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window gels?

Does anyone know how to make those clingy gels to decorate your windows? I would love to have some shaped like my Simpsons cookie cutter. Thanks

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hydrogen peroxide gel?

How to make 35% hydrogen peroxide gel from liquid?

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Cool gel mats for pets

Hi, all! I foster dogs and cats in Baton Rouge for several non-profit agencies.  Lately, I've had more than a few feral cats needing a temporary home.  I had an idea (inspired by something I saw online) to use the trunk from the crepe myrtle tree my boyfriend chopped down to "catify" the carport where they like to seek shelter at night.  Considering that I've never owned a power tool until now, I think it's coming together nicely so far (pics attached).  Please keep in mind that I'm no carpenter....   This is south Louisiana where the Summer temps are high and the humidity is even higher.  I can only imagine how awful that must be when you are sporting a full fur coat outside!  Here's where I need your help:  I want to make cool gel mats to fit the odd shaped green shelves you see attached to the walls.  I have been sewing for many decades, so making these "cool" cushions to fit is not a problem.  The problem is how to make the GEL that goes inside the mats that keeps the pet cool.  I'd rather not use any toxic chemicals, just in case one of them punctures the gel mat causing it to leak and then decides to drink the gel.  So, maybe there's a chemist out there, or just some intelligent individuals that  might have the answer to my problem?  Any and all suggestions are very much appreciated! Thank you, Linda

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Preferably at a bricks n mortar location. Online is toooo slow this time. Or other dessicants?

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window gem gel decorations

''HELP PLEASE.......a friend asked if I knew how to make these decorations, said, NOPE, but would look here and find out how to.....but couldn't find an answer, but I know one of you smart people has the info I need so please help me out and send me the info?Thanks in advance!"PEEP"

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window gem gel decorations

''HELP PLEASE.......a friend asked if I knew how to make these decorations, said, NOPE, but would look here and find out how to.....but couldn't find an answer, but I know one of you smart people has the info I need so please help me out and send me the info?Thanks in advance!"PEEP"

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WANTED: Recipe for Clear Gel or Glaze (ala Wilton Sparkle Gel)

I recently made my first trial batch of Unicorn Poop, but I ran into a problem!  I tried using the Wilton Sparkle Gel as suggested, and it *looks* fantastic... but it *tastes* bad.  D:  I wasn't sure if it was just me, so I tried it out on my beau, and then a couple of co-workers.  The verdict: plain cookies tasted better than the Wilton-covered cookies.  Oh no!!  That means that my Unicorn Poops will look old and crusty, instead of wet and sparkly!  (The horror, amirite?) I'd like to "glaze" them so that they can hold onto all the sparkles and decorations that make them so whimsical (as if rainbow colored poop cookies need the help!!) but I don't want to share cookies that taste sub-par because of the decorations. Does anyone have any suggestions?  I'd like to make my own glaze, and ideally it would "harden", or at least dry "unsticky" (not a word) so that transporting them wouldn't be a hassle.  Maybe glycerin?  Light corn syrup?  I'm open to suggestion!

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Question about home-made ballistic gel.?

If I made homemade ballistic gel using gelatin and this instructable: When the gel is done, will it melt at room temperature?  Does it have to be kept cool even when using it? Thanks.

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how to make congo blue gel?

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Miracle Gel Saves Egg From Fall, Amazes Japanese TV Hosts

The egg drops 22 meters and doesn't break. It manages to stop within a few millimeters, too.

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Is there a silicone gel for molds that is food safe?

Most of the silicone molding Instructables that I have seen look very easy to do especially,   and   But i want to know if the materials used in these type projects are food safe for things like jello or chocolate casts. If anyone knows of a viable and cheap substitue if not would be of much help Thanks!

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serial charging of two gel cell 6v..?

I have two 6 v 4.5 amp gell cell I wish to charge them both at the same time connected serially by using a 12v charger? is this feasible? or do I need a 6v charger because they can't be charge by a 12v charger? what say you, thanks, Al

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What is a clear gel-type thing that can be used (kind of like jello) to suspend objects?

I want to make a counter display for a Halloween kitchen, using quart and gallon jars to 'store' ears, fingers, rats, etc.  It needs to be relatively cheap, and easy to find ingredients.  Non-toxic would be fantastic!  Thanks for any help.

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What mixed with sodium acetate?

Will make a gel like substance that is flammable but the person using it doent get burned ?

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How to make plantgel? ?


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Fake Bones And Organs For Ballistics Gel Dummy

I want to make a ballistics gel dummy to test assorted weapons from video games on. Like pipe wrenches, crowbars, hammers, and kitchen knives. To do this I want realistic fake bones and organs to simulate the damage the weapons would cause to those. How would I make them?

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syfy alien style gel/liquid controller

I wonder how one could build a controller like the aliens use in district 9 and other movies/games. You know the kind im talking about? The one where you put your hands inside of a gel like substance and manipulate the controls. Now maybe were a long way from the actual thing but i would like to make or see made something similar. like maybe a clearish, strong bag that could hold some kind of thick gel. then using displacement of your hands some how be able to "press" buttons. like move index finger up, displacement of gel causes a button/sensor above to be triggered. all while being inside of a clear glowing stylish case... is this possible with todays tech? i think so, but has anyone an idea exactly how to do it? community project maybe??

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window gel things you put on picture windows

I am trying to find out how to make those gel window cling ons, you know, they have snow flakes for winter and easter eggs and rabbits for spring. About 1//8th of an inch thick they seem to be, any ideas on how to make them and save a bunch of $?

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How do I make a DIY gel wrist support?

I really wanted to MAKE a "gel" wrist support for someone for Christmas.  The prices are outrageous.  Can someone tell me if it's possible to create this at home?  Thanks.

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What thickener gives a gel-consistency, and not jelly-consistency?

Hey people! I have a liquid I would like to thicken to the consistency where it can be spread on bread. I just don't want to blend in too many calories, so I just want to use some thickener. But what thickener gives a gel-like consistency, and not a jelly-like? The difference (in my head) is that if you poke the surface of a gel, your finger sinks into it, and if you do the same with a jelly, the surface bends. So jelly is the wobbly stuff like jell-o, while gel is more like hairgel. Problem is just that I don't know which thickener to use... I have these in consideration: Cornstarch, tried, worked kind of, but not when cooled down in the fridge. Went from almost tolerably jelly, to very jelly Tapioca, should be like cornstarch, but more fridge-tolerant. Any thoughts? Flour, not very powerful, and gives a bad taste in those quantities Agar agar, less wobbly than gelatine, but still kind of jelly. Pectin, still haven't tried it, but know it is used for jam, and jam can be spread, but can also be kind of wobbly, any thoughts? Also, any other suggestions?

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How do you make Zel-Gel, like the stuff they used in Time Warp with the Fuel Girls?

I was watching Time Warp on the Discovery Channel, and I saw the second part with the Fuel Girls and they had this cool fire gel. Upon further research, I found out that this is called Zel-Gel. It is really expensive, 100 usd per gallon... I don't have that type of money, and I was wondering if anyone knows how to make it

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Press 'print' for a light-emitting T-shirt

From New Scientist magazine:ELECTRONIC displays that can be printed onto virtually any surface, including paper and fabric, are now a step closer, thanks to the creation of a light-emitting ink.Read the full article for all the details. Oh, and try reading the article before asking questions which are answered in the article text. Just a thought...

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Bunion separators made to suit an individual

Hi there, Does anyone have ideas on how to make/get hold of a silicon type material to make moulds of so called toe separators.   Something which could be made to an individual's needs, i.e. I would make it for myself and if it works, to share it publicly, as I am sure those who suffer from having bunions would benefit extremely.  Unfortunately the products available on the market most of the time don't work (and is waste of money and resources), as all of us have different toes, feet, alignments etc. Any ideas on how to make such material at home and cheaply are very welcome. THANK you in advance! To peace and comfy feet for all! P.S. I have attached a few photos of these products to give you an idea of what I mean.  The silicone which is used is soft but sturdy enough, which doesn't hurt the joints of the toes.  It would be great to be able to mould these around flip flops (and other shoes) permanently - so that they don't move about.

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How do you make a bust mold for a head? can i fill it with ballistics gel? Answered

I want to make a cheap martial arts dummy with ballistics gel covered with plastic.  like this

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(newsletter) Ballistic Gel, Fridge Alarm, Vulcan Lyre...

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Where can you get silicone gel that can be easily molded that does not degrade over time?

I need some kind of gel padding for an underlayment on a suit of non-ballistics body armor I am building. What I want is some kind of mixture I can mix up, dump in a shallow mold, let it cure, then pull it out and cut it to shape and put it in the suit. Preferably this gel would be pretty good at absorbing shock and would not degrade over time if kept in a sealed environment away from sunlight, like sealed in a plate in the suit.  Anyone know of anything like that that is easily available and not over priced? I noticed the silicone used to make molds for casting, would that work? My friend suggested ballistics gel but it seems like it would degrade over time.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. 

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what's the gel made of inside a pressure activated cooling pad? Answered

I'd like to know what the GEL is made of inside those clever cooling pads sold as mattress cooling pads and pet cooling pads. And, can I make my own version for my dog at a considerably reduced price from the on-line stores? I don't want the freezer gel recipe,(water and rubbing alcohol), I need the pressure activated type gel recipe. THANK YOU INSTRUCTABLES COMMUNITY

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What is in a gel sac? Would it be any good at sound proofing? Answered

So yeah, I was thinking about making a sound-proof box as part of a project and wondered: would a gel sac make good sound insulating material.  You know the stuff I mean - the little sac like things you can't help but prod about on posh mouse mats and on gel bike saddles.  Thinking about that I also realised I didn't really know what the 'gel' material actually is?  Is it possible to easily make a similar or substitute substance at home?  Thanks.

Question by bongodrummer    |  last reply

Hair gel? cleaning products? What can you do with it?

I have several jars of hair gel which I used once upon a time but I want to find other uses for it . I did hear that you can make it into a paste for putting onto the surface of vinyl records and when it sets you peel it off and it removes fine dust without scratching. Any ideas would be appreciated.

Question by craftyv    |  last reply

Can anyone help me make a co2 gel mask?

The more I read up on the benefits of using one of these masks the more I want to try one, it hasn't quite hit the states by storm yet but it will, too bad it costs an arm and a leg! I have an inkling of what may be required to make it, it's just a gel (glycerin) and co2 gas. I was thinking I could make one of the at home carbonators that several people on here have posted instructables on, but I wanted to be sure that it'd work in that manner. I don't think carbonating a liquid is the same as carbonating a gel. Another thing most formulas have in common is sodium bicarbonate. Any ideas?

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I have an electric wheelchair that contains 2- 12v gel batt

I have an electric wheelchair that contains 2-12v batteries. the charger has 115v/230vac input & 24vdc/5a output. what do i need to get to be able to install a solar charge / battery maintain system?

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Need help finding a a translucent rubber that can be molded into a lasting reusable shape

I am looking for a rubber that could be molded around a pen to create a case for it.

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Can you use incense oils in gel-candle making? Is there even a difference between the oils? Answered

I saw some oils at a hippie shop that could be used for incense, and I was wondering if they could be used in gel candle making, or if it wouldn't be considered safe. Thanks for the help.

Question by kmilliron    |  last reply

Ok...I have made the transfer of the image to the gel to glue it? how can I glue it to a painted canvas (acrylic paint) with clarity so that the image appears over the painting and sets the glue? If I try to glue it with medium it will not set since air is not getting to it?

Question by phrescue7    |  last reply

Can the containers and pouches of silica gel in pill bottles, new bags and the like, be used to make glass? Answered

What physical setup would be required if this is possible? Please advise, and thank you in advance.

Question by von rad    |  last reply

Is there a compound similar to translucent silicone sealant paste, for making thin 2-3" dia. discs?

I am making a DIY digital interface (using Arduino and MaxMSP), the touch-pads will have embedded super-bright LEDs and I'm looking for a compound similar to translucent silicone sealant gel. I'm concerned that, once dried/cured, the silicone will still retain some chemicals harmful to the skin (fingertips)

Question by brendanmccloskey    |  last reply

I need a material semi transparent like gelo ,but time resistant.How can create it?

I need a material semi transparent like gel ,but time resistant. How can create it? I need this material for a ship model and the gel painted blue mast representing the sea

Question by koutourou12    |  last reply

How can I make night vision goggles without theatrical gel sheets? Answered

How can I make night vision goggles without sheets of red and congo blue theatrical gels? I can't get them where I live and I don't want to buy on Ebay.

Question by Xenobia    |  last reply

I need help with my projetc with a petrol generator, inverter-charger and gel batteries

Hello,  I own a non-profit organization in the island of Tenerife, Spain. We have established in an old house that was from my grandpa. We are there since Novenber 2010. We tried to sing up with a local enterprise that provides electricity but they told us that we had to make some changes in the house, we did it but they still without providing us electricity so we bought a petrol generator that provides us the only source of electricity that we have, but petrol is a bit expensive and the generator is noisy.  Mi intention is to set up solar energy sometime in the future, but is a bit expensive for us by the moment. Last mounth I bougth an inverter-charger and a gel battery for charge it temporaly with the petrol generator, saving energy, however I believe that they are bad connected toguetter because the battery doesn't charge. I don't have a lot of knolenge about this matter so I need help.  I attach some photos of the battery and the inverter (is a charger-inverter in fact). I can take more photos if they are needed or provide more information. I'm really don't know what I'm doing and I fear to try by myself and broke something.  I think that the problen is in the connection to the battery or the inverter switch, so I provide those photos for start.  Thank you very much, I need help. 

Topic by OliverdelaRosa  

To even out my current coming in can I use 12v Gel batteries or should I go to a bank of wet cell batteries?

I have a chispito like wind generator and a radiator fan that I will place on the Air conditioner fan outside. When the Air Conditioner kicks on, I will be generating DC. My plan is to take both sources into a charge controller tied to a bank of 12v batteries, then into an inverter. I have purchased two 12v gel cell sealed batteries to get up and running with. Do I need to use wet cell batteries or can I go with the Gel Cell batteries? By the way my generator creates 3-6 volts in a good stiff wind anf my radiator fan creates 2-4.5 volts when the Air Conditioner is running. Thanks

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Silicone Mask Silicone?

So I have created a negative of a sculpt (two part plaster) for a full head and top of shoulders mask; I would like to cast it out of silicone but I am not sure what to use... I need something available in uk that can stretch a lot (it is a tight mask so that it binds to your expressions) and is soft like skin. (And Cheap! :) tops around £30) I was thinking about platsil Gel 00 or 10. What do you think? Thanks! (And if you can, how much would I need?)

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