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Bio dust grinder?

I have seen this video on Youtube and was wondering if anyone new how to make this machine or any ideas.

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mixer grinder pump

Our water tank is on the roof, so the tap there doesn't have much pressure to water mom's plants on our roof with a pipe. So i need to make a pump. We have an old mixer grinder set with all its jars. But i'm not sure how to make a pump into a jar. limitations: 1) Can't cut holes in the metal parts of the jars, no equiments. only the top is plastic 2) 3D printer/ cnc or any thing of that sort is not available

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how to sharpen without a grinder? Answered

How to sharpen thin piece of metal when you don't have grinder tool?? all i can think of is a file. are there other methods/ tools? edit: i have a drill. what can i attach on it?

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malita cg4 coffee grinder?

Messy and since I don't have the manuals no idea what the contol on the front is for thought it was cups but filled the machine and it grinded till it was empty preety much coffee grounds everywhere help

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Metal Grinder that i can use

I need a metal grinder so that i can make my survival knife for my instructable.

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Could someone post an instructable on the proper way to use a bench grinder? Answered

I'm looking to buy a bench grinder soon.  I've seen them, touched them, read many an instructable requiring them, etc. It would be great if someone could post an instructable on proper do's and don'ts as well as the different wheels you can get for them and their specific uses. I should also explain that I might be getting one secondhand and currently am not certain if i'll the manual will come with it, which is why i'm asking. Cheers

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Is repairing a burned tool/drill motor easy?

I assume this applies to all tools. So, I have a burned out grinder motor (wires). The spining axle 'thing' looks fine. Can't I just re-wound those wires on outer ring of the motor and reconnenct it (good as new?) also I may have scraped (with pliers) the replacement/wounded copper wire when bending it away from center . Will I need to rewind it with another set of wire....have I ruin it given there's some sort of non-conductive coating on the copper wire which I scratched off. I would appreciate any specific advice on reconnecting the power source wires to the wire/magnetic field area as well. Or should I just spend $200 on a new one :)

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bike powered wheat grinder

Any one with a food storage probably has wheat, i'de guess that 50% of those people don't have wheat grinders and if they do its either a puny hand grinder that would take 3 days to grind enough wheat for one meal, or an electric grinder and their assuming there will be electricity after every major disaster. there are plan's over the internet for hooking up bikes to hand grinders most of the plans i found require you to send money to the creator and they will send you plans so any ways i'm cheap and this sort of info would be to important to cost money if something bad happens (i mean really BAD like meteor showers, nuclear war, gamma bursts any thing like that) so what i'm wondering is there any plans on instructables for making a bike powered wheat grinder

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spong no. 2 coffee grinder

Where can I get the replacement catcher cup? I just got one and it needs cleaning ok just dishwashing soap? how long will I leave it outside to dry? any recommendations on what to spray it with? the paint is good, i just want a spray to prevent rust and would like to use it for my french press coffee in am. thank you

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Darex and SRD Drill Grinders

I have an older Darex E-90 Drill Sharpener. We don't have anyone to run the machine, so we're getting rid of it and we don't want to store it! If you have a machine shop or just go through a lot of drill bits this could be a handy tool. It runs well and comes with a few accesories. New, these machines cost a little over $3000. Asking $1000 obo. I also have a SRD grinder. It's not as nice as the Darex one, but it too needs to find a new home because we don't use it. I think it's an 80-M, but it could be the 82-R Brand new the 80-M starts at a little over $1000. Here is the details from the tag: Type: NSE-34 No: D1301306 Volts: 115 Amp: 1.7 Hz: 60/pc Hp: 1/8 RPM: 5000 Duty: INT Ins: A C amb: 40 C Asking $400 obo for that one. They are located in Kent, WA if you want to come get them. We can ship UPS as well. $1200 for both if you really want two. Thanks~

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Ever seen a rotary tool that used a large flywheel?

Has anyone ever seen or built any kind of rotary tool that was driven by the inertia of a large, heavy flywheel? I have seen kick wheels for pottery, but i am curious about a vertical flywheel. Lathe, Grinder, pump.... Seems like you could attach a treadle to a pedal assebly of an old bicycle to drive the flywheel....if the pedal assembly was the free wheeling kind, and there was something pulling the treadle back up, it would only power the flywheel when the treadle was pushed down.

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How can I recover a "crystallized" cutting disk?

I was cutting an iron L rod, and the cutting disk began to produce red sparks, instead of these habitual bright orange. Simultaneously, its cutting effectiveness was down dramatically. I searched in the web, and learned that this phenomen is named crystallization,and it is due to overheating. Now, my disk is a new one, I want not throw it to the waste. Any idea how to get it back? THANKS IN ADVANCE!

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Is using a wet grinding wheel or a wet belt sander easier to grind curved glass pieces?

I make lamp shades out of glass pieces. I take glasses in different colors break them apart and then wire them onto frames to make the shades. I have found that hand sanding down the edges on these pieces just takes too long to do. I am contemplating getting a sander but am wondering wether the flat surface of the belt sander will work for the curved pieces of glass, or if a wheel would get into the curve better. Anyone had any experience with either method?

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Pnuematic die grinder VS dremel?

Which do you guys think is better? A die grinder is cheaper, but dremel is brand name, everybody's got a dremel.Lowes has a nice die grinder kit, for only $25. I'm sure dremel bits would work in that, and if not, I can make an adapter for it. They also have a nice dremel set, but that's for $90.I don't intend on getting one immediately, but I've been meaning to get some sort of a rotary grinder, the 8 inch disk one is a little bit too big for some stuff.

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Can a dremel cut through and shape an allen wrench, or should I use an angle grinder?

I've been wanting to get a dremel for a while now as I could use it for so many projects; however I don't know if it could handle a task like this.  Does anyone here know if it could, or should I just get the angle grinder.  I really don't want to get the grinder because I'm not too sure if i'd ever use it for anything else. I've attached an image of what I'm making for a reference.

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Extrusion plate in CAD

I have an idea that requires either machining abilities/tool access or CAD experience. A while ago, I found out something that was apparently common knowledge. Meat grinders with their blades removed can be used to extrude spaghetti. So I decided to look for additional pasta extruder plates for different noodles. There are no pasta extruder plates for standard meat grinders. You can, however, buy a glorified grinder and accessory plates or a dedicated pasta machine for top dollar. The marketted pasta makers at their very cores are the same as the meat grinders with the right plates installed. Obviously pasta dies/plates for meat grinders are intentionally not produced. The closest I could come was a garage sale extruder that looks like a plastic grinder with three dies. Big surprise, it doesnt work. But I modified a plate so it sort of works for a grinder. This worked as proof of concept. Would anyone be interested in helping to design CAD files to print pasta dies on Shapeways based on proper pasta dies? I don't know much about CAD, but it looks easier than the designs created by some folks on here. Basically disks with a dimple for alignment and specially shaped holes. admittedly, the hole depths would be the complicated part. Let me know what you think.

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Different grinders of the Dremel. What to use? Answered

I use a dremel-clone. It has a set of grinders of three colors: blue, red-orange, and pink, the three in the same set. I can't see differences in hardness, but it must be differents, so... Can you help me in what color use in which task? Thank for your time!

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PCB Help: Need to make new dial or short out for coffee grinder

I just followed a great post to hack my Delonghi Coffee Grinder here: However in the process I shamefully snapped off one of the knobs and part of the circuit board attached to it snapped. I'm wondering if there's a more or less easy way to fix this, such as a short circuit around the timer, or perhaps even create a new makeshift dial. I'm a PCB novice, so any tips or re-directions would be great. Thanks!

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Die Grinder, Pneumatic... Are all underpowered?

So, it's compact.  Nice.  But it is so easy to stall it out. It cuts sooooo slow. I'm using it today because I dont wanna use the electric die grinder in the rain. It is from harbor freight, so I'm gonna take my initial aversion to the tool with a grain of salt. Perhaps a more expensive one would have more power?  Or is there a way to soup it up a bit?

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How to use a Jones & Shipman tool and cutter grinder?

Steveastro's magical workshop of many wonderful toys has a very nice Jones-Shipman model 311 tool and cutter grinder, the trouble is however, that we don't have a clue as to how to set it up and use it. Our master machinist says working these things is an art and that its a full 5 year apprenticeship on cutter grinding ALONE. We have a box full of essentially shredded endmills waiting to be sharpened and since we have the tool to do it, it would be quite worthwhile if we could acquire a bit of help getting it up and running.

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Low friction "bearings"

For several of my projects I required some sort of bearing that would not only allow for a minimised free play but also very low friction.Before you get too exited: This is not a new type of bearing or anthing for heavy duty loads, not even for ongoing use without servicing.I found that even slightly heavier things rotated on makishift bearing far easier if the axle was verticall instead of horizontally.This gave me the idea to try a simple needle-bearing approach.This is how it goes:1. Grind and polish your axle to get a nice needle point - it must be perfectly centered!I prefer to do this with the axle in a fast spinning drill on a fine grinder.The polishing in a simlilar way, but please do not try it with a cloth in your hand on a spinning axle!2. The other part of the bearing is a screw or pin with a punch mark.I grinded and polished a punch for this so it has an angle of 60° and polished it to a mirror finnish.If alignment is of importance then of course the pin/screw must work for this purpose!If in doubt make it spind an use a pencil to get the true center.A drop of sewing machine oil and it spins nice and with very little friction.The key is to adjust the gap(s) between axle and punch mark to next to nothing.You don't want any pressure along the axle as you would "drill" a hole into your mounts.And you don't want it too loose to avoid wobble.I hope it might give you an idea for your next project.

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I have a Galaxy bench grinder 6" on which the push- pull switch has failed

Assembley diagram for BGS8-076 PUSH OFF-PULL ON switch, can anyone help

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My angle grinder gets very hot. How do I fix it?

Hello there, I have a 2 years old Bosch GWS 8-115 angle grinder. It gets very hot quickly, a few seconds after powering it. If you wait a bit more even smoke comes out from the grinding wheel area. The rotor doesn't sound very consistent too. Any advice on how to fix it? Thanks, Shamir

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How to grind or shred aluminum cans?

Greetings, I'm am looking for methods to grind or shred up aluminum cans enough to be put in a ball mill (rock tumbler with steel balls in it) to make aluminum powder. I read that a stone grinder will cause it to melt. I read that aluminum foil can be ground in a blender then put in a ball mill, but I think aluminum cans might be too thick? Thanks

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wiring a dryer motor to cord for use as a grinder/buffer

Hello to anyone who can help me. I want to use a 110v dryer motor to make a grinder/buffer. The motor is a FSP brand and it has 3 terminals. The colors are blue,black and yellow. I just need to know how to connect to 2 wires outlet.

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magnet motor or not ?

Is an angle grinder motor a permanent magnet motor or not ?,

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Superheros are real!

Yes, you read that right, superheros are for real!Everyone said you were nuts, but you always knew it!The official superheros index. Another website bringing superheros together.Here is a look at a few of the estimated 150-200 real life superheros known to exist:Mr. Silent: Probably my personal favorite, he reminds me of batman. A practicer of martial arts, he is considered to be a true masked vigilante. He actually goes around at night, looking for people who are getting mugged, and intervenes.Angle grinder man: He may not be able to single-handedly and totally cast off the repressive shackles of a corrupt government -but he can cut off your wheel-clamps for you.By day an odd-job man, this superhero goes around by night in a blue suit and red cape, wandering around Kent and London cutting the wheel-clamps, or "boots", as they're known in the US, off imprisoned cars. He even has a website you can visit, and a number to call to request boot removal.

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Saw blade spins way too long after the cut.

Do most power tools (such as Drill Press, Circular Saw, Table Saw, Router, Compound Miter Saw, Disc Sander), come with built in "brake" mechanism which will help slow the tool down once the energy is cut off?  My Compound Miter had a functioning brake that later stopped working.  I have very hit and miss experience with this.  Some do sometimes, and others never do at all.  OK, My tools aren't high end makes. My brands lean more toward the Chinese vs the Swiss.  Waiting on the tool to spin down to stop tests my patience. Perhaps there is something simple I cound modify to enable a reasonable brake function. (I'm hoping to do a tweak as opposed to taking metal to smelter and starting over) Any thoughts?  Any help is Greatly appreaciated!  BOB Z

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DC motor

I had a 220v angle grinder. It was burnt. I take the rotor of the grinder out. Its completely fine. Now i make a DC motor using this rotor and magnets(for field current). My question is, how much maximum DC volts this motor can take to get the maximum RPM. Because the motor was 220v AC, Will it run on 220v DC?

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Not sure where to find a 60 to 120 rpm AC motor

I'd like to add a small motor to a hand cranked coffee grinder (Hario Skerton Coffee Grinder).  It's conical burr style grinder that produces a consistent particle size (much more so than the mini blender, whirlly style grinder).  I'll expand on why that's important when I build the thing.   My problem is that is takes 10 minutes or so to grind enough coffee for two people. I'd like to put a motor on it.  I tried spinning it with a battery powered drill, but the RPMs were too high.  The burr spun faster than coffee beans could feed.  I'd like a motor in the 60 to 120 rpm range.  I still need to determine the torque required.  Additionally, I'd like to plug this right in to a 110 outlet.  Does anyone have a suggestion on an appliance I could scavenge or the type of motor I should look to buy?   Thanks, Mike

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What Powertools do you have? and what would you recommend?

I have a... Mini Workzone Bench GrinderDeWalt Drill and Driver SetRyobi JigsawOzito SharpenerOzito Random Orbital, Detail, Belt sandersOzito Angle GrinderWhat Powertools do you have and what Powertools would you recommend?

Question by TheInstructableTinkerer  

Where can I find brushes for a Chicago Electric 4" grinder Item#91222 ?

Do they cross reference to something else?

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Aluminum powder substitute in thermite?

Is there anything I can use as a sub for aluminum powder when making thermite? Or any good way without a mill, grinder, or blender to make powder?

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Run a generator with a motor

I have a 1.5kva gas engine generator but the engine part broke down. I opened it up to see if it can be fixed but the cam and the piston were shredded to pieces. I tried to run the generator part to see if it still works by hooking it up to an angle grinder via pulleys and a belt. It did work but the grinder only lasted half an hour. What better ways can i run this generator off of? What motor can i use to take the place of that broken engine? The engine speed is 3600 rpm.

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I need some serious help identifying this tool.

Can anybody identify this? It looks to me like an angle grinder but i cant find one ounce of info on it. Thanks in advance.

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Kitchen Equipment Hacks

Hey everyone. What are your favorite kitchen hacks- alternative ways to use your kitchen equipment to make, bake, or cook?

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Robosapien hacks????

Has anybody hacked a robosapien? i have recently procured one without r/c and was wondering if there are any serviceable parts (servos, boards, processors) or is it something better suited for the e-waste grinder.

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12VDC to 18VDC Hard wire tools through the charger Answered

I am working off grid and I want to run 18V tools directly off my deep cycles I have powered by solar. I have a few dead ryobi one batt. laying around that I could open up to use. My question is can I use a 12V DC charger for the 18v batts to power an 18v grinder? I would gut the batteries and wire the two together put one in the charger one in the grinder. Too much amperage for the charger?  

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12v to 120v sine inverter boosting

I have a 20 year old van. The a/c leaked and it is much cheaper to buy a 120v window unit ($140 with a 3-year walk-in exchange warranty) than to pay a shop to rebuilt the vehicle a/c. I chose a 5k BTU window unit that uses 4.1 amps running, and have a 1k watt sine wave inverter. Alone, the inverter will not start the a/c unit, but will power the fan. I confirmed a trick to start motors with an inverter. I connected an 8" bench grinder to the inverter and started it. It took a few restarts to get it up to speed. Then I started the a/c and it ran without problems. The bench grinder motor was able to supply the reactive power the a/c compressor needed to start. Both continued to run without straining the van's alternator. BUT, I don't want to travel with a running bench grinder going, that's not safe. Is there another way to supply the reactive boost that is safe to travel with? Once I get a simple stable way to run the a/c I'll work on a mount to vent the hot side. The van has sliding windows.

Topic by DavidN71  

I have 4 dead electric scooters Need project suggestion . . . . . Answered

I have a stick welder, oxy/acc cutting torch, chop saw with metal cutting blade grinder bench grinder, pipe bender and a few other tools, to work with. Parts inventory: 4 dead scooter frames (No controls just dead batteries but great motors and frames 1 dead scooter everything ok except for batteries 4 bicycles (all work) What I DON'T have is ANY electronic experience and very little money . . . . Any suggestions? Can you put more than one motor on a vehicle?

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Improvised Mortar and Pestle

I need to grind some kno3 but i dont have a mortar and pestle or a coffee grinder. is there any way to improvise using household items? by the way, the kno3 is pretty strong stuff, so it will take some force to grind it. any ideas?

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Steampunk Shopsmith: Antique, Steam-driven Pulley Workshop

Found on ebay, this thing has a lathe, jig saw, drill press, grinder, and more along with 3 lights. It's like a Steampunk Shopsmith, but it's real.

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What is the best way to make Aluminum powder?

I don't have a coffee grinder, or a blender that will make it fine enough, and my belt sander spins the wrong way to collect it. I have all of the aluminum. Can you help?

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i need to use my 60w 127 vac sodering iron in my car as in 12 vdc so i need a cheap easy to make inverter any ideas?

Later i would also like a inverter that could handle a 950W 127VAC angle grinder also cheap and easy (ish) to make

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Often a GFCI is too sensitive outdoors. But I've heard that an isolation transformer might save you from electrocution. How safe would an isolation transformer be for running a fan, angle grinder, blower, space heater, etc outdoors? Where can I get one that will handle the amps I need?

Question by Toga_Dan  

Wacky bike?

You know at carnivals they have those "wacky bikes" Ride it like 6 feet or so and you win a little pocket motorcycle. I would like to make one. Not sure where to begin or if this is easy enough for me (I have no metal working tools other then a dremel and a grinder). Basically, the wacky bike is a bike that when you turn the handlebars left, the wheel goes right.

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