I need some help making a gumball machine!

 Okay so I have a terra cotta pot and a plastic fishbowl is on the way. I bought a tile drill bit to put holes in the terra cotta pot and ordered some gumballs. My problem is I don't really know how to make the inner machinery of the gumball machine! I would like for a handle to be turned to dispense one gumball. I have a foggy idea of how this would work. There would have to be a hole going through the fishbowl and terra cotta pot into a funnel that would lead to a revolver barrel type gear with several holes for gumballs. The handle would turn a vertical gear that would turn the horizontal revolver gear. The revolver gear would sit over a solid disk with one hole drilled through it and turning the handle would line up a hole with the hole in the disk leading to a tube that dispenses a gumball while a new one is loaded into another slot on the other side of that gear.  This might not make sense. If someone has a better way to do this or can put mine into better words (I'm having a little trouble visualizing it all) that would be much appreciated.  What I really need to know is where to find parts like this or how to make them! I have no clue where to get gears or handles or any of that. All help is appreciated. Thanks in advance! PS: The machine will be dispensing gumballs 1 inch in diameter so I have to account for that in the size of everything. If you need any other details let me know!

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How to make a nearly everlasting stink bomb the size of a gumball, from common household chemicals?

My friends and I are always pulling pranks of nearly every sort on each other, the snake one got old after a month and thought I would get'em when asleep. I need it the size of a gumball, cause things in my pocket are normally that size, and common household materials due to the economy killing my money and pocket change. If any other info is needed for my reason for running people out of small rooms, let me know.

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How to make a gumball machine?

Hi all, I thought there would be an instructable on this but it hasn't come up yet....so maybe I'll take this opportunity to initiate a Q&A; sort of thing with a project I'm working onI'm trying to make a gumball machine/ dispenser for ordinary sized gumballs and fit hidden inside a large rectangular structure. No coin input required. On ebay I saw someone selling a gumball machine that was vintage and it takes Standard Gumballs, The whole unit was 16x8x2. I thought it was amazing, but was outbid.From most round gumball machines I've seen, the glass just seems to hold all the gumballs in such a way that when the gears turn they push the gumballs up and one dispenses. I just stumbled across this one too: [http://cgi.ebay.ca/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item;=250440283723&fromMakeTrack;=trueMaybe these are far too basic questions from someone who never took physics in high school, then didn't take mechanics in art school (kicking myself) but how can I make a gumball machine like the one above, with a rectangular container? We could co create this instructable or anything else like that. Feel free to personally message me about the project.Thanks!

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Does anyone know how to make a gumball machine that takes money?

I want to make a really cheap gumball machine that takes, say a nickel for small pieces of chewing gum, like the ones in a packet at walmart.  Either that, or does anyone know where to buy one?

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use a pin from instructables

There's a pin of a gumball machine that was used for 'how to make chewing gum'. I'd like to use it for a community poster I'm designing. How can i contact the source?

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what are the best longboard wheels and trucks?

Ive heard that gumball wheels are good and am considering seismic trucks. any other suggestions?

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Knex safe

I am holding a competition for all Knexers worldwide. The competition is...you guessed it, a Knex safe Competition!!!!! Ok, so here are the rules: Rule 1# The object you must make must be either a safe or a gumball machine. Rule 2# The Safe must be made out knex and elastic bands only. Rule 3# The Safe or gumball machine must be either coin operated, key operated or has tumblers Rule 4# The Safe MUST be secure Rule 5# The safe must have instructions of good quality Any entry that fail to meet the rules will be disqualified Prizes: Every entry will be subscribed 1st Place 3 patches, A sub, 5 on all instructables and comments (if wanted) and the glory of winning 2nd Place 2 patches, A sub, 5 on all instructables and comments (if wanted) and the glory of coming second 3rd Place 1 patch, A sub, 5 on all instructables and comments (if wanted) and the glory of coming third 8 finalists will each receive a sub and a patch As i am becoming a member soon i will give out patches as soon as i can Thank you and start buildin' knexers!!!! :)

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Is there any K'Nex Semi-Auto Pistols?

I Wanted to dual-wield/akimbo a knex pistol or something. Any good ones? PS: Does any1 know a way to make the Kinetic Rifle use less pieces or know when knexfreek will post his gumball machine instructions. Thaaanks mm8

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Ideas for 50 Cents

Spotted on the streets of NYC is this gumball machine that's been converted into an idea dispenser. For just fifty cents you get an idea in a plastic container. No word on how good the ideas are or if anyone's found them valuable. The photographer sadly did not buy any of the ideas for sale.Are ideas hard to come by? How much would you pay for a good idea? Idea Machine

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Seed Bomb Vending Machine

Seed bombs are little balls of clay, compost, and seeds that you can toss into a vacant lot to try and get some new plants to grow. It's a guerrilla gardening technique and you can see how to make one here. If you just want to pick one up and live in San Francisco you can now buy them from a vending machine. These were designed by Common Studio from LA and repurpose old gumball machines with the benefits going to Project H Design. First Seedbomb Vending Machine Lands in San Francisco!

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Halloween = Success at Instructables HQ

Welcome to Letters from the Editor, a new feature we're trying out!  This week I'd like to share some highlights from our recent Halloween Show & Tell party. It's been a busy week here at Instructables HQ.  Halloween is a favorite holiday around here, and when we do it, we do it up right.  This year we did a series of in-house projects and guides to bring you the best of Instructables Halloween, and we went all out. Our ramp-up to Halloween culminated in a community-wide Show & Tell last Friday night.  HQ was transformed into a proper party hub as we socialized, snacked, and shared our latest projects with the crowd.  The night kicked off with an impressive costume by Peter and Nick Matsakis (winners of our costume contest!) inspired by the game Plants vs. Zombies.  Peter dressed as a Threepeater with working pea shooters, and Nick was Crazy Dave.  Why?  Because he's CRAAAAAAZY! Other highlights from the Show & Tell included Grathio Labs' Secret Knock Detecting Gumball Machine (you have to know the secret knock to get the gum!), and Robert Hermes' impressive Covert Public Messages, which you can only see when looking through polarized lenses. Very cool stuff. And let's not forget the food!  Drawing from our library of creepy Halloween treats, we recreated Edible Zombie Eyeballs omitting the goo to make it vegan-friendly, Pumpkin Bread in mini muffin form, Extra Satanic Deviled Eggs with a wasabi twist, and Halloween Candy Bark in various creepy colors.  Additionally, you can look forward to new Instructables detailing the making of peanut butter and chocolate Buckeyes and my Towering Pumpkin Cheesecake! All in all, it's been a very successful Halloween season.  Next we look to all of the great contests we have running.  Did you know that Humana's giving away a Dream Vacation to one very lucky innovative user!  Enter now! And don't forget to check back next week to cast your votes for our Halloween Contest finalists.  We weren't the only ones to go all out - you impressed us with almost 400 entries already! Until next time, all the best. Sarah P.S. for even more pictures, look here and here!

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