Van de graff generator belt and roller? Answered

Hello friends i am from india i want to make a van de graff generator from scraths i can not find a wide rubberband can i use a pvc tubing as belt? pls suggest me some material for  belt and roller ! thanks in advanced

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I was looking at the van de graff generator made by nickademuss. Can someone tell me what size sphere he used? Answered

I need to know what size sphere Nickademuss used in his 900,000 volt van de graff generator.

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Van De Graff Generator? pipe?

I am trying to make a van de graff genertor i have bought some drain pipe for around 2 quid, i later realised that it is not PVC. it is made out of ABS. please can you tell me if it will work, and if it will be as good as PVC Thanks for your help

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How to build a Van de graff generator ?

I looking for some parts and I like to know where to begin. I curious on how the machine works in person with my own eyes and I was wondering if there was somebody who could lend me a advice on where to start. I look at some videos but some don't include the materials or either don't explain it very well. Thanks for who ever may read this.

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what should i use in my van de graff generator to make a reaction of my hair on my head to stand?

How much voltage does it require? and what kind of motor should i use?

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is PVC pipe is necessary in vande graff generator? what should be top roller and bottom roller material...?

Is PVC pipe is necessary in vande graff generator? what should be top roller and bottom roller material..............and if i use 6volt motor then how much voltage will produce

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Positive Van de Graff Generator?

I know that a Van de Graaf Generator creates a negitive charge if you use a rubber belt, But how would one make a positively charged friction style van de graaf generator? What materials would you use?

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good ideas for a van de graff generator belt

I'm making a van de Graff generator and i was wondering what would be some good things to use for the belt could a bicycle inertube work or would that be to conductive i read some were that usually black things have a slightly conductive coloring or something one more thing i was looking at the triboelectric series and was wondering what end the belt should be on aswell as the top and bottom roller

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can i use van de graff generator to kill incests or i can kill rats......if yes how it works?

Can i use van de graff generator to kill incests or i can kill rats......if yes how it works........what material should be belt made of??and is it necessary to keep sphere more distance from lower belt roller...................??

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Can i use a cardboard tube instead of a pvc one? Answered

I am going to make a van degraff generator will it work if i use a cardboard tube thank you daniel :)

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Does anyone know how to make static electricity without a van de graffe generater?

Without using a van de graffe generator or the sock on carpet thing? Oh and not going down a plastic slide either. Also not the ballon hair thing. Plus I want a constatant flow so I can build it up in my body if you know what I mean.

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Other ways to charge a Leydon Jar?

I need to find a good easy working way to charge up a Leydon Jar with static electricity. I do not have (and cannot make) a van de graffe generator. I tried using my tv, but it doesn't work too well. Are there any other ways to charge a Leydon jar?

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Voltage VS Amps

This may have been answered before, but I have searched. Throughout all my reading of High Voltage devices, I have noticed that some have high amps and some don't. For instance a Van De Graff generator creates very nice HV but little amps. Well, to be to the point, my question is: What determines a charge having a large amount of amps or not?

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Aren't children strange?

Today is Children in Need day in the UK. Non-uniform day at school (I went dressed as Indiana Jones), and fun activities in the afternoon.I got my Van der Graff generator out for a play, and found kids queuing up so that they could pay to be hit with thousands of volts. They knew it hurt, but they still queued. Some came back for more.Kids, eh?(Oh, and I let off a Party Popper behind the Head of Year 8 whilst he was trying to do a cool and suave impression of James Bond. That was funny!)

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Best ElectroStatic Influence Machine?

What's the best electro-static influence machine?  Like which one can output the best sparks for the spinning input, ie which one is the most efficient? Wimshurst Sectorless Wimshurst (Bonnetti) Van De Graff Voss Holtz Lebiez Leyser Bohnenberger Wehrsen Wilson Or some friction (not influence) based electrostatic machine? All of the influence machines are pretty similar, but I need to make a fairly small one (think disk diameters of only 3 or 4 inches), and i'm trying to make it hand held, so efficiency is a must!

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Can anyone post some links about how to make graffiti caps for spraycans? Answered

I've been doing graffiti for a while now, but I have always had to struggle with a very tight budget. i usually use the stock tips that come with spray cans, but i have recently branched out and bought a bunch of different types of graffiti tips to try them out. i like the effects, but the caps are all really weak and are expensive. is there any way to modify stock tips into specialty ones? Please post links to sites or supply any  ideas. thanks.

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Lightning effects for a small venue stage?

I'm looking for DIY ideas for creating some lightning on stage at a small venue.  The venue is called "The Laboratory" so you can see where the inspiration for the idea comes from.  It needs to be impressive and easily visible but self-contained and safe enough to be operated by a run of the mill stage hand.  Any suggestions are welcomed, but i was thinking along the lines of a large van de graff in a spark cage of some sort or something along those lines.  I also have to take things like size, cost, maintenance, and complexity into account. I am not an amateur but I have never attempted any true high voltage projects.  Any questions or suggestions are welcome.  Thanks for the help!

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