Gripping your Bokken

Hey you sword gurus of I'ble. I have a question, is it appropriate to cover your bokken's handle ( gripping it ) with coverings like tape, cloth or something like that? I mean I saw this on an anime called shaman king, where a character named ryu covers his bokken handle in cloth to have a better grip. I tried doing that, and it works. Now, what I am asking is that is this allowed? I mean will you get scolded at by your sensei or something in aikido or kendo practice for doing that? because people very rarely give their bokken a grip job, so would it kill the ' traditional ' wooden sword look? thanks in advance. P.S: I just finished making a nice, homemade bokken, so expect a bokken I'ble from me anytime soon!

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Centrifugal clutch not gripping well? Answered

I mounted a rototiller engine (Tecumseh TC300 or TC200 I think) on a bicycle after un-siezing every moving part on it, cleaning the carb etc. It seems to run well and starts very easy. But for some reason it won't make the bike move. When it's at full throttle the engine doesn't bog down or anything but smoke was coming from the centrifugal clutch and it didn't move the bike. The wheel on the bike spins if lifted off the ground but stops under any resistance. I don't think the gear ratio is to wide but that might be part of the problem. I think the clutch is not gripping well, but it looks exactly like the new one that I looked at. There is no friction pad on the shoe, just steel on steel. Should I try cutting a cross-hatch into the shoes and drum of the clutch or is there a better way? Mabey something I'm overlooking? _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ UPDATE: The problem was the gear ratio. I have made it much narrower and the bike works now, but it has little torque espciaaly below about 5 mph. So I will make the gear ratio even narrower.

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3DS Replacement thumbstick grip?

Ok, so it's been QUITE a long time since I have released my last ible, And i'm workin' on it. That being said, I'm having issues finding the parts. I am replacing the GC's thumbstick with a more ergonomic thumbstick in my new GC portable. I have tracked down one exactly like the PSP's, but that's way to small. I have found one from the 3DS but it doesn't have the cover to it. If I cant find this part, I can honestly say I don't mind using the old GC's one. But I was hoping for something better. If anyone can help me, I'd appreciate it. TIA

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How can I keep my bike handlebar grips in place?

Standard mountain-bike-style straight handlebar, standard rubbery slide-on handgrips. Handgrips keep slowly migrating off the end while I'm riding. Clever solutions for keeping them in the same spot?

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How many different ways are there to put a handle on a tool?

I've made a wee wallpaper roller to help apply some strips of adhesive cork in my landy. And it struck me that all my home-made handles are crap. They start as ~1" dowell with a hole down the middle, but even if they're snug to start with, the shaft loosens up and the tool spins in the grip. So to save it I end up cutting a slot and snugging it up with a hose clamp. Currently I have three tools in this state. What better handle designs are there?

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creative bike handlebar grip ideas?

I'm looking for creative solutions for items to use for bicycle handlebar grips. I often get alot of bikes/partial bikes from people and end up fixing them up and giving them to friends who need them or trading them for other bikes, but the problem is that most bikes I get are missing the handlebar grips, and I don't want to spend 5-10 dollars on a set of grips just so I can give the bike away. I would like to be able to go to the hardware store and buy the objects in bulk for pretty cheap. Just post ANY ideas you have, thanks.

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glue gun trigger not "gripping" the glue?

When I push the trigger on my dewalt glue gun the trigger moves but doesn't "grip" the glue to push it forward. Any ideas how to get it to grip the glue?

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Help finding adjustable and slip resistant material!

I am working on a project where I want to be able to paint with 5 brushes of different sizes simultaneously. For this, I need to build a device that can hold 5 paintbrushes together, one next to another with a 0.5 inch gap between them (so the bristles don't overlap). My challenge so far is to find a clamp or material that can adjust to various sizes of handles while keeping everything still when I push down to paint.  I have tried to poke the brushes through a piece of foam but they will slip and go through (depending on the shape of the brush). Someone suggested duct tape but I'd like this device to be reusable and easy to change between brushes.  Basically, can anyone suggest an adjustable clamp or some better material that can fit various diameters and hold still?

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Nikon D60 Grip with shutter release?

I have a Targus D60 grip with vertical shutter release for my D60, is there a way to make the shutter button physically trigger the camera instead of IR? There is a set of contacts in the Battery Box, are any connected to the shutter?

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Can you add grip tape to a skateboard/longboard with already clear grip tape?

Just wanted to know so that it would stick and stay on or if i have to sand it??

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Can the forward vertical tube on this paintball gun be removed?

I am thinking of getting a Spyder MR1 to convert into one of these.  Anyway, the issue is the forward vertical grip piece. I am pretty sure that it is just basically a square tube that the gas feed hose runs through. I really don't need it there because it would interfere with the design. No one has been able to tell me if it can be removed. Hence, my asking here. I think there is a screw on it, but I am not sure, So, after all that background crap, my question is: can I remove this thing without messing it up? 

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DIY DSLR/Mirorless camera power base/grip

Hi. I'm looking for a way to build my own powerbase/grip for my lumix g85 camera by using a power adaptor, long charge battery cells and something that can allow the user to see the remaining charge (because on the g85, whenever you use the power adapter, the power/battery level isn't showing on the LCD screen since it's no longer in the cam). I'm inspired mostly by those two youtube videos:;=903s The reason why I would like battery cells instead of an attached small power bank or even Canon batteries is because I want to house everything safely in the base (no loose wire/cable anywhere on the cam and solidity in the base so nothing can break and fell  by accidend). Although, I don't know if it's going to require a power regulator and/or converter. My knowledge on electronic is very limited, which is the reason why I'm asking for some help & advices on how the proceed.  Anybody who's interested & with the required knowledge here would like to help ? Please let me know. Thank you

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modded tabi boots for freerunning/parkour? Answered

If i were to mod a pair of tabi boots to be laceup for suport and security and insert a cut sport insole for padding, would they be worthy of free running? PLEASE dont steal my idea without my say so, or if you do please give credit to me.

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tpr outsole better grip or rubber outsole?

Wnt tok now rupper outole has better grip or and slip resistance than tpr outsole.prefering flipflops as i has to walk  in tiles which are sometimes water spread on it and there is lot of dnger in that.

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can someone build me a front grip(handle?) for my left hand

I couldn't come up with something really comfortable. I want a good connection to this blasta. Help me please :> I feel like this knex gun is almost perfect. Everything feels right. Maybe a more comfortable stock? But a front grip for sure. Please let me know of any modifications you tried or adopted.

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removing motorcycle grips on my 1996 yamaha virago.

I bought this 1100 virago that someone had put some funky handlebars on, I bought stock bars but im having trouble getting the crome endcaps off the grips. any pointers?

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Ideas for a paint can holder?

These last couple of weeks I've been buying paint for various projects. When I buy many cans, I bring a cart, so that's ok. But when I buy 1 or 2, I tend to carry it. I am strong enough to carry 10 lbs each arm, but the handles on these cans are really terrible. It's just a metal wire. Anyone got any ideas to make a reusable grip to carry these cans? It's just so I can comfortably carry the cans 5-6 blocks home, or to the subway.

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Maker Faire 2009: Getta Grip Sewing Clips

Sarah was particularly excited to run into Getta Grip Sewing Clips in the Craft area. Paul (right, holding clips) designed them for use with leather, but they're apparently great for any fabric you want to avoid pinning. As an extra bonus, they're designed to pop off nicely at the presser foot instead of sneaking under and breaking needles. When the first shipment comes in, we'll nab some of the clips to test and report back.In the meantime, here's the demo video:

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How to tighten a nut on a threaded rod from the side, through a hole in a hollow tube?

Picture a threaded rod, with a hex nut on it. The rod is inside a hollow tube. You move the nut down the rod by inserting an outside hex wrench into the hollow tube from the top. But what if you only have access to the rod from the side, through a hole in the tube (which is fixed and can't rotate around the rod)? Is there a way to tighten a nut down a threaded rod from the side through a hole in a tube? Context: the application would be a grip for a fencing weapon. The base of the blade of a fencing weapon turns into a threaded rod (the tang). The bell guard (metal disc to protect your hand) has a hole in the middle, and is inserted onto the tang. The standard grip is a straight tube-ish thing (usually solid except for a hole the diameter of the tang). You stick the tang through the central hole in the grip. Then you stick a nut on the end of the tang (which just extends beyond the end of the grip) and tighten the whole assembly down. Some special grips are curved, which means that you have to bend the tang in a curve to match the grip first in order to fit it onto the tang. Another kind of grip is straight and hollow, with a plate with a central hole over the end butting against the bell guard, to give the nut a surface to press against, and the tang is cut much shorter than the grip, and you tighten the grip with an outside hex wrench from the back end of it, as I described initially. The advantage is that a shorter tang weighs a lot less, and the weight savings can be really good in fencing. I want to combine the advantages of these two types of grips- a curved grip, which is hollow and lightweight, with a tang that is shorter than the grip itself. Obviously, it would be impossible to tighten the hex nut through a curved grip, hence my question. 

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Is there a way to make a fencing foil with spanish grip very cheap?

I want to fence but I want to make my own sword. I have tried forging one but that does not seem to work (It does not bend is snaps in two). I want to make one with, strong, light, durable, and flexible material. Is there anyone out there who would know how to make one? It does not have to be electric. Also I don't want the pistol grip or the french grip i want to toledo spanish grip.

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Could I have some feed-back about my cable-grip?

I've attempted a basic design of a cable grip for laptops. I came up with it as a friend of my rang asking if i could repair his USB ports after using a cable grip that plugged into them. Since every laptop I know of has a Kensington lock I thought about using it instead of ports. Before I attempt any prototypes I'd like to know know what you think and I thank you in advance

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Two Airsoft Related Questions! Answered

I've seen outer shells of airsoft guns on Evike, and I was wondering... Is there an easy way to put a cheaper gun in a different shell? ALSO can anybody think of a way to put a vertical grip on a shotgun?

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How to add suspension to a food trolley to prevent spillage of food and tea?

I am an A level Product design student and I am designing a food trolley for a person with grip and stability issues.  One of the biggest problems with current models is that when they go over the slightest bump or carpet runners/plates e.g. and they will spill and tip whatever is on them. This is a massive problem if the user is carrying hot tea or their dinner, increasing clean up work and generally reducing the quality of life of the user. I cannot think of a relevant method for stabilising the food tray/drink holder without drastically reducing the overall function and massively increasing cost while still allowing the trolley to support the user while they take their food from the prep area/kitchen to the eating area.  A few Ideas I have had:  large pneumatic wheels (solid rubber in most other examples), Some sort of spring suspension, Pistons, A counter weight... I have tried researching stabilisers for cameras but they don't seem to be relevant. Help with research keywords would also be useful as its difficult to know what to look up. Another problem I'm addressing is the aesthetics of the product as most examples just look like hospital equipment not everyday furniture. Currently I am siding on wood as the main material for the frame, If anybody has suggestions that would be better than boring tubular steel I am still in the early stages of development and would appreciate inspiration!

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Question about Sugru.

For anyone that has used Sugru in the past, how much grip does it have once completely cured and dry? I was wondering if I could use it on the outside of a 3D printed wheel to get good grip like a rubber tire. If not any suggestions for other materials I could use? Thanks!

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how do I make the gear grip shifter on my daughters bicycle easier to operate? shifting to lower gears needs more torq

My daughters bike has a grip shift for a rear derailleurs, shifting from from easier gears to harder is easy because the derailleur spring assists. when shifting the other way it gets progressively harder to pull the derailleur in. It gets to a point so that my daughter does not have the strength to shift after gear 3 has anyone got a solution, other than hand exercises for my daughter. Thank you

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first time instructable publish would like review and suggestions for improving next

Just published first instructable on 4/20/13 and i would like review and constructive comments for further publishes.  not sure when it will be on site. title is heated handlebar grips under motorcycle.  thank you. and i hope this first one looks and relays info properly.

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Is the Elite Force 1911 airsoft gun Hi Capa/Tokyo Marui Compatible?

I want to upgrade my Elite Force 1911 into a modern race gun, and I wanted to know if TM upgrade parts such as rail mounts and grips can fit on it. Thanks!

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isnt powering on?

Have replaced a ds shell, but the power button dosnt work it feels as if it should have grip of something as it feels to free,?

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true mag shot assault rifle

Hello everyone I would like to tell you about my new weapon system. That uses a easy load mag like Ironman69's. It will come in 4 slightly different versions that will include. The standard version that will have a full stock, hand grip, and iron sights. Then there is the para-trooper version that will have a twiggy stock and will be a little smaller and it will have vertical fore grip and iron sights just like the standard version. Then there will be compact version that will just have a shorter barrel than the para-trooper. Then there is a special forces edition that will have a mock silencer, a longer fore grip with side rails for flash lights and laser pens,and will come with a mock scope. At the moment I do not have a date of release.

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Archery Load Cell Circuit

I'm looking into a system that will enable me to determine the distribution of load on an archer's draw hand grip, probably as a percentage of the whole load. I have some basic ideas drafted, but before I start re-inventing the wheel, has anyone anything similar set up that I could look at or consider developing.The sensors/load cells must be able to fit between the two layers of a standard archery tab. There must be three sensors, for the three fingers of a normal "hook" grip, and I think either an Arduino or Pi based processor.

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Would you recommend a specific brand of mandolin? Answered

I'm shopping for one with an adjustable blade distance, a finger guard/food grip, and a stand. Any favorites?

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Why do the voting stars not appear under Firefox or Chrome, but they do appear under IE? Answered

Some time ago, I got into the habit of using Firefox to use because the layout worked better there than in IE. I went away from the site for awhile, then came back, and I thought you had gotten rid of the 5-star voting system. Then I viewed the page in IE while logged in, and I discovered that the stars are there. The attached image shows screenshots of the same URL ( viewed in three different browsers.

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knex rifle with real trigger system

I have finely done it! behold the knex rifle! it is the first gun to use my new trigger system. the system consistes of a cog wheel, trigger and a hammer. the hammer and the trigger progressly move the cog wheel witch relases the rubberbands and fires the round. you cock the gun by pulling the hammer back. the gun is very strong and can shoot through carboard form 10 feet away. it has a grip and a popout baneut and the trigger for it is right by the grip. has a good handle and a light trigger pull. also the sides of the gun holds 6 of my deer slugs.instructions are being made.

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how to take of a lawnmower blade with a stripped bolt?

I have to sharpen my lawnmowers blade but the bolt wont come com i tried vice grips socket wrenches an even trying to get it of with a torch but none work any suggestions

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Where to begin to build a robot that can pick up (grip), move and release billiard balls?

My 3rd grade daughter has been assigned robo-billiards in the elementary science olympiad. However, we have no robotics experience and need to get smart quickly! Also, I believe we may be funding this project ourselves. From my poking around, it seems that robotics parts are very expensive. Please share any advice on: 1. introductory robot building, 2. whether there are cost effective ways to build, 3. advice on essential elements for a robot that must pick up billiard balls and move to place them in a container.  Thank you. 

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I miss the thumbnail step-by-steps

I just want to grip how I miss the pop out thumbnails that used to be at the top of the page. I really don't like clicking over and over with next or view all just to see the video or finished "toy" on the last step.

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Pego - My Invention

 I need help trying to get my invention manufactured. Or help to stop me dreaming of Pego ever being a success! It's a clothes peg - same size & material, just a different shape. Clothes pegs sell - Pego should sell. When it's not hanging washing out kids can clip them together to build models - the shape allows the clamp to grip the body - the handles spring out to also act as grips.;=fvst I have a few days left on & need comments & votes to help Pego to manufacture. Let me know what you think - why won't it work? Cheers Andrew Canfield

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can i make my own bicycle-light housing out of silicone?

For some small projects like a bicycle light housing, and selfmade handlebar-grips i am searching for the right material to use. i was thinking about using some kind of rubber-like material, probably silicone, so i can wrap it around the handlebar. unfortunately there are many different kinds of silicone to buy, all with different physical and mechanical properties - so i would like to know what silicone would be best for that project? or should i use something else? it should withstand moderate tearing while mounting, and should tolerate rain and sunshine, etc... thanks for your help!

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whats in your stick bag?

Im just wonderin mine has: a few pares of zildjian travis barker and adrian young sticks marching sticks old, crappy sticks held together with duct tape zildjian brushs grip tape setlist practis pad drum keys

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Illogic Bow

I finally got access to a camera here are some pictures of the Illogic bow No instructable will be posted until I find my camera charging cable. Update: I stuck KILLERK's TR18 grip and the 18 turret onto it, pics will be up wjen i can be bothered.

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why don't cars have bigger wheels/tyres?

Yeah, why don't they have bigger wheels? currently car tyres are about 60 -80cms high. so why not have tyres that are say 120cms or more. more road grip. more components could be stored in it -i.e. for electric vehicles-motors or for reverse breaking-etc.

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Removing an almost completely stripped screw? Answered

Pretty much what the title says, its quick a small screw too (in length) and I've tried quite a few methods online, such as placing a rubberband in the screw head and using a larger screw bit and a hammer. The head is almost completely stripped and the screwdriver gets like 5% grip. Any tips? D:

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Does anyone know where I can buy ergonomic tools? Answered

I have moderate carpal tunnel and epicondylitis (tennis elbow) on my  dominant right arm. I wonder if anyone knows of a good place to buy ergonomic tools like screwdrivers with pistol grips, etc. Thank you guys!

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Comment réparer un moteur a gaz grippé d'un modèle réduit ? / how to repare a gripped gaz motor from a rc car ? Answered

My rc car motor piston ad been stock inside beacause of a little rock introduced by my friend wen he move up the candle...

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Capturing thin parts in 123D Catch

I'm new to the 123D world and have a question about capturing thin items like handgun grip panels. Is it better to lay something thin down flat or would it be better to somehow stand it either on edge or on the bottom? I want to try to print some new panels and plan to start with the capture program. Thanks, Curt

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Movie made with iPhone 4

The new iPhone has just been out for a few days and someone's already made a short film with it. Shot and edited entirely on an iPhone 4 over 48 hours, "Apple of My Eye" is a gripping tale of ice cream and model train nostalgia. Check out the video below to see the movie and some behind the scenes footage.

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Electric shock device Answered

A friend of my fathers had a dry cell powered device with two metal handles you gripped while the operator slid a rod in a coil to increase voltage. the idea was to hang on till you couldn't. These drunks would hold on till the thing made their wrist muscles contract their hands into claws. How would you build this thing? Thanks, Zappenfusen

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DSLR camera raspberry pi help

I was looking to build a raspberry pi canon battery grip (basically this thing: I have some basic knowledge of the Pi and a reasonable amount of electronics experience, I was just wondering if you guys could help me out with a couple of questions as well as any other details that you think would help me build this: 1) How do you get the image data off the camera using the Pi/ get control of the shutter over USB 2) Is it possible to set up an ad hoc network to monitor and control the camera as well as download the pictures from an android phone or laptop (and how would I do that) 3) Any other ideas for cool things to do if i attach a pi to my camera? 4)The ideal powersource would be one of the canon LP-E8 7.2V batteries, anyone have any insight into a genius DIY connector for one? 5) Could it be used for recording/controling audio to videos? i.e. ( but obviously more simplified 6) as an additional note, would it be possible to use the camera buttons and screen as the interface for the Pi computer (or at least the screen, so that I dont have to double to effective size by including a screen) for reference: the camera I have is a canon 600D and the battery grip is the generic type for 500/600D

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Duct-Tape Wallet Ideas?

A few things I thought could make better duct tape wallets. 1: Buss-Pass/ I.D. Pocket, Perhaps a pocket made out of clear packing tape that covers the whole card could be used for I.D. or a Buss-Pass. 2: Coin Purse, A Sideways-facing pocket can be made to fold-out sideways from the wallet, when the pocket is folded-in, It acts like an envelope and keeps the coins in. 3: Dividing Page, A properly sized page taped on the inside "spine" of the wallet could be added to allow for more compartments. 4: Transparent/ Clear Carcass, The Carcass of the wallet could be made with clear packing tape or transparent duct-tape 5: Sports-Grade Grip-Tape/ Hockey Tape Parts, Parts of the wallet could be made from Grip-Tape or Hockey Tape, These products can be found in black, colors or transparent. Please Respond to this inquiry.

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