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Instructable gone?

Well, I was just online a couple of hours before, but I' m tired decided to get some sleep. Then, when I was back on, the site layout changed. That's not really a problem, but when I clicked my name to see if I got any comments, it said " Start your first Instructable ", while I have 5 already. But when I take a look at my persona it was fine. Bug?

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I will be gone for a few days

I will be gone tomorrow through Saturday, so i won't be able to reply to comments.  I might be able to get on saturday night, though.  This is just a heads up.

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Guide Button Gone?

Probably an oversight in the last big update, rather than an actual bug, but the button to start a new Guide has disappeared. (Credit to Pfarmkid for noticing.) 

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Views gone on collections

Why don't the views show up on the collections anymore? I noticed this when I posted a few collections and I couldn't keep tabs on them easily.

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Where'd my forum go?

Can someone help me? I had put up a forum about League of Legends, and its gone now. I dont understand why, but did I violate a rule? Am I not allowed to advertise it? Can someone please help me?

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Itunes Music Gone?

I got onto Itunes yesterday, and I noticed that a lot of my songs were missing. They were just completely gone. Should i sync my ipod, and put the songs back on, or try to do something else? Help? The same thing happened to my father, who I share the account with. We have not updated/downloadedany new versions of anything on Itunes recently. Help?

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Instructables Gone Wrong

This is what I like to call: Instructables Gone Wrong!WARNING!He does have a "rude" outburst at the beginning!

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Project Icons Gone?

The little icons that mark thumbnails as "step-by-step", "video", "photo" or "collection" seem to have disappeared.  That's quite annoying...

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Artist in Residence Gone?

Is Instructables no longer taking applications for artists in residence? I found the page explaining it, but the application and program website are 404.

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Where's the newsletter gone?

I've just noticed that the newsletter signup box, which used to be at the bottom of every page, has vanished. Was that an oversight in the update, or is the newsletter being quietly retired? 

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Views gone on collections? Answered

Why don't the views show up on the collections anymore? I noticed this when I posted a few collections and I couldn't keep tabs on them easily.

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Gone! For a Week! No Instructables! :-(

Hey everyone. I'm going to be gone for a week. My family is going up to northern Michigan and there isn't any internet up there. Just thought I would bring it up... it seems like a good discussion starter. *How often is everyone on instructables? *Do you have symptoms of withdrawal when you are away? (Just kidding... sorta. Lol) *Anything else!

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download PDF ...Gone?

Has the option to download Instructables in PDF format been removed or changed?  I cannot seem to find this option on any of the 'structables pages today.  Please, please tell me this is a temporary glitch!

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Graphical search gone

I haven't looked too much at the new site, but the thing I noticed immediately was that the graphical search button is missing. I don't know if there was a big reason for removing it, but it was really useful for finding good 'ibles. Please bring it back.

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HO.PE is almost gone !

For any that care, HOPE, the last convention at the HOtel PEnnsyvania in NY, is going to be holding it's last one July 18-20, 2008. JAN 2007 the news was released that The Hotel Pennsylvania would be demolished. While some progress has been made, questions still linger.

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Tailgating Gone Wrong

Or maybe this is an example of tailgating the right way? To be honest, I've never been into the whole tailgating thing and like a regular bbq in the park or in a backyard. But if you love your recently bisected vehicle and want to turn it into a grilling machine, then check this out.via Core77

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Username Search Gone

Where did the username search go? For a while, you could search someone's username and get to their profile page, but it's gone now. I added my username to my business card with the expectation that someone could search my username and find my projects, but that isn't the case now. Not only does my name not come up on the drop-down of the search, but my projects don't come up either. My group's entry in the Makerspace Contest and someone else's instructable in which they mention me are all that come up in a search for Brooklyntonia. This is very disappointing. 

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Long Time Gone

So im guessing that most of you wont really remember me, i have not made a full come back to knex but i am mainly just trying to see if i still have the main skills but im going to give it a shot but at christmas i will be stopping as i am going to try and sell my knex again but at the moment i am working on a project which i dont think many people have suceeded in doing but i have nearly finished my !! spas 12 !! so yeah i will be posting pictures but i dought i will be posting as ive used many broken peices to get it to work the way i want but the main concept is very simple i may attach a picture once its done to this post

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An hour and a half gone.

I just lost an hour and a half of work, because I trusted this website a little too much.  I was starting up some directions for a project I want to do, and my computer lost the wireless connection. I clicked "save," and the page did two things. First, it completely crashed, saying it could not update. Two, this idiotic "Updating" frame came up, that BLOCKED me from being able to copy and paste the material that took all that time to put together. I know you guys can't control everything, and that it's not your fault my wireless router is stupid, but you really, REALLY need to get rid of that "Updating" splash that blocks us from being able to access what we just wrote.  I know now I'll get comments on here saying, "You should save more often, moron." Yes. I should have. I should have written it first in Word as well. In fact, there's a lot of things I should have done. I guess I'm spoiled by autosave utilities.

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TV-B-Gone Pwnage @ Best Buy!

My friends I go to best buy and turn off tvs. I built to tv-b-gone kits from scratch for it. Sorry for the video quality, I had to hide the camera more or less. Enjoy and Comment!

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what is the circuit operation of TV-B-Gone???

Plss... i nid the answers right now! i nid it to my research paper hir in school....  tnx

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i want a login screen!!!!

I have just changed the administrator account password with a CMD, but now the problem is, instead of showing any login thingie (like typing user password or the click user==> enter password) it just starts straight up to a guest account, how can i disable this (i cannot do alot on this PC, no configuration screen or users...)?

Question by godofal  

Hey, where did the latest Site Update posting disappear to?

Last night, Rachel rolled out some updates and bug fixes, and very nicely posted a summary to Site Updates (thank you, again!). That posting seems to have disappeared from the forum, but not from the top-level count for the forum. Update:  It seems to have been moved from the Site Updates forum to FAQs.  It is still read-only, so I don't quite understand why that was done.

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Comment vanished

My apologies if I'm in the wrong place for this. I took out a pro membership (I was a pro member 2 years ago) as I wanted to be more involved in Instructables as I'm now 66 I have more time to build stuff, but after commenting on Scraptopower's excellent instructable "Build a coke can sterling engine" I can't find the comment I made several days ago. Its frustrating when you take the time to leave feedback about a particular aspect of someones work and then can't find the damn thing because its not where it should be. Perhaps some one could point me in the direction of my comment or explain what might have happened to it. Thanks a lot.

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leaving ;(

Sadly since i sold my knex (about a year ago now) i honestly dont know what there is to make so im leaving instructables. i havent been here in so long i struggled to find out how to make this forum thread. and now that i am addicted to youtube and minecraft i cant see myself ever making another instructable. so thats why im leaving. but on the brighter side im starting a new youtube series but it has nothing to do with building or anything that you would find on here. anyways its been fun sharing my creations with everyone and i had a good time soooooo............ i guess its goodbye...                                                                          -slithien-                                                                               RIP                                                          11/08/2006  to  29/05/2012

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Hey I'm Alive!

Hey everyone, I haven't quit 'ibles but still have no internet access, especially since I've been off tech for two weeks for easter. I have however been doing little projects and such and there shall be 'ibles. at the moment things are odd, being bored alot has led to constant rearranging of furniture, me creating a website, not yet uploaded that has just grown and grown, subconciously I believe it to be an attempt to build my own internet. Lots of video projects going on at the moment as well, leading to someone going on fire, eh, sign stealing and on a few occasions nudity... Photography has been happening in great amounts and other such things... How is everybody here, or whoever reads this, I imagine I've missed a lot?

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I'll be gone Monday to Wednesday. 12 hour premature return FTW!

For reasons that I am to lazy to talk about, I won't be able to get on a computer from Monday to Wednesday.  I will return Thursday. That is all. Oh, and I still will be here for the remainder of Saturday and Sunday. EDIT:  I'm back, 12 hours early.

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What happen to the comment stats!!!!!

Well? Why was it deleted? I really like to see how much comments I and other people are making... :(

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Whoa ! I signed in and thought the forums had been eliminated...

Took me a good 5-6 minutes to find them again.  Is this on purpose? 

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Posting go into the digital nirvana - AGAIN

I just finnished a lenghy reply, hit the "Make Comment" button and after a short wait my posting was gone, just totally gone! Going back in the browser did not bring it back either. To make things worse I could not write this complaint in Firefox as it is impossible to select the categories, so instead I had to fire up Chrome to make this posting. This exact behaviour of posting going lost during the sending period happend before and was supposed to be fixed. Yes, I did the usual troubleshooting of browser cache, history, dns and so on - but that is of no use anyway one you lost a posting. I don't know about others but I am starting to get sick and tired of bugs making the proper use of this website impossible. Am also sick and tired of being forced to create my postings and Ibles in an external editor just because Instructables collects more bugs than users at some stages. Said it before and say it again: If you can't fix the damn Autodesk software properly just just a forum software that is proven to work properly! Getting far too frustrating here :(

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Sildeshow Images Do Not Appear

I published a slideshow and the images do not appear when I view it. I took a screenshot, and have attached it. The slideshow is "Simple Flyback Driver Gives Powerful Arcs"

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What happened to "BIG" Text!!!

About a week or two ago, I notice that "BIG" text had been disabled...Every time I try make "BIG" texts, the equals just disappear without doing any effects to the text...Why has it been disabled!I am a bit upset over this, and so as other instructable users...

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My instructable disappeared

I made an instructable for the The Not Really A Forum At All, TNRAFAA, and it disappeared.(It says "This instructable has been removed by author")I published it at roughly the same time I entered an instructable into the horny toad contest, and the only 2 acceptable ones for the contest were the TNRAFAA, and the one I entered.I don't know if those 2 things are related, but anyway.

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people with an imagination only need apply

I was making a speaker and the cut i was doing came out wrong so i managed to salvage them by changing the cut on the tube any ideas what to do with them not to fussed about making a bass tube any more so people any ideas knowing me il just make more speakers.. iv got coloured strip lights, glass, wood,leds,strobe,rope light,mirror ball motor,speakers but you know that already, the tubes are 315mm dia   

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Gone! Free Copy of Autodesk Sketchbook Pro 2011 Gone!

It's gone! I decided to give it to CaptainMunz. Sketchbook Pro is designed to be used with a graphics tablet, like a Wacom Bamboo, so I think he'll get the best use out of it. Congrats! Original post: I received a free copy of Sketchbook Pro from the Instructables HQ for being the top author, but I don't really have a good use for it. So rather than resell it over craigslist, I'd like to pay it forward by giving it away to a deserving member of the Instructables community. So please write a brief but thoughtful reply or PM about what you would do with a copy of Sketchbook and how it would be a boon to your pursuits. I've never conducted a giveaway before, so I'm going to just take replies for a few days and then take it from there. Once I've decided who to give it to I'll let you know by editing this thread. A DVD case is lightweight, so I think I can ship it pretty far. Does anyone have an idea of how much it would cost to ship from California to say, India? I look forward to hearing from you - cheers!

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feature comment button is gone

On my latest i'ble I noticed that the "feature comment" button is gone! 

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Search box gone odd

The search box has gone peculiar on the SciFi contest prize page. See top-right corner of screen grab. FireFox, Windows XP

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TV-B-Gone Codes?

Hi, So I was wondering if anyone had the TV-B-Gone codes in a .wav or .mp3 format so that I could use them on my ipod like this.Anyone have any idea were to get them or how to get them?Thanks

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My favourite button, GONE!!!!

The usual button for viewing all comments that was right above the little window with comments in it is gone! Now you have to click on the comments button to do that! Why?

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HELP. laser tvB gone.

Got an idea after  som beers.. how  bout puting a laser on a universal remote , or a tv B gone. and  a  sniper scope.. Is there a posibility? The  amount of  fun that  could give is insane. ... jupp i am evil..  Need som help from you beutyful geniuseses.. um  seses ok ? 

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All my favorites are gone

I recently changed my username, and immediately afterwards all my favorites disappeared! This was the case on both my computer and the android app. Is there anyway to retrieve them? Thanks!

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Noise Pollution B-Gone?

I liked the TV-B-Gone Instructable, it was entertaining and informative. Now I wonder if one could "snipe" one's neighbors' stereo set while they are playing Slipknot full blast at 3 am? (Calling the cops only does so much, I'd rather hit a button and go back to sleep.) I only have the most vague understanding of EMP technology, is that a possible/plausible implement for a solution? Or is there something else?

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ANSWERS gone again. Again.

I see you've changed the page layout again... and lost the Answers tab in the process of doing so. (Apparently deliberate. Given that there was no competition for screen real-estate, this may or may not indicate an opinion about the perceived value -- and/or legal risk? -- of the Answers section, at least in its present form.)

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Now I've gone and done it.

Gave notice at work today, strangely the boss was super enthusiastic about my leaving, oh well. So last day is officially the 26th, but I'll take a personal day and make the 22nd my last day. It feels really really strange. I'll be a full time student now, praise be to student loans. Spring 2008 Chem for eng solid mech dynamcs thermo.

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Vga cable gone wrong

I've tried like 5-6 times to make myself a vga male-to-male cable for this 32" tv I have that I can't do anything but watch noise infested cable with.So I'll skip all the bull****. I'm down to two cables I cut one from an old CRT and one from a non-working LCD monitor. Of course the lcd cable has to be considerably thinner, but the cables inside are relatively the same color.I've used this , and this website for a little bit of reference, along with wikipedia's VGA Connector page. The only bit of useful information I really have is on the wiki page where it says the male connector is just a mirror image, but it still confuses me.So far I have pins 1, 2, and 3 connected together at the cut end of the two cables, as they're the 3 thicker cables inside there. The rest of the cables seemed to be the same color as on the other cable, except that one had a black wire, and one with a red one (these turned out to be the same pin so I wired them together). The rest of the wires I matched together according to color and some of them I've heat shrinked, but I figured I better not waste any on wires I'm unsure about.Sure enough, it does not work, my LCD continues to display no signal, and I'm now wishing I didn't cut apart the first hand made cable I had (I grabbed off a cart at school). But the image quality was crudd, and it turns out it was wired in the cable to 5 coaxial wires, probably causing the quality issue as it wasn't exactly standard.Can someone tell me what the hell I did wrong???? Should it be wired differently instead of just a straight through cable?

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Bad mice gone good

I originally posted this as a collaboration. Turns out it's better as a forum item, which may eventually evolve into a collaboration. I'll try to put up at least one image this weekend. Meanwhile, settle in for a bit of a read, and let me know what you think.. . . . . . . Ingredients:- About 2 dozen half dead or completely dead Apple USB mice, mostly black, some white, bundled and hung to age.- 8-10 Apple keyboards, some flavored with cola or hot chocolate, mostly black, some white.(Randofo may contribute more, we'll see what comes of this caper. See his keyboard hack.Optional additives:- Dead hard drives, also part of the job. I've been wanting to figure out how to hack the controllers and drive arms to make a sculpture that waves the arms vertically, in controllable ways. I don't know yet if this is a separate project or not.- Glue, solder, etc.- Other junk, hopefully minimal, unless it adds a whole new level to the project.StatusI gathered them by their USB connectors and hung them as sculpture, (photo coming soon) awaiting further inspiration.The ProjectFirst idea:Wire, (or rewire, in this case) the LEDs inside the mice, and make a decorative chandelier.Minimalist that I am, my first impulse is to leave the mice as original and intact as possible, while transforming an everyday object into something delightful and interesting.Current questions:- How to wire them all together, without making it a life's work?- Static or dynamic? Dimmable? Random "flickering/fading" like the new smarter Christmas lights, only more interesting?- Interactive? Respond to sound, temperature or other environmental changes? I like the idea of cause and effect resulting in some new information the observer can come away with, something that actually makes sense, rather than, "That's kind of interesting, but what for?"- Networkable?? So other Bad mice gone Good can influence behaviors?- Some sort of reference or action to the original intended function, i.e., input device, man-machine interface, 21st century worker harness, pixel pushing device, etc.- Hack a keyboard to control the mice? Force them to spell?? I like the idea of subverting/reversing the input/output direction.- use the reflective sensor in the mouse to provide input/output.- Influence Jonathan Ive and his brilliant staff at Apple to put some effective strain relief on all new mice!RulesAnd I use that term fairly loosely. Yet I find that good parameters, even if arbitrary (an affordable luxury with art and fooling around projects) help define the project, keep it manageable, and hence more likely to be completed. Sometimes it's just more fun too. I'll refrain from an essay on that for now. (hm, maybe an essay section would be good Instructables feature request?)- simple- can be made in 24 or fewer work hours.- cheap, with minimal non-salvaged parts.- repeatable, so others can create their own, in the fine, albeit young, Instructables tradition.- finished product is fun and delightful to most people, old or young, geek or non-geek.FeedbackPlease let me know what you think of this idea so far.New ideas, spinoffs, etc. are welcome. Please link or keyword all of them so we can see the connection between projects.Enough for now, I need to overhaul my resume so I can find a more interesting and creative job. SF Bay Area queries are encouraged!

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auto view all steps on one page is gone? Answered

Untill like 10 minutes ago, every time i viewed an instructable, it went to everything on 1 page automatically, but just now, it didnt, so i went to change it back and it said that i'd have to be pro member for it... but i dont understand, i never was pro member, and i had it always, but now its gone?!

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Do the IR LEDS in the TV B gone have to be in this order:

CLEAR BLUE BLUE CLEAR. I did mine differently and it works fine?

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How do I program a microcontroller (tv-b-gone)? Answered

Hello! So I want to make a TV-B-Gone, I can't buy the kit, the question is: what do I need to program a microcontroller with the respective firmware? Or instead of programming by myself, is there any other components and etc to replace the ATTINY85V-10-PU from the project? Thanks!

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Do you HAVE to have a socket for an 8 pin microcontroller or can you just solder it directly to the board? Answered

I'm trying to put together a Tv-B-Gone with the Microcontroller from ladyada but they don't send along the socket (I had the rest of the parts already from other projects and just needed the microcontroller and socket) and its not at Radioshack either. So I'm wondering how important that piece is? Can't I just solder it directly to the wires? Or is there something specific that I'm failing to understand? In a dire need to learn, thanks.

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