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Bye guys...

Well, I might be off for a little while. Just though I'd let you guys know...

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hey guys!

I need help i want to build a gun but not sure which one and i want to make it my own design what would you guys want?like a gun from a game or a movie?

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Sorry guys...

Sorry, I'm getting less and less active around here. I'm not telling you I'm leaving, I'm just not going to be answering all your comments, and I'm not going to be around much. BUT, I'm still going to be posting guns every once in a while :) If you want me to build anything awesome, you can tell me your idea here. That's it.

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Hi Guys

Hi all, so I'm new to all this, how times change. back 20 years i was a grade A* student in electronics GCSE, now im lost. not using any of my GCSE in 20 years I'm trying to make a few bits in this time of need. looking for help on this, i have a heating element ( water boiler) that is 230v this needs to be monitored so that if the water runs out it will turn off, more to it. water is feed to the unit via a solenoid valve (230v or 12v) this also needs to be turned off if the heater stops, so this is incase the heater not boiling the water then the unit will over flow. If possible i need the solenoid valve to be controlled by a timer, so something like every 20min open then close after say 1-10 seconds, this would ideally be on a adjustable switch so we can set 1sec - 10sec time. hope you all have bright ideas and look forward to hearing them. Kind Regards

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Hey Guys.

Okay. 1st off, sorry about my long absence. I had a busy summer, and I'm kinda running low on motivation. I'm going to be checking back regularly soon though. 2nd off, sorry if I missed some of your folks comments. When I came back a few weeks ago I had a few hundred comments that I tried to respond to, so if I missed any or your questions or such, please post them again here. My bad. 3rd, I'm going to be posting a video of a huge project I've recently finished. No instructions, as its rather unique to my bathroom *cough*cough*. Also, I've decided I've had it with my danged safe. I'm going to strip away the casing I made and just post instructions for the new mech. I'm really just out of motivation for the project, and others have posted safes and such too, so its not so new and cool anymore. And finally, I want to build a cannon bigger than the V1. Will happen this winter hopefully. Thanks folks, ~IaC

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Hey guys!

Hi people! As you may have (hopefully) noticed, I haven't been around as much. Well, I've been swamped lately in between some family sickness, internet troubles, my laptop going poof, and Swine Flu hitting us over here, as well as an exaggerated wave of panic (we tend to have at least triple the panic in any other place!), I haven't been able to use the computer much.AND I HAVE MISSED YOU PEOPLE!!I just wanna catch up for a bit. What have I missed? Who's gotten famous? What did Kiteman do now? Whats the latest KNEX feud? (like I really care...) and most importantly, how has Pro been working for the site so far?Please update me, I wanna be up to speed again and start building.I hate myself, I have not managed to make anything lately. On the plus side, I've been writing a lot. I have so far: 6 anime concepts in the works, 2 screenplays in the works, and 6 sci-fi concepts.I have blogs about these, so my little internet time has been spent working on these.

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Are there hot guys out there?

Just wonderin

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How do you seduce a guy?

I know it's weird to ask I was just wonderin. And just please be serious when answering.

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I really don't understand why guys get so weird about girls liking the same things they do.....i mean Im a girl and i enjoy video games and things like that ( which i guess is weird) and yeah so what do you guys think about that? just bothers me i guess that some things are only seen as guys activities and only they can do them......and its not like im only into guys not a tomboy i swear i like to and i have a psp which i guess is im done

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Me and this guys are dating but everyone keeps making fun of him. Any help??

They ask stuff like "How do you like him?" or "He's such a dork, what are you thinking?" I'm trying to ignore it but it's getting hard. And I'm shy so I don't just go up to people and tell them what I'm feeling. help please!

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Guys who knit

I'm a guy, and I knit. Is anyone else a guy who knits?

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I'm a guy and other guys in my class (high school) keep grabbing my bottom, What do I do?

There's these one or two kids in my class that keep grabbing my bottom, What do I do. Who should I tell? It's getting really arkward. Are they doing it because I don't have many good friends and I'm a bit geekey?

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Help I wan't to add knexsuperbulderfreak to my group but it just reads "error on page" please help!

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relationship help?

Well, me and this cute girl in class that i reeeeeally like finally found out we both like each other (i've liked her for about two years now) and we are just getting to get together etc.. I'm eleven in grade six and was wondering if there was anything i can do for her or with her to make this a long-lasting relationship, may i ask?

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Meet with New Guy:

Warm wishes to Everyone, As I am new here I have no knowledge about this forum, so I would like to know more and also want to communicate with the other members of this forum. Thanks and Regards, Damacio Huang

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Speech recognition with GUI

Hello all, I am using a raspberry pi to write a program for face recognition and speech recognition. The whole thing has to be packed in a GUI and I am using Tkinter for that. Face recognition works fine with a nice GUI and all, but when I initialize the code for speech recognition, nothing other than the speech recognition works. The code initializes everything but the Gui screen doesn't show up. Can someone help me with this?I have added a link to my code below.Code for application Thankscheers :)

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Entry of a New Guy

Good Wishes to Everyone, Let me introduce myself to this community, I am Milton James, very new to this community, I want to be a member of this forum by participating in the discussion forum and also want to share my views and suggestion regarding various topics of this forum. I hope you all will support me throughout the discussion. Thanks and Regards Milton James

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Arduino - Python GUI

Hi all, I'm using arduino for a while now. For my purposes I was using matalb to communicate with it. I want to move to python now. I started building my first python gui to control my arduino program. The problem: I'm trying to pass a sentence which contains python's entry values to arduino, but for some reason the arduino doesn't read it. The codes are written here. Arduino code #define LED 13 void setup() {   pinMode(LED, OUTPUT);   pinMode(2,OUTPUT);   Serial.begin(9600); } void loop() {   if (Serial.available()) {     char c =;     if (c == 'H') {       digitalWrite(LED, HIGH);       digitalWrite(2,HIGH);     }     else if (c == 'L') {       digitalWrite(LED, LOW);       digitalWrite(2,LOW);     }   } } Python code from tkinter import * import serial import time ser = serial.Serial('com7', 9600)  # com7 need to be changed for linux ^%&*^$%&$%&$%^&###@@@ time.sleep(0.2) # ser.close() print('serial communication started') def pent(ard):     s = entry1.get()     c = bytes(s, 'utf-8')     ard.write(c)     time.sleep(0.5)     # ard.write(b'H')  # the b before 'H' is conversion to bytes. needed for arduino.     print("LED ON")     time.sleep(0.5)     ard.write(b'L')     print("LED OFF")     time.sleep(0.5) root = Tk() RTitle = root.title("LaserOdorPython") root.minsize(200, 200) root.maxsize(1400, 850) root.geometry("300x500") label1 = Label(root, text='Odor#\Laser', font=11) entry1 = Entry(root), y=20, width=90, height=20);, y=20, width=90, height=20) button1 = Button(root, text='single pulse', font=8, command=lambda: pent(ser)), y=140, width=90, height=30) root.mainloop()  

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what can i do? i have the BIGGEST crush on my best friend brother?

I really , REALY like my best friend brother ! how can i flirt with out my friend catching on like her brother? i really like him ! did i say that already? :D

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How whould you ask a girl out? Answered

As many teens many are less confindant about asking each other someone should make an instructable on it!

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Barenaked Ladies Concert

I recently saw the classy and hysterical show of the Barenaked ladies in Fairbanks, Alaska! It was the group's first time in Alaska, and before their concert, they had some Alaskan fun and nearly hit a moose! :D Has anyone else on instructables seen a show of the Barenaked Ladies?

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I have a question, how come every time it says a contests ends, for example "wear it contest, judging ends Oct 28, 2014"   You guys never actually show the winners until much later? Its Oct 31 and still no sign. I really want to see if the instructable I voted for won! Is my computer just late to get the results or does it take a long time to show the winners? No offense but you guys really should follow your deadlines better. (Please don't think im rude, Im really just wondering why its delayed so much) Anyway, Thanks for listening to my feedback

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How to impress a guy you like? (asked by a girl)

I never had a boyfriend in my life and I would like some tips about how to make a guy look twice at you! (in other words, how to make him take advantage of you). Any do's and dont's will help! I would like to hear what the guys find most appealing in girls? And I'm not talking about making the guy want a one night stand, I'd like to build a relationship. Tips on a good friendship with a guy will also help.

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Why are guys so territorial?

Ok why is it that guys flip out when they see their girlfriend even looking in the direction of another guy? its not like he owns me, so why do i get the cold shoulder every time i talk to another guy? Its not like im gonna run off with another guy so why cant he just get over it? Lolz, Are guys chemically wired to guard their girl?

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Are there any GUI frontends to SPICE? Answered

I'd like to be able to draw circuits as in a CAD program, run the simulation and observe what's going on.

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Arduino With GUI running on PC

Hello,       I am building a scale farm model. Said model has Flashing lights and stoplights and other flashing/non flashing Lights. (run by an Arduino UNO) I would like a GUI (Graphical User Interface) that can run on my Microsoft Surface Pro 4, running windows 10. The GUI needs to have automatic and manual modes for the stoplights and brightness control for the non flashing lights. The GUI also needs to also have on/off "switches" for the lights. Does anyone know of any projects that are on YouTube or software that already has an easy to customize GUI (or does what I want already out of the box) that is available. I am using an Arduino UNO to control. the lights are Led. I am Open to suggestions. Thx       Ian

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This guy at the Bonney Lake Radioshack

I was talking to today, he wanted to build an LED circuit for a bike. I recommended instructables.

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Recommendations on Python GUI tools

Heya everybody; Just got permanently done with schoolin', and now that I have free time again I'd like to start making some slicker interfaces for some of the open-source design tools out there (for PCB design, CAD, FEA). I know its an ambitious project; but its a long-term goal. Tried a couple different programming languages, and so far Python seems like the most flexible and powerful. Figure I should start messing around with GUI libraries. So the question: Which of the myriad options would you recommend for GUI creation from Python? The end result I am going for is something along the lines of the computer screens in "Iron Man" series, preferably with support for vector graphics. Example of the desired style shown below. Suggestions/advice? Also, anyone interested in collaborating on this, let me know!

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GUI game help needed

Here is my question, its a technical problem so am trying to simplify it as much as possible. So what I am trying to do might sound a bit weird. Here is image that is needed for following explanation. I want to use GUI to create a 2D game with grid of points. Now in that grid, I have some existing data point.( light green) and rest are missing ( not shown but one of the example missing point is shown in orange). Now I want to fill up all the missing data points by using a few light green points. Default case is the 4 light green points shown by arrows at the intersection of the arrows and the red and blue lines. Lets say I select a missing data point it should turn orange or red and all the light green data points corresponding to that should become dark green. Now I should be able to toggle between light and dark green data points and customize a set for each missing data point. I want to do this for all missing data points one by one. Lets say that this is the game I want to build in python GUI. I wanted to ask if anyone can help me get started. I use python a lot but never did any GUI. I looked up web GUI examples they all seem quite simplistic and no where as complex. Python is what I am comfortable with but if this can be done using some other language I am willing to try. Any help you can give is highly appreciated.

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You guys remember this traynor?

I think some of you will remember how I was attempting to find out the specs of this traynor amplifier. Well after someone pointed out to me it was most likely for the speakers on stage that point backwards towards the band so they can hear what they're sounding like. It went away into a closet and didn't come back out till yesturday.

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New guy with a new idea

First off, Hi to everyone! I made a VU meter using the LM3914N and RGB LEDs.  My "new" idea is to create 2 modes "VU meter" and "lamp".  I can't figure out a way to do this with a single switch.  At first I though it was simple...Oh just put a switch on the 10 LEDs going into the LM3914 and send it to ground.  WRONG!   Any help would be great! Thanks! P.S.  I'm new to all this.

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Ever saved a guys life??

Well have you? I did write a big long thing about the four times I have, but me computer crashed so I can't be arsed to type it out again. Anyway the other day at work, I'm a bin man(garbage man)by the way, me and another crewmen were working on the back of the dust cart when my bin came back down so I turned to put it back on the curb, as I did my mate still had his back to the traffic, I saw a big nasty van screeching towards us, so I grabbed him by his neck/face and dived on the grass verge, narrowly missing getting squashed to death by two pieces of machinery, which smashed together quite horrifically. Theirs no doubt that if I was stood were I was I wouldn't be typing this now. Anyone else had something like this? I had a load of pyro stories but as I said I can't be arsed to type um out again.

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Let Er Rip guys.

I just put a new Forum up on my server. I want to see what it's breaking point is and also would find it handy to get ANY feedback from it, I know there will be a couple things astrew on my forum, but for the most part it's your average SMF forum, with a little bit of work done to it to set up the settings to my likings and changed the theme.I know there are a malicious few that will stumble across my forum link (not necessarily members on this website), but I welcome the testing of my server's security, as I also need to know of any leaks.Also, aside from the testing aspect of my forum, I welcome new users, as I would like to have a user-base of more than 5-6 people, just makes things more exciting ya-kno? I plan to make computer utilities accessible to members and guests, however all other downloads are off limits to guests, you must register, although I haven't really got much to download, there are a couple things to see in there so far.I thank any one of you's who takes time to look this over for me.However, don't try any funny stuff with my ftp access or the rest of my system, as it's set up fairly well and tight and you'll most likely get yourself automatically banned, the Apache, mysql, and php however, I do not think are completely secure, like I said, do test it out.

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Is there any instructables on "sound guys for dummies"? Answered

My band has a gig coming up and a "sound guy: for dummies" would be really amazing!

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how do i impress a guy? Answered

There is this guy at my high skool and i like him alot but i dont know how to get him to notice me. any advice?

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What do you guys think?

These are some weapon replicas that I made, I was wondering if I should post them

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I am new here guys

L am Annelove l would like to introduce myself to you'all, l am still learning here.

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ok guys let's get started!

Ok guys let's start submitting instructables into the group and maybe even find more members. -PUMPKIN$

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Guy Fawkes Mask, making it sturdy

I bought a guy fawkes mask, it's that cheap one. I am pretty sure these are the only ones available at any ease. Anyhow I am wondering if there is anyway I can reinforce the plastic/make the mask more sturdy. As well what would be the best way to cut this plastic, I tried with a sharp xacto knife and it would ruin it more then anything else (trying to make the mouth larger) Thanks

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PIC16F877A coding to interface with MATLAB(GUI)

Hello, i just to ask anyone who know how to interface PIC16F877A with GUI(graphical user interface) using MATLAB ? Thank you

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Guy Fawkes Airsoft Mask *help*

Today i asked my grandfather if he could mold my Guy fawkes mask for me so i could make a more durable version of it, i plan on using it as a mask for airsoft. He often makes molds of action figures and toys and fills the molds with pewter, however pewter is to heavy and i think to soft of a metal to use for airsoft, especially since the mold will be of a thin piece of plastic. any ideas on what i could fill the mold with or any suggestions?

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Can you guys help me?

I have a large piece of white fabric.I also have several squares of solid orange, pink and sheer orange embroidered fabric. I am trying to make a dress for my sister with this. I attempted to do this free handed without having a sewing machine available. I am going to my grandmothers this Sunday and she has a sewing machine. Can some one help me with a pattern for a dress that I can make before Christmas?

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Guys and gals, please bear with me.....

Those of you who know me well know I have been having a difficult time of late with things "locally", and recently things have come to a bit of a head.  So, as I appear and disappear, from time to time, I ask your forbearance in taking some of my comments with a grain of salt as I work things out in "my little world".    I AM working on a project, which I hope I can finish and finish researching how to USE it properly, within a week or two.   Hopefully this will help me out of the slump like hole I have fallen into. Sana medicus audire me ¡ UPDATE !   Slowly I turn.....Scared and sacred are spelled with the same letters. Awful proceeds from the same root word as awesome. Terrify and terrific. Every negative experience holds the seed of transformation. - Alan Cohen

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Whats better Family Guy or American Dad ?

Whats better Family Guy or American Dad ?

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how do i get a guy to ask me out? Answered

The guy , already likes me and im just waiting for him.what should i do?

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