Snail Graffiti

Most graffiti writers want to go big, but Slinkachu continues his fascination with the tiny with incredibly small graffiti on snails. Slinkachu has been working on the amazing Little People project and this is a continuation of the miniature exploration. It's all worth checking out. Linkvia Neatorama

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Reverse Graffiti

The artist Moose creates graffiti on walls not by adding paint, but by removing dirt. He's been doing this for a few years now and he originally just used a sock, water, and a bit of soap. In this video we can see that he's moved on up to using a pressure washer and stencils to create 140-foot murals. via Wooster Collective

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graffiti poetry

My kid and i are forming an urban terrorist poetry group. We want to put our poetry on buildings around town under cover of night. We do not want to be caught, so speed is of the essence. How do i put lots of text up on a wall quickly....and then run away. I got the run away sorted. Any ideas?

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graffiti tagging

What should i have my graffiti name as please help thankyou

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How to graffiti.

Hey, im realli big fan of graffiti, but dont know how to do it? cn som1 please tell me, thnx. the pics below are som rough desgins ive don on paper. I should clarify, i do not plan to damage peoples property, i plan to work on large canvas and put it on my property.

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graffiti and permanent posters

Hey all graffiti guys. My son and I are doing some poetry terrorism in our town. We were looking for quick ways of putting up poetry on public buildings. But we got an information windfall. Some guy in a pub told us that a poster put up with condensed milk could never be removed. Anyone ever hear of that?

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FREE graffiti drawings

FREE graffiti drawings, yes, I said it :-P Anyway, I like drawing gaffiti so I decided that I will do it for people, below I have pictured some graffiti's I have done for DJ Radio and Kiteman. If you want one, just comment below and I will put you on the list :-)

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Light graffiti warfare

There have been many cool animations done with light graffiti, but this one by Freddie Wong is the first I've seen that takes an action movie approach. Check it out. Related: Painting with Light LED Light Drawing Pens via Neatorama Behind the scenes:

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Anti-Graffiti Coatings? Answered

Would any of the resident geniuses here at Instructables have any ideas for keeping graffiti off of my cedar fence? I live in a fairly rough neighborhood in a major urban center, and we exclusively have the bad type of graffiti-- crappy tags from juvenile delinquents delineating their turf. Any ideas on how to combat this problem with a DIY, cost-effective solution? I'm thinking it might just be something that most spraypaint won't stick to, or a surface that will destroy paint pens. Heat-sensing, motion-sensing automatic machine guns are not an option due to the rampant stray population ;)

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how to draw graffitis?

How to draw graffitis

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"Zoned" ~ Graffiti Speedart

Not much to say really... but this is a quick graffiti speedart (timelapse) which I decided to do for fun :-P Tell me what you think and if there are any other people who enjoy graffiti-style drawing or is just a good artist please give me some tips! Thanks, Hiyadudez out.

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Removable wall art? Answered

I want to do graffiti art on my bedroom walls, but I cant use my spraypaint directly on the wall, any way to do that?

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Ok, how the heck did they make this sweet water sensitive LED panel?


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Imperial Walker Graffiti Art

"Customized Hasbro Star Wars vehicle customized by professional Graffiti artists EASE and JK5 under the direction of SUCKADELIC. All tags are written in the Aurebesh language, a fictional letter system created for the in-world use for the 6 Star Wars films. The largest tag on the side of the vehicle spells the word REBEL."All this can be yours for only $1,500 - $2,000!Link

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Need help and ideas for graffiti

Inspired by the GRL i've thought of a cool idea for some graffiti:Overview:Using clear, or almost clear UV paint in 1 or 2 colors do a artsy stencil somewhere.then using a solar garden light, switch the LED for a UV and waterproof the wires and board somehow and find a way to attch so its hidden or out of reach.I would want to do this on the side of an overpass, perferably metal so i can use magnets to place things wherever i want. The panel would charge the singe rechargable AA (might mod to last longer) and then after it got dark enough the UV would show the work for a few hours untill it drained the battery.What i need help with:will paint like this ( ) be bright enough, any other suggestions for paint that won't be obvious unless its lit up.Will the UV LEDs be enough to see the art from a car driving below?any general mods or ideas to improve it?

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hi all looking at the moss graffiti for a project but the wall is south facing and not shady will this work

Moss graffiti on a south facing wall is this possible thanks

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Check Out my Graffiti Drawings

Here's one of my artworks, you can check out for more at .... Plz don't forget to comment.....

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Is this actual music? Answered

Is this real music or is this NOT the band room?

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My Graffiti Blackbook Art (updated daily)

These are my graffiti blackbook drawings. Im taking requests. But i wont do all of the requests.

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How do you make more complicated, multi-colored graffiti stencils?

I've been looking at some street art by a guy named BANKSY in the UK.  He often uses several colors in his spray stencils.  To achieve this, would I have to create more than one version of the stencil, and cut out the shape of stencil #1 in an inverted fashion of stencil #2? 

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Screenprinting on a wall? Answered

Looking at the new QR code stencil suffering from islands of black and white i wondered if you can screenprint on the go.  or even on a wall... I think i might be wrong because ppl probably would have done this before, but please explain why i'm wrong.  or if i have a great idea

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Help me make this stencil

I want to make a stencil like in the picture Im new to stencils and can not figure out how to only paint the black part and leave the rest untouched.  Is there an easier way than cutting out tape in the letters I need and remove afterwards? The black circle will I make like a regular stencil, but it is the inner part which I find tricky. Hope you can help me. Thank you Andreas

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Fix for my 2500 throwies...?

I ordered throwie kits from a supplier...turns out they were clueless and sent me 5mm clear (asked for diffuse 10mm), normal CR2032 battery, and 1/4" magnet (won't hold anything up, expected 1/2" diameter. No returns so I am stuck with this stuff. Ideas on how to make these work without having to spend another $1k? I'm on a time restriction so I need to solve in the next day or two. THANKS.

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Glow in the dark fabric

I dunno if u've seen the glow graffiti but it think its an awesome idea but not worth $50 just wanna take some fabric or canvas and make it glow in the dark... anyone know how i can do this?

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Banksy Puts Up Huge Piece Next to CCTV Camera

Graffiti artist Banksy has pulled off an epic stunt by painting a three-story piece in London. Using the best approach of acting naturally, he was able to put up scaffolding, hide the work behind a tarp, and then take it ll down to reveal what he did. And all of it was right next to a CCTV camera. Nice! Link via Neatorama

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For Sale Silkscreen 10*14 inside 1 Black and 1 White ink bottles 8 fluid oz Photo Emulsion, Screen Filler, and Drawing Fluid 4 fluid oz Squeegee All this for US$20 plus shipping

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Coming Soon

                                                                         Coming Soon!!!!! 1. Rubber band Band Ball 2. How to do graffiti 3. Vinegar and Baking Soda Bomb                                                                    From MrBobby

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Smell Graffiti, Build a Net Gun, Crowd-Sourced Haircut

  Smell Graffiti Build a Net Gun Crowd-Sourced Haircut Hobobeque Breathalyzer Microphone Projection Bombing Mobile Party Bike Fun Science TV-B-Gone Hoodie LED Throwies Dollar Store Parabolic Mic The Eyewriter 3D Face Projection Make a Seed Bomb Create Signs that Confuse

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Can anyone post some links about how to make graffiti caps for spraycans? Answered

I've been doing graffiti for a while now, but I have always had to struggle with a very tight budget. i usually use the stock tips that come with spray cans, but i have recently branched out and bought a bunch of different types of graffiti tips to try them out. i like the effects, but the caps are all really weak and are expensive. is there any way to modify stock tips into specialty ones? Please post links to sites or supply any  ideas. thanks.

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looking for designer for graffiti themed video game/app

Must be in Los Angeles area.  Please email for more details. I have included a song from the soundtrack below:

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Incredible Light Art Perfomance Photography

Sometime the Daily Mail gets it right.Today they linked to a German website called LAPP-PRO.It's a light-graffiti site, but in its purest form - the shots are all untouched. Single, slow exposures, without any digital alterations.People moving with lights, installations, even night-shots of scenes lit with a single torch.The Mail's featured images are amazing, but the slideshows on the website are better.Look to the top of the screen for the controls.LAPP-PRO

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When to Paint

When and how is the best way to graffiti non- legal areas without the law catching you?

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Idea for Social Electronic Art

Hi everyone, I have been working on an idea for a new type of electronic creative art form. Social media has increasingly become cloud and computer-based, enabling people to network and share ideas and concepts online with others from around the world; this community is an excellent example of the power of electronics in fostering shared creativity. Art has always been an important aspect of society, bringing people together through the power of self-expression. In recent years, graffiti parks have become a popular method for communities to express themselves in a constructive way. In the area of electronics, circuitry and robotics have become increasingly accessible through open-source programs such as Arduino, enabling anyone to build complex and beautiful projects in their own garages (or anywhere!). This idea focuses on blending the social aspect of conventional art mediums with the untapped potential of electronic technology. One new technology in particular that has taken the first step towards merging the different fields of creativity is conductive ink and paint, created by Bare Conductive. This graphene-based material enables users to paint circuits and electrical systems onto most surfaces, opening up the entire world as a building area. Essentially, this is the focus of the idea- creative communities making the world their canvas through the power of conductive ink and open-source electronics tools. Imagine the possibilites! Walls covered with lights that can be activated by touching a drawn image, buildings covered with playable arcade games and interactive media, and childrens' parks with community-sourced learning tools on the play area! Of course, there's another aspect here; the social possibilities. See a circuit that someone didn't ever finish, or a piece of electronic art that you wanted to expand? Whip out your Arduino kit and ink bottle, and draw it in! Every wall would tell a story, and it would never stop growing. Our imaginations would be the only limit... What does everyone think of this idea? Let me know any thoughts or input you might have!

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Another DJ Radio tribute.

Now you may all be wondering, why do I keep making DJ Radio graffiti's? Well, to be honest, it's three simple reasons, I like drawing graffiti, DJ's name is cool to write in it, and he is awesome :-) Also, I have just added in a picture of one that I made for Kiteman, just to show you all :-)

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[newsletter] Solar-Powered Graffiti, Deseed a Watermelon, Cheap Multitouch...

Sign-up for our newsletter here. May 8, 2008 Welcome back! We've moved! With the summer coming up and us needing a place to put all the interns we've moved across the bay from Alameda to San Francisco! Read all about it and see some moving pics here! The Photojojo Photo Month is over and the winners have been announced. See who won! Check out these cool Instructables! How to remove most of the seeds from a watermelon Use this clever cutting technique to maximize the tasty watermelon eating with a minimum of seed spitting. posted by cokecola on May 2, 2008 Add a Bluetooth adapter to your GPS device Want to use a Bluetooth headset to hear instructions while on a bike or motorcycle, without the hefty price? Then this $30 hack is for you. posted by Sudija on May 1, 2008 How to Make an Easy Inverted Planter Enjoy growing plants even if you don't have the room for flower beds or even small planters. posted by laminterious on May 6, 2008 USB Heater (or How to Upgrade Your Coffee Cup) Keep your cup o' joe warm with this quick and easy USB heater. posted by gb78 on May 5, 2008 Safety Penny Fakething All the danger of a Penny Farthing, with none of the authenticity. posted by Wobbly John on May 2, 2008 Green Science Fair! Share your best bike tips Show us your flowers! How to Make a Cheap Multitouch Pad Get a webcam and some scrap materials and you'll have a multitouch interface going in no time! posted by cerupcat on Apr 29, 2008 Solar Powered Light-Graffiti Projector Shine your message on the wall every day with a hacked solar garden light and a bright LED. posted by RDN1 on May 1, 2008 Spice Mister Supercharge any meal with a quick blast of capsaicin extract. Just be careful not to get any on yourself in the process, OK? posted by w1n5t0n on May 5, 2008 Basic Bike tricks and Skills Slides, wheelies, endos, bunnyhops, and more goofy names in this introduction to bike tricks. posted by killerjackalope on Apr 21, 2008 Glowing video tape USB hub Give an old VHS tape a new use by installing a USB hub and LEDs for a pleasantly glowing retro look. posted by HarryM on Apr 29, 2008 Now go make something awesome, and I'll see you next week! - Eric

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looking for a free simple drawing appication

I'm looking for a free drawing application thats simple like graffiti on facebook but has a few more features.

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What type of solar cell/battery for a garden lamp?

I was looking at an instructable ( involving a garden light hooked up to a red led instead of a white one. It shoots a picture out at night onto a wall or something like that.I'm wondering if the garden lights are too dim or don't charge fully. We used to have some lights of those type, but they would make a dim light for about 5 hours, then emit a very very weak light. I'm thinking about just buying a trickle charger from here, then getting a bright green or blue led, batteries, and waterproofing it. The problem is, I have nil knowledge about solar chargers/what voltage to use.Can anyone help?

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Graffiti artists replicate The Matrix on win $15,000 Universal Laser Cutter!

Instructables and Universal Laser are happy to announce that the incredibly creative Instructable, How to Enter the Ghetto Matrix (DIY Bullet Time) has won the Grand Prize in the 2008 and Universal Laser Cutter Contest: a 40-watt VersaLaser laser cutter valued at over $15,000!Grand Prize Winner How to Enter the Ghetto Matrix (DIY Bullet Time) How to Enter the Ghetto Matrix (DIY Bullet Time) provides an extremely detailed Instructables tutorial on how to build a cheap, portable special-effects rig to create "bullet-time" animations--a technique, popularized in The Matrix movies, where the audience's point-of-view moves around the scene at normal speed while the action on screen is slowed down."We want to inspire great ideas and provide skills, tools, and shared know-how," Instructables CEO Eric Wilhelm explained. "This project represents exactly what we're trying to achieve with Instructables."The DIY Bullet Time Instructable was created and documented by the Graffiti Research Lab, an open-source urban art and communication collective supported by the Free Art & Technology Lab, a Brooklyn-based non-profit research lab creating work at the intersection of popular culture and the public domain."This will be the cornerstone of our new lab space," said GRL member fi5e. "A whole crew of creative people are really excited to put this thing to use! Thanks for helping us bring the VersaLaser to Brooklyn."The winner was chosen by votes from Instructables users and our panel of expert judges, who reviewed the 14 finalists drawn from a pool of over 600 entries. Congratulations to fi5e and everyone at the GRL - we know you'll really put the VersaLaser to work, and can't wait to see what great things you make! First Prize(in alphabetical order) Autonomous Foosball Table Blu-Ray Laser Phaser! Build a Greenland Kayak Build a Wind Harp! Build yourself a portable home - a mongolian yurt Extreme Business Cards Giant Fresnel Lens Deathray How I built a carbon bike frame at home (and a bamboo frame too) How to Make a TRON Style Lamp: The MADYLIGHT How to build a sit down driving arcade cabinet Laser cutter, start slicing stuff for under 50 dollars Laser Image Projector The Spiral Data Tato -- A Curiously Complex Origami CD Case Second Prize The authors of these Instructables win a robot t-shirt and a laser-etched plaque. Listed in alphabetical order. 30 minute USB microscope The Ambience Enhancer Autonomous, Wirelessly Controlled Hovercraft Conductive Glue And Conductive Thread: Make an LED Display and Fabric Circuit That Rolls Up. Cool Wave Ring Dollar Store Parabolic Mic Handcut inlay A Home Power Plant - Wind Power Generator Revised How to Make a Color-Changing Lighted Faux Fur Scarf How to make a pair of Angel Wings How to Make an OAWR (Obstacle Avoiding Walking Robot) Make DIY Vanilla Extract "Quicksilver" Retro-Future Scooter from appliances and scrap metal Solid Wood Digital Clock The Stirling Engine, absorb energy from candles, coffee, and more! Squishy Breast Stress Relief Toy TiggerBot II Robot Tube Amp Rebuild (and Mod) U-Disp - The Digg (tm) display (Open Source)Wooden Gear Clock Expert JudgesTo help us judge, we assembled an amazing team of expert designers, engineers, hackers, journalists, scientists, technologists, and other really smart people. They spent hours examining each of the finalists Instructables and helping us make a decision. We'd like to send a huge "Thank You" to each of our incredible judges. We couldn't have done it without you.Violet Blue (author, blogger, podcaster, columnist, and SRL vet)Gareth Branwyn (Contributing Editor, MAKE Magazine)Zoz Brooks (Host, of the upcoming TV Show Prototype This)Joe Brown (Editor, Wired Magazine)Colin Bulthaup (CTO of Potenco, co-founder Squid Labs) David Calkins (Co-founder of RoboGames) Julia Cosgrove (Deputy Editor, ReadyMade Magazine)Chris Csikszentmihalyi (Professor at the MIT Media Lab, Computing Culture Group)Simone Davalos (Co-founder of RoboGames) Lenore Edman (Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories)Dan Goldwater (Founder of monkeylectric, co-founder Squid Labs)Saul Griffith (President of Makani Power, co-founder Squid Labs, MacArthur Fellow)Duncan Haberly (Instructables)Matthew Hancher (NASA Researcher in the Intelligent Systems Division)Brian Lam (Editor, Gizmodo)Ed Lewis (Instructables)Jeffrey McGrew (Designer, Because We Can)Chuck Messer (Tackle Design, The Open Prosthetics Project, host of Discovery's Smash Lab)Megan Miller (Editor, PopSci)Jim Newton (Founder of TechShop)Quinn Norton (Journalist)Windell Oskay (Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories)David Pescovitz (BoingBoing, Institute for the Future, MAKE Magazine)Cloude Porteus (Instructables)Randy Sarafan (Instructables, Eyebeam Resident)Peter Semmelhack (Founder of Buglabs)Tyghe Trimble (News Editor, Discover Magazine)Noah Weinstein (Instructables)Eric Wilhelm (CEO of Instructables, co-founder Squid Labs)Dan Woods (Associate Publisher, MAKE Magazine) For the full information on how the winners were chosen, click here.

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Lets get Started! introduce yourselves.

Welcome to all things dangerous! i am the Group leader Aaron or gymnast. my faverote things to do are airsoft, pyro stuff, graffiti and a lot more. So Please introduce yourselves here.

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i have a bunch of instructables in the makeing which would you like finished first

I have 4 different instructables in the making and i want to know which the instructables people would like me to devote the most time to they are: Take Pictures of Auras with Kirlian Photography The Basics of Graffiti The Basics of Parkour How to Cosplay

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GRL Still Up and Running???

Hey guys I have been following GRL ever sense I got into technological graffiti and graffiti that is not permanent and doesn't cause damage to a building. Unfortunately this started during this last summer. The reason this is unfortunate is because nothing on the main GRL page has been updated since that time. I am curious does anyone know if GRL is still up and running if so please and not trying to be rude, but come on guys and post something up!! It's been I think almost 6 maybe more months since their last post and it's getting aggravating. How can they expect us to try to shake the ground of society with are techy mischief if we have no one to turn to? P.S. I am from New Orleans currently living in Lafayette, LA if anyone is in the area of Baton Rouge NoLa or Laffy, please PM me I want to start a GRL group down here.

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LED Spray Can

Halo is an LED spraypaint can by French designer Aissa Logerot.The LED light changes colors and brightness and is powered by an internal battery that can be charged by shaking of the can. "It is possible to change the color and the brightness of the led to change the graffiti's styles. If the light doesn't have enough battery, the user must shake it to have energy again."Built on the same principle as LED Light Drawing Pens but with a cool sray can apperancevia Geekologie

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Artists create surrealist animation on public walls

A local art group calling themselves Blu created a fantastic surreal art display titled "MUTO" in the cities of Buenos Aires and in Baden (fantoche) by using a stop-motion technique to create an ambiguous animation of dreamlike beings traveling these cities. The video is inspiring, and covers up graffiti, improving the look of the cities. Take a look for yourself on Blu's website, or the video link below.Youtube Video Link

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Presentation on a 'How-To' Subject.

How excited I was, when my Public Speaking teacher handed out a prompt for our next presentation: "You must present to the class, a toutorial on how to make or do something" I was ecstatic, I thought this would be cake, its in the bag! But, here I am, struggling to find something to do, I have access to some of the best projects ever, but I can't just narrow it down to one! It must be made/presented in 7-10 minutes, to 30 seniors in high school. Would you mind suggesting something I can make, and demonstrate to my Public Speaking class? My thoughts were: Any more ideas?

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College Room Help

Hello. I've been sleeping in the same room for a while and I'm getting bored of it. I want to get a contemporary sofa bed because my room is kinda small and i think i can save some space by getting this instead of a bed. I would like to create/buy things to furnish my room that no one else has lol. I just want awesome DIY art and tech stuff that will make my room more personal and just feel like I made this room what it is. I want the theme to be like a urban/graffiti contemporary college dorm room type of feel. If anyone can help me out that would be super cool! -Rolling

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Guerilla Knitting

There is a lot more knitting out there beyond the standard stitching that is crazy and wild and even a bit subversive. Some of it is called knit graffiti like at and some of it just likes to be more playful and make bizarre and fun new objects. In San Francisco there was a guy who would wrap abandoned bikes and bike locks with thick and chunky yarn. It was a beautiful way to reclaim what was a pretty grim reminder that bike theft is prevalent here.I may not be compelled to learn how to cast on and make some stuff of my own, but you have to respect the people who feel compelled to take the craft and keep on running with it.To find out more, check out this article on to read some history, watch a video discussing current issues, and see some cool examples of the styles.

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