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What Video Game Systems do you own?

Just wondering what systems everyone owns. I myself have; -Nintendo Entertainment System -Sega Genesis -Sega CD -Wii -PS2 -PC -Atari Jaguar (Really) -Gamecube -That's it

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The Robot Goes to Asia

Prolific Instructables member zieak has won four shirts so far from participating in contests. So when he went to Asia he brought one along and took some photos. The pics are pretty great. You can see a few here or go to his site to see the whole collection.Thanks, Zieak! Now who else can show us the robot outside the U.S.?

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Robot goes on an airplane!

Robot and I went flying the other day, so we took a picture together. Whenever I wear it out in public, I hope somebody will come up to me and say that they're a member, too. Hasn't happened yet. I look a tad bit tired(/retarded)...since i'd been flying all day. EDIT: Yeah, I look really retarded in that picture...but at least Robot looks groovy!

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The Robot goes to Peru

I wore my Instructables shirt while on a trip to Peru at Machu Picchu. I washed it in the bathroom sink the night before and when i put it on the the morning it was still quite damp. Didn't matter because i was rained on while hiking down from Wayna Picchu (the mountain in the background of the main picture). I had my rain jacket but the cool rain felt great. In a little less than two weeks i'll try and wear my shirt on the equator too!

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Robot in Phun

As you may possibly recall,the Instructables Robot was made in SketchUp. I was inspired by that and today,a few mins before,I made the Robot in Phun,the 2D physics sandbox. It is low in detail but that can only be changed by your improvement! *hand comes out of monitor,pointing to viewer*

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another bug (UPDATE!!!!)

hey guys i have had this bug for about a week now and its annoying me because i cant view all ibles or favorites If i click the "next" button on some ones page all it does is refresh the page and dosent show the other ibles and the same for favorites, questions, favroites, and forums and i have tried many diffrent peoples pages and there all the same. also if im on a ible and i click next to view more comments it just refreshes the page. i have recntly went on to our family computer because mine is down so im looking around ibles and the next buttons still dont work. BUT they do all work fine on IE 8 and Google chrome i have no idea why it is like this any ideas?

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KnowHow goes to Maker Faire

Tim Anderson takes us on a tour of Maker Faire 2007. See The Haul, a self-propelled victorian house with a steam engine, learn to run a gasoline engine on coffee grounds or anything that burns, see a robot pull a chariot, etc etc.Do you like it? Digg it!.

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Instructables Goes Indoor Skydiving

The Instructables team has been going strong for a while now - some of us have even been with the company for over two years! Eric took Rachel, Eric N and me to iFly, an indoor skydiving facility, as an anniversary gift. Flying is awesome, and now we want to build an indoor machine of our own! I'm going to publish all of my Instructables in flight from now on.Here's video of the first flight we did where we were just learning how to stabilize ourselves.Here's video of the second flight we did where the instructor took us up and down, spun us around, and let us move around a bit on our own.**music NOT from noahw**

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OMG would someone please be willing to help me!!! I am in dire need! This digital TV is great but the down side is a weak signal goes out completely, no more fuzzy picture! How do I stregnthen my signal from my rooftop antenna?

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Halloween Contest goes live today

That's right, the contest details will be announced today. Prizes and categories and all that fun.Stay tuned.

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Newsletter goes to wrong e-Mail

I tryed to change my e-mail in settings to a new e-mail account.  It states that i have changed my e-mail but they still go to my old e-mail account...any ideas?

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Star Wars goes all classical

Digital imagery website worth1000 is running a Star Wars contest where entries must start as classical works of art, with a Star Wars theme edited in.It's well worth a look.(As an aside, I am still suffering the bug that won't let me post threads in the normal way - I had to post this in the feedback forums, then edit the classifications)

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Content goes POOF during an edit! Then--->

A couple sentences of the disappeared content appear in a whole NEW, unpublished Ible that I never created.  I lost A LOT OF WORK and I want to cry out of frustration. ;_( btw... I did "Save" changes a few times during the edit, but 90% of the content is still gone.

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Reading Rainbow Goes off the Air :(

Reading Rainbow comes to the end of its 26-year run on Friday; it has won more than two-dozen Emmys, and is the third longest-running children's show in PBS history — outlasted only by Sesame Street and Mister Rogers.StoryHere's the best episode (I can remember)... And Stand back! I take large steps.Part 1 Part 2 Did anyone else notice that LeVar Burton really doesn't age?

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When Design Goes Too Far

Here's an image that's been making the rounds today. It's a bed that breaks down into four pieces that can then be interlocked with the floating bookshelves to form some sort of padded wall/bookshelf. It's just a design concept and not meant to be produced (I hope), but even so it's quite a case of a design looking for a problem. A few shelves on the wall will have a lot more storage for books and you can then store a futon or an inflatable mattress underneath. And do you really want your mattress displayed on the wall?

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Doctor Who goes "Fifties Nerd"

Matt Smith's new look as the 11th Doctor has been revealed - tweed jacket, bow tie and rolled-up trousers and black boots.Filming for the new series begins on Monday, with the programmes scheduled for broadcast in the UK next Spring.Also in the photo below is Karen Gillan, who plays the Doctor's new companion Amy Pond.Related links:BBC storyBBC's Doctor Who pagesMatt Smith on IMDB[ Matt Smith on Wikipedia]Karen Gillan on IMDBKaren Gillan on Wikipedia

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Robot [Tee] Goes to the Magic Kingdom

Yes Kiteman, I know just a few weeks ago I said that I haven't visited Disney in a long long time... which, at the time was true....My parent's came up to visit and my family went to the Disney "not so scary Halloween" two weeks ago (oh, I do have a 6 year old sister :p)... They give out candy (good candy too :p), most of the rides are open and the best Disney parade Disney's ever done (according to the people that work there).In any case, I thought this phallic mickey head was hilarious - I wasn't the only one that thought so too :pIn any case, I found myself poking my head around props and such, looking at how things work rather than riding rides.... And talking with some workers... They started putting up Christmas lights weeks ago - they had a cherry picker that could reach the top of the castle...In any case, robot+mickey -- both of their heads likely have the same amount of articulation (except mickey's head sounds like a printer :p)

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glass table? (is this where this goes? :D)

I recently obtained for a fair price a cut piece of glass from goodwill. its rounded slightly at the sides and greatly at the corners. at the widest point it is approximately 52" by 24". its 3/8" thick-its fairly heavy as you could imagine. I mean i can pick it up by myself but its worrying me what to build the actual support out of. I was thinking to have 2 tubes pipes or cylinders at equal distances from the right and left edges-it would be at least 10 inches away from the edge on each side, leaving what, 32 inches in between them? Now my question is whats the cheapest way of doing this. i didnt THINK i would use PVC, but i dont have the slightest clue how much it could support, so idk. Aluminum tubing is cheap for smaller sizes, is that better? Id give a weight estimate but im terrible at estimating things based off my senses so thats a bad idea. Maybe you can get an idea off the dimensions. I can spend at max 15 bucks for PVC or aluminum. oh, and the desk is gonna be around 30 inches tall. so 5 feet is just enough. Also, what would be a good idea to place the cylinders on top of for balance? At this point, all i need to do is keep the glass 30 inches off the ground with ~3 feet of space for me to slide my chair into (although its really not a neccessity because itll be out alot anyway.) with a 15 dollar budget. any sugestions?

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Instructables goes Trapezing! (Updated with Videos!)

On the 16th of October, team instructables decided to head over to Trapeze Arts for a day of fun and adventure! As a reward for our one millionth registered user, I was given the option to choose how we got to celebrate the occasion.  After researching for a little while, a friend mentioned that she'd recently gone to a one day trapeze class.  I looked into it, and it seemed like a fun idea.  Several people brought cameras and a bunch of videos were taken. You can see photo's of the event below, sadly the video's haven't been cut together yet.  Hopefully I'll be able to add that soon! ----- Well, I finally managed to get the videos all put together, I hope you enjoy! You can find them on our youtube channel. However, I'll just embed them here for ease of browsing! I figured it'd be nice to show off one complete run by everyone. Sadly we didn't get video of everyone getting caught, so I had to make do with what I had. Now a video of everyone's practice runs. We had to just practice swinging and getting our legs up and over the bar, then jumping back into the net. The guy who does the double flip out of the net at the end of the video is the instructor who's catching us in the following video. Then we all got a chance to get caught. this is another mashed up video of all of us on our runs to get caught by one of the instructors. Finally, after we finished the trapezing, we went to the equipment room to have some more fun. There were trampolines, tight rope (that was a couple feet of the ground), plate spinning, super yo-yo's, and a whole ton more. Again, we were all having fun, so video didn't get taken of everything, but I think this mash-up kind of shows off some of what we got to do. ...And that was our trip to Trapeze Arts! Everyone who worked there was great, and we had a blast! Thanks!

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One time video camera goes aloft

Joe Manico at Kodak built an aerial video vehicle with a $20 one-time-use video camera -- and some clever backyard engineering with soda pop bottles, a golf bag cart, and duct tape.Have a look:

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Priest on party-balloons flight goes missing

"A Roman Catholic priest who floated off under hundreds of helium party balloons was missing Monday off the southern coast of Brazil."Link via CNNIt is hard to tell if this is funny or sad. -On one hand, anyone who attempts to break the record for longest party balloon flight is knowingly risking their life, and therefore open to be criticized / mocked when the likely outcome occurs.-On the other hand, this was a priest trying to raise money for a cause.-But back on the other hand, the cause he was trying to raise money for was a trucker's rest stop.It is a close call, but that is two in favor in puns, and one against. The puns have it!

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Who here goes to or has gone to CTY?

Do any instructables members go or have gone to CTY? If so, what site? list of things that go on... American Pie Frisbees confiscated 7 hours a day in class during the summer illegal sleepovers lanyard swinging cross-dress day

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floor jack goes up ok but won't hold

I have replaced the o-rings and replaced the hydro oil pumps up a lot better than before but will  not hold also how to adj the air the one you are not to mess with 

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LG monitor has faded picture and then goes black

Hi, I’m experiencing problems with my LG Flatron Wide. The screen comes on with a very faded picture and then goes black. I assumed that maybe the capacitors (like for others) needed to be changed. However, I have opened the monitor and the caps look perfectly fine, no bulges or anything. Does anyone think I should just go ahead and try changing the caps anyway? Or could anything else be wrong? Thanks a lot.

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Changing LEDs colours as a car goes up in RPM?

I'm buiding a buggy and would like to build a visual effect when going up through the RPM and have some LEDs in the back change colour as i complete in the night events,    My question is there  away of building a system that  runs off the aultnator as the RPM rises it changes the colours in the light out put

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The Pulse Jet Bicycle that Goes up to 75 mph

Pulse jets are fun to watch and you can get an intro to making one with a jam jar. Make a big one and it can be incredibly freakin' loud. Mount it onto a bicycle like Robert Maddox did and you'll get speeds up to 75 mph as you blast your ears into loose bits of jelly. Link

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And the prize for the first author to reach 100 Instructables goes to...

Tim Anderson!Tim's one of those one-in-a-billion types, and he's personally inspired me on numerous occasions. He carefully observes and learns from the world around him, and then turns around and, with near limitless energy, teaches everything he knows to others. Have a look through his 100 Instructables; you'll be sure to learn something new.

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Which wire goes where (emergency stop button)? Answered

I'm trying to wire up an emergency stop button. Australian power outlets have 3 prongs, active, neutral and earth. My switch has 2 connections, one Normally Open one Normally Closed.  I think I need to have the active line connected to NC (so connected when the switch is in the ON position) and the neutral connected to NO, and the earth remaining connected regardless. This should mean that when it's on the Active line is connected to ground and this the power is on past the switch. When the switch is OFF the neutral is connected to earth and it is safely off (any remaining power in devices connected to it can drain to earth). Am I right in thinking this? or is there something I've overlooked? I am also aware that mains power (240V AC in Australia) is deadly, and not a good idea to play with unless you are a qualified expert. I do intend to have this checked before use, however I would like to have a proper understanding before I go any further. The emergency stop button I have is rated for sufficient volts and amps to use on Australian mains power, and is suitable for the intended use (before a corded drill or circular saw).

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HP 1502 LCD monitor -goes light blue then quickly goes white- How do I fix it please Answered

HI,  My HP 1502 monitor has been going for a few weeks now. It would go to white when turned on but after turning it off and on a few times it would show the XP login screen. This has now progressed to showing a very very washed out light blue then quickly to white. I have looked at the capacitors and they seem okay as there are no 'big bulges' etc.  I attach an image to see the board, maybe you can see better than I. Any other help please? Thanks oz  :-)

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how many screws goes into a 4 by 8 sheet of drywall?

I am putting up drywall. How many screws do i use per sheet for the walls? thanks

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what goes on the neckpiece to the cardboard jaffa serpent guard costume?

The instructable mentioned a neckpiece in the section titled "the helmet part 1: the front. I'm confused about whether things go on it or not.

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St.Xaviers Kolkata goes Green with onsite solar panels(and cells)

Switching on to computers run by solar powered batteries, St.Xaviers now has alternative sources of energy to power lights, fans and other gadgets in the premises. It built the solar power system onsite as it is far more economical and powerful than the conventional system. Initially they have planned to run ten computers from as many solar panels and in phases install about 100 such panels on our roof tops to run computer science courses, The fund for research work for alternative sources of energy would be borne by the college and if needed they would approach other agency for funding. The college, celebrating its 150th year, got autonomy three years ago. And I study there!!! How cool is that?? One of our science labs are completely solar powered! I'll upload more pictures soon!! Kabir

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Where can I buy the "hardware" that goes on the back of a belt buckle?

I have a homemade wooden buckle from which the back is now naked!?

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My monitor automatically gives me a message NO SIGNAL then goes to sleep......

I have an HP desktop, when I power on, I get a message box stating there is no signal and then the monitor goes to sleep mode.... What can I do to fix this please

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autonomous car goes full reverse because of wrong initialization of ESC?

 Hi, I have a problem with my robotics project. I am building an autonomous car using a LiPo battery (2S) and a 15T motor and an Arduino board. I know that I have to initialize the ESC at the beginning of my code but for some reason, the initialization goes wrong sometimes. I don't know if my code is wrong or what. Sometimes the initialization is fine and I'm able to run the car, but sometimes it goes full reverse which is very inconvenient. These are the 8 lines of code I have to initiate the ESC:  throttle.attach(6);                                                        throttle.write(70);          delay(2000);               digitalWrite(6,LOW);       delay(1000);       throttle.write(77);       delay(1000);       digitalWrite(6,LOW);

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If the whole Instructables website goes pro, which website will you go to?

Or will you stay here? I know that most of the K'nex community would rather leave then going "Pro".And some K'nexers might go "Pro". But then most of the other K'nexers wouldn't. So there's pretty much no reason to go "Pro". But if the whole site went "Pro". It could get rid of most of the K'nexers.(Not that that's a good thing. in my opinion)So, where would you go? KI, KA, or just stay here?

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How is the little metal rod that goes through the piston rod on a food sealer vacuum pump held in place? Answered

Food save vacuum pump piston connecting rod pin.  Goes through piston connecting rod and into a little hole on the electric motor

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Testing my ailerons out of the RTF Bixler2, work opposite the stick.

How can I correct my ailerons? It cannot be done with my Transmitter. Push aileron stick right and the right aileron goes down and the left goes up. Push aileron stick left and left aileron goes down and right goes up. My radio is not capabible of making the correction. What can I do to correct this problem?

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when i put my lcd hp 1502 put on the screen goes blink?

I have an hp 1502 LCD monitor. a weak before it start problem, as when i on it the screen goes blink white just after having a glimpse of the desktop view and when i do on and off it for several times it goes right but i faced the same problem each time when on it....   whats the problem within... 

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Is there a way to have an electronic key on my cats collar so everytime she goes in my room a buzzer goes off ??

I was wondering if you could make an electronic key or something like that so when she crosses or enters the area a buzzer or alarm goes off so she runs away.

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Is it possible? Is it possible for a motorless knex fully auto with a ram that goes back and forth? Answered

Well, i was wondering is it even possible at all? Oblivitus' Bolt action mg would work, but would only have 5 or 6 shots. Not boasting or anything, but is my mg the closest there is?

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Electronics help

I need an easy way to distribute power 2 way and when the on button is switched the correct goes one way and when off then on again it goes another? Thanks

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Periodic table of condiments

Nope, that isn't a typo. You've heard of the periodic table of elements? Well, check out this hilarious table of condiments that periodically go bad. From Condiment No. 1 (Mayonnaise, which the table says goes bad in 3 months) to Condiment No. 75 (Maraschino, which apparently never goes bad), you can look up just about any condiment you can name to see when you need to toss it out. Or at least when these people think it goes bad.Take it with a grain of salt (Condiment No. 2, it never goes bad!) though-it claims Lemon goes bad in 2 months. Stuff and nonsense. I've eaten 3 month old lemons that were perfectly good.Mendeleev would be so proud...

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