Does anyone know the exact weight of a golf ball? Answered

I an working on a science project and dont have a scale to calculate the weight of a goflf ball. Please help its due Tomorrow!!!!

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Why won't my trebuchet work? Answered

Over the weekend, I built a trebuchet. It is two feet tall from base to arm, and it uses a 2.5 pound weight as a counterweight. It will only launch a golfball around 8 feet! It has barely any arc at all. Can somebody help?

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potato gun ammo (1",1.5" and 2")

I made a potato gun and i need ideas for ammo, plz not that shelled golfball thing. thx in advance

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What would I need to build a handheld apparatus capable of spinning and launching moderately sized steel balls?

Preferably one that's not excessively bulky. The balls in question are slightly larger than a golfball.

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Is it possible somewhat inexpensively to set up sensors for this game? Answered

I've got the lighting down... now I just need a way to activate it.  It's the classic ladder-toss, golfball horseshoes, what ever you want to call it... You throw a string with a ball on each end at a 3 rung stand and try to wrap your strings around the rungs.  I'm running a strip of LED's through each tier and drilling small holes so you can see the light emitting but am trying to figure a way to have the LED's blink for a few seconds when you score.  Thought about sensors in the balls, but sometimes one ball will be closer to a lower rung than to the rung you've actually scored on so was thinking maybe some kind of pressure sensor on each bar?  This seems too complicated to me, but perhaps one of you knows a way? I don't have an arduino and am on a bit of a low budget, but any ideas are welcome even if out of my budget I'll have something to think about on down the road.

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