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The blue food bowl in the pics has been replaced cos she ate all the bottom so it wasn't strong and i went to fill it up when she was under it and i didn't know and as i pored it in the food was too heavy and i all collapsed on to of her and she leaped across the cage head first in to the clear plastic walls. (:P ha ha ha it still makes me laugh

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gerbils 4 sale

4 LITTLY BABY GERBILS 4 SALE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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the adventurs of our gerbils there cool.

Here are some pictures of my gerbils they had a litter of 4 about 2 months ago they killed the other three named bill, socratice he was cool because he was white, abrahm lincoln, one we have left is Dave. thees are the gerbils in the pics. Palpatien the dad, A.J. the mom she has a boy name lol ,and Dave the baby. On August /1/ 07 they had another litter of 3 once they get there fur we will name them, this topic is getting big. well in the next few pictures the babys have now had there fur for about three weeks ,but I was to lazy to post some pics for a while. pic 17 the two white ones are named ed because we cant tell them apart lol I haven't rely tried yet though pic 18 same pic 19 same pic 20 I want it pic 21 I'm a cute one pic 22 this is my card board tube pic 23 never give a girble toilet paper tubes they will burn them.......not its fake. pic 24 a new power dave used last night.

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What are some good toys for gerbils?

I generally want homemade toys but anything will do. My gerbils chew everything up so im always looking for a good toy.

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Can gerbils eat carrot greens? If not, what to do with them?

My beloved gerbils Maui and Galaxy have eaten many strange things, and just today we pulled up TONS of carrots and were wondering if the gerbils could eat the greens. I've heard about bunnies eating them and stuff and wanted to know if they could eat them. Please answer as fast as possible!!! They are HUNGRY!!!!! Maui gerbil

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how do i stop my gerbils from making a mess?

I have 2 gerbils, and the gerbil litter i use is basically shredded paper. the only problem is, there alwasy kicking it out of their cage, and there is always a huge mess, wherever i put them. what can i do about it?

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my gerbil is sick, what can i do? Answered

One of my sisters gerbils died, and my mom didin't notice it until labout a day after, and she had 3. one of them is fine, but the other remaining one has stopped eating and drinking, and its not moving. we put some sugar water into an eye dropper, and put some in its mouth, and now it opened its eyes and started moving around again, but basically all we are doing right now is keeping it warm, giving it sugar water, and isolating it from the other gerbil. Is there anything i can do, like should i put him back in the cage with the other living gerbil, or feed him something else? please help.

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how do you search for a particular instructable? Answered

Should be obvious, but I only see a search through google - not a search of all of the instructables. I am looking for one on how to build a gerbil maze. Thanks

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any body want to sell a pet mammel? Answered

Like a gerbil gunea pig no hamsters

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