Motherboard preference Query (asus, msi, gigabyte) Answered

They are almost identical, and I am trying to decide which one to buy. Any help?;=-1&IsNodeId;=1&Description;=msi%20z97%20gaming%205&bop;=And&CompareItemList;=-1%7C13-132-118%5E13-132-118-TS%2C13-128-709%5E13-128-709-TS%2C13-130-770%5E13-130-770-TS&percm;=13-130-770%3A%24%24%24%24%24%24%24

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Question about 30GB Ipod Video

Recently i bought an 30GB ipod video from a friend of mine. And it happens to be one from the time when running videos on it murders the battery. so i want to watch the videos my friend had on there on my computer, problem is a window pops up asking me to authorize my computer to play them. Is there anyway to bypass this and play those videos(also there are a few songs that recquire autorization)? And I am aware of playing them while the ipod is charging but i want to be able to view them on my computer, just because.

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Flash Drive Shrunk? Answered

My 8GB flash drive can only be formated for 250MB.  I installed an OS and now I took it off and reformatted but I can only get 250MB out of my flashdrive.

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Where can I find cool flash drives for cheap online?

I want to get my mom a flash drive that is at least 4gb and Very least 2gb and want one that is cool looking or unique. Thanks! If i can't find one i like, I'll make one myself. The reason I want one online is because I can ship it straight to her.

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64 GB compact flash cards

I was reading this article about Samsung's 64gb compact flash (cf) card. This article is 3 years old and the largest I seem to be able to locate is a 48GB. Do 64 gb cf cards exist? If so where can I buy one? I thought this was really interesting, I was excited to put one to use in the ipod mini hackAlso anyone think it is possible to hack the mini this with sd cards or micro sd cards (I have seen sd to cf converters but the 16 gb cf card is still cheper than a 16 sd card to use with the converter, that's if the converter is even compatible with the ipod) Do sd to cf converters exist that support 2 sd (or micro sd) cards?just looking to bounce some ideas around ,Dan

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what ipod gen?

I own a 60 gigabyte ipod video. the last part of the serial number is TXL. i want to know, is this ipod a 5th generation or something? or is it considered the video? i tried apples website, but its like the 60 gigabyte never existed. please help

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Question: How Big is Instructables?

CameronSS asked: How big is Instructables? Counting all of the text, images, sounds, videos, etc. that are stored on the site, how much space does it take up? A few gigabytes? A few hundred gigabytes? A few terabytes?How big do you think Instructables is? The About page will tell you how many employees and associates Instructables has, but how big do you think Instructables is, information-wise?This is like a jelly-bean counting contest, except on a much bigger scale and with inedible jellybeans.Guess away!

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How to convince your parents to buy you an ipod touch. Also tell me some really good apps.

Does an 8 gigabyte ipod touch hold a lot of apps?

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A 5 gig file won't fit onto an empty 16 gig flash drive?

I have a 16 gigabyte flash drive that's relatively empty (13.7GB free space), and I was trying to put a 5 gigabyte .ISO file onto it.  However, when I try to copy the file to the flash drive, I get an error saying there is not enough space to put the file on the flash drive.  I know this is not true because I have over 13 gigs of free space. Is there any reason for this weird error and is there any fix? This is kinda important.

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How can I get my I-pod repaired? Answered

I accidentally cracked the screen,but it works fine. Where could I go that would do it for me?

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what can i upgrade my desktop computer?

I'm using Gigabyte K8Triton agp8x/DDR400 motherboard and the processor is AMD Anthlon 64... I want to maximize it... Please help me..

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Is it possible to set up a RAID 0 and RAID 1 using the same 2 drives?

If I have two 1TB drives, can I partition each one into two 500GB drives, (Labelled A1, A2, B1,B2)  then set up a RAID 0 array between A1 and B1, while having A2 be a RAID 1 backup of B1, and B2 a RAID 1 backup of A1? Or would this Simply give me the equivalent speed of a TB Raid 1? (From what I understand, this would be similar to RAID 5, but wouldn't require a separate RAID card.)

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USB Flash Drive keyring attachment

Everybody loves their flash drive, and most people keep them on their keys (or if you're really cool, on a lanyard around your neck with some kind of card identifying you as a professional geek). A few months ago I bought a little 4gb Lexar Firefly, and I love it. It's tiny and holds lots of information. As you can see in the picture, the hole where you attach a keyring is in the lid, not on the body of the drive. This cuts down on the drive's size, but means that the drive might fall out of the lid, or get forgotten and left behind. Naturally, this happened after not 3 months of ownership. After a while I lamented ever finding my trusty drive, and tossed the little clear plastic cap. However, lo and behold, I did find my little USB drive a long time later--Bbt now I have no way to attach it to my keys! Does anybody have some ideas for a key-attachment mod for my little firefly? I'd like to avoid adding any kind of bulky casing, but I will if it means not having to drop $25 on a new one.

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Power supply fan in spinning in an abnormal way? Answered

I just built a computer that uses about a year old power supply and it one day I heard it spinning. At first I thought that it was one of the system fans or a cpu fan but it turned out that the sound and vibrations all came from the power supply and it worried me. Is there any way I can fix it? it starts spinning up for half a second and five seconds later it spins up for another second, then three seconds later it spins up again. it does this all the time at random intervals. Is this a problem with the power supply (DPS-460DB-1A), motherboard (Gigabyte Z77-DS3H and i3 3240), OS (Mac and Windows do this), bios? please help. thanks

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Pc Reboots Answered

I`ve got a intel 1.8 dual core, gigabyte g31m motherboard, 9800 gt 1gb graphics card, ddr2 800 mhz 2 gig and a 1gig ram in my pc with a 500watt power supply. Whenever i try to run the application badaboom( a nvidia application my pc reboots and i am not sure why. I just bought the parts about 5 days ago. Any Suggestions?

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Android games on External SD Card???

Good day I use a Samsung Galaxy S Duos ( GT-S7562 ) and i have less than 1,8 gigabytes of app space and 512 megabytes ram so its better to install apps on sd card. But i still have 1 yr. warrenty and i dont want to root. Help me please??? Thank you & good day

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i have a old dell latitude CP can you help me find me a way to hack mod it? Answered

Its a dark navy blue almost black type color its a microsoft windows 98 second edition genuine intelpentium processor 32.0 mb of ram its a fast computer i never conect it to the internet it has a 1902MB (1.9 gigabytes) on hard drive

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why wont my desktop accept this ram? Answered

i currently have some ram in my desktop that is 256mb and says ddr, 266MHz, cl2.5, ECC. my motherboard is a gigabyte GA-8VT00 and i would like to upgrade the ram. i have 2 512mb ddr 400MHz ram modules but when i insert them the computer will either not boot properly or will boot and then restart after a couple of minutes. can someone please tell me who i could fix this. thanks

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Wiping a hard drive

I recently got into taking apart old computers that no longer work (and by no longer work I mean really screwed up and not worth keeping) and see what I can salvage.  I found this 80 gigabyte hard drive from a Windows Desktop computer, and i was wondering how i could wipe it without having to put it back in the computer, because it's all in pieces at the moment. If they uploaded correctly, i have pictures of the hard drive and all of it's info. Also, could some tell me the official name of it please? Thanks. :D

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What is a good laptop for around $500 USD or less? Answered

I am going to get a laptop in a few months and I would like one for around $500 or less. I could go over $500 to about $550. I would also like one with Windows. I mainly surf the internet but I also might need to edit videos and type papers for school (I'm going into 9th grade). Having a CD/DVD drive, at least two USB ports, and at least an 80 gigabyte hard drive is a must.

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Xvid & MP3

These two seems to be the most popular video "backup" codecs on the internet (if you know what I mean). Since I started playing the pirate game on the internet, I always wanted to transcode all my video files using these two. Over the past two years, I have probably wasted several gigabytes of Google's bandwidth in a frustrating and tiring search to find an easy way to do this. If anyone have found one or a nice compact free program, please please come forward and help a brother out. If you know a why to do so with VLC, it would be da boom.

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Why is it whenever I want to download podcasts to my ipod nano from i tunes it will only receive two of the 7 podcasts?

So, I have a radical pink shiny i pod nano & I have always downloaded podcasts to it but then I decided to lie of the podcasts so I deleted them all. Now I am back into the podcast thing and I am trying to sync podcasts to my rad i pod but it will only recieve 2 of them. I know that my gigabytes are not all taken up and I am getting SO infuriated!

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Pc giving me a bluescreen error. Answered

I`ve got a intel 2.6 dual core, gigabyte g31m motherboard, 9800 gt 1gb ddr3 graphics card, ddr2 800 mhz 2 gig and a 1gig ram in my pc with a 500watt power supply. Every now and then when you least expect it my computer freezes and my pc gives me a bluescreen error and immediately restarts the same does not happen when i use my old 8500gt ddr2 1b graphics card. Is it due to a loss of power or is the ddr3 version graphics card causing the trouble as my previous one is a ddr2?

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How do I reinstall my XP OS without needing to download all the updates again?

I want to reinstall my Windows XP Pro SP3 operating system without the hassle of downloading all o the updates and patches that have been published in the last number of years. Can I create a new bootable disc that already contains the updates? Does this require making an .iso image of my current C:\ drive? If so, how do I collect/save only the required files without keeping many gigabytes of unnecessary data?

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I need to delete alot of stuff off my ipod, is there any way?

I've had my iPod for 2-3 years, and recently got a new computer, I eventually got my itunes on the new computer, BUT when I tried one way, I got a whole bunch of crap taking up space. I think the reason this is happening is because that one way --> there any way to delete it? It is taking up close to 3 gigabytes...please help

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How would I move the contents of my entire internal hard drive to my new external hard drive?

I just bought a new 298gb external hard drive and i was thnking of moving my entire onboard hard drive (74.53gb capacity with 27.49gb free space left) on to my external drive, so I was wondering is it a good idea, how would I do it would i need to leave anything on my internal drive, and would it cause any problems? Any help would be apreaciated What I want to know: is it a good idea how i would do it do i need anything left on the internal drive will it cause problems Drive type: 320 gb Seagate Free Agent Go Ultra-Portable Drive

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Why is yahoo appearing without an internet connection?

I recently picked up an old computer from the dump and it powers up and works fine, but i found out that the anti virus software xoftspy is fake software that does nothing (not virus though). I uninstalled it and i began to suspect that there was a virus on the computer because it said that a windows update was just downloaded and that norton was installed, but it wasn't. I opened up internet explorer and i found that it opened to even though there was no internet. another strange thing was that the copyright said 2004. Is this usual if the site was frequently visited? Specs. Windows xp Professional AMD proccessor 400 mhz 20 gigabyte hdd maxtor 600 mb ram no anti virus

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I want to download adobe flash player onto my PSP, and I need to know how much memory adobe flash player uses.

I want to download adobe flash player onto my PSP, so I can watch youtube videos, but I need to now how memory adobe flash player uses. I have a PSP 3000 and a 4 gigabyte Memory Stick, and I used 195 MB of the memory on the Memory stick, and I was wondering if there was enough memory on the Memory stick to hold adobe flash player, and a bunch more game saves, or if there is another flash player that allows you to watch youtube videos that requires less memory

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Need help with Wii DVD dumper: Dumping to usb help? Answered

Alright, here's the deal: 1. I recently downgraded to wii version 3.2 thanks to my cousin. 2. I have cIOS249 installed to my wii 3. I have a sandisk 16 gigabyte usb drive that I'm trying to rip my wii games as well as my gamecube games to. However, anytime that I try to rip the game, it stops around 20% (most common stopping point, it's very inconsistent) saying: ERROR: COULD NOT RIP TO DEVICE! And underneath it says Press any button to restart. Can anybody help me? I really want to rip my games without using the network.

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How to convert a mini laptop (Netbook) with a broken screen to a workable instrument

Hi everyoneI have a Gigabyte Q1000C which recently fell and busted the monitor. The machine still works fine, other than the battery no longer charging. I would like to convert it into my "writing" machine (I write short stories as a hobby), almost like a typewriter with a screen.The main idea is to purchase a smaller second-hand LCD PC monitor and gutting it to fit into a custom built enclosure, I also need to be able to convert it to a direct-power sourced instrument, thereby bypassing the battery, which I have no clue how to accomplish, my electrical skills are dangerous at best.If there is anyone who could help me with the above-mentioned ideas, I'd be very grateful.The design ideas are either a retro feel, steampunk or cyberpunk vibe.

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Good motherboard, for just starting custom builds?

Hi, I am relatively new to building custom computers. However, I feel like I know enough to actually build one. The first problem I'm having though is finding a good motherboard. I won't be doing a whole lot of hard core gaming, but probably a little(Halo, Fallout 3/New Vegas, MW2, etc...). So I would say I'd need the following specs(minimum, more is usually better): 4GB DDR3 RAM PCI Slot(s) 3 SATA devices(2 HDDs, 1 Disk Drive) 500GB HDD(s) AMD AM3 Athlon II x2 445 VGA & DVI I think I've found a good mobo to fit this bill: GIGABYTE GA-785GMT-USB3 Can anyone vouch for it, or offer a better suggestion?

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Any Ideas On how To (As quickly as possible)Transfer 15GB Of files from one (The Old)Pc to another?

Not to Mention That My Old PC Has like 15KB Left On the HDD,And ITs HDD Has Vitally important files that i need. It Has XP Installed,And The New PC(Referred to In the title as "Another")Has Windows XP/Windows7 Installed. Cd's Would Be wasteful,Even the largest Thumb Drive that i have can Be 1/4 of what i have to transfer,My Largest Thumb drive is 2GB. I Have No other Hardrives,Nor Space for any more either,I Already Have One(40GB,Contains 15+GB Of Important data),A Partition On it(The Partition Came on it when i got the PC,Its 2GB,Not To Mention It Contains 1GB oF important stuff) And a 3GB One(Came from a Windows95 PC,I was Desparate And Contains 1+Gb Of Important data). Any Ideas On How to do it,Quickly? Also,My Budget is $0,Yeah,Fresh out of money,As Usual.

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Dual-Channel RAM? Answered

I have a Gigabyte GA-H55M-USB3 Motherboard and an i5-760 CPU. I have been using 4x1GB DDR3-10600 modules, and then recently bought 2x4GB DDR3-10600 modules hoping to get 10GB, however, I can't seem to get it to work. All the modules are in working order and work individually. I currently just have a single 4GB module in. If I insert more, I either get a constant bios speaker tone indicating RAM error, or it will post successfully, but Windows will bluescreen. I have looked in the booklet and it is unclear as to how I should install the modules, but I thought I had to install them in matched pairs corresponding to the coloured slots on the motherboard. I have tried the 4GB modules in the white slots and the 1GB modules in the blue slots, but it won't post. Putting the two 4GB modules in a white and blue slot will post fine, but BSOD on startup. Any idea how I can get this configuration to work with my board? My CPU and board both support dual-channel DDR3 memory, so I can't see the problem here.

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Not quite sure about some "Computer Memory Problems"..? Answered

I just 'received' a computer from friend. Fairly new, but I have some questions about it and I came first to instructables to see if the masters had a answer. Its a T6538 eMachine T-Series Desktop. Specs-> ( I dont know if its a 32 or 64bit machine first off... It has 4 memory card slots, two pairs of the same color (Blue and Purple). They are two slots of DDR2533 and two slots of DDR400. Right now I have one slot of DDR400 taken and the two slots of DDR2533 full. The computer wont turn on when I have the one loner DDR400 in, but if I take it out it works fine. The top rated memory for this machine is 4 gigabytes. The system powers on, but wont load anything. Any help? Thanks! :D  *again, second question and im kinda sleepy.. just ask if nothing makes sense* Also, good graphics? Or kinda sloppy? I always worked with old computers, reloading linux and stuff.. This is the first time I got a 2005+ system.

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Computer psu problem?

I have been building a computer. As my last computer died (probably my last question I asked) I thought I would build one. I required a tower PC with a gigabyte mother board with a Pentium 4 CPU. I thought I would also upgrade my OS to Mac OS X with patches to run on an Intel processor. This has worked perfectly! Until I changed the case.. I Bought a power mac G5 case from eBay, and started work on it. I made all the necessary mounts for the mother board and placed the psu at the bottom. I have been running it with only the hard drive, no DVD drives. it has been also running flawlessly until I made a bracket for the psu. My PC turns on but only lasts until the starting up of OS X and what looks like the psu cuts out. I have removed the bracket now but still no change. I then switched it on with out the hard drive and again it cut out whilst confirm no Hard drive was installed. I don't know why it keeps cutting out? All comments welcome Oscar Thompson

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PC Crashes or reboots when almost any program I feel it's GPU?

Amd fx 8150 black edition XFX RADEON DOUBLE DISSIPATION 6870 VIDEO CARD corsair 750m PSU gigabyte ga-78lmt-s2 ultra durable 4 mobo 8 gb corsair  vengeance ram used rig I purchased all drivers upto date i know that mobo GPU TDP on this board is 95w and CPU calls for 125w bios underclocks CPU to 2.8 ghz I have OC'd and tested with out fail to 3.2 by multiplier I have OC'd GPU with AMD ccc a little but always maintained low temps case has excellent ventilation and a CPU COOLER    Recently  aprox 50 hrs of intense gameplay without fail a cpl games would cause reboot or black screen only to come back ok recently it has started these crashes ALOT won't even open browsers without crash will run CPU / mobo testing software (hotCPU) for hrs no errors found GPU STRESS TEST WILL NOT RUN  I have cleared CSMOS and reinstalled  GPU drivers and reset all to default no OC'Ing still crashes removed GPU no signs of overheat runs fine off onboard VGA please advise as to what may be failure or how to further test

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Disk boot error? Answered

Last night, I wanted some files off my laptop drive, so I stuck it in an external enclosure and plugged it into my desktop (whilst on). I then turned off the desktop without unplugging my laptop drive and turned it on again today, forgetting to unplug it. I have USB booting enabled, so it tried to boot from the laptop drive and as I was out of the room when it was booting, it entered the recovery partition as the hardware is incompatible. I have done this before, so I just turned off my computer, unplugged the drive, and restarted. Instead of booting from my primary internal drive, it got stuck on the post screen. It detected it, but wouldn't go any further. I then thought that it was still looking for the USB drive, so changed the boot order and removed usb boot, same problem. Removing my primary drive just returned the error "disk boot error, insert boot drive and press enter to continue", so I inserted the primary hard drive (I have it in a hot-swap bay, so it can easily be removed, although being my primary hard drive, not "hot"). After doing so, it kept returning a similar error. I then figured that it was still looking for my laptop drive as a primary boot device, so I cleared CMOS with the jumper and after setting it up again, disabling every other bootable interface except the sata port my primary drive is connected to, and it still just gets stuck on post. I have left it about 10 mins and still get the same problem. It is also hard to enter BIOS or any of the other utilities, as it waits until after post, so I have to either remove all drives or insert the laptop drive in it's enclosure. How can I get my desktop to boot from the primary hard drive again? Inserting the install disk is also hard, because I don't actually have a DVD drive yet, so I installed Windows 7 extended trial through a memory stick from my laptop with a disk drive. I have since deleted it off my memory stick, and my laptop is now in pieces hooked up to my monitor/keyboard/mouse instead of my desktop. It is on it's back and the hard drive bay is open in case I need it again. My BIOS is award with additional features on a Gigabyte GA-H55M-USB3 board. Both drives are Hitachi sata-II drives, one being 3.5" and one being 2.5".

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Boot disk error?

I recently built two computers with amd fx-4300 processors, geforce 650 ti video cards, generic 4Gb memory, generic power supplies and GIGABYTE 78LMT-S2P motherboards. I installed Ubuntu 12.04 on the systems and began installing various programs I needed. When I was done for the day I shut down the computers and turned off the powerstrip. The next day when I went to start them up, I was getting a boot error. After inserting an Ubuntu live disk into the computer, I checked the hard drive, which opened up no problem and still contained all of the files from the os. The rule out the software I was installing, I reinstalled Linux on both computers, and rebooted, after which point there seemed to be no problem, until I turned off the powerstrip again and I got another boot error when I went to turn them back on. Thinking it might be the disk I was using to install linux, I burned another disk with the same os and tried that, and the problem persisted. The fact that it happened on both systems leads me to beleive that it isnt a hardware defect, but possibly and incompatibility between hardware parts, or a bios issue. Has anyone else ever encountered a situation like this where the os doesn't load after the power supply is switched on and off? If so, what causes it and what can I do to fix it? Edit: It seems that it actually fails to boot every time it is shut down, though it works fine when it is only rebooted. Edit#2: Interestingly enough, if i run a hard disk check from the live dvd, and then reboot with the disk in, it loads from the hard drive, but then after the next shutdown, it does the same thing Edit#3: After doing a disk check and it says no errors, it says to click a button to reboot. When I do this it gives me this message after it reboots, "Errors were found while checking the disk drive for /. Press F to attempt to fix the errors, I to ignore, S to skip mounting, or M for manual recovery" on the one computer I hit f to automatically fix it, which isn't a permanent fix because the drive coninues to have problems, but will boot after i hit f, and then not after i shutdown again. On the other computer, I hit m, and it gave me the message, "Root filesystem check failed. A maintanence shell will now be started. CONTROL-D will terminate this shell and reboot the system." The shell is from the hard drive, not the cd.

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New computer freezing problem

So I just built myself a new computer with the following specs gigabyte motherboard model: GA-MA770T-UD3P (rev. 1.0) phenom 2 tri core processor 4gb ddr3 mushkin ram radeon 4670 tp link wireless card 2 LCD's hooked up to the 4670 Windows 7 64-bit/ XP 64-bit (not at the same time) +tons of cooling so nothing is over heating I installed windows 7 and it kept freezing up every once in a while and I tried just about everything to fix it. Updating bios, cleaning the registry, making sure all the drivers are up to date, all sorts of things. So I thought it was Windows 7 giving me the problem. I uninstall windows 7 and installed windows xp. I loaded up everything got the drivers up to date and after a couple of hours it froze up. Then I rebooted and bam another freeze 3 minutes into being on the computer. And again the next time 15 minutes into being on the computer. Now Im not sure if the freezing is happening on windows 7 for the same reason as on Windows xp and it is driving me crazy not being able to use my new computer Any ideas on what I can do to fix the problem? Thanks for any help. Got some more details. 1) I noticed when I move a window around I my cp usage spikes from 1% to close to 30%. Not sure if this is normal but with tri core 2.8ghz doesnt seem like this is good. 2) When I have 3+ windows open and I drag them over each other it leaves a trail or shadow of its edge so it looks like I am dragging many windows. Sometimes this shadow is just white. 3) Also when I try to install a game the computer will always freeze before it finishes and most of the time right at the beginning. 4) When I press the button to force it to go off and then turn it back on it often just comes up with a black screen and I have to repeat. it always turns on the second time. How can I tell if it is my hardware? Just did a video stress test and benchmark. Everything was normal. Ran "cpu stability test 6.0". Watched it for 20 minutes then I left the computer and came back to see it frozen in screen saver. Speedfan temps- Temp 1- 26c temp2- 25c HD0- 26C core- 15c It is pretty cold in my room. I also found something that makes it freeze every single time I have done it so far. When trying to install world of warcraft as soon as I click agree in the install setup it freezes. 6 out of 6 times. My power supply is 500w "stable power"

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