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Is there a program to do a green screen effect without a green screen?

I want to do green screen effects with a picture, but run into problems since I don't have a green screen. I have seen the XBOX 360 game "You're in the movies" which does this by taking a picture of the background to be keyed out without anybody there. So, as my question states, I want to find a program to do this effect.

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IS there a way to do a green screen effect without a green screen on obs?

IS there a way to do a green screen effect without a green screen on obs

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How do I make an easy green screen for extremely cheap? Answered

I only have five dollars.

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how does a green screen work? Why is it green? Answered

Like the weather-guy uses, the backround of the set is green so that they can use a computer to show images on the screen. Does the backround have to be green? Why green? It does not seem like a special color, i would think maybe white, red or blue?

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How do I make a Swivel Green Screen Camera Setup?

I am a filmmaker and one of the things I adore is special effects.  One of things I want to do is make a simple effect in which I use a real physical model of a vehicle and I put it in front of a green screen.  However give it the illusion that a camera is panning around the whole thing while it's driving through whatever background I put in place of the green screen.  The way I want to do this is to make a swivel which on one end has a small green screen rigged on one end of the swivel and on the other end of it, a camera that is lined up with it. So that when I turn the swivel the camera would always follow the green screen. So that when I edit it in effects it would look as if whatever is in front of the green screen is traveling along an endless background while the camera is panning around the object.

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LED project.... NEED HELP!

I'm looking to make my own LiteRing. I was wondering if anyone had any ideas or tips or more importantly, how I should assembly the LED circuit and which LEDs would be best to use. (preferable for a 160 candella output with the 48 LEDs)The links below describes the LiteRing and the pdf has the specs and instructions.LiteRing websiteLiteRing pdf w/ specsThanks!NOTE: this thing sells online for over $1k!

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Chroma-Key in iMovie? aka green screen? Answered

I already have a program that runs chroma-key, but I am making a project specifically in iMovie '11. It would be nice if I could keep every thing within the perimeter of one program. Does iMovie '11 have this option? Thanks!

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Need help for Nintendo DS Lite screen lights up white for a second then black and no further?

The only thing that happened prior to the incident was it fell 3ft. off the top of the TV and landed on its side by where the green light is onto the Playstation II which was on the floor. The DS has worked fine til now.  Now when I turn it on the green light turns on and the bottom screen flashes white and then nothing.  Any suggestion?  I'm very good with electronics so I'll try anything. Thanks, Kris

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Change sketch got invalid operation!

I want to change the sketch dimension but I got invalid operation when i try to change it. Also why somes lines are in green? what does that mean?

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Movie Editing Software

So we all know the Windows Movie Maker suxs! so Im looking for a movie editing software for xp that can handle stuff like green screening The program needs to be free

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ndslite with a green light but both screens are black . What would cause this?

I have  tried screens and no difference.  Any help would be appreciated

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is there a program that makes greenscreen effects as a webcam is rolling? see description for more details. Answered

If this seem confusing, i simply mean that you take a webcam, connect it, and it automaticly scans the webcam'e view for green screen green, and it replaces it with the selected image/video. got it? still confused? then post ?s and i'll try to answer them.

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LED 'screen' that will toggle between two images for cheap? Answered

I'm looking to make a prop soon that is basically a backpack with a small screen on it. Said screen alters between two states: green with a smiley face, or red with a rather angry looking face. I am looking to make it so I can alter said screen between the two states, for as cheap as possible. My first thought was to have three pieces of plexi: one with the smile, one with the angry face, and one blank, putting the blank one in the middle. Then, light the edges of the other two with the corresponding colors. However, I don't know how well that would work, or if there is a better option.  Thanks in advance! 

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Trinitron 4550 monitor blinking green light next to the 'on button?

I left the computer in standby. The monitor went to the steady orange light.  When I turned the computer on again, the screen stayed dark and I get a blinking green light. This has never happened before.  I'm running Windows XP.

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How would i go about making a red, green and orange 8x8 LED matrix???

Can anyone help me because im attempting to make a computer and i need an output screen thing & i want to use a led matrix as a screen because they are easy to control/use??? Thanks in advanved... :D :D :D :D :D

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Less then 2 yr old flat screen - has died....I believe...

My 17" Gateway flatscreen went blank this morning while I was at meeting. My wife claims she didn't do anything.....that it was blank when she saw it. It was not in sleep mode, nor was a screen saver on. I noticed the "power button" which is normally green (power up, with computer signal) or amber (powered up w/out signal), would not come on. I attempted to see if any of the adjustments on the side might have been bumped, no effect. I tested to make sure there was power from the surge protector (switched power outlets after a shut down) to no avail. After my 4th reboot, I subbed in my old monster sized 17" CRT tube monitor, and it works fine. Resolution is different, but it works.....but that pushed the monitor about 2 feet closer to my nose then I would like (it is about 10 inches from my face. )Did I miss anything as far as testing the monitor before replacing it? I personally think the PSU in the monitor went on the fritz, but I am open to suggestions. EDIT: The old CRT is now back ni it's storage area, and the newest LCD screen is up and running.

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She was playing with it then turned it off and it would not power back on.

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ive a ds lite which switches on showing the green light but wont power up the fuses and battery seem ok screens inop?

Ds lite has suffered a broken hinge ,green light shows but it wont power up fuses and battery seem ok also it charges up ok

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xp on aspire 5515 and i closed the screen to do something and when i came back it wouldn't turn on, any fixes?

Green power light is on, the charge light is on, but nothing happens, i thought it might just be the screen, but when i hooked up my computer monitor to it , still nothing. any ideas?

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DS Lite - Both Screens light up, but no other prompts, some minimal lines across them?

I have a nintendo DS lite it powers on and both screens have light, but nothing shows up on them initially.  Within seconds lines appear across the on top, colored on the bottom.  The light turns from red to green.  I do not know if I need to replace the screens or if it's another issue.  I have replaced screens before in two other DS lites...I just don't want to invest if that's not the issue. Thanks for any help. I have removed and re-inserted the battery. Pictures attached.

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how do I change the colour of my progress bar from green to ?? Windows XP?

The bar I refer to is the progress line that goes across the screen as installation takes place. The green is horrible and I would prefer a nicer colour. I can handle the registry if that is what's neccessary. Regards/.

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Echo independent color

Hello i'm makin a super advanced bat file for my comp noob m8 and it looks really complcated so i was wondering is it possible to color certan linese.g if their was an error it be in red with the rest of the screen in greenI ALREADY know about 'color 0a' but that fills the whole screen. I need a small block or just a line to be different & stand out

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[newsletter] Rickroll Cake, Screen Printing, Gorilla Pod...

Sign-up for our newsletter here. Apr. 24, 2008 Welcome back! We have lots of news for you today. New contest! It's spring and to celebrate we're having a Flower Contest. The flowers can be fresh, dried, painted, or even crafted so get going on a great flower Instructable now! Check out these cool Instructables! Portal/Rickroll Cake Two Internet fads combine to create the geekiest eating event ever. posted by Papersatan on Apr 20, 2008 Make your own Gorilla Pod This flexible tripod mimics the real thing for only a few dollars worth of parts. posted by benthekahn on Apr 22, 2008 Photo-emulsion Screen Printing Sometimes you need to get your message out quickly and cheaply. Here's how to print a ton of t-shirts and patches fast. posted by w1n5t0n on Apr 21, 2008 A radial drill press made from spare parts Make a radial drill press on your own and get a lot more freedom of motion for your money. posted by threesixesinarow on Apr 16, 2008 Helicopter Birthday Cake Make an epic birthday cake for the li'l pilot in the house. Comes complete with spinning blades! posted by dave spencer on Apr 23, 2008 Green Science Fair! April is Photo Month! Bake and decorate! Laptop Compubody Sock Make an eye-catching hoodie for your laptop to use in public spaces for warmth and privacy. posted by bekathwia on Apr 18, 2008 Isobaric Subwoofer Improve the low-end in your home audio setup with this home-built sub. posted by toastyboy on Apr 19, 2008 The iPillow Fall asleep listening to music without headphones or any pesky cords. posted by dardy_7 on Apr 16, 2008 How to get on Xbox Live with Dialup Enjoy all the downloads and updates of Xbox Live over the old dialup connection. Still not so hot for multiplayer, though. posted by Dr.Professor_Jake_Biggs on Apr 19, 2007 Measure the drag coefficient of your car Want to make your car a lot more fructification? The first step is knowing just how much drag it creates as it moves along. posted by iwilltry on Aug 31, 2007 Now go make something awesome, and I'll see you next week! - Eric

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Help with Arduino code. Works fine, then ignores parts of the code.

Alright, a bit of a complicated question, so bear with me (if you dare) __Purpose of project:__ Build a robot that solves the game "Fastest King" as fast as possible Here is a video of the game being played. The object is to clear the descending squares as fast as humanly (or robotically, in this case) possible. __Method of attack:__ -Four servos with attachments that allow interface with capacitve touch screens are positioned above each button -Four Photoresistors detect when a square is in the bottom position, ready to be pressed. -Potentiometer to control the speed of the arms and how fast they return to the "unpressed" position (denoted in the code by "d" or the delay in between the servo write commands) -On off switch, of course -All I/O is controlled by an arduino nano 328 IMAGES apologies for the terrible image quality, can update with better ones if necessary. (seems simple enough, right?) __Description of problem:__ Everything works swimmingly, except the game doesn't "remove" the square as soon as the correct button is pressed. this causes, when "d" is sufficiently low (100-75ms), the servos to press more than once for each square, causing mistakes within the game, slowing the overall time down. __Attempted fix:__ I attempted to implement some code that would cause each if statement checking for the square to also check that it hadn't pressed earlier within a certain time "doubletapdelay" effectively adding a delay in between doubletaps but leaving the rest of the servos free to activate. the odd thing is, the code i put in, (visible below, relevant parts bolded and commented) works well, but sometimes is completely ignored. even with the doubletap delay at 1000 ms while testing it, it would occasionally run as if it wasn't checking for double taps at all. If you think you can help out, or have a better idea for a way to do anything in this project, feel free to let me know. also, i can post any information you would like about this such as additional pictures or video, (though video is a bit difficult since my phone is inside of the machine whilst operating. Thanks again guys, you  rock. -------------------------------------------------code--------------------------------------------------------- important parts bolded #include Servo servo1; Servo servo2; Servo servo3; Servo servo4; boolean activate; int x; int i; int d = 125; int e; int inputYellow = 0; int inputBlue = 1; int inputGreen = 2; int inputPink = 3; int potPin1 = 4; int toggle = 12; int input1; int input2; int input3; int input4; int threshold = 450; int thresholdYellow = 200; int thresholdBlue = 400; int thresholdGreen = 200; int thresholdPink = 320; int doubletapdelay = 125; int delayYellow = 0; int delayBlue = 0; int delayGreen = 0; int delayPink = 0; void setup() { Serial.begin(9600); servo1.attach(9); servo2.attach(8); servo3.attach(7); servo4.attach(6); pinMode(toggle,INPUT_PULLUP); servo1.write(180); servo2.write(90); servo3.write(110); servo4.write(90); delay(1000); } void loop() { d = map(analogRead(potPin1), 0, 1023, 50, 200); if(!activate)Serial.println(d);   if(digitalRead(toggle) == HIGH) {    activate = false; } else { activate = true; }   if(activate) {         if(analogRead(inputYellow) < thresholdYellow ){    // checks light level on  photoresistor   if((millis() - delayYellow) >= doubletapdelay){    // checks to see when last time this servo was activated   Serial.print("Yellow: "); Serial.println(analogRead(inputYellow));   //prints if servo activates successfully     servo1.write(120);     delay(d);     servo1.write(130);     delay(d);     delayYellow = millis();    //records last time servo successfully activated         }else{     Serial.println("yellow locked out");    //prints if servo tried again too soon   } } if(analogRead(inputBlue) < thresholdBlue ){   if((millis() - delayBlue) >= doubletapdelay){   Serial.print("Blue: "); Serial.println(analogRead(inputBlue));     servo2.write(17);     delay(d);     servo2.write(30);     delay(d);     delayBlue = millis();     }else{     Serial.println("blue locked out");   } } if(analogRead(inputGreen) < thresholdGreen ){   if((millis() - delayGreen) >= doubletapdelay){   Serial.print("Green: "); Serial.println(analogRead(inputGreen));     servo3.write(15);     delay(d);     servo3.write(40);     delay(d);     delayGreen = millis();     }else{     Serial.println("green locked out");   } }        if(analogRead(inputPink) < thresholdPink ){   if((millis() - delayPink) >= doubletapdelay){   Serial.print("Pink: "); Serial.println(analogRead(inputPink));     servo4.write(160);     delay(d);     servo4.write(140);     delay(d);     delayPink = millis();     }else{     Serial.println("pink locked out");   } }    } else { servo1.write(180); servo2.write(90); servo3.write(110); servo4.write(90); } }

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XBOX 360 Slim red dot with E82 error on screen?

We have had our xbox 360 slim for a good few months now and within the last month or so, a red dot has been appearing on the power ring in place of the green power light after about 10 seconds of being powered up. The error code that is displayed is E82 and we have it connected through HDMI and when we did some research on the problem, it looks like it is a HDMI error and we have it feeding through a Onkyo amp. The link is to an image of what it looks like ( ). All help appreciated, Uberdum05

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Proview 15inch LCD (Product No)PL482i (Model No) 468P

       This 15inch lcd proview has power issues every time I turn it on, and when it it is pluged in it displays a green light for a few seconds screen flashes then goes black. Now when it is not pluged in a computer the power light displays a white light screen flashes like before then goes black again.        Please guys if there anything you can do to help I would be very gratefull thanks ;-)

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NDSL shuts off immediately when turned on. What's wrong?

NDSL power switch is slid to the on position the green power led lights up when the screens flash I assume it is a POST test the NDSL automatically shuts down. Any comments will be welcomed?

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Ds lite keeps switching on and off within seconds

I have just changed my boys bottom ds lite screen, now testing! but now green light comes on for seconds then goes straight off, so it wont power up. help

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Extreme Art in Cabral´s forest park: Rock Music video "A"

Extreme Art to save one of the best forest parks (Cabral’s forest park), in the city of Vigo, in Galicia -Spain-: Rock music video "A" (BEN SENMEDO). We made it also with free software (Kdenlive - Manjaro, end format WebM, audio Ogg) and the song is in Gallego, a language that we speak in the NorthWest of Spain. Actually, the place chosen to make the videoclip, known as "Monte de Cabral" or "Cotogrande", has serious risks of being destroyed, because of the complicity of the mayor of the city, Abel Caballero, with the Britsh corporation Eurofund. The mayor and the corporation want to convert the forest park into a commercial macroproject that they try to call "Porto Cabral". With this video, we hope anyone can enjoy the forest park forever: Letter of "A" in English: In this black horse I'm going to walk between the rain, they fall disks and seas cry out victory. I listen to the ripple of the good souls still death, for me it will never be late, when the fight will be good. I rush forth at the bad management of the power, I leave the jewels, I choose only the pieces of chess. One night, any day, waiting. One night, any day, waiting. People are not silly sheeps, we mount horses, we take the bridles. The souls without fear ever win the larvas, I don't tremble with idiots, you will never see flights. Music: BEN SENMEDO Voice and guitar: Ben Bass: Kuko Jones Black horse: Melanita Rider girl: Olalla De la Iglesia Screen and edit: Alma de Libertade and Muchamufa Colaboration: Edu  

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Nintendo DS Lite Not Working

So, I have had my Nintendo DS Lite for a few years and used to play it a lot until 2011-2012. I finally decided to start playing it again a few days ago when it stopped working. I know it isn't dead because I charged it completely before trying to use it. When I turn it on, the green light turns on but the screen remains black. Also, the screen has turned on once or twice but it's currently not working.

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My computer turns on but the display wont

I turn on my computer and it works fine except for the monitor. Whenever i turn it off then on i see what is happening for a couple of seconds then it goes black. The monitor's on button is green but it will not show anything. Please help!

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Does anyone know what I've done wrong here? Answered

I used the green screen setting in iMovie and cropped in an additional clip to give this clone effect, but the cropped in image doesn't appear as it should. Does anyone know what I did wrong?

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How to fix a Wet Nintenod DS lite?

My son dropped soda on he's DS lite, I power it down and removed the battery as quick as possible and wait for 3 days but now only turns the green light for a second beeps and flashes the top screen at the same time and then the green light turns off nothing else happens, I replaced the battery with my daughters DS with same result could anybody advice if this can be repaired or is it just better to keep it for parts? Thanks you guys!!

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Blank screen for dual monitor support, bad PSU or Bad Video card

2 computers (X,Y) X is intel 478 1GBram 80 GBHDD (celeron 2.6) 200W PSU ATIradeon 9200(PCI), can get multy monitor on this system. Y is same litlle newer 2GBram 80&40GB HDDs (p4 3.0GhzHT prescott)  300W ATIraeon 9550(AGP) cant get dual monitor. onboard wont work if card plugged in.  2nd monitor plugge in with DVI-VGA Adapter.  it gets power but screen is blank.  ATI cat and windows recognizes both monitors but can't get video to display on 2nd.  I really ont want to buy a psu if I don't need one.... will  try plugging in 9200 PCI into Y tonight if it works then don't think its power supply (cuz it will be powering to vieo cards) anyone know what may be my prob...Also noticed when enabling in windows, screen resolution says it is 1024,0 (should be 1024,768)  lights are green on both monitors. when 1st monitor goes to standby second monitor follows.... Please before I lose all my hair... anyhelp?....

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How do watch glow backlights work???

I recently took apart a digital watch that had a green glow type of backlight. Looks like there was a backplate, behind the LCD screen, with what seems two contacts on opposite ends. No matter how I hook up these contacts to a 1.5V battery, I can't get it to glow. Any ideas????

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how to make this RPI(b+) work ?

I have two rasspery py model b+ and when i make sd an put on it any os and put ot in two rasperry pi just one work correct and the other  one is stay the two leds green and red ON with or without the sd card and no screen kind of dead not do any thing no blink  and sorry for my errors in typeing

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RGB LED Sun and Moon

So, I'm working on this thing, its just an idea right now so I won't delve into it too deep, but I want to use a single RGB LED behind a frosted plexi screen as a Sun and another as a Moon, that will move on a clock motor. Could I get a white with a yellow tinge and a white with a blue tinge with a RGB and a few fixed resistors? I'm just wondering if that would be possible. Would I just set the red and green components to 70% and the blue to 100% for the moon and the red and green at 100% and blue at 70% for the sun? Thanks for the help. I don't have any RGBs so I'm just trying to theorize right now.

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Is this a novel idea and or exists already? Answered

I'v been creating this idea in my head of a led back light that changes color based on the color of your monitor. Using sets of Red Green and Blue leds to create all the color combos, it would find an "average" color of your screen. Essentially including your peripheral vision in your games/movies.  Im curious if this is already exists in some form i could purchase or if it is something I would have to build (any suggestions)?

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PSP Fix, Need Help

Hello all! I recently aquired a broken PSP 1000 as sort of a challenge to myself. Now however, I actually want it to work. I need some help with the fix, so here are the problems I have been able to identify: -PSP won't always charge, I strongly believe it is the battery though. When I tilt the PSP around at different angles, it will charge. Also, fiddling with the battery makes it charge. -PSP won't tun on. I have checked the power fuse, and it was burned out. I placed a jumper across it like so many internet guides say, and it now has continuity. When I hold the power switch, the PSP will do one of two things:                                  1. The light will turn off, and then turn back to solid orange (charging)                                  2. The light will turn green for about 0.5 to 1 second, and then turn off -PSP will make a rythmic clicking when not charging, doesn't seem to be a problem though. -Battery is cracked, and I don't know if it works properly because it won't maintain proper contact with the PSP. I have also checked the backlight and USB fuses, they both have continuity  so I'm not worried about fixing them. Right now I would just like it to turn on. If anyone knows anything, please make a comment, perhaps someone else has this problem. P.S.  What is a pandora battery? I keep hearing about those, what do they do? Also, what exactly signifies a "bricked" PSP? Thanks UPDATE: 11/08/2009 I had a friend test the battery, he said the battery works and he charged it for me.  Now the PSP turns on. But, (there's always a but) there is no activity on the LCD. I tried bridging the backlight fuse with tweezers to see if the fuse was the problem, no luck. So what now? All I have learned is that the charge circuit doesn't work and that the PSP turns on with no activity. I held a white LED flashlight up to the screen, but I didn't see anything. any suggestions?

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(newsletter) Touch Screen Glove, Break Board with Your Hands, In-wall USB Charger

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Change power options for certain programs running?

I was wondering if it was possible to have specific power options for programs such as anti virus or media player. I'm using a windows 7 Home Premium. Both software is by microsoft incase that matters. I wish to have the computer recognize those programs and let the computer still run while the lid is closed. I don't want  to waste power with the screen on uselessly, and screensavers aren't suitable for me because i do browse youtube quite often and they start to bug me.

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how to save energy

Do you want to learn how to go green or save enrgy. Well your at the right place. To start try by buying solar lamps and make a clothesline washers and dryers use a ton of energy. If you are looking for a car you should think about a priuis hybrid. They get up to 60 mpg!!!! Also turn lights off if not being used. always turn ff the tv and computer when gone or not using it may be a hassle for some people so if you have a desktop at least turn off the screen. please comment

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What to do with my old G3 CRT-based iMac

Going through my old stuff i found my old CRT-based iMac G3 it works fine except the screen is a bit green colored. I have the new intel mac and no longer have a need for this what can i do with it? I have no clue about what kinda parts are in this mac or what they can be used for but i am great at following directions... any ideas? - AstroZombie 138

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