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Photoshop and GIMP

Hey guys, I came to this website to start writing tutorials for Photoshop and GIMP. But I have no idea how to start. Can someone please help?

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Stippling in Gimp?

How do you Stipple/Dither in Gimp I want to create an effect like the one in the image below

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What is GIMP?

What is GIMP? My friend talks about it all the time and I have to just pretend like I remotley know what he's saying. Please help!?

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New Group - "The GIMP"

Hey everybody, I just wanted to create a little publicity for a new group I made for the GIMP. The GIMP is the GNU Image Manipulation Program, an open source program that has also the same capabilities as Photoshop, but its free to download. :-DMy new group - The GIMPPhotoshop is a popular subject of instructables, but GIMP is just as capable for the average user's needs, and it fits much better with the DIY spirit of Instructables,so I would love to see more instructables for GIMP to show you don't have to spend hundreds of dollars for a quality image editing program. Feel free to join and start making some projects

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how do I take the glare out of glasses in pictures using gimp?

I am editing some photos and noticed that my uncles glasses have a glare in them, what is the best way to take that out using gimp?

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Gimp Help: Colour to Transperancy?

In The GIMP, is there a way to turn a colour (for example, white) into transperancy while leaving all the other colours alone? Thanks!

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How do I add color in GIMP?

I have a sketch that I scanned onto my computer, and I want to color it in GIMP. the only problem is, when I try to select an area to fill with color (using the foreground select tool) whenever I then click on the icon for the paint brush or bucket fill tool, the selected area becomes de-selected (if that makes any sense). I've only recently switch from photoshop to GIMP, so any input and advice is greatly appreciated.

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How to clone yourself in GIMP?

I've seen all the instructables on how to clone yourself in photoshop so I downloaded a trial version of it but... is there any way i can do this in GIMP? Like a history brush in GIMP? Thanks, joespicnictables

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How to make halftones using GIMP?

Does GIMP have the capabilities of creating halftones for photos? I have never used GIMP before and do not want to pay for Adobe PhotoShop if GIMP can provide me this service. I would like to screenprint photos on t-shirts. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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How can I make an AVATAR on Gimp?

How can I make an AVATAR-James Cameron's Movie AVATAR- version of myself using gimp 2?

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If one puts its gender as "robot", how does one mate? Answered

You are human and claim to be a robot........ i don't get it........ but, what I don't get is a long list!

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Shop-a-Mini Contest

As Lira would say, I haz skillz. I do not, though, have any serious photo-editing skillz. So, it should be easy to impress me and earn a patch in my new contest; apply your skillz in Photoshop, Gimp or even Paint to join a Mini with anything else. Caitlinsdad's hybrid of my Mini and Thunderbird 2 (below) was the inspiration for this contest, so he has already won a patch. You can join the Mini with anything you like - animal, mineral, vegetable, even celebrity. You must use a Classic Mini (any model), not the BMW version. To win a patch, your image must impress, both with creativity and the level of skill exhibited. The judge's decision is final and potentially rather arbitrary. Ready... steady... shop! EDIT: This contest ends June 30th, midnight GMT

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I just got a tablet! (Updated w/ my first drawing!)

Hooray! Happiness and Joy!Because of an....eventful.....(some awkward situations happened) achievement of mine, my parents bought me a tablet! It's a Genius G-Pen 450. So far, its been`awesome. I can't wait to use it in GIMP. I am currently making a drawing (Which I rarely, rarely do at home, I only draw at school) to try and color it.Just thought I'd share my happiness.And I won't talk about the achievement, because it's a bit too personal, and basically dangerous on teh internets, its academic related and its important.(UPDATE!:)My first drawing can be found here Please visit it! I would very much like the pageviews!!!! (Besides, it looks much better there). Feel free to add me on DeviantART if you'd like....

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How to Use Blur/Sharpen to Sharpen image in Gimp 2?

I'm trying to use the Blur/Sharpen tool on Gimp 2 to sharpen an image. The trouble is, all the tutorials online are from some older version of Gimp where clicking on the Blur/Sharpen button gives you a menu where you can select either Blur or Sharpen. Gimp 2 doesn't have that, and pressing Blur/Sharpen automatically gives you Blur. Right-clicking gets the same result as left-clicking it. The Gimp manual says to press down on CTRL to switch between Blur and Sharpen, but it doesn't really work whether or not I press down on it while trying to sharpen or just strike it. It seems like a simple problem, so if anyone has the solution, I'd be happy to hear it. Thanks!

Topic by The Phantom Chemist  

How do I fix/align my brush tip in Gimp? Answered

I use Gimp for image editing. Recently I noticed that the brush tip is about 20 pixels to the left of the arrow. Now this is inconvenient in several ways, but some of the tools in GImp don't have anything showing the exact point where your selecting, I just have to guess knowing that it's about a half inch left of the point of the arrow. Does anyone know how to fix this? I've looked through the "preferences" and haven't found a thing.

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ying-yang eye

I want to make an eye on gimp where the iris is a ying-yang. does anybody have any ideas on how to do this?

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What category would I post this Instructable in? Answered

Hi, The other day, I wrote a tutorial on my blog for creating low-resolution textures with GIMP. I would like to write an instructable on the same subject, but I don't know which category to post it in. A lot of other GIMP tutorials are posted under Technology:Photography. This wouldn't really be a good fit because mine is about creating an image, not manipulating one. You can read the tutorial here: Thanks!

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Anyone think I should make an instructable for this?

I wanna know if you want to know how to use my own technique to creating tribal symbols/designs using the ellipse tool on paint. Examples of stuff I did using the technique:the last 2 requir Gimp. Download it for free athttp://www.gimp.orgEDIT: I finished the instructable. Go to my profile to find it

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Photo to Stencil without Photoshop or GIMP

I dont have photoshop and im kind of freaked to download off the internet for fear of slowing my computer even more than it already is (im running windows 98). all i have of a graphic application is the corel programs. anyways, i was just wondering if i could use the same methods of converting a picture into a stencil as on photoshop or GIMP. any experience on this would help.

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How do i attach a front cover made with gimp to a free ebook blank template from

Hi I made a front cover with gimp. How do i attach the front cover to a free blank template that i dowloaded from free How do i insert an image on front cover made with gimp.

Question by clan  

Since no body got my last question, how do i make a avatar version of my self_James Cameron's AVATAR_?

No body gave me the right answer. Basically I want to make myself look like a Na'vi of GIMP not Photoshop, GIMP. Also how can I make it look natural?

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How to Make a Report Card

Ok so how do you make a fake report card? or scan your report card and change things profesionaly looking

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Potatobots Take Paris, New York, China and beyond

Ï»¿Tech meets art as students learn what makes machinery tick, and use those parts to anthropomorphize potatoes.  Not only do they make crazy creatures, they write back-stories for them as well.  "Each year, my students and I take apart old electronics (VCRs, computers, clock radios, and the like). We use the parts like the parts for the old-school Mr. Potato Head kits. In the 50′s, you didn’t get the big plastic potato, you just got face and body parts. We use the gears, springs, screws, wires, and other pieces as the body parts for our Potatobots. We photograph them on blue paper, and then I use GIMP to place them into scenes of the students’ choosing." Find out what happens when a Potatobot falls into a wormhole and how Tim got so much camel: Did I mention they can shoot lasers from their eyes?  Who knew playing with food could be so much fun?  

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Converting quicktime movies to Windows Movie Make. NEED URGENT HELP!!

O'Kok, Recently I had a group project where we had to make a movie. I used a kodak easy share.Point is, the movies open with quicktime!!!!I'm looking for a SAFE converter or some other method to import them into Movie Maker.I know that uninstalling quicktime is a way, but does it affect itunes or anything else?I need to finish it urgently!!!!!

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I made this just yesterday because I could not find any tuorial that tells you how to make a decent explosion. So after a little experimenting, I got this. Would anyone like to see an instructable for this in GIMP and Photoshop? I updated the picture from one that did not have a backround to this

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100 Photosop tutorials!!!!!

Just found this on Plime.100 Wonderftul photoshop effect Tutorials!Need I say More???

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How can I get rid of the watercolor-paper texture when I scan a painting on my Epson Perfection scanner?

I used to have an Arcus II scanner and I don't remember the texture of the paper being so visible. Sometimes my illustrations fade to white on the border but the paper is still obvious. Thanks in advance. Garison W.

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Blender 3d Software - A technical question (Not Animation help)

OK, I just downloaded Blender, from blender.orgI started it up, and a Windows98 styled window showed up. So far so good. Well, the thing is, the window said something, but when I closed it, the whole program closed it.What worried me was that it said: (From what I can remember)Not all (something) could be installed and that some scripts might not run. Continue Happily!Any idea of what might have happened? Is that normal? Do I need something? Will I have trouble animating?

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Check out what I made! (gif)

About 14 hours in windows movie maker, and gimp. I made it for a booking agency some friends and I run. 1000 points to whoever can name the movie.

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The Many Faces of the Instructables Robot

The Instructables robot, the beloved mascot of has become a symbol of DIY for some, who wish to express their love of making and their appreciation of instructables through it.These are the many faces of the instructables robot, created by instructable members themselves.

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Photoshop Contest - WINNERS ANNOUNCED!

'Judging has now been completed. And the winners of the shiny Photoshop patch are (drum roll please!)... n8man and Chicken2209! Congratulations and great job! I'll get around to giving you each a patch as soon as possible.'It seems like user-run contests are all the rage these days so I thought I'd try one of my own out. I like to edit photos, so I thought I would start a contest about editing pictures. Here are the rules.1. Find a picture you could edit.2. Edit it! (You don't need to use Photoshop. There are some great free alternatives, like GIMP)3. Come here and post the original photo along with your edited version.4. The best two entries get a shiny Photoshop patch.5. There is no limit on number of entries.6. The judges are myself, Lithium Rain, and domindude10So go ahead, start editing!

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I nees Instructables Pictures

Um, hi.Im looking for pictures related to instructables.Mainly the staff, logos, Robot (although I have enough RObot pictures) and Eric in particular.Im working on a small project. Its not an instructable, more of some photo editing.Its basically what I did on this pic. Except of course, Ill make it better. The whole point is to put as many Instructables stuff in my room as I can. This was a bit of practice to see what woud work. Please dont steal my idea yet.Does anyone have any tips on how to make the pictures not stand out so much, or how to blend it with the background. I want to try all the methods.Name all the cameos you see here:

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Need comments...How to make yourself look like a demon/zombie using the gimp

Ok, here it is...does anybody want to know how to do this?

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How do I scale an image's print size?

I'm printing some images that need to be a specific size. I've been using Gimp to edit them, and Gimp allows you to scale down using inches, but I'm getting different sizes from each image even though their all supposed to be the same size. I'm assuming this has something to do with the images resolution, but I'm not very graphic design savvy. Also, the images are being saved as pdfs. Any suggestions?

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How do I scale an image's print size?

I'm printing some images that need to be a specific size. I've been using Gimp to edit them, and Gimp allows you to scale down using inches, but I'm getting different sizes from each image even though their all supposed to be the same size. I'm assuming this has something to do with the images resolution, but I'm not very graphic design savvy. Also, the images are being saved as pdfs. Any suggestions?

Question by NunchakuMan  

help with custom psp themes? Answered

Hi everybody. recently, i went online and got a psp xmb icon editor (sorta thing) heres the english manual: the problem is, that i cant get any custom icons into it! it always gives me a error message saying that im using the incorrect file type. i have tried to make these png or tga icons in multiple image manipulation programs, such as: GIMP 2.6, photo impression 4, icofx, mspaint and dxtbmp. the only thing i havent tried is the thing mentioned in the manual: adobe photoshop. i dont have the money to buy it, and there are no free versions i know of. how can i get this to work? someone PLEASE HELP!

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Raster Graphic Editors (e.g. photoshop) Don't Like Filling

I've been having a bit of a dilemma with raster graphics editors such as Photoshop and GIMP. In either of the two programs, when I draw a solid line, it automatically fades the edges. This normally wouldn't bug me, except I need to fill in these areas. Whenever I do so, the area I fill in doesn't do so entirely because of these faded edges. Does anybody know how to make either Photoshop or GIMP stop doing this and fill in the entire area?

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Cataloging School Papers

I spontaneously decided to catalogue every paper I get/do in school this year. I've run some tests with tesseract, a OCR program, and its decent. Except... I don't have a scanner... I'm thinking of giving it up, unless someone else would like to also try it out. If so, I'll put effort into procuring a scanner, or figuring a way to emulate one with a camera. Any random thoughts on this?

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I noticed the absence of cartoons on Instructables, (other than robot) post your cartoons, comics, doodles and art here! Attached are two of mine, simplified and vectorised using inkscape. Edit: Unvectorised image of pants added. Two new cartoons added, Arabian and Howdy Pardner KSM

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Draw high quality image on computer Answered

Thank you for reading/answering my question i have a cartoon charecter that i need to draw in a high quality i have gimp and paint but neither are working if you could recomend a free software i would be so grateful

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The Presidents of the United States of America!

What do you think of the Presidents of the United States of America (the band)? Does anyone else on Instructables like my favorite band? If you haven't heard of them search for lump, peaches, or kitty on youtube.Attached are some pics I made using GIMP 2- te ones with the laser and the long poofy hair.

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Ace Of Spades sniper rifle scope? Answered

Hi guys, i have been playing ace of spades a computer download game. i wasmodding my sniper rifle when i came across this pic. i was wondering if anyone could make this scope in gimp and please make sure the background is transparent for shooting. thanks. heres the pic.

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Printing to scale.

I often want to print a diagram to scale. Often times the diagram is also larger then the sheetof paper. ( A sample diagram is at: If you want to see other similar diagrams you can look at: not all the diagrams I want to print are boomerangs.I am using Debian Etch, Cups, Gimp to modify the images which I save as postscript then print via lpr.My printer is a Lexmark Optra E312L, which can handle both pcl6 and postscript.I print the diagram once, measure something and figure the scaling factor. I then use Gimp to scale.Sometimes I just save and print sometimes, sometimes I break it up into overlapping parts and print.In either case the result is the same. Either the diagram gets shrunk to 1/4 it's size ( even though I blew it up), or the daigram it off by a bit, no matter how I tweak. it seems not to be predictable either. Worse when I try to line up two overlapping printouts the size don't match, so I can't really join them.Can someone show how to use Gimp, cups and a postscript printer to print something to scale. From everything i read I should be able to do it, but I guess there is some piece of software in the process thatis saying "Guy is too stupid to print it up right, I have to rescale for him".

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how can i make a drawing tablet and pen for pc from a optical or laser mouse?

Ive been trying to figure out a way to make a graphics tablet with a pen for photo shop& gimp using either an optical mouse or a laser mouse . think i just about have it figured out . i would just like to have some input to see what you guys think

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More Art Work

Well just post anything you have drwn or painted, burned, carved, sculpted or anything else. Well here is my feeble attempt at GIMP for the first time. Please if you comment on someone's art, don't be harsh. It's called constructive criticism. This is supposed to be Leonidas from 300. I'm still working on it so please comment. I would say that the most noticeable thing it the pixelation of the head dress. I will go over it with the airbrush to smoothen it up.

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How did you wind up with your current picture?

For example, I got my avatar by deciding to do something to the normal "no picture" picture. So I used GIMP to add a pasted picture of fire in another layer, did some strategic cutting, then used the Pen set on fade to add shadow behind our poor immolated bemowhawk'd "no picture" fellow. What did you do to arrive at yours?

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Pro membership give away! And painting competition

Hi, I have at least one Pro Membership (3 month) to give away for the best suggested hairstyle; I want to see MS Paint, GIMP & PhotoShop efforts on this image. You have a week from 20th April for me to pick which I like best. (notice how this says it was published 2 days before it actually was? - don't post things on a weekend) L

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