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Gnome-panel error

I need whoevers help with this. Whenever I try to open synaptic, install a program in the terminal or use add remove programs i get this error: E: The package gnome-panel needs to be reinstalled, but I can't find an archive for it. Does anyone here know how to fix this? All help, even attempts, are appreciated.

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My Gnome desktop and me ? Answered

I have come to a weird realization or a Epihany, i love my desktop i love it with my heart (not as much as i love my mum) as soon as you get it you know what to do there is a varing amount of apps you can choose from and there at your finger tips. i dont realy know but you can hand me a windows 7 equiped laptop and i will whip it right at your face and say "i am faithfully engaged to my debian OS and were twittering"

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Does GNOME 3 require hardware accelated graphics? Answered

I've got an older (2005) desktop pc and I'm thinking about installing Fedora 15 on it. I've heard that GNOME 3 should have hardware accelation for the graphics. Is this true?

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how do i install UBUNTU's GNOME GUI into KUBUNTU ? need help.......

I prefer using UBUNTU's GNOME GUI than KUBUNTU's KDE GUI, i install KUBUNTU cuz i dunt have the CD to install UBUNTU, can someone plz help on how to install UBUNTU's GNOME new to this OS......

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How do I enable shell user theme extension in gnome 3?

I am new to ubuntu and am using gnome 3 for my desktop in ubuntu 11.10.  I can change the theme and window theme in advanced settings (a.k.a. gnome tweak) but next to the drop down menu to select the shell theme there is an icon with an exclamation point.  When you mouse over it, it says "shell user theme extension not enabled"  How do I fix this so I can change the shell theme?  Like I said before i can change the window, gtk, and icon themes.      Thanks in advance!!!

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What is a good way to get tiling in Ubuntu 14.04??

I would like to change my Ubuntu desktop to have tiling like Windows 8... What is a good way to go about this? I would like to use unity, I don't want to use gnome unless I have to, although gnome is welcome.

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Game: Instructables Robot, World Explorer

The Instructables Robot loves wheeling around all day at home, but it yearns to see more of the world! It's been to a couple of interesting places in the past, but that's not enough.Our challenge to you: what's the coolest place you can bring the Instructables Robot? We want you to take a picture of the Robot in these locations and post them here. Instructables at the top of a tower? Instructables around the world? You decide!If you've ever seen the movie Amelie or heard of the travelling gnome prank, think of the various places the gnomes are photographed. The Robot could take those gnomes any day.The Robot could be a print out (see hi-res Robot images), an Instructables t-shirt, a sticker, a paper model, anything. Then, you simply need to take a picture of the setting with the Robot in it.Final rule: No Photoshopping!See below for some ideas. The Robot has its bags packed and is ready to go...

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Christmas card list help. Need something unique & cheap to make. Answered

I am looking for a holiday card idea for a mom group I am a part of.  .  I would like to send something in the mail funny but easy to assemble.   Gnomes, forks, colanders and garlic need to be included somehow.  We all met on Neopets and now are on Facebook.  I do NOT have a color printer. Wanted to make something from stuff lying around the home if possible. Thanks for the help in advance!

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How should I get started in electronics? Answered

I want to start figuring out some basic electronics and robotics. I dont need to know anything major, but some knowledge of these things is good. Thanks, Gnome

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This looks nice...but it costs so much!

Http:// its the best thing I've found so far (as my little broz christmas gift) but it costs $90! Can we  make something clever like  this at home?

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Awesome little gifts for kids

When giving away lots of little gifts to kids it's easy to just give away cheap toys that will quickly be forgotten. This blog post has some great alternative ideas for quick gifts to make that have a lot more personality. Cute gnomes, hot chocolate kits, jingling necklaces, and more in the links at the bottom. Check it out. Link via CRAFT

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how do i fix linux window transparency?

How do i fix Linux kolourpaint it is now all messed up. the window is semi transparent. anything in the window that is dark, the more transparent it is. i changed all my settings (anywhere i could find transparency) to opaque and nothing works i found out those change gnome. some programs are  KDE, but i cant find settings for them. my problem with this is that i cant read the top menu (File Edit View) when i try to fill in everything black, is just turns completely transparent to whatever is under that window. things that are whiter are less transparent. its not the type of translucency that turns all the window clear. just the darker stuff. look at the picture for a better understanding. my desktop background is the Macintosh northern lights aurora. you can see the squares i painted. one is black, red, cyan, and gray. they are all transparent. especially the black one. it seems a few other windows are the same, so it's not kolourpaint thats the problem. update, it seems that particular KDE based windows are transparent as i describe.(koulorpaint and konqueror ) I'm running gnome (although i have ran KDE on the same mint OS,  under menu>administration>login screen )

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LCD with Ribbon Cable connecting to Webcam.

I am trying to build a device that will simply display a webcam on a LCD screen I pulled from a palm pad(or something similar) with a on-off switch. However I have no real knowledge of screens or cameras, the LCD has a 40 pin(if I counted right) ribbon cable, and a second ribbon with about 5 pins(the touch screen part?) and the webcam obviously uses a USB. How would I go about setting up the two with a battery and an on-off switch?

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How do i install windows programs to linux? Answered

How do i install windows programs to Linux mint? i have tryed to use "wine" but i just cant figure it out! the program i want to install is Microsoft-Paint. i have tryed GNOME paint but it isn't as powerful as Mspaint and "Gimp image editor" in is just plan confusing.  Also, i want to know how to make the UI of mint look i little more advanced than something similar to windows 98. i figured how to chang themes but I'm not crazy about any of them. can in download more themes? and, how to i flip between home-screens without draging a window/program around?

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My skills include: computer OS (aka Ubuntu), misc. little crafts, and a basic knowledge of woodworking, paracord, and electronics. Here is a link to my featured Instructable What I'd like to make for someone: maybe a kool lookin' clock, from an instructable on this site =D I'd be willing to make this size gift package for someone (choose all that apply): (S,M,L): I will make a smallish medium object I'd be willing to receive a smaller or larger size gift package from someone than the one I make for someone else: sure! What I like: electronics, computer stuff, gadgets, soccer, steam plunk, jewelry (necklaces/bracelets), Antique/refurbished items. What I don't like: taxidermy, food items, lawn gnomes, pink/girly items I absolutely can't have: alcohol, and I cannot have scallops due to allergies, but I doubt that is anyone's gift idea ;) Type of thing I'd love to receive: I would like if it fits into one of my interests categories, or a surprise would be nice! Would you be willing to ship to an address outside your own country? Only if absolutely necessary. Confirm that are at least 18 years old or, if not, that you have the approval of a parent or guardian: yessiree bob!

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Lonely Planet Travel Tips Contest Winners

Instructables and Lonely Planet are happy to announce the winners of the Lonely Planet Travel Tips Contest!The world is a big and crazy place and to truly understand that you need to see it in person. Thanks to the entries in this contest we can learn from the mistakes and successes of others and help plan for a better trip in the future. The advice in these Instructables cover trips both grand and small, but all of the finalists have some advice that would be helpful.With all of the cool travel books from Lonely Planet as prizes we can only hope that these travelers will be planning yet another trip to explore a new place and get another perspective on life.Now, on with the winners! Third Prize The authors of these Instructables will each receive their choice of Lonely Planet phrasebook and an Instructables patch and stickers. In random order. When in mosquito bite, use THIS PRODUCT! Tips for the traveling photographer How To Do Waikiki And Oahu On The Cheap The Oh S..t Kit Altoids Tin Emergency Candle Best FREE Things to do at Walt Disney World Some Simple Travel Games for Car and Train Journeys How to: Bathtub laundry How to "Do Toledo" in 30 days (or less) How to travel to London, England - and have a great time! The "i have no clue what geocaching is", geocaching guide! The Robolocity Roaming Instructables Robot Gnome - RoboGnome Second Prize The authors of these Instructables will each receive Bluelist 2008: The Best in Travel, choice of a Lonely Planet guidebook, and an Instructables t-shirt. In random order. How to get the BEST out of your travels Urban Survival 101: Mobile Computing on the Fringe Improvised Flip Flops out of a camping mat Bumcamping in Japan pocket sized map book Business travel when you're not going executive class Space saving folding techniques for cloths. Prize (10) The Pocket Pal aka A Gals Other Pocket Pal RadBear's Travel Tips Traveling by Scooter First PrizeThe authors of these Instructables will each receive a choice of Cities, Asia, or Africa photo book, Bluelist 2008: The Best in Travel, choice of a Lonely Planet guidebook, and an Instructables t-shirt. In random order. Handy Tricks: World Traveler Edition by stasterisk Packing for Tropical Travelby aneel Turning a Cruise Full of Old People into a Death Defying Adventure by iwasthinkingaboutsoup

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