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Is this a good deal? Answered

Is this airsoft gun a good deal for someone who wants quality without paying "an arm and a leg"?

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Change is good

Please do not change Instructables to much. Adding classes is very good but don't turn it into a school. I have been to school. I like Instructables the way it is. In formative helpful and exciting. I don't know how others feel but this is how I feel. Thank you . 

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good LEDs?

Hello, i was just wondering if you guys think that these are good LEDs?eBay LEDsIm just starting out, they are only $9 for 100, and you get free resistors! (even though resistors arn't that expensive... even at radio shack )Anyway i was just wondering.ThanksSorry if this is not allowed or the wrong forum.

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Good News!

Good news! I have been seeing whether or not I will be able to make a model Saturn Rocket for the challenge. I did bottle rockets way back in 2006, but all the stuff, Including the ubertastic launcher, is gone now. Good news is, I have found a way to splice bottles, and tested it today. Works pretty good so far, and I will be making a full scale test rocket soon. I don't have my launcher that was super awesome, but I do have a small Clark Cable launcher, hand held version. I do plan for my Saturn Rocket to not only have an Instructable, but an Instructable detailing splicing bottles, adding a parachute system, and adding a small package (in my case, the small lunar ship). If all goes well... I should finish before The end of the contest.

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Good deal? Answered

So i was wondering, as christmas is coming up, is near on £600 worth this? Because if i got this for christmas this would cover my birthday present a which is a bout a month after christmas. (34 days after)

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Good kits?

Off in another thread we were talking about goodkits being a good way to get your feet wet with the practicalities of electronics: how to solder, what the individual bits look like, and so on. I was lamenting the demise of Heathkit - many a engineer in my generation had their first electronics experience putting together one of Heath's kits, using their excellent instructions.So anyway, what kits are available today that offer the hobbyist a "good" and educational building experience? The kits should have good quality PCBs and components, instructions that go far beyond "solder all the components to the board in the places indicated by the silkscreen", and hopefully some amount of theory on how the thing works, and how to troubleshoot it if it's NOT working.I'll recommend:Lady Ada's stuff - I'm not sure I'm wild about online vs printed instructions, but it certainly gives you a good chance to see what you're getting into before you order anything, and it probably permits a higher level of quality in the instructions than it would be cost-effective to have printed.2Dkits Blinkies - a more limited selection, 2dkits specializes in neat little LED badge-like things

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Is this a good poem? Answered

The Boy- lost in deep thought tooken away by his actions he played a game with the devil and lost hes being tammed brokendown in a deep depression how could he do that to her making her trapped forever soon he will see what a mistake he made his face turns red as blood with embaresment of what people think hes a ticking timebomb he'll never last I wrote this in my english class today do you think its good or bad?

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A Good Crucible

Im new to the forge community and i need some advice. I built my first forge useing the charcoal and coffie can method. i melted about 20 or more cans so far and got about 86 grams of aluminum. The crucible i used was a soup that i burned through. I done that twice. While melting I got a lot of slag. Is that normal when melting cans? I also need a good crucible. What can i use for now and where can i get a good one later. I plan to make a propane forge in the near future so a few tips here would be helpfull as well. Any and all advice would be helpfull. Thank you in advance ~Jeht Black~

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A good adhesive.

I'm doing a project for a high school competition in which I built a computer and plan to skin it. I've got my skins draw and (soon to be) printed. Heres my issue, how to attach them to the computer case? I need an adhesive thats heat resistant and won't ruin as the computer warms up, it also needs to be flat in that the skin does not stick away from the case. (Some sort of spray adhesive or paint on glue). If I could get any suggestions or a good brand name I'd be very thankful.

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Is this a good idea?

Okay, so I'm currently building something new but I can't find the proper tube sizes for it, not even on the internet, so this is what I'm planning to do,I'm going to try to make my own steel tubing. First, I will buy a sheet of steel which I can easily buy from my local hardware store. Then I will cut them to 4 different strips, and weld them together forming a rectangular tube. Any suggestions? Tips?

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Good Manners

There has been a shift to much younger children on this great site,  kids who think that we who provide answers to their impossible dreams, are free site service robots  just for them.  ( Not leaving out a great many grateful individuals ! ) A lot of these kids believe we are clairvoyant about their specifics, some behave with poor street manners. My grand kids are being raised with good manners including respect. I hope you, with your children, here and other countries can avoid the,  throw_away_attitude mindset. Speaking for myself, I would happily welcome being recognized a living human resource more often... A Thank you is as pleasing a response as a BA... I even get along with Violators of thermodynamic laws.. There are individuals cutting your text, Keep your Guard-Up ! Regards and Thank You for reading my rant, ICeng...

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What is a good laptop to buy at a good price? Answered

Hi. I am trying to save up for a laptop, and I'd like to know where I can get a pretty good one at a decent price (can't buy off eBay or Amazon). I want one with at least 4GB of RAM and a hard drive with at least  200GB. Does anyone know where to get one on the cheap and how much it costs? Thanks, TheOneAndOnlyMissingno.

Question by TheOneAndOnlyMissingNo.    |  last reply

Good place to get really good LEDs?

I have recently discovered that CREE has released some new XHP class LEDs awhile ago, and compared the the XML line that I have been a fan of, these ones seem to blow those out of the water. However, they are still somewhat $$$, although not too much. I would like to get my grubby evil hands on a few of the XHP70s, XHP50's, and XHP35s, but the "good" ones are out of stock on mouser and digikey. On amazon there are a few listings but they are overpriced and they do not list the binning or CRI of them. Any other reputable LED sellers? I want to see how well these would work to retrofit into either an existing el-cheapo XM-L flashlight as an upgrade, or a homemade lantern/portable floodlight. I basically want 80% or 90% CRI range and Neutral / warm white, preferably neutral. As you see I am not overly picky, but I want them for good usable indoor light quality. I have been impressed by the XML light output, but not the 6000K 70% CRI crap quality light like the ones I have produce. These LEDs are roughly twice as bright for the same physical size, and about ~30-50% more efficient. What I do want, however, is the highest binning available in it's class (aka the best ones.) Not for any particular reason (other than maybe bragging rights lol), but because I just can't bring myself to order comparatively less efficient ones with low/medium CRIs for pretty much the same basic price when I know damn good and well there are better ones for sale for only pennies more. Feels like I get cheated. :( Also if I order from mouser or digikey, I guess that means I would need to mount them to a star PCB myself, that might be a challenge. Since I do not have solder paste or a proper reflow oven, I prefer to not have to do that.

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Any Good Ideas?

Has any one got a really good weapons I can put on my battle bot?? 

Question by 95styles    |  last reply

how to be a good wife????

Plz give some suggetions for being a good wife

Question by nasgeetha    |  last reply

good bye everyone

Just kidding! I'm actually going to a resort leaving tomorow morning, coming back saturday evening, c ya later guys!

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Good Website for books

A great website is is It's a website made by a kid for kids. All you have to do is email the creator at If you do then you can share ideas and recommendationd and be a part of the guild! I did and she does NOT use your email address for spams. So try it out or tell your kids!!!!!

Topic by crizzsavo  

plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz(good builders)

Plzz any of you good builders i want a thompson smg without the drum clip i want the strait clip and removable if not oh well.And plzzzzz a p90 with removable clip not an rbg if not removable then dont attempt. so if you will accept this plz once you are done do the folowing:post a picture and if you could instructable or send intructions to metell me range type of ammo and plzzzzzz a videoand finally the guns must be true trigger. thanks!no need for p90

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is this a good long-board?

I want to know if this is a good long-board for a beginner. I will be mostly be cruising, not doing many tricks or steep down hills.any questions are welcome, I want to get the right board!

Question by Mr. tony stark    |  last reply

Is this a good gaming computer? Answered

I am shopping for a gaming/movie editing computer when I stumbled along this computer. It looks nice and sturdy... I would like to know if it is a good gaming/ movie editing pc. If any of you have it, please tell me what is good about it. here is a link

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Is this a good paintball gun?

I am thinking of getting the syndicate misfit paintball gun. Does anyone have one or experience with one. here are the specs: The Misfit is the ONLY marker in its class to operate at low pressure using CO2. Its precision performance and engineering detail make this marker the most powerful at its level on the market today. +2 piece 14" barrel +multi mode electronic grip frame +adjustable rate of fire up to 16 balls per second (BPS) +3 firing modes (semi auto, 3 round burst & full auto) +LED light Display +enhanced volumizer +3/4" gauge +vertical Feed +leak proof valve (US patent 3.553.983) +adjustable double trigger +push button safety +deluxe field strip pin +spring loaded ball detent +vertical adapter +external battery charging port +top & rear cocking +Gloss anodized finish (also available in green to black fade finish) +milled body +standard bottom line adapter +velocity adjuster with lock +adjustable in line regulator +all metal gun no plastic exterior parts!

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Is this site a scam or is it good? Answered

The site  is: I just wanted to know because i sent them a song and they sent me some information and a contract. The email says: Congratulations! We are impressed with your song lyrics (BLANK) and I’m happy to tell you that we have accepted them to be set to music and Professionally Recorded! We have many credentials and accomplishments and we hope to add your song to our list. With sales, radio air-play, television, motion pictures and live performances a prolific songwriter can easily earn in excess of One Million Dollars! Please open and read the attached letter and contract. Our contract is for your benefit. It protects you as 100% owner of your words and provides that you receive all money that they may earn, in addition to, our "Cash Bonuses"! I look forward to a rewarding relationship. Respectfully, Ronnie James President, Horizon Music (615) 417-1945 The contract says:                                                                                      SONG RECORDING CONTRACT                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Date: May 25, 2011 Songwriter: Vincent Dolliole I would like for Horizon Music to produce a professional recording of my song listed below: (Blank)                                                                                                                                                     Horizon Music agrees: 1. To compose music for the Songwriter’s words and produce a professional song recording using five Nashville musicians and one Nashville singer. 2. To provide the Songwriter with two compact disc copies of the completed song within approximately three weeks from the date that their contribution is received in full for that song. 3. To submit the song to music industry professionals as Horizon Music deems appropriate. 4. To ensure that the songwriter is paid 100% of all money that may be earned by their words from sales, radio airplay, television, motion pictures, live performances and to pay $80,000.00 Cash Bonus for each song that reaches the Number One position and $20,000.00 Cash Bonus for each song that reaches the Top Ten position in the internationally recognized Billboard Magazine Chart. 5. To edit the Songwriter’s words only for phrasing and commercial time allotment and to protect them from plagiarism to the best of our ability.                                                                     Songwriter agrees: 1. To make a one-time contribution of $369.00 for the song listed above to be professionally recorded. 2. To make a partial payment of $_______________________ (minimum $123.00) and send the balance in payments that are convenient for my budget. I understand that I may use a personal check, money order or use my charge card below. 3. Please charge my: Name on Credit Card: ____________________________ Amount $_________________ Card Number: _______________________________________________ Expiration date: _______________ Check song style preference: ____ Country ____ Pop ____ Christian ____ Rhythm & Blues ____ Rock Print, sign and mail one copy of this contract with your contribution to: Horizon Music, P.O. Box 292006, Nashville, TN, 37229 If you do not have a printer, e-mail us your regular address and we will send you copies by regular mail. _____________________________________ _________________________________ Songwriter’s Signature Ronnie James, President

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a good prototype bridge?

I found none that are good can you please help

Question by adamray2106    |  last reply

good old pudding Answered

I need a recipe for good old villina pudding not in the box

Question by dorotheabrown37    |  last reply

good knex pistol? Answered

i want a good knex pistol with instructions please

Question by dansdoc    |  last reply

Good grief, Goodhart!

Really, Goodhart...

Topic by Lithium Rain    |  last reply

is algae good for garding?

Question by nmhbhe73    |  last reply

Good rc websites

Good websites partly or fully related to rc airplanes

Topic by Mr. M    |  last reply

Is Curry Good For You?

I am sure the onions, garlic, ginger and some of the meats are good for you. but the amount of oil is quite bad. So is Curry Good Or Bad for your health?

Question by NuclearGreyhound    |  last reply

Good Eats Fans

 Are there any Good Eats fans out there? It is my absolute favorite show! If you haven't seen it yet, I highly recommend watching it on Food Network.

Topic by cupcake811    |  last reply

Good Luck All!

OOOOO!!!!!!! Judging ends today for Party Like It's 1929!! Good luck everyone!!

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Good Arduino book? Answered

I'm an Arduino layman, but eager to get started. Are there any good Books available with the basics in them?

Question by bertus52x11    |  last reply

Some good instructables? Answered

I am getting really bored in these loooooonnnnnnnggggggggg summer vacations and found no good instructables to make :(  . So please can anyone suggest some good instructables? Some good, easy and cheap instructables  related to technology, but not as simple as led throwies. Those related to mechanics would also be appreciated.

Question by Ahtasham Ahmad Mohtashim    |  last reply

Need a good prank?

It is the last year of middle school and i want ALL of the faculty to remember my class.  anyone have a good idea?

Question by grouperboy    |  last reply

Good luck everyone!

Best wishes for the holidays and this contest as well!

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Good multi tool?

Im looking for a good multi tool for camping, do it yourself, and electronics. Id really like a lot of screwdriver bits, and good knife. I really don't care about price or weight or brand. Any suggestions?

Question by octopuscabbage    |  last reply

A good pair of headphones...

I have been wanting a good pair of headphones for a long time now and I have looked at many things but have not yet found quite what I'm looking for. I want something affordable ($150 max) but good. I would prefer headphones but if you know of a good pair of earbuds feel free to tell me.

Question by DBMods    |  last reply

Good overdrive pedal? Answered

 Not too cheap, not to expensive.

Question by adamgillies    |  last reply

Good MMO or MMORPGs?

Do you know about any good MMOs or MMORPGs? I am bored.  All of you should try Lord of the Rings online.

Question by christophungus    |  last reply

good cheap microcontroller?

Does anybody know a good cheap microcontroller that has at least 5 outputs, programmable via usb, and a fast clock (1000 ticks/ second)

Question by coleyy    |  last reply

Bacon is good for you!

You may have seen this already, but I hadn't.

Topic by lemonie    |  last reply

good cydia apps?

I need some good cydia apps, i currently have a 64gb itouch 4g with 1.installous 2.winterboard 3.sbsettings lock those are the only cydia apps i've got, just wondering for more...

Question by nachozombie    |  last reply

Good ol' GorillazMiko

Looky what i found, thanks to GorillazMiko, my day has been made complete...this is him

Topic by bumpus    |  last reply

Finding good Trash!

Check out this AWESOME resource for finding good dumpsters!http://trashwiki.orgIt's a brand new website in its infancy, so sign up and start adding your info! (started by the excellent folks at

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Good knex gun?

I want a good knex gun that dosent use  to many peices

Question by Im_the_knex_god_hail_me    |  last reply

Is Archos a good brand? Answered

Hi,  I was looking into brands on mp3 players also able to surf the web. I came across a brand I've never heard about called Archos. Particularly, I was looking at the Archo 43. Any comments? Is this a good brand? Is it reliable? Thanks!

Question by transistorguy    |  last reply

Good voltmeter ICs? Answered

I would like to make a readout for my knob-controlled DC power supply so I don't always have to use the voltmeter with it.   Web search for "LSI DVM" did not produce useful results. What are some good ICs to use for something like that?

Question by 8bit    |  last reply

good paintball gun?

I was thinking about getting a paintball gun in a couple months for my birthday, and i was wondering if you guys new of any good gear(guns, paintballs, masks, hoppers, tanks.), but i would like it under 100 bucks total you have any reccomendations for stuff cuz me and my friends want to start playing in the woods. I have no experience execpt for playing nerf, so begginer stuff would be good. Thanx!

Topic by nerfer192    |  last reply