guide? Answered

How do i submit a guide

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I have tried searching and I am unable to find out how, so I am asking here. How do you start a guide? Please answer if you know how, it would be great.

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Is it allowed for me to make guides in which I show the winners of past contests? It is something I would love to do, but I don't know if it is allowed. Who knows???

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guides? Answered

Why cant i post any real giudes?

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submitting a guide? Answered

I feel like a total idiot asking this, but I want to submit a guide and I don' know where to find the option on the "submit" menu. please don't insult my idiocy I just want a good answer!

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What is a Guide?

When I accessed Instructables this morning, I saw a new tab on the Explore page, "guides". When I select the link, only one thing shows up -- something about LEDs from Randy. It looks like these are meant to separate out collections of I'bles from Groups/Forums. Are they "staff only"? Or in beta? The Submit page doesn't have a way to create a Guide (yet?).

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Guide not appearing in . . .

The guide I published on Friday night/Saturday morning ( shows up on my member page, but it doesn't show up either in search results or on the recent guides page.  What gives?  I know stuff can get stuck in the filters, but it's been quite a while and there seems to be no change.

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Guide Not working?

I cannot figure out how to add instructables to my guide. Help?

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Guide for N00bs

Add what all n00bs should know before talking to anyone or even going out into the public, sunlight... Or the rock they came from. 'also programing language and formally called: broken english... engrish

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Help with a Guide?

I made a guide, but I cannot figure out how to put instructables in it. Help?

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Guides are different!

I've just released a new version of the site. The main difference is in how Guides are handled. We've changed them so the Instructables referenced in them are linked directly, where previously the Guide simply contained links in the text. Aside from allowing any updates made, or changes of picture, to be immediately picked up, this change also lets Guides be created more easily.  It's also a prerequisite for another feature we're preparing… which I can't tell you about quite yet!

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Steampunk Guide

Why isn't there one...I'd make one but I don't how...

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Guide to RC? Answered

So don't tell me to go and buy a small RC car, and hack it. I want to know how to MAKE one! Like, totally MAKE! Where can I find out where to make a simple 2-4 channel RC thingermabob with a range of about 50 feet? I just don't get it, everywhere I look, they make these huge units. My helicopter is 6 channels and the circuit board is no bigger than 2x2, and only has 2 IC's on it. Why can't I find instructions for some small and simple like the circuits you find in RC car! What about Zip Zaps! Their circuit boards are tiny, and work better then the huge circuits you find online! Thx!

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Guide Me !!!

I want my Arduino  to control 4 power outlets (on\off) home electricity is 230v so i have to design  4 power outlets which should control hair dyer(400w),200w blub,Lcd tv,(50w)pumps in my project if any fault happens like overvoltage,neutral line fault or overheating happens in any of the outlets that particular outlet should be isolate which should be indicate with LED for this which component should use whether SSR relay or 4 channel Relay shield ?? and  sensing current and voltage for measuring the total power which was consuming by the devices which should transmit thro zigbee to LCD for monitoring... give some idea plzz  Please help me understand these things, and remember I'm very  new , so if you think I need to but something else, it will be great if you could explain !!! Lots of Thanks !!!! shyam

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Help with making a guide

Hello,  I was trying to make a guide and whenever I go to add the Instructables too it, there is no add 'ible button I am currently running Firefox 10.0.1for my browser and my OS is windows XP Thanks, Conrad A.K.A Pfarmkid

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guides that should be made

I dont know if somthing like this exists but i'll put it out there anyways... here people can post guides they believe should be created, started, etc. i'll start with one all for Palm Pilots

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Guide Button Gone?

Probably an oversight in the last big update, rather than an actual bug, but the button to start a new Guide has disappeared. (Credit to Pfarmkid for noticing.) 

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Glow stick guide

Today I saw heaps of instructables about glow sticks. I searched for a glow stick guide and I found nothing. I can't be bothered enough to make a guide... So I'm just telling anyone who reads this topic; If you want to make a guide, make it about glow sticks.

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A guide that must be made!

There are loads of really good instructables about things that can be done with altoids tins: survival kits, candles, stoves/ovens etc and someone should really put all the good ones into a guide so everyone can see all the fantastic ideas people have come up with! Also does anyone know if you can get altiods in the UK or if there are any similar products??

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can't make a guide

I try to make a guide but i end up back at a membership comparison page. HELP! -joespicnictables

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How to make a guide

How do you create a guide that has other instructables inside it.

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I saw the new feature of making a guide. so I click, type in title, write description, add images, & clicked save & add instructables. The problem is, when I click that button, it takes me to this place so that it's like I typed in the title in the search box & clicked Search. Then I go to published tab, go to guides, & it shows my profile page (when you go to You). PLEASE FIX IT!!!! I GOT 259 FAVORITES & SUBSCRIPTIONS THAT I WANT TO ORGANIZE INTO CATEGORIES!!!!

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Instructables Guide Suggestions

I recently found out that you can't make a guide unless you are a member of the staff, and for good reason, if they allowed anybody to make guides, there would be an awful lot of lame guides out there. But some people have some very good ideas for guides, and don't have the power to make them. So this is the place for those guide ideas. If you have a good suggestion for a guide, post it here and it might just inspire an Instructables staffer to make one about it.

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Rc Airplane Guide

I have been thinking about building an R/C airplane. Here are the specifications I need. L:3ft W:4ft H:6in ( 15 with prop and landing gear Engine: Chain saw motor Prop: 12in Control surfaces: 2 ailerons, elevator I don't know anything about R/C and here are my questions: 1.) How do you assemble an R/C system? 2.) What is needed to run 4 servos(3 control, 1 throttle)? 3.) Where should I buy stuff? 4.) What else should I know? I know how to connect servos to an air frame and everything, but I need to know how to connect a full R/C system together( receiver, servos, battery, etc.). Any help? Please. P.S. My air frame will be, a wing, a wooden dowel going to tail, tail, motor and muffler. I used this design because I have no weight added other than required materials.

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Drawing Anthros Guide

I just wanted to submit a link to this awesome guide I found for drawing anthro's. It's really great and it's also long and detailed (I printed it and it took 102 pages). In the process of teaching you how to draw anthro's it also has great drawing guides and tips for drawing anything - including humans and animals. So, for anyone interested - here's the link:

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New Guide not found

I just added a new guide "Top-Aquarium-Projects-for-the-Aquarist". I published it and the direct link is active, but it does not show up in any of the categories(Living > Pets) I published it the day before yesterday, but it still isn't visible anywhere, exept on my profile. Also, it is not showed on my "YOU" page under published instructables or guides, and just shows "(0) Guides" I tried Safari opn MAC OSX 10.6, Chrome on Windows 7 and IE9 also on Windows 7. Kabir

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Fire/ pyro guide.

Can an admin make a cool guide with the good pyro instructables? That would be awesome.

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Black Ops Guides

For this group, can I post my black ops guides too? (There aren't many places to find people who play black ops on instructables, you know?) So leave a response if your ok with it

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Guides updated to Collections

How do I upload a picture to use as the icon for any collection I create?  There doesn't appear to be any way to do this.  Also one of the guides/collections I did create, the picture has gone and I can't load another.

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Help Publishing a Guide? Answered

Hi, I am new to instructables and eager to share some of my articles on the site. I have a guide which i ready to be uploaded. After I enter all of the content, images and a video, I click "Save & Add Instructables". Then I get to a page that searches by the title of my article. According to this guide ( I should be able to select an article related to my topic and "ou can add that project to your guide. Just navigate to the project you want in your guide, scroll down to where it says "Add to a guide: (your guide's name)" Then click add." I have been browsing for long time and can't find that "Add to guide" button. I have tried in both FireFox and Chrome. Can someone help me? I have a free account, don't know if i need a Pro account, or if I am doing something wrong. Thanks :)

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New Guide Feature?

I think that there has been a new feature added to Insturctables, Instructable guides. I assume that their main purpose is to make a list of similar Insturctables for easier viewing of related Instructables and to find other Instructables that you might be interested in based on ones that you like.

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Electronics and Microcontroller guide?

Is there a a basic intro to electronics and microcontrollers? I know about the basic components, but no clue about microcontrollers =) Thanks!! Wes

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Bachelor survival guide

Hey, guys! my boyfriend is moving away for a year and he'll be on his own for the first time, doing his PhD. I'd like to make him a funny and informative guide about things he should know... But... errr.... well, I have no idea where to start.  Anybody have ideas, suggestions?  Thanks!

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Home Vet Guide

If you have had your pet sick and didn't quite know what to do, this home vet guide will assist, I have uploaded at the site below.  Hope you find it useful   At depositfiles click on Free Download and follw your nose.][/URL

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Beginning electronics guides

I'm looking for some help in how to learn electronics, meaning anything from circuits to arduino. If anyone has any info that can help me learn this it would be greatly appreciated.

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Hitchhikers guide to.. The Earth!

So here's the idea. I've been thinking how cool it would be to do a collaboration and create a giant travel guide. But not just an ordinary travel guide, one written by all instructables members.We have enough people on this site that we could get a pretty good start on it. I think the idea would spread fairly quickly. For example, I would write a brief something or other about my state (North Carolina), and then a full length guide for Boone, the university town that I live in. I would include basic information like population, size, etc., and also where I like to eat, what kind of tourist attractions are here, why ASU beat Michigan, etc. Some one else could add to what I wrote, and someone else could add a guide for the Charlotte/Denver area, and so on. For another state/province someone would just add a new step, etc. I realize it wouldn't be an Instructable, in the strict sense, but it would be helpful nonetheless. Not to mention we could have a lot of fun with it.What do you all think? What do the Instructables staff think about something like this? (In light of the fact that this is not a step by step guide to any one thing)Let the discussion begin. =)

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how do you make a guide?

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How do you create a guide? Answered

I know this has been asked before, but the answers seem incomplete to me. I do have the Guide button on my Submit page, but there doesn't seem to be the right controls to create a full guide. Is it partially submitted by a member and has to be finalized by staff? I'm planning to enter the Educators' Contest with a guide.

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How do you add instructables to a guide? Answered

How do you add instructables to a guide?

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What are the qualifications to be able to create guides?

Do you have to work for instructables, be a member for x amount of time, or what?

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How do you post a guide on instructables?

In the Submit section, there are options for submitting instructables, videos, or slideshows, but nothing for guides. Do you need to be an instructables bigwig to post a guide? Is there some sort of criteria you have to fulfill?

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Can the rest of us make guides now? Answered

The last answers to the question about how to make guides look they're from 2009 and they said that only Instructables staff can. Is that still the case? Thanks!

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How do you make a guide in instructables.?

I also want to know how to make those little yellow boxes in the pictures

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How or Where Do I Go To Start a Guide ? Answered

I think I have an interesting subject for a guide.

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can you publish a guide without a pro membership? Answered

And if so, how do you publish one?

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Finding a list of all 'Guides'...?

Is there a page with all guides listed? Despite searching and searching, I certainly haven't found it!

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