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Thats right i have recently built and tested a K'nex Grenade! far sooo goood! test it out for yourself i was very impressed w/ its power and spread it is safe enough to carry in a pocket and when u want to use it just pull the pin and throw!

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This is a topic for showing off your grenades or grenade designs that you are working on. Below are a couple of pictures I took of my grenade design, and a picture of damage done after I threw the grenade. In order for the grenade to go off, it has to impact something hard, so it probably wont go off if it hits a person, but it will still hurt them =). The grenade can be small or big. The grenades have to fall from a relatively high distance, so they probably wont work well inside. Now that I have told you about my grenade, now it is time for you to tell me about your grenades. Danke.

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Grenades for grenade launchers

I was watching the military channel, and I saw the M32 grenade launcher. I really want to build something like it with knex. But here's the problem: I have yet to find a grenade that can fit in some sort of barrel. I'd use Carlz's grenade, but the rubberbands on the outside of it would GREATLY decrease the range. We need to make a smooth grenade, any ideas?

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Airsoft Grenade

Check out an airsoft grenade at :

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Airsoft Grenade

Does anyone have a clue how to make an airsoft grenade?

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Airsoft Grenade? Answered

I need to know how to make an effective airsoft grenade without explosives. Please Help!!!

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Sonic Grenade

I found this toy call a sonic grenade looks like a lot of fun. But I think a instructable for a MEGA sonic grenade would be much better I would like to see something in the 120 db rangeSonic Grenade on firebox .com

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Airsoft Grenade? Answered

I have been looking at instructables about airsoft grenades with firecrackers, I just need to know the name of the firecrackers, and where you got them. Thanks!!

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A challenging grenade

I have a challenge for you! This could be considered either a game or a grenade, but either way, it is NOT easy to make, no matter how simple it may look. The object of the game is to keep adding connectors on top of each other inside a small rubber band until you either can't add any more, or it explodes. How you do this is up to you, but be warned, this is also a grenade. It is subject to blowing up at any time, and this warning should not be taken lightly. The materials you need are a bunch of yellow connectors and a small rubber band that will wrap loosely around one yellow connector. You can figure out the rest from there, it is a game, after all. I got up to ten for this topic, then took pictures and a video before it exploded +P There are rules, though. You may not use any special tools to wrap the band around, you may only use your hands and possibly a tabletop. And because of You's comment, it has to be in a line... And please, be careful! How many can you get? 5? 10? 20? Tell me!

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KNEX GRENADES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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New grenade

I made this grenade in about uh 10 minutes ( about 5 of those minutes were looking for the pieces ) , anyway this grenade has a pin that you pull in order to work and it will only fire when it hits the ground or you hit the trigger by accident.

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smoke grenades

Ok i was thinking of makeing a smoke greande with a toilet paper role and ppotassium nitrate with sugarand i was like wat the hell is potassium nitrate and i looked it up and i found out its basicaly dried up piss mixed with sugar(if im rong blamb wikapidia)also i was wondering what would be a good other ingreadient in this to make it more smoke but not for it to creat a pulpution thing like maby smoke coming form both sides because i was watching thes video heres the link

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Knex Grenade Forum

THis is the best spot to talk or submit photos of posssible and full knex grenades!

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nerf grenade launcher?

I wanted to make a nerf grenade launcher from my already gutted recon light. any help?

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knex frag grenade

Hello this is my frag grenade sorry for no pics but it will have to do for now untill i get new camer any way it uses 8 pieces very small kinda cool and im going to post an instructable with some pics if i can find the right ones

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grenade launcher or bipod? Answered

I have made tombuckey's crossbow (v1) and have a choice of either putting undermig's grenade launcher or the guns bipod underneath the barrel. which one would you choose and why?

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K'nex grenade lauchers

Hello, this is jmiester, I have started a new category for knex, Grenade Launchers! feel free to post these new instruments of destruction here.  pic 1. Grenade by NackAttack I am using for my gun. pic 2. The start of my gun

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A knex grenade launcher? Answered

Well i had an idea, take a little dynamyte firework, and in stead of useing regular knex pieices to shoot, use the firework. Will it work?

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LED flash grenade?

I am trying to make an LED flash grenade that I can use for airsoft/paintball. Basically I want it to countdown (from around 6-9 seconds just long enough to push the button and toss it into a room) and when it reaches 0 it would turn on multiple LED's (in a 360 degree pattern) but only for a brief period. (just long enough to temporarily blind someone.) I am pretty new to electronic circuits. I think I would use a 555 timer but not sure. What would be the easiest way to do this? Thanks in advance for the help.

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What is the best k'nex grenade? Answered

I would like to know what the best knex grenade on this website is.

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A K'nex Gun that shoots grenades.

Wouldn't it be cool if there was a K'nex gun that had 2 triggers, one for shooting grenades and one for shooting rods. If anyone has ideas please tell me of if it already has been done give me the link.

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How to make a Chaff Grenade?

This is all the info i found out about Chaff Grenades...... "Chaff Grenades are a miniature chaff dispenser. Chaff consists of small aluminum strips that are specifically designed to confuse radar frequencies, and normally used by aircraft to fool missile radar. The individual strips are cut in such a way that they wreak havoc with radar's transmitted frequencies. The Chaff Grenade is a combination of a wide-dispersal system for such strips and an electronic jamming system similar in effect to a magnetic pulse; it fools most electronic devices in the current room, including security cameras, radios, and some types of UAV. "

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PLEASE HELP!! (sonic grenade)

I'm trying to make an insanely powerful, directional sonic grenade. all I need to know, is how in the world to get something smaller than my fist to put out between 300 and 600 DB however, there is a small catch. I want it to put out a pre-recorded sound that I designate. not just a random beeping.

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F25 Anti-Personnel Grenade

INSTRUCTABLE DONE!!! LinkThis is the new grenade i talked about in my new magazine forum topic: HereIt uses a spring motor that is activate by pushing up the pin on the bottom (after being cranked) to fling shrapnel to distances not achievable by your average run-of-the-mill grenades...or should I say blunt throwing objects...*cough cough*. On average, this grenade can fling various shrapnel (green rods, ball joints and connectors, etc...) up to 25 feet. The best feature of the grenade, besides its blast radius, is how YOU DON'T NEED TO REASSEMBLE IT; you just reload the shrapnel, and toss again.I also have a slightly different version of this that can be fired from a Knex RPG!!!!! (coming later this year, because the M4 is using most of my pieces).If you want i will post an instructable for it but you can probably build from pictures.

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knex frag grenade bullet

What do you think

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Anyone have a knex grenade?

IT MUST EXPLODE ON IMPACT not shatter!!!!!! ps: dont comment with the war bomb by iac!! im not saying its bad theres just summin top secret im doing!!! mm8

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Butane Lighter Hand Grenade

I planning to get this book,i mean, it's not like im going to make one, i'm just curious on how the heck it works. What do you think?

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panzafaust,m2 & grenade lancher

I'm having some new guns up sooon my m2 is finish but i still need to put the photos on my pc, i'll try to get them all up in 1 and a half months.

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Crocheted grenades make killing cute!

How cute can a grenade possibly be? About this cute. These crocheted versions of deadly explosives let you re-enact WWII scenarios with something that's fun to squeeze. Even the creator couldn't help but get into the act with the video below.Green 'round Grenades from WooWork on Vimeo.

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Looking for a knex grenade that actually explodes?

Please, someone suggest and leave a link of an actually functioning knex grenade? I'd be happy if someone could..

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The closest thing to a real grenade in K'Nex!

I saw this on YouTube, and it's the closest thing to an actual grenade in K'Nex.

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pvc tear gas grenade launcher

I need a diagram for a PVC tear gas grenade launcher for a prop replica I'm working on.

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airsoft shower/shotgun/grenade launcher

Ok what do you guys think its a airsoft bb shower at 20-30 psi it 20 bbs goes around 200fps and100feet (rough estimations) can you rate it 1-10 if its a decent avg ill make a instructables (you probibly know how to make one but the shells are kinda hard)

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knex bullet belt & grenade &gadjet....

I would like to see everyone's design's for bullet belts exetra, ihave made one with you's swithblade, bedbugs grenade's & a pistol & holster.

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how to make a air soft grenade.

I love airsoft but I have always wonderd how to make a airsoft grenade so pleas tell me some of your Idias or inventions.

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Is anyone in need of a paper hornet grenade?

This grenade is a awesome little thing it has about a three foot blast radius but keep in mind it's still in the devolopmental stage.

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How do I make an easy grenade with knex?

I need to know how to make a simple knex grenade that really works without many pieces.

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Knex Frag Grenades (Happy Now Senior Waffleman!!)

So I've been looking around and all I see are little tiny grenades that just link together. So when you throw them they don't explode they just break apart. The pic below is a example of a normal grenade. It has a Safety,it looks decent,and it has a fairly good frag radius. So tell me what you think or post a pic of a decent grenade

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How can you make a airsoft smoke grenade?

I want something that i can attach a pull pin. Something that makes a ton of smoke and has a shell that wont break if dropped on the ground.

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can someone help me make a couple of things for my airsoft gun.specifically grenade and grenade launcher?

I need an instructable or an idea for the perfect homemade airsoft hand grenade and a grenade launcher to fit on the bottom of my gun. if u could please help thanks

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MONSTER K'nex Grenade updated 10-22-12

10-22-12 I decided the black ball sockets that were mounted onto the grenade body were a waste so the first picture is the updated grenade. With this mod the grenade is even more solid than ever so don't be afraid of losing valuable pieces when thrown. The grenade is yet to break on me and the bright yellow pins that fly off are easy to find even outside. I believe that this is the best grenade to use for any outdoor war. I'm sure a better grenade could potentially be made for indoor use with more shrapnel but I've gotta say when this grenade goes off it hits hard. I hope you all enjoy building and using this grenade let me know what you think. Be sure to post pictures and videos showing off the grenade in use! see it for yourself here!

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how do you build a grenade launcer?

It looks like a short sholder mounted rocket launcher only it takes the big co2 canisters, fires those nerf footballs that have tails, and loads from the top by cocking the front barrel forward and loading the round into the barrel before snapping it back. It was in a video on youtube.

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why arnt there any good frag grenades? Answered

Im saying in knex not real life

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Splodie launcher: I just made this gun, it fires custom splodies. It's range is about 30-50 feet (depends rubberbands). And It will hurt if ou get shot (ask my friend). Some of the parts are from excisting guns (barrel, trigger...) The trigger mechanism is a bit crappy but works, so if anyone has some tips, plz tell me. Splodie rocket: This is a rocket that holds 5 splodies in it, I still have to make a launcher for it. And I'll do that this weekend. Greetzzz, Infinnion UPDATE 8july: I added some photos of final version. The launcher has now a good trigger mechanism and the barrel is shorter (less dragg), the instructable will be post this week (if I have enought time), and I wasn't able to make a laucher for the rocket. I've now devloped another rocket, so I may make a launcher for that. WARNING: I am not responsible for any damage to urself, your home, your cat :P, or ur knex parts. So please dont point at people or animals, except for people u hate :p, no i'm serious.

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Dragon Armor, so strong, even grenades wont go through it

Really, this stuff is crazy. I wonder why we dont hear more about it.

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