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Topic by jannacristi91  

what ipod gen?

I own a 60 gigabyte ipod video. the last part of the serial number is TXL. i want to know, is this ipod a 5th generation or something? or is it considered the video? i tried apples website, but its like the 60 gigabyte never existed. please help

Topic by tech-king    |  last reply

how do i fix a 4th gen ipod?

Im getting all four errors on my ipod. the unhappy ipod always comes up and wen i try to charge it via the computer or wall it has the low battery icon with the big lightning bolt.

Question    |  last reply

6ht gen iPod packaging

Anyone that bought a 6th gen iPad Nano still have all the packaging? I have a project in mind to repurpose the plastic packing, and I could use either the interior paper packaging for reference, a decent scan of it, or a vector image.

Topic by vikinggoat  

1st gen iPod Shuffle?

There was this one inctructable for adding an iPod shuffle (gen 1) onto headphones, but what if we can rig it so we use one over ear headphone + ipod shuffle mounted, and take out all the shuffle stuff and add bluetooth headset components! that would be ccrazy!

Topic by Sadam and Osama    |  last reply

Debian in Galileo Gen 2 Board

Dear all, I am currently developing a project on the University. I have to run a Phyton code in a Galileo Gen 2 board. In order to do that I have been asked to install Debian in such a board. I have no clue on how to do it, and the tutorial that I have found in the website is not detailed enough. I can see all around the place people talking about  "SD card image for Debian for the Intel Gelileo boards" but I do not understand what do they mean with this image. If any of you have ever done this, could you please get in contact with me? I would REALLY REALLY appreciate it! Thank you very much in advance, Mercedes.

Topic by mmodetb    |  last reply

Troubleshoot iPod Touch 4th gen?

The music that I download from my computer and iTunes to my iPod disappers from my iPod when I connect it to the  computer. Is there a way to keep that from happening?

Question by 1KingDavid    |  last reply

Ipod touch or Nano second gen.? Answered

I have a perfectly good ipod nano 2nd generation but my brother is getting an iphone and wants to sell me his ipod touch for 50 dollars. Is it a good enough deal?

Question by Wafflicious    |  last reply

4th gen iPod classic hack?

I'm wondering if anyone else has tried this flash memory hack ... I've successfully converted my old 4th gen over, and have a nice library of music on there now, except every time I listen to music it freezes after the first song, and I have to do a hard reset to bring me back to ethe menu. Anyone else experience this issue or have any ideas on how to fix it? Thanks!

Question by cangus1    |  last reply

Luminodot: Next Gen Lite Brite

The humble Lite-Brite has long been overdue for a modern reboot. We made our own Giant Lite-Brite, but Bandai is now coming out with the Luminodot which has a 70x50 grid, closely packed lights, and the ability to animate the backlight. The cost is $100 and sadly it's only available in Japan. Link

Topic by fungus amungus    |  last reply

Knex Mp5 (Gen.3) Video

This is my third generation Mp5, many of its parts are from the generation 2. Mostly all internals have been changed from the generation 2. In my opinion, this is my best Mp5 yet. Specifications: -Shoots 30-40 feet. -Grey connector ammunition type. -Holds 5 rounds. -Removable magazine with release lever. -True trigger. -Ram guide with easy pull back system. -Rear and Front sights.

Topic by DELETED_Blue Mullet 2    |  last reply

GEN H-4 Mini Personal Helicopter

The GEN H-4 personal helicopter weighs 70 kg, carries 220 kg total, has 40 hp of 2-stroke power, counter-rotating props, and costs $35 K. Check out what it takes to put together:, get a flying motorcycle from Butterfly Gyroplane:

Topic by ewilhelm    |  last reply

iPod nano 1st gen built in speaker

Anyone add a built in speaker to an ipod nano 1st gen? Pop off the back. Cut a hole for a speaker. Do some wiring to connect the speaker?

Topic by gregdove    |  last reply


My APPLE IPOD 3rd gen 1gb(DUPLICATE STUFF) broke. imagei DEsoldered all the parts. I want the PINOUT of the LCD. It has a non standard (20 pins) number of pins. PLEASE help. i know 16 pin connection but not this. Its size is 2inches(diagonal)thank u in advance

Question    |  last reply

any hacks for ipod nano 2nd gen?

Ipod nano 2nd generation: sometimes it wont turn on. tried toggling hold....tried select and play together. it will turn on but sometimes got to play with it for awhile. any help appreciated!

Question    |  last reply

PLESE HELP, IPOD 3rd gen question!?

I have an old ipod third generation that came out in 2003. what are the three battery wires?red = positive?white = ???black = ground?thanks for your help!!!!

Question by led235  

ipod nano 1st gen memory upgrade

Im really sick of the small memory space on the white first gen ipod nano. then i did some research. some guy put a 200 gig hard drive on his ipod. he posted it here Does anyone have any idea on how to hook up just a normal flash drive to an ipod?

Topic by frdmrckr  

change ipod shuffle (2nd gen) colour

I won a 2nd gen iPod Shuffle from an arcade game at the local movie theatre and I got a purple one. Since I'm so insecure with my sexuality (and I just plain don't like the colour) I'm wondering if there is a way to strip the paint (if it actually is paint) from it. I've looked into other options like the silicon and aluminum shuffle cases but they are kinda bulky.

Topic by atomicrabbit    |  last reply

iPod touch 1st gen failing to boot?

I have an iPod touch 1st gen which is quite old and is on it's third battery. However, it often won't boot with the back on, which suggests a short, but I have visually checked the connections and they all seem ok, and I have even covered them with tape, but I still get the problem. I then thought it may be shorting elsewhere on the board so I have covered other areas in tape which may be close to the edge of the enclosure, but I still have the same problem. Even if I do get the case on without it initially dieing, it only lasts a few days before the back has to be taken off, then it works again. I may just buy a new back as they only cost about £6, would this be the best solution?

Question by andy70707  

Ipod Touch - Any Gen ) Please Read (

Hi My 1St sign up To Instructables so its My 1St Q on Here so here it is. Is it possible to Make/build instead of buying a Iphone/Ipod Sd card reader adapter is it possible to make 1 and to make it work if so Please provide some guidelines/help what to buy or have and what to do . Thks  in Advance . 

Topic by firtha10    |  last reply

Old Skool Or Next Gen Video Gaming? Answered

I was just wondering, i was listenin' to some old tunes from Burnout 3 Takedown (PS2), and figured; it was an awesome game and still is, but i like GTA IV (PS3) and other new games too, so what do i like best?

Question by Skreetsha    |  last reply

I have a 3rd gen ipod touch and was building the Another Altoids Charger and its not working but will work with others.

I build the charger and it will charge my 1st gen ipod touch and my 1st gen ipod nano but will not charge my 3rd gen ipod touch, what do i need to do to make it work with my ipod touch 3rd gen??? PLEASE HELP!

Question by kdyches17    |  last reply

how do i get cydia for ipod touch 1 gen?

How do i get cydia for ipod touch 1 gen?


My Ipod photo (4th gen) is stuck at the connect to power screen (a normal part of restore). Suggestions?

I restored my ipod because I have just replaced the HD (It worked without the restore so I know the HD is good, I just restored to get rid of the other crap on it). These ipods had to connect to a wall charger after restore. That is where I am stuck.). I first tried my wall charger. It is not apple brand so that could be the problem. I cannot try an OEM charger because I do not have one, nor do I know anyone who does.) An outline of what i've done I have connected to many power sources for a long time. I have tired disconnecting the battery  I have taken apart the ipod; there is no obvious physical defect. More I can't remeber. I bashed my head on this for a while. If I can't get a solution I am going to take out the Hard drive and format it an I will have to restore again. Maybe It will work this time..  My ipod is a paperweight until I fix this. I have tried every solution on the internet (OK that I have FOUND on the internet so far). Suggestions? Thanks in advance 

Question by mattp1133    |  last reply

iPod Shuffle 2nd gen USB charger! DIY

Hey guys, im posting this up around some places because my gf had a 2nd gen shuffle the clamshell and all the guides for usb chargers didnt work, so i made my own... Just want to share for anyone who is wanting to do this as well..

Topic by microhaxo    |  last reply

Any iPod Shuffle Gen 2 Mods yet?

I won a iPod Shuffle Gen 2.0 in a local Photography contest, and was wondering if anyone has come up with mods for it. I've seen the travel case, very creative, but I'm looking to hack the actually player, and not just to hook it up to headphones or USB. Yeah, I'm a bit picky ;-). Also, is there anything of worth inside the iPod after say, the battery doesn't charge up anymore?

Topic by Bran    |  last reply

Is 6v too much for an ipod 5th gen video?

I have a 6v charger, just wondering if i could run that to a usb port and charge my ipod from that. will it fry it? planning on running it to a female usb plug then just plugging up ipod with usb cord.

Question by cr4zy5pacec0w80y    |  last reply

2nd gen Game Boy Advance Movie Player

I'm looking for a 2nd generation Game Boy Advance Movie Player. Specificly the compact flash version. I don't care what condition the shell is in as long as the circut board inside is still intact. If anybody has one that they no longer want PM me. I have been looking everywhaere for one of these and nobody has them, not even ebay! The picture is the exact verson that I am looking for, there are three versons but I will only accecpt this particular one. Thanks

Topic by junits15    |  last reply

how do upgrade the ios on the first gen ipod touch?

I have the first gen ipod and was wondering how can i upgrade the ios so that i can play more games

Question by tokuta    |  last reply

portable ipod touch 4th gen. charger safe and wont blow the battery

Will some one please help i need a schematic for a ipod touch 4th gen charger and be portable and safe for my brand new ipod please help!! !!

Topic by agm88  

why doesnt the 4 gen ipod nano charge on certain chargers that work perfectly fine with all other previous generations?

I have a 2 gen ipod nano that would charge in my wall socket charger and the car adapter i got for christmas. My dad has a 3rd gen nano that also works with said chargers. But why wont the 4th generation work with these chargers? it simply says on the screen "charging is not supported with this accessory"

Question by deedeedee9    |  last reply

how could i control the lcd on a 1st gen ipod nano with arduino Answered

I have the lcd from a first gen ipod nano and i would like to know the pin out  so that i can control the lcd with an arduino and display images on it.

Question by devicemodder    |  last reply

does anyone know how to? dismantle a first gen ds?

Here a pic . there are small screws i cant get out with a normal screwdriver.

Question by unanonymous    |  last reply

my ipod 5th gen video will not produce sound from dock or earphone jack?

My ipod 5th gen video. it connects to computer. it loads music its also been restored a few times successfully but i get no sound from the dock or the earphone jack. it shows music playing and the menu comes up fine.. appreciate the help?

Question by tommysideslide    |  last reply

can I make my wind gen controller , any smart, cheep circuit link?

I have four stepper motors made up a wind gen setup , almost 1amp, how can I charge a 12v 7amp with regulation, what circuit design do I employ?

Question by celalboz    |  last reply

Buying broken iPods (preffer iTouch gen 2 and above.)

Hello. I'm buying broken iPod Touch. Generation 2 and above.  If you have any and will be willing to let me have them for a fair price, contact me here or at thanks

Topic by abregovic  

iPod Nano 3rd gen haz DIED please help!

Yes, that's right. I'm unhappy about it. I turned it on, and it worked, turned it off, then 45 minutes later, it wouldn't turn on. IT wasn't dropped, banged, or touched. It wasn't EMP'ed or anything. IT won't turn on, it won't synch to my computer, and no the lock isn't on. It's about 18 months old. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Topic by KentsOkay    |  last reply

Does anyone know where I can find a cheap ipod touch 16gb 2nd gen cheap and in good condition? Answered

I need a cheap ipod touch 16gb 2nd gen that is in good condition and if you have one then I'll pay $150 for it if you'll accept.

Question by fireblast_1212    |  last reply

why wont my 2nd gen ipod sink up to my laptop??? Answered

I bought a 2nd gen 2gb ipod from goodwill for 20 bucks.went to wallymart bought a usb cord to hook up to my laptop & all it does is flash a no sign & say do not disconnect.what can i do??? this is after i put in a $24 battery from ebay.

Question by bigmark    |  last reply

I just jailbroke my first gen I touch and now all I get is the apple logo and nothing else.

I just jailbroke my first gen I touch and now all I get is the apple logo and nothing else. If I plug it in, the itunes sees the itouch but it says that I need to use the unlock code that I put in. The problem is, it does not give me that screen anymore...just the dam apple.

Question    |  last reply

Can I update my jailbroken first gen iphone to iphone system 3?

I have a jailbroken first generation iphone. I used pwnage to jailbreak it and it has a deactivated sim card in it. It's running system 1-point-something. I want to know if I can update it to system 3 without totally bricking it. Any help would be appreciated!

Question by purpleboy    |  last reply

Voltage Doubler Caps, what voltage should I use for 30-40v wind gen?

Voltage Doubler Caps, what voltage should I use for 30-40v wind gen?and what difference it makes if milifarad bigger or smaller or mixed?

Question by celalboz    |  last reply

what is the best way to sell a used ipod nano 4th gen? Answered

It is a blue ipod nano with very few scratches. i will be including a sports strap, and a regular rubber case.  anyone have any suggestions to find out how i could get the best price?

Question by yankeee7    |  last reply

How to fix restore error 1604 on a iPod Touch 1st Gen.?

How do you fix restore error 1604 on a iPod Touch 1st Gen.? Thanks. I have not tried to jailbreak it or anything like that. Also it's stuck in restore mode already.

Question by computergeek    |  last reply