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how to groom a dog with matted fur?

An elderly person gave me a dog because they could not keep it any longer. This dog has long hair and it is very matted in places. There is no way I could comb the mats out. Does anyone know how to groom a dog like this? A local groomer wants to charge me $125.00 and I cannot afford to pay that much right now because I was recently laid off from my job. Thanks!

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Cat grooming frame/scaffold

Has someone invented this yet? I mean a way to hold cats still while they're being groomed. Some cats really hate it

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How do I wax / groom my own eyebrows?

How do I get the salon look at home without spending a lot of money?

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cut maltese?

Grooming maltese to make short hair

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How can I keep hair from clogging my casters?

I am a Pet Groomer and use a stool with casters to move about during long stints of detailed scissoring. During the week my casters become so clogged with hair that they will no longer turn. Is there anything I can do to prevent this? What type of casters will not collect hair or will not be clogged?

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Do we have an instructable specifically on trimming and keeping a beard nice looking ?

I am looking for advice on keeping my beard, which is becoming unruly already, trimmed and groomed. I mean, I did a search and didn't find anything really useful. In the spirit of Ogden Nash, I bring you an Edward Lear limerick: There was an old man with a beard,Who said: "It is just as I feared!Two owls and a hen, Four larks and a wrenHave all built their nests in my beard". Before and after pictures (in reverse order)...

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Any recipes and tips for soapless/glycerineless personal grooming products? Multiple questions to follow...

Background to the problem: I have a big problem with fragrances and it's getting worse.  I've been able to find scent-free personal grooming products in the past, but the community I live in now has none!  Some of the local stores volunteered to special-order a few products, but were unable to find any from their vendors.  In other words, I am stuck with two choices.  Make my own or buy online. I am choosing to make my own, in order to save myself shipping cost and to be sure I don't have to wait 6-8 weeks to wash my hair.  The added benefit is knowing exactly what goes into it. The problem: I'm convinced I can do better than traditional soap.  I'm not scared of the lye and fats but I'd have to order all of the soapmaking stuff online, which still forces me to rely on the mail.  I'm very much intrigued by soapwort.  I've also heard of flaxseed-based hair wash.  From what I've heard, soapless alternatives present me with an option that's usually easier to produce and with locally available ingredients. What I already know is next-to-nothing.  I want all the tips and recipes I can find.  Most of what I've googled so-far has been 2-3 line "recipes" with only ingredients and no actual instruction on what to do with it or how to use it.  The only recipe I'm actually familiar with involves oil, lemon and an egg, for washing and conditioning hair but that doesn't keep well and it costs you an egg each time. The questions: Any recipes for interesting soapless, glycerineless "shampoos," body washes, hand "soaps," etc? Anyone know how of other cultures which use soapless products predominately and how they do it? Any good recipes for other personal items besides cleansers such as deodorant and moisturizer? Any tips for making these home-made products last longer in room-temperature storage? How do I reduce the costs but still keep my goal of being scent-free and soapless? I've never used flaxseed, will hair wash made from it have a strong smell?  Does it keep well? Can anyone using similar products tell me their experience with it?

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So, is the total views count forum dead now? Answered

It has been over a month since there was any activity in it. So I was wondering if it has gone Bye Bye.  I only discovered it this year and even though I hit a target  number I never got any patches. Sigh,  always the best man and never the groom.

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Need tiny items to fit in tube 3"x2"

Need tiny samples or items to fit into a 3 1/2"x2" tube for a mental health fundraising project: Beauty samples, grooming items, tiny tools, tiny toys/stickers, pencils/pens, craft items, jewelry: you are all probably more creative than I am, so any ideas (especially harebrained) are welcome. If you could tell me where to look or who to contact for samples or tiny items, I would appreciate it.   If you have any to get rid of, please send to Sue Clark, PO Box 851943, Richardson, TX  75085.   Thank you so much.

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Project that needs some "originality confirmation"

I had an idea for a portable workbench/toolbox. when i drew it up it looked like a chest, so i called it a workchest. but when i showed my design to my family, my mom said that this was a design that many women use to carry their makeup and grooming things. i dont really think thats true, but i think some outside opinions might be useful here. so a wooden chest with dimensions at 1 1/2' for length, width, and height with the top unfolding to make a workspace thats 3'x1 1/2', this is something that fashionable women would carry around or keep at their house so they can look beautiful wherever they go? i dont think something like that would ever be intentionally created for makeup.

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Reusable Invitations.(Especially for Indians)

At least in India, people generally print around 100 to 2000 invitations for marriages or such ceremonies. This is usually a simple sheet or a single fold sheet like that of greeting card. Guadier ones can have more folds. The front of the folded sheet usually has a Image of a God and OR or a simple painting of a marriage parade. On the Inside are a tonne of details. (The bride, the groom, the Venue, the date, Timings, a small list of well wishers, etc.And after all this, the only use of this beautiful piece of art made of cards made out of wood /bamboo are wasted the day the ceremony commences and ends. My idea is that making them into usable items during production itself would be a great idea . Think of it . Invitations that expand to become a tabletop foldable calendar, with the back of the invitation having (Even the ceremony could be marked nicely).. An empty slot which can be used to turn it into a photo decorator/fantasyfier..Those are the two ideas I can come up right now. If you can come up with more, please do post.

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Nervous kitties?

Cats!! urg...A few years ago our older cat started biting and licking all his fur off..When the fur was gone he kept licking and biting! That left scabs,and blood all over.,but this was not the only thing that has happened to him. He was also very antisocial,and very skittish. At the time we only had two cats,who ended up mating...but then the mother cat gave birth to her litter she started not using her litter box..just went everywhere all over the house. So we decided to get her to someone at a farm. This is when my father cat started all the over grooming. We ended up keeping one of the male kittens from that litter. He is perfectly fine this whole time. Which ruled out mites that were effecting the Father cat...We moved to a new house a few weeks ago. I was hoping BamBam wouldnt get worse. But He is healing fine and doing great..It is his baby that is having the problems. Overgrooming.. WE DO NOT HAVE FLEAS...I de shed them daily....with a fle comb...wHAT CAN I DO TO HELP THESE POOR KITTIES?

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Open Source Banquet hall

I want help in designing and architect map of Banquet hall.I have provided sketch that I have made but I think that sketch is ordinary so need support from enthusiasm people who want to work on open source project. I am inviting everyone from computer to electronics to architect that is every one is invited to join the project.All the dimension are in foot in the image.Main requirements for Banquet hall are as follows:1:Hall for main ceremony,capacity for at least 300 people and it will also have stage.2:Rest room for at least 200 people separate for men and women.3:Two extra rooms for bride and groom side or for main peoples.4:Kitchen for food production.5:Parking for at least 150 vehicles.6:Separate toilets for men and women.7:Pace for people to eat.8:Building can have 2-3 floors.9:All of the above will be interconnected (IOT) for example: smart water taps,smart parking,led light show,decorative walls,led light screen passage, whole building will be wrapped in LED for great light show,inside lights will be sync with songs floor will or ceiling will be wrapped with gaint led screen for different patterns and motions, flammable fireworks outside and non-flammable fireworks inside during ceremony, led dance floor.10:All of led projects will be diy,taps will be diy,parking will be diy and everthing will be diy.I think this will be largest open source DIY project.Everyone feel free to contact me at: ping me on whatsapp: +91 9616481277 Also need people who can render our ideas from paper to VR and 3D design in any software.

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Accepting Defeat

Hey hey, I lost, so I thought it would be hilarious to create an instructable on how to accept defeat.Here it is: Steps:1) Go home 2) Shower 3) Shave 4) brush 5) groom 6) dress up 7) caffeinate 8) call a friend 9) accomplish something 10) Draw till you fall asleep (image).11) Write a song! Lyrics:so today i lost to GRLbut that's okayin my mind we were tiedi was one and they were at least fiveso i lost a laser cutter but that's all rightthere's tomorrow and then tomorrows nightthe day after that and the night that followsi mean a whole series of tomorrowsfilled with unanswerable questions of prize winners and contestantsconstantly concerned with the colossal quest for knowledgei plan to leave this town, graduated from collegemaybe someday i'll have a job that pays and i'll be debt freeAnyhoo, I hope this makes some one other than me laugh.Now that I've accepted defeat I'm thinking that my choices are one of three:1) Quit while I'm ahead.2) Join GRL3) Contact a few of the people that voted for me and see if they'd like to take me as a no pay intern over the summer.In this world, we must all realize that it's almost never a zero sum game, we all can have our little victories.-BilalIf the GRL comes by, I wanna let 'em know that I have only respect for them and the things they do. They do it best.This post is intended for humorous purposes only. If you've suffered a defeat in your life please do not take the steps above as a form therapy. Side effects of over indulgence could include razor burn, wet computing syndrome, and peer misunderstanding.

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Kickstarter Space Engineer creates "real" Mithril

This is very, very cool. There's a Kickstarter project working on  space elevators, using carbon nanotube (CNT) technologies.  One of the supporters asked if they could buy enough CNT to make a pair of wedding rings, because they would outlast both gold and diamond. It turns out that, to be able to make a CNT wedding ring, you need the ability to build a space elevator. They found a compromise, though, and made a brand new material - they alloyed CNT with silver; A metallurgist with 25 years in the field has said that the new alloy has some “interesting” properties. There is a strange ‘crystallization’ to the metal once it cools. We don’t really know why; or what this means. It needs study. There is other ‘stuff’ about this alloy which lead in some exciting directions, but as yet, we have not explored those. In essence we’ve created a unique silver+carbon nanotube alloy. We would like to brand this material “Mithril” after J.R.R. Tolkien’s super-material in the Lord of the Rings… so far, the foundation’s branding people have not returned our calls. (According to their website, it’s an 8 week process.) For a long time during the design and creation of the rings, their existence was a secret.  Now, though, the groom has given these reasons for buying a pair of Mithril rings; Reason #1 - Use this line when you propose, "Many men promise their brides-to-be the stars. It's a very rare man that actually delivers." At which point you can explain the ring, and the potential bride is thusly wowed. Reason #2 - It REALLY shows that you're planning on a better world for your children - aka, you're awesome husband material. Reason #3 - Awesome conversation piece. Reason #4 - Someone shows off their gold ring, and you can say, "How quaint." Reason #5 - The working name for the metal is awesome. I won't say more without Michael's permission. But let's just say, the name is very... enchanting. When the people who see you hear what metal your ring is made of, they'll do a double-take and then demand more information. Reason #6 - There are very interesting properties to these rings that are fun to show off. Again, not going to go into detail without Michael's go ahead. Reason #7 - It's one thing to give a wedding ring to your loved one. It's a completely different thing to give a wedding ring to your loved one that's a piece of history. Reason #8 - Gold wears away easily, these rings may be able to be passed onto your great great grandkids. The full story is on the Liftport site,

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Homemade electric nail file

Hey there to all you wonderful people! I have an odd proposal / suggestion / idea... I was wondering if anyone had ever considered this as an Instructables project by any (small) chance? Don't laugh TOO much, this is not something that would be considered a run-of-the-mill every-day kind of DIY by any means... Here's my ish: I'm not incredibly fantastic when it comes to personal grooming, doing the basics as quickly as possible so as to waste as little time getting ready for the day. However, me tooties are a point of some concern due to an out-of-the-ordinary dermal condition. As a result of this, I have to take special attention to moisturizing feet and toenail filing. Also, I suffered an accident when I was much younger that caused the nails on the big toe to grow skew. Long story short I've now been sitting on the floor for 40 minutes with a manual file and, while my one's and two's a looking smashing, I thought there MUST be a way of making my own electric nail file. I thought to try and convert a screwdriver bit for my electric screwdriver into a spherical file which I'm sure would literally save me HOURS and will do my knees a world of good - I've found myself kneeling in 1 position for a lot longer than nature intended. I am NOT the shining Instructables Star in the making by ANY stretch of the imagination but I do have some interesting theories about time travel (not really applicable here, but I wanted to try and sound less daaa - cos this isn't a 'Change The World' kinda project) In any event, I thought maybe someone who has a grasp of my concept and an understanding of how things worked may have a thought on how to accomplish this? Baring in mind that where I live, things like electric nail files are luxuries available only to a specific  social group & not an option for the general norm pavements specials such as I... I'm so interested to see if anyone could give me some help. You'd LITERALLY be saving my life (or at least adding about 10 - 15 years to it where I don't have to spend crouched over a small chair for a quarter of my day every 5 or 6 days) Stopped giggling yet? :) Tx guys, it's a dumb thing to ask, but this dumb thing has the potential to SIGNIFICANTLY change my life in a very practical way. Kind Regards and Loads of thanks! ps It ses to add images, but I think just for the sake of global sanity I'll refrain until I've found a working solution (or a pic of someone else's feet) :) Much love t'ya!

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