate the claw.  It needs to have significant gripping power, so the gear motor must be low-RPM and high torque.  The two best options I have found so far are these: 1. 12VDC Gear Motor, 7 Rpm 2-7/16" x 1-5/16" Dia. 2.  Tamiya 70110 4-Speed Crank-Axle Gearbox Kit   If I used the Tamiya gearbox, I would also have to buy higher voltage motors, so the cost of the two is approximately equal.  Because of its layout, I think the Tamiya would be easier to use, but I'm worried about stripping the plastic gears.  Also, I have a smaller Tamiya gearbox, and the axle has some play in it and is extremely noisy. The 12V gear motor, on the other hand, appears to be more robust and probably has metal internal gears, but it would make my robot a bit larger. Does anyone have experience with Tamiya gearboxes?  How do they handle high loads?  If anyone has any input on these two choices, or other motors you think would be even better, I'd really appreciate the help.  Thanks!

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will this gear setup work for an RC car? Answered

For a while now i have been working on an rc car from almost scratch. i picked up a nice car for this on the clearance rack for $10, it already had a gearbox, but no gears. This was a pushtoy, after all. abyways, i found gears and filled the gearbox. will this setup of gears work well for speed in my car? or will there be more torque? for the best speed, what does my setup have to be like? (im using a high rpm motor, but not the one in the picture, the one in the picture absorbs way too much current)

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How we make bevel gear?

I want to make straight bevel gears but i confused which type of cutter use to cut by the help of milling machine?

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What's the best distributor for stock gears? Answered

I need some gears and I have a bunch from CD players and things, but the ones I need require more specific ratios than I can get with found stuff. Does anyone know a good distributor of stock gears with a wide selection? (I ask because I don't want the cost of custom-making them if I can get a good selection AND a good deal) I am based in the US, but any international ones would work if there are none here or if any folk across the pond need some.

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Wild One Head Gear question?

In step number 2, is the cardboard still completely round, or has it been shaped and squared off in the back?

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Looking for a Gear Set for 3D printing

A little over a decade ago I spent a large amount of time playing with lego technics. These mechanical legos had a set of gears with them that you could arrange in infinite variations and I loved them (still do.) What I would really like is file with a standard set of small gears that I could easily place into a 3D model and design around just like building something out of technics. The difference being that I get to design the parts connecting the gears instead of using lego bricks. These gears would ideally range in size from 5mm to 30mm diameter and would ultimately be used to make 8 inch or smaller robot things. Now, the obvious solution is to just make them, Inventor has a generator and they can be drawn in almost any program. The thing is that, well, it is over my head. I've used a lot of Sketchup, but am just getting into Inventor and 123D. Also, it turns out gears are incredibly complicated. I've looked at the diagrams and between the pitch diameters and diameter pitches and pressure angles I get lost, I'm not even sure where to start. On top of that, in my research I haven't found any kind of standard like there are with screws and electrical components; one can't just call the robot store and say "gimme some A5 gears good sir." So my questions are: 1. Is there a simple standard for gears? Specifically small plastic gears like those found in toys and clocks. 2. Do you have any advice on how I could go about creating my own "standard" set of small gears, like most important factors or common pitfalls, a magic button? 3. Am I going about this in a weird, round-about, wrong way? I'm learning as I go with 3D modeling/printing and I often fall down rabbit holes, this may be one. How would a professional engineer who is designing a toy go about choosing or creating his gears? Thanks in advance for any insight you can lend. These are the lego technic gears that are so dear to my heart

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Quick (And stupid) gear motor question Answered

So here is my situation, i plan on building ( and i was about to order all the parts and i wondered, why there are so many types of gear motors! my current understanding is the higher "1st" digit (ex 1000:1)means the motor is more accurate and precise and slow. So does that mean one with a low number first (ex 10:1) would be faster? please tell me if i am wrong. So i would like a FAST gear motor for my robot, could anyone post me a link to a good fast gear motor. Much appreciated!!!

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What Grinds My Gears on Instructables

What Grids My Gears on Instructables: -When peaple hold there parts/esplainin things up to a web cam and you can see them. -WHEN PEOPLE TYPE IN ALL CAPS! -When some one asks how to do somthing when it is explaied in the instructable like 10 times. -When people talk crap about good instructables -Pointless K'nex instuctables for things that eithere aready exsist/are easier to make with OTHER materials -Rock band/Guitar Hero -When some one posts something 2 months after it has already been posted and says "they didn't see it." -Peice o crap duct tape objects Plese post what grinds your gears in the comments.

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