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Finished with online German

Yeah!!!! done with online german!!!! just had to tell somebody... I can honestly say I've learned almost nothing from an online german course... But next year I get to be in german 2 and I won't be stuck with the same lame class i had this year. The principle actually had to come in for about 2 weeks it was that bad. As in students revolting, walking out the class, not doing assignments, etc.

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German wood working

Http:// THIS is the german way to deal with wood ! , Click the link and learn more about german wood techniques :)

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Old German tool, what was it used for?

It is German, I'd guess from the early 1900's. Only visible markings: the text "geschüzt" on one handle Diameter of round plate 70 mm Kinda functions like a garlic press What was it?

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Old German(?) thread spooling machine?

Although somewhat difficult to explain, I was told this threader was used along with a spinning wheel-the treadle works fine and spins the hooked piece which then feeds the thread to the spools on the right. Ingenious !

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WW1-WW2 German Bayonet help

I was wondering if anyone can help me identify a German bayonet I have. I’ve done a bunch of research with my friends and think it was made during ww1 and reused in WW2. Some details are there’s a letter “J” on the spine and a filed out “3183” on the tang and scabbard I think those are the numbers I’m not completely sure but from the scabbard it seems to be “3183”. The tang serial number was filed out except the last number “3” and on the scabbard “813 (blank)”. And stamped over the scabbard is “3837” and on the guard “3887”. I believe it’s around 10-14 inches. I don’t know if this might help but just wanted to include it just in case, thanks.

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Can anyone identify this item? ?

Some German toy of some sorts with a swastika on the little bag there and its like he is running to the bathroom or something... any info on this would be great.

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New kind of SLS 3d Printer (german)

Hallo Community, ich habe die Idee für einen neuen 3d Drucker, der mit einer Laserdruckerkartusche arbeitet und ein Stützmaterial verwendet, das Streufähig ist.Gerne sende ich mein Dokumentationsentwurf (derzeit rd 13 Seiten) Interessierten zu. Sie trägt folgenden Titel:Die Additive Fertigungfür Metalle und Kunststoffe in Klein- und Mittelständigen Unternehmen für den Werkstattbereich- Aussicht auf ein Neues Verfahren -„ Leonardo Da Vinci und Nikola Tesla waren für mich die größten Erfinder, was würden Sie mit unserem heutigen Wissen für technische Wunder vollbringen?“ Hat jemand interesse sich daran zu beteiligen?

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Custom sweatshirt retailers? Answered

So I've come up with a sweet idea for sweatshirts for the Deutsch Klub at my school, but the only problem is that the diamond pattern is a bit expensive. Apparently the local retailer that the club usually gets it's sweatshirts from doesn't have a machine capable of printing the pattern over the entire shirt, as I understand it. Or it just costs too much. But anyways, I was wondering if anyone knows of an online retailer that I could get that pattern from (or a similar one at least) for fairly cheap. Thanks in advance.

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scale model afrika korps ww2 german diorama? Answered

I just got a bunch of models for my birthday, all WW2, mostly German, afrika  korps. I'm going to use them in a big diorama, so i could use some help in the painting, and weathering. i got one set of ruins, so i as wondering if you could tell me how to weather them, and with what. they are mostly brick walls, and sandbags. i also got a little ambulance, a small autoblinda ab 43, and i was wondering what color to paint it. and i got 100plus troops, half german, half british, and i was wodering if there was simple colors to paint those. Also, they're all 72th scale, and the model shop that i go to, mostly sells tamiyas, which im also trying to only buy. thanks for any help.

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Can I create an instructible in german that I made in english? Answered

Can I do this for any contest?

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Lets Learn French,German,Sindhi,Spanish,Chinese,Arabic

Dear all, It would be very helpful if any member among us can help us learn each of these languages. That member can be the native speaker of these languages or  have sound knowledge as well. Here I am providing some links to learn Sindhi language as well as other languages . Sindhi German French Spanish Chinese Arabic Miscellaneous languages learning moreover, You can also help in learning these languages.  

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Instructables on my blog

Http:// THIS is the german way to deal with wood ! , Click the link and learn more about german wood techniques :)

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How Can I Keep A German Shepherd Puppy From Being Bored When Im At Work?

I have now sucessfully saved up enough money to get the puppy i have always wanted but i am afraid that it will get bored while i am at work and will wreck everything in the house any suggestions on what i could do?

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Name Change

I am going to be changing my username to TheChemiker, because my current one, as you all probably know, sucks.  Chemiker is chemist in german, and if you don't already know, I am half german.  It should change in about a week.

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Beautiful Inefficiency

It's all about the journey for the rainwater in this German building.

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Instructables Multilanguage

I have been playing with Google Translator and I made translations of Instructables.IMPORTANT UPDATEI've done this in Turkish and noticed that these are just gibberish.DON'T USE THESEArabicBulgarianCatalanChineseCroatianCzechDanishDutchEnglishFilipinoGermanI stopped at German from boredom.

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Information about a Mercedes Selekta typewriter

I have an old Mercedes Selekta typewriter that I would like to know more about. It is German, and has a couple of German character keys on it (vowels w/umlats, primarily). I got it from a person that was cleaning out their house; their husband had somehow acquired it in WWII.

Question by peytonjr  


Thursday we passed 3 truckloads of new Audis with German plates traveling north on the M6 west of Manchester.Can anyone explain this?One model per truck ~6-7 carsGerman platesNorthbound on the M6Our best guess was they'd been shipped over for the benefit of motoring journalists to test drive, but you'd expect them to land on the east coast (unless they were touring?)L

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Ghost-Instructable - it's there but it's not

I've published a german instructable (ürzgläser-beschriften). I can find it via google (seraching for "EMSA Gewürzgläser Schriftart" first result entry), but if I look under "You" - "Instructables (1)" it says Puiblished (1) You haven't published any instructables, yet ??? Could it be there are problems with german umlauts in instructable names?

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Cmptr guns?????

Ok, on  "angry german kid vs. the virus" he has guns that can shoot on his computer. and ect. . How can I get this?????????? I really want it. Angry German Kid vs. the Virus ::: ep. 1      ep. 2;=related ep.3;=related

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Does anyone have an English copy of Shrodinger's paper "Quantization as an Eigenvalue Problem"? Answered

I've had a terrible time finding it in English. My German in nonexistent. :-)

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Teacher Builds a Tardis

Sillysparrowness, a self-described "German teacher with a leaning towards silliness," described the process by which she came to build a beautiful, obsessively finished Tardis. Enjoy... YouTube via BoingBoing.  

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like war tanks and trucks

List: t-74 jsdf type-74 main battle tank m8 ww2 u.s. m8 howitzer motor carriage jeep ww2 u.s. willys jeep greif ww2 german isdkfz 250/3 halftrack t34 ww2 russian t34/85medium tank sherman ww2 u.s. m4a3 mediun tank M16 WWII U.S. M16 Multiple Gun Motor Carriage PANTHER WWII German PzKpfw. V Medium Tank TIGER 1 WWII German PzKpfw. VI Heavy Tank P40 WWII U.S. Curtis P40 Warhawk P38 WWII U.S. Lockheed P38 Lightning P51 WWII U.S. North American P51 Mustang F-14 TOMCAT U.S. Navy Grumman F-14 Tomcat P-3 ORIAN U.S. Navy Lockheed P-3 Orion CHURCHILL WWII British Churchill Mk.VII Infantry Tank POST?????

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hey where can i get a good dog for cheap in New Delhi(INDIA)????

I'd prefer a German Shepard or a St.Bernard or some strong and an obedient & faithful dog.Please help.

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Buy complete Throwies

I recently found a (german) internet shop where you can buy complete throwies:Click me, I'm the link!One pack costs 14,50 Euro and contains 50 Throwies. Nice thing.

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Unknown bayonet

Hi there, I wonder if anyone could help me identify this bayonet please and tell me something about it. It came from Romanian Eastern Carpatians , where fought in August 1944 the germans, hungarians, romanians and russians. Many thanks,

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2 eggs walk into a fridge

This is an animated joke I made for class. I heard the joke from this 14 yo German girl and laughed so hard. Hope you enjoy it and please share if it makes you smile :)

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I wnt to build a directional speaker that can send more than 25mghz to my neighbors dog?

I have two german shepards next door who are driving me crazy with their barking all day and all night

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Einstein's Logic Puzzle That 98% of the World Population Can't Solve.

There are 5 houses each with a different color. Their owners, each with a unique heritage, drinks a certain type of beverage, smokes a certain brand of cigarette, and keep acertain variety of pet. None of the owners have the same pet, smoke the same brand of cigarette or drink the same beverage.The Brit lives in the red house.The Swede keeps dogs as pets.The Dane drinks tea.The green house is just to the left of the white house.The green house's owner drinks coffee.The person who smokes Pall Malls raises birds.The owner of the yellow house smokes Dunhill.The man living in the center house drinks milk.The Norwegian lives in the first house.The man who smokes Blends lives next to the one who keeps cats.The man who keeps a horse lives next to the man who smokes Dunhill.The owner who smokes Bluemasters also drinks beer.The German smokes Prince.The Norwegian lives next to the blue house.The man who smokes Blends has a neighbor who drinks water.Who owns the fish?You may now thank me for ruining your holiday.Here's what I have:Yellow-norwigian-DunhillBlue-horse-water-German?-Prince? Red-Brit-milk-BlendsGreen-Coffee-cats-German?-Prince?White-swede-Bluemasters-beer.I got the colors, and maybe a few other things, but it gets mucky after that. I think it is the Brit, but my friend says it's the German.

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Where is a list with the most recent instructables? It should be on the frontpage IMO? Answered

On the front page there is a list with featured Instructables, one with "Zeitgeist", whatever type of German Wurst that may be, and one with Popular. But where is the simple "Most Recent" list. It should be somewhere!

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I don't know what this is or what it is worth?

My partner passed away last November and this was in his storage. I have been searching to try to find what it is and the company name Baulaser, but most of the results are in german. Please if anyone knows what this is, I would be so grateful.

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Attach a camera to your cat! it will take pictures randomly all day! man this is a great idea!

All the credit goes to this german guy anybody wants to improvethe idea please feel free to do so and tell me about it email: dejabox at gmail.comCheers

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Can someone help me identify this bayonet?

Have this bayonet, i know its around the WW-II era, i believe german, but cant get a correct description Overall length 15.4" Blade length 10.15" Handle length 5.25" handle feels kinda plastic, any info will help

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FIFA Day 3 Group D results

The world cup continues with ever so exciting games. Here are the results for group D: Game 1 Ghana 1- Serbia 0 Gyan 85th minute Game 2 Australia 0- Germany 4                       Podolski                       8th minute                       Klose                       26th minute                       Mueller                       68th minute                      Cacau                      70th minute  personal thoughts on game 1 An amazingly close game. if it wasn't for that penalty it would've been a tie. Not much more as i didn't get to see the whole game. personal thoughts on game 2 Watching my country lose was heartbreaking. I think the coach and the team made some bad choices. First of all, The coach should have put more players in defense. Also the team should have done shorter passes. almost every time they did a long pass the ball ended up in German feet. Another thing is that they should have attacked instead of waiting ten seconds before attacking. The last thing is that they should have run faster. The German team played amazingly well considering their injured players. I have always thought of Germany as one of the best soccer teams in the world. They have once again proven that they deserve being in the top 10. If Australia doesn't pass the group stages I'll be cheering for Germany. Good luck Aussies and Germans! Please comment about the teams and games. 

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New editor image view selection

I've made an instructable in German using the new editor and at the end you had to select the view of your main image. I selected it to be in the middle, but this is how it came out and I can't change it now. I'm using Safari on a Mac OS X 10.8.2

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Favorite Breed of Dog

What's your favorite breed of dog? My favorite dog would probably be a Siberian Husky. Though I love all kinds of dogs, especially big dogs like German Shepherds and Alaskan Malamutes. I also like some smaller dogs like Australian Cattle Dogs and Beagles.

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my computer is on the fritz

My computer about once a day out of nowhere either: Freezes BSOD nothing works except the cursor, even after an hour of waiting This is really tough on me because I need to finish my german course by the 19th or I'm screwed, and my computer is being retarded. Any help??? BTW reinstalling windows is not an option

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How can I publish an instructable in different languages? Answered

I speak English, Spanish and some French. I'd like to translate my instructables (in English) to Spanish and French, so that more people could read them, but I don't know how to do it. Do I have to make a new instructable written in Spanish or French? I've seen that when you create a new instructable now, they ask you to choose a language. You have the option of choosing Spanish, English, German... but not French. What should I do? BTW, I created a few years ago an instructable that got many views. One day I realized that I had 5 "drafts" I have not created in my profile account. When I clicked on the link I saw this instructable automatically translated to Spanish , German, Portuguese, Chinese and Japanese. Why did this happen? What should I do? Thanks for the help!

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Ice Art Alaska Team Member: Jesse Tyler Walton

I am an artist living in San Francisco's Dogpatch. My work mainly consists of sculpture, installation, kinetic sculpture, drawing, animation, and printmaking. I am currently attending The San Francisco Art Institute for an MFA in sculpture. I received a BFA in printmaking and a minor in German from The University of Iowa in 2003.

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9 inch relaxed S shaped fat fake tounge that can flex under pressure, but will always snap back to original position?

I'm making a 9 inch tounge for a krampus mask, it needs to be an S like shape, be flexible enough to bend but always snap back to position, and Ideas how I can make this on the cheap?

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RC Nerf Tank, Rose Pizza, Top Secret Bunker

RC Nerf Tank Rose Pizza Top Secret Bunker Make Giant Bubbles Adafruit Photo Tutorial Classic Rock Labyrinth German Flammkuchen Laser Etching Metal Sport Jersey to Sexy Top Glowing Nameplate Recycled Ruffled Headband Caffeinated Jello Shots Rubik's Cube Cake Paracord Handle Hidden Door Bookshelf

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T'was all a lie!

Im just kidding, it was no lie. I did sell all my knex to a random German guy, but anyhoooo. Some of you may be pleased to know that, and I'm also ashamed of my self, that I bought a huge lot of knex off eBay. Which means I'm officially back and ready to build. Yeah, I craved it, I couldn't resist the temptation to build, it was just too powerful! Just thought I'd tell you. Yeah, thanks, uhhhh, bye, uhhhh, cyaaaaaaa!

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Incredible Light Art Perfomance Photography

Sometime the Daily Mail gets it right.Today they linked to a German website called LAPP-PRO.It's a light-graffiti site, but in its purest form - the shots are all untouched. Single, slow exposures, without any digital alterations.People moving with lights, installations, even night-shots of scenes lit with a single torch.The Mail's featured images are amazing, but the slideshows on the website are better.Look to the top of the screen for the controls.LAPP-PRO

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Kite-powered ship sets sail.

German container ship MS Beluga SkySails has set sail for Venezuela from Germany, towed in part by 160 square metres of parafoil.The kite is flown at an altitude of around 200m (depending on exact wind conditions), and is expected to save nearly $1600 in fuel costs every day.The kite is computer-controlled, flying in a constant figure-eight to maintain traction.If this trial is successful, kites of up to 5000m2 are planned for future trips.BBC StorySkySails site

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creating a ball mill and making thermite

I have come across a few 'instructables' which show how to create a ball mill. This mainly uses an electric powered screw driver, a plastic bottle, some ball bearings (I will use lead even though steel would suffice) some epox putty and a vice clamp.. However some points of the instructable was unclear. I came across several electric drills, where the button was situated in a place that meant it was not possible to secure to the on position, also they seem to either go to slow or too fast. Finally with the weight of a significant amount of aluminium and lead/steel balls, I found the bottle section weighed too much and caused stress on the drill bit which caused it to dislocate and fall out, or in the second case.. the motor just gave up. My two questions. there a better instructable which addresses the problem of supporting the plastic bottle . 2. would a mixture of aluminium powder and charcoal (german dark) work better than aluminium powder? would the ratio of dark powder and iron oxide change? i gather that aluminium oxidises, is that bad? i don't really see how it's possible to avoid oxidisation without the charcoal.

Topic by redkoatz  

Looking for a Jägerschnitzel Recipe

So the other day, I went to "Spring Fest," a local German American Society event. Naturally, the beer was great (some types I've never even heard of before), but... the food was incredible :) I'm looking for someone's own recipe for jägerschnitzel (as opposed to something I find on a large recipe database somewhere on the interweb). Perhaps it's my red meat deprived diet - but it was incredibly delicious and I'd like to try making it myself along with some red cabbage sour kraut (equally delicious).

Topic by trebuchet03  

What type of aluminium powder is best for flash powder. Answered

Hi I know that there are great and experienced pyrotechnics on this site so I need your advice if its good with you all. What type of aluminium powder is best for flash powder is it German dark, Indian dark, or 1250 mesh 10 micron aluminium powder. To all those into pyrotechnics I am glad to meet you through this site because I am obsessed with fireworks.

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Another observation of incipient speciation in the wild

A report in Science News this week reports on observations of German blackcaps, which are apparently splitting into two separate, non-reproducing populations, and which are developing distinct appearances along the to becoming separate species.  Since the 1960s, the two populations have developed different wintering migration habits: the original blackcaps migrated from Germany to Spain and back again, while the new population overwinters in England(!), relying on the vast number of backyard feeders (yes, this is all your fault, Kiteman!).  Yet another beautiful example of careful observation in the wild of natural selection and its consequences.

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