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What to do with gutted cassete player innards?

Http:// this is a link to a youtube video in which I have filmed allthe different components of the cassete player that I gutted. I need some help knowing what to keep, whats useful and some ideas on what to do with this stuff. Anyways thanks for te help guys, later.

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Increase stomach capacity

It is my cousin's wedding soon. It's an indian wedding so many 'events' and lots of food (yes, it is indian). But what I really need is a bigger stomach to fit it all in. How do you do this??

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What to do with gutted Zune SD 4gb?

I have an old Zune SD 4 gb that a friend of mine drenched in energy drink. i gutted it and now all i have are the front part (complete with the pad and button still in tact and possibly still working) and the back. can someone give ideas of what i can do with it (something electronic, not like paintng or something as easy as that). heres a picture of what i have (picture provided by

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I want to gut a comp and use it for the brain of a robot . Any one out there up to instruct? Answered

I see these micro controllers and pics and whatknot. I have a few computers that i would like to gut and use to control motors and track objects. Is this possible what do i need?

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Where does one find gutted electronics "shells?"

If you've ever been to IKEA, then you've probably found that the expensive electronics in the mock-up rooms (TV's, computers, etc.) aren't real, and are just plastic shells. I'd love to get my hands on a couple of laptop shells, leave them out in public, and see how long it takes for someone to try and steal one. The problem is, IKEA won't sell them to me! Does anyone else know a way to get a couple? Update: I managed to get an employee at Wal-mart to give me a fake mobile phone, but I need more.

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Music box concept + Guitar guts = Player Guitar

Don't know if this specifically needs to go in music but, whatever. for christmas i made my brother a (somewhat poorly constructed) lap steel guitar. seriously, it wasn't that good, but it worked and it was more of a "can i do this project" kind of thing, plus he has a friend who is an ACTUAL luthier so he's going to "redo it".... anywho, i made said guitar using zither pins for the tuning pegs and it got me to thinking. with the zither pins you could theoretcially have a guitar string of any length and use the pin to set that string to any given tone on any particular scale (say the functional length of the string was only 3 could still theoretically set the tune on that string to a semi permanent desired tone). so, with a bunch of short lengths of various guage strings you could create a guitar music box (probably more of a music barrel but, whatever). now, normal music box has the tone pins (not sure what they're called...but the tuned slivers of metal) stationary along one (or more) fixed planes and a revolving "picking" drum that strikes each pin to make the tone in the order that it needs to be in a piece of music. for whatever reason. so, combine these two ideas and you get a player guitar, or a guitar based music box, whatever. so, obviously this could be acoustic or electric. my personal preference is to lean towards electric, so that's where the question comes in. a normal guitar pickup has 4, 6, or whatever magnets fixed within it's coils so that you can pickup the signal from 4, 6, or whatever strings that are strung paralell(ish) across the guitar. for the music box concept to work (as opposed to a true player guitar that plays across the strings) the individual string pieces (that are all individually tuned etc) wouldn't be able to be parallell to each other like a normal guitar. they'd either be in line on the same plane or spaced out in odd ways (i've got an odd concept for the actual construction...where the strings do the moving and the "strummers" stay put). so, does a single magnet pickup exist? that could just be wired up into the rest of a normal electric guitar's circuitry? or would i have to build such a thing from scratch (and subsequently how would i do that)? would a normal electric guitar's circuitry be able to work the same with more than 6 pickups in play (thinking of a cheap one from a pawn shop...that's what i built the slide guitar from)? also, taking song suggestions and subsequent individual string tuning plans *i do know that there are "better" ways to make a self playing guitar that uses the normal guitar form factor and robotics and such....but this seems more fun. plus, i might make it into a wind powerd thing...electric guitar windchimes anyone?

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Question about cleaning fish

Does anyone here just fillet them without descaling or gutting them?  I have descaled them first then fillet them but was wondering it is was wise to just try and fillet and not worry about descale or gutting them?

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Help me reduce my carbon footprint and big fat gut!

So I'm trying to arrange a set up where every morning I pedal my bike, in a training stand, attached to a car alternator, attached to a deep cycle battery which will ultimately be feeding all those computer peripherals that I have scattered across my desk. No exercise, no DSL, etc. (And no, I don't do subsistence farming in my back yard (yet) so I know I'm not really doing much environmentally besides reminding myself how much energy all those littler peripherals suck.) Anyhow, I've seen numerous articles where people are easily getting 12-14 volts out of their alternator. At a level of effort that feels like 20 mph on level ground I'm getting maybe 3v. Any idea what I'm doing wrong?

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Is it possible to use the guts from a flash disposable camera as a high voltage square wave generator? Answered

Is it possible to use the guts from a flash disposable camera as a high voltage square wave generator? I know that in order for the transformer to work it must use AC voltage so the 1.5 DC is changed to some high voltage AC but I'm not sure if it is square wave or just regular sine wave. And I'm also not sure at what point the AC is changed back to DC for storage, any help? A schematic or some diagram would be much appreciated!

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Would it be possible to have Arduino access a larger store of memory, say from a gutted Flash memory card?

In other words, have it interface with a gutted flash memory card via the i/o connections, and use that as additional memory space for programming controls? If so, this may open up the possibility of expanding a regular Arduino unit into something capable of much more complex tasks.

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what program does the gut use to record and play back audio in the ventertainment videos?

Well iv seen videos about ventrilo harassment and i am just wandering what program he uses to record there voices and only play certain parts back without taking the time to edit all the audio files here is a link to one of the videos as an example

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nerf grenade launcher?

I wanted to make a nerf grenade launcher from my already gutted recon light. any help?

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Can I build an LED "light bulb" from the guts of a screw in CFL bulb?

I am looking to take a CFL bulb and take the glass out of the top. Would the components inside the light work if I build an LED light from it? So basically I want to remove the glass and in its place use LEDs to illuminate instead. Got any suggestions or links that might be useful? Thanks AFF

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XBOX 1 Headset Guts Inside an Old Turtle Beach Mic/Headphone

Hi, I have never posted here before, so if this is in the wrong place please let me know and I will move it. I have seen some guides on getting Turtle Beach headphones to work with the XBOX 1 chat adapter thingie. However, what I want to do is that I want to essentially replace the shell of the XBOX 1 chat headset with my old turtle beach headset shell - I just want the chat in one ear and the mic to work. Is that possible?

Topic by wags2284  

Excellent instructable idea ~ Retro camera~ digital guts into different or handmade body

Don't know why this hasn't been done really or why this is hyper linking. Anyway, Please check out photos &  link for inspiration to get an idea of what i'm talking about. It's time to start making killer Retro cameras! Either make a new body or re-purpose a vintage camera

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3d printer/ rapid prototyping machine guts... motherboard, hd, controllers, etc

I had to decommission a working Z Corp Z 406 printer today, here are some parts that are left over:-Main board: has motherboard, hard drive, 5v/12v ps, 24v ps, and a couple of controller boards motor with an encoder, and a belted cog gear complete, multi-colored head with Y motor assembly. This is where the magic happens. And by magic, I mean this is where the color jets and binder liquid are dispensed.'m not super familiar with the workings of the Z corp machine, but these would make great spares or the beginning of a great project! The machine was a runner before it was disassembled and I have booted the mobo/hd/ps here on my desk to check. There are wiring pigtails includedfor all the mobo/ controller connections. There are more pics here: should be able to find suitable packaging for this soon, I will put it on ebay after I do. Since I have been lurking on this site for about 4 months now, I think you folks need first crack... ;)The parts for these machines are wildly expensive from the MFR, but I'm thinking $100+ shipping for the lot. That is where I'll start the auction as well.

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Computer Case Upgrade?

Can I put the guts of a dell dimension 2400 in a thermaltake wing rs? PLEASE HELP ME OUT! THANKZ!

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Three random questions on this piece of radio guts! (ID-ing parts and the mysterious wax) Answered

So i opened this old Crown Japan stereo and found somethings i've seen before, but never had the initiative to ask their raison d'être (why are they there?). 1 - What is the blocky component with a colored screwdriver notch on them? 2 - Why do they always use this specifics pots for the tuners of radios? 3 - Why do they apply wax (often in generous amounts) over some components? (i know all 3 sound pretty noob, but i had to ask someone)

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how do i power an a.c. PWM controller with a d.c. source?

Pulled apart a treadmill which of course pluggs in to the wall but i d like to apply its guts toward an electric vehicle project of mine

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Deep Green Plexiglass?

I am wanting to build a lamp as homage to the Nickelodeon Guts trophy. I have everything planned out how I want it. I will build the base out of MDF and cover it in black felt, the top will be plexiglass with some sort of light source on the inside of the plexiglass box. My problem is, I have no idea how to tint/color the plexiglass a deep (not dark) enough green as to not see the light source when it is switched off, but translucent enough to light up and cast a green light. Anyone have any ideas? I have seen online where you can order colored plexiglass, but that will get expensive very quickly.

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Button Activated MP3 Player

I need to buy or build a device to play a single song in MP3 format on the push of a button, similar to one of those used in stuffed animals or greeting cards. I need to be able to hook it up to a small external speaker to make it a little louder. I a building a Nickelodeon Guts trophy for a friend of mine and would like to put this device in the base with a button on the top or front to play the theme song. Any ideas how I can go about buying or building something like this? I'm on a shoestring budget here, and not terribly handy with electronics, so I really need some advice.

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how can i make a radio controlled high powered rocket (the internal system or guts) using only parallax items?

I'm trying to design a camera slash ignition system for a rocket that I'm trying to build

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What are the thoughts on moding an original Gameboy to hold a Nintendo DS/DS Lite?

I've been playing around with the idea of how one would mod an old Gameboy to open up and be able to contain the guts of a Nintendo DS/DS Lite

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what gun should i make

What knex gut should i make which is... 1. has a magazine (stock) of more than 14 preferred 20+ not to big 3.dose not use a lot of light brown connectors please respond

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Looking for a speaker cabinet shelf project

I saw an instructable here that featured a guy gutting his floor speakers and turning them into nice home theater cabinets. I can't seem to find it and was wondering if anybody could point me in the right direction. Thanks!

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Are there any dangers in handling transformers? Answered

 I recently got a hold of a old arcade cabinet and I plan on gutting it. In the process I discovered that there was a big transformer present in the machine. Are there any dangers in removing the device? And if so how do i prevent myself from any harms?

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gmjhowe - Apple Fanboy

Well, I made a purchase this sunday just gone.I have bought one of the original Macintoshes from 1984, the model I bought was the Macintosh 512k, called the 'Fat Mac' due to its upgraded ram from 128k to 512k. It was the second model of Macintosh released.The Specs are as follows, Processor Speed: 8 MHzSystem Bus Speed: 8 MHzROM Size: 64kData Path: 16-bitStandard RAM: 512kBuilt-in Display: 9" Monochrome - 512 x 384 1-bitAvg. Weight: 16.5 lbs.Introduction Date: September 10, 1984So, now the question is, what do I do with this? The spec makes it useless as a machine, and I have no OS disk.So far, I have three options, Gut the inside of the mac, and install a new mini-itx system, and make it into a Hackintosh.Gut the insides. Try and fix the free ps3 thats heading my way, install linux on ps3, install inside of macGut the insides, and use it as the shell for a 'companion' tower for my iMac, housing back up drives, USB devices, and my small USB powere 7" mimo screen.Let me know what you think, or suggest new ideas!- gmjhowe

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Mac Classic

Hey ! Today im getting given to broken macs They look good on the exterier but are broken inside ! ones a g4 quicksilver BUT im also getting a mac classic which if i cannot get working Im going to take the guts out and fit a tv inside with a radio ! Anyone got any ideas for the g4 quicksilver??

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Musical greeting card player - how to attach it to a door, so it plays when the door opens?

I hope someone can help me figure out how to remove the guts of a musical greeting card and somehow attach it all to a door frame so when the door opens, the song plays. Thanks!

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Change a switch into two buttons?

Hi, I'm trying to do the NES controller/mp3 player hack, and I bought a player small enough that the guts all fit into the available space in the controller case. However, it came with an on/off slide switch, and I'm trying to figure out if it's possible to modify that to the START and SELECT buttons instead. Thanks!

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Is there anything useful to be done with a Kodak Disc Camera? Answered

,,,and no, I'm not talking Compact Disc, Hard Disc, or Floppy Disc.  I'm talking about a disc of film. I understand that film can still be obtained for this camera, but is almost impossible to get processed, and the images are pretty awful. So, what fun stuff might be in the guts of that funky plastic case?

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i need people with idears what to do with thease parts

I have a digital and analog multi meter and the board has blew up but evreything elce on it works but what could i use the digital screen the analog pointer and the rest of the guts for? i want to build a custom pc so if they could be used for that even better

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Fixing a built-in dimmer on a desk lamp? Aka: Retrofitting a California CFL compliant lamp? Answered

I live in California and just bought a Pottery Barn desk lamp designed to dim. However, because of the new law requiring CFL-compliant lamps, the dimmer has been tampered with to prevent it from actually dimming, even though the switch is the original. I opened the bottom and found the dimmer switch was encased in cardboard. I removed the cardboard, expecting this would fix the problem, but it didn't. Nothing else looks "tampered with." How can I make my lamp dim like it should A picture of the guts is here: And the model is here:

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DIY flashing shoe sensor

I've seen tons of guides on how to make my shoes light up with the guts of an old pair of light up shoes, but I dont want to go out and find an old pair.  Does anyone know what kind of sensor they use to turn on the lights and any pre existing circuits I can use? 

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I want to turn a NES into a NESDrive that uses 2.5" SATA cartridge as a backup device. Thoughts?

I want to utilize the original cart pins for USB and maybe since there is lots of room and since we don't need the guts install a USB hub for things like a memory card reader.

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It malfunctioned, it shortly registered with the blue light, it intermittently went out shortly after when vista was on. is it an electronic fault? got the latest patches but it doesn't even register as it tells me it has malfunctioned, tempted to pull it apart and look at the wiring particularly the usb part. any advice would be the best, thanks for reading

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plushie pattern help?

Christmas is coming and I really want to make a tooth plush for a dentist. but I need some help for the pattern. Can you guys help me please? The one I want to make is the I heart guts tooth. I have a link to the picture. Can someone please help me with the pattern or instructions?

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CD Drive laser burner

Can i take 2 cd (CD and or DVD) burners, gut them out and take the diodes that burn the data on the cd and use it to make different art and design on wood? if so, would a single one work or do i have to mount multiple ones to get it to burn wood? and is there any difference in the diodes srength in a CD and DVD burner? and im not gonna go crazy with it and do "bad" stuff.

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Could someone please identify this board?

I was ransacking through my university's inventory, in a quest to find something to build a line follower robot. I did find something that gave me a positive gut feeling. However, I need to know for sure what exactly this board is and if it is suitable for a line follower robot that should trace a 1.5 inch black line on a white background.  Photo of the board attached. Thanks.

Question by Adarsh_tronix    |  last reply

salvage a radio?

I found an old portable sterio but the cd player and tape deck did not work but the radio did so i took the pc board out that has the radio guts on but now im lost  the wires coming out of it say s/m rch lch gnd +B Has anyone got a clue what thease mean  im guessing  rch and lch is right and left chanal for the speakers but the s/m and +b is throughing me

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Too many batteries!!! Is it possible to change from 4 "C" batteries to 1 AA ni-mh? I have 20 solar lites. Very pricey!

I have 20 dusk-to-dawn solar lights.  Each light needs 4 "C" size batteries.  I like the shells of the lights, but I would like to change the guts so that I can use rechargeable batteries that will save me money. Thanks!

Question by hitoots12    |  last reply

Thinkpad ideas, please.

I seem to have acquired an elderly IBM Thinkpad.  It appears to be fully functional, but... It's running Windows 98, It has a single USB socket, but does not recognise any of the pendrives I plug into it. It has a floppy drive that can be plugged in the side It has no wifi. I have never done anything constructive inside the guts of a computer. So, basically, it's useless to the modern laptop user.  Raw materials. Any ideas?

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Miniature Jacob's Ladder

Hi All, I'm already thinking ahead to next year's Halloween and have an idea about a miniature Jacob's Ladder mounted on top of a pumpkin.  Perhaps taking an inoperative vacuum tube, removing the 'guts' and using the remaining glass from the tube as a protective housing over  the actual Jacob's Ladder. Has anyone ever attempted a Jacob's Ladder on a miniature scale?  Wondering if it's even doable.  Open to suggestions. Thanks Folks! Cheers, Ian

Topic by ishane  

Portable, Tiltable Art Desk?

One of my biggest problems with full size art desks is that they never seem to be stable. They wobble around and it quite an annoyance of mine. What I would like to know, is is there any way I could make a lap desk that could stand on its own and raise up and down without me having to jam it into my gut to hold it up? I've looked around and haven't found exactly what I'm looking for...

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Last minute Halloween costumes, decorations, food!

Hot Air Balloon Dilbert Costume Cardboard Armor Super Mario Bros. Halloween Cupcakes Octopus Hoodie Easy Zombie Horde Caution Tape Costume Creepy Bubble Cocktails Toilet Paper Costume Charlie Brown Ghost Freezer Paper Skeleton 5-Minute Domo Kun Doll Guts Serving Dish Giant Spiderweb - 82 2nd St. - San Francisco, CA

Topic by randofo  

help me convert my 4m tin can robot to solar using the cell/guts/battery from a lanscaping light

My kids and i just assembled a 4m tincan robot. I took apart a lanscaping light and it has a little circuit board. i attached the +- from the old battery holder to the new battery holder and then took the leads that used to attach to the LED and connected it to the motor. i turned the switch to the robots battery holder on. i hoped that when i touched the two wires that used to be connected to the sunlight sensor, that the motor would start. This sensor used to tell the solar light to turn on when it got dark. basically, i need to know how to charge the battery with solar and then be able to turn the robot on with a switch. do i just attach the cell to the the battery holder and put a switch between the battery and the motor? Thanks for reading. When i figure it out i'll post my first instructable!!

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How can I turn a Canon scanner tube in to a hand held document scanner?

My Lexmark 2500 printer and scanner would not feed paper right one side would feed but the other would not . bad feed rollers and no replaceable parts available from Lexmark. I gutted it out and have uses for the gears and all the parts salvaged . just cant see tousling the scanner tube out.! I would rather use it as a hand held scanner.

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Locker Size Mini Freezer

I have an empty locker in my office (2.5 cu. ft) and it gave me an idea to use that space as a freezer. I know how a freezer works, but my question is it is feasible to gut out a used mini fridge and reassemble it in a small space? Since there's a shelf in the locker,  I was plannign to run the evaporation coils underneath it,  line the edges of the locker with Dow foam, fit the condenser in the corner, and the condenser coil on the inside of the door.

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Can I use a thumb style joystick without a microcontroller?

I've been thinking about using a thumb-style joystick in an upcoming project (like this one) and making it go digital instead of analog (like this) but the only things I can find on such joysticks are with microcontrollers. I planned on using it to send a key stroke by using the guts of an old keyboard to make a diy emulator controller (like this) and I was wondering if this were at all possible or if it needed a microcontroller.

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Treo 650 keyboard issue. Please help!

I have an old treo 650 and I want to open it up and move the guts to a different housing. The problem is the keyboard that the treo has will not do. It sucks majorly and I want a larger one. Are there other keyboards available that might work? Can i build one out of momentary switches on a PCB? I want one that is about four inches wide. Please help!

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