an old lcd screen?

Hello i have from an old machine an lcd monitor (S-8209D) 64x128 pixels can i do anything with this or not? and if i can some ideas???? thanks?

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finding Lcd screens

I am looking for lcd screens that could display information from a computer.  Small, at most 5 inches.  Also, im 13 and dont have an allowance so the cheaper the better!  I have tried really hard trying to find them and when i do its too expensive. HELP ME B(

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Human LCD Screen

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LCD Screen of arduino

Recently on ebay to buy online an arduino screen , the price is very cheap. Effect do not know how ? ? Anybody know?

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laptop lcd hack help?

Hi, is it possible to make a lcd monitor from old laptop screen that is powered by usb connected to your new laptop?

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macbook screen

So I recently disassembled a macbook and I was able to salvage the LCD screen. Having done this I would like to use it for a project but I do not know how, or what to do with it; does anyone have any ideas as to what i should do with this? 

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LCD White?

Well i dont know anything about lcd screens and i just aquiered one from an old pc and i want it to come to life again. if these help these are all the numbers and stuff on the back of the screen TORISAN TFT-LCM TM121SV-02L01 500F00023388O5 MADE IN JAPAN                                                                                       AR111A987K321129MS

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Laptop hack?

I have a averatec laptop that dosnt work any more, i have taken it apart and was wondering what can i do with it? i was thinking about a lcd picture frame or something like that. im new to instructables and would love to have some info on an idea to do with this thing.

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Old laptop LCD screen as a monitor?

Hey guys, im wondering if it is possible to use my old LCD screen from my laptop as a stand-alone monitor? if so how? help will be greatly received! Thanks -SamoJT

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Need Help !!!

Okay guys I have an Idea but I have very little knowledge about electrical devices ....etc..........I want to ask that can this BRowN cable in the picture be extended and what is it called ?

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lcd backlight? Answered

I have two broken lcd screen and salvaged only the backlight panel, power supply, and sreen display circuitry i it to light up all the time and not only 2 secs after you light it up without pluging any computer in the video ports. HOW? Thanks to all of you:)

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PSP screen uses

Im building a small computer and have an extra psp and was woundering if theres a way to connect it to my computer to use as my monitor?

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Clear LCD

Is there anywhere I can get a working transparent LCD screen? Graphical would be nice, but not vital. It doesn't need fancy colors or anything.

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Suggestions Wanted: Ways to Hack a Mini-TV

I have a Casio TV-970D mini TV that is now obsolete in my country (UK) owing to the switch to digital television. What I am left with is a 2.3" colour LCD screen (about the same size as that on a Gameboy Color) which runs off batteries, or the mains, and uses an aerial or a A/V input cable as its source. The A/V cable is like a standard audio jack. Product detail: Does anybody have any ideas of what I could do with this? My only thoughts so far were to use it as the mouth for some kind of robot head, since it produces an interesting light show when you plug an MP3 player into the input. My plan was to have it speak messages played from that other redundant piece of technology; the Walkman. I'm also toying with the idea of trying to record video onto audio cassette (crazy, I know, and the picture will be awful) and play them on the unit. But I'm sure you'll have better ideas. All suggestions welcome.

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Tiny Screens (Like LCD)

Im trying to make my own didgital watch that can show weather and all other stuff as well as tell the time. I need the screen to be cheap, thin, and a little bigger then a quarter (watch size.) Anyone have any ideas as to waer I can get screen this size?

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Phone LCD screen usage

I want to reuse an LG LCD phone screen that was from an old phone. I want to have it as a notification window style screen for my computer or a twitter feed. Or something like that. Is there any way that I can do this easily? I'm a beginner at any type of coding or hands on building. So any tutorial that is descriptive would be nice. The LCD's are from an LG Chocolate 2 on Verizon and an LG NTLG300GB on Net10 and are both color displays. Any project to make it be able to connect to the computer and have text sent to it.  Thanks, Alex

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Reading a 16x2 LCD screen

Dear Techfreaks, I have a rather technical question for you guys. I have a big, company-suited coffee machine which I'd like to mod, to be internet connected. My idea is to read the LCD screen of the machine, by intercepting the wires, and interpreting the signals with a microcontroller. I'd need to read the data, and convert it into ASCII, so I can drop them on a website, and in fact have a (sort of live) view of the LCD.  The used LCD is a standard 16x2, 16-pin LCD. Does anyone have any experience with doing this? Or any tips? I couldn't find a project online which wanted to do the same thing as I did. Thanks in Advance, Willem. 

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Triple View LCD Screen

Hello everyone, While playing with a lenticular, animated ruler. ( I had a bout of sudden inspiration. what if I applied that to a monitor. I am aware there's some 3d stuff out there using that trick but honestly it's a bit crappy and not really what I want to try. What my idea is a flat screen monitor that displays a different image depending on if you're looking at it head on, or 45 degrees from the left/right side. It'd be nice for a photo display or multiplayer gaming. The tricky part is splicing 3 monitors to display different images (I was thinking a triple vga out and layering it all but I'm still a bit of a newb when it comes to this stuff. What would you guys suggest would be the most efficient way to get it all set up and working?

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Broken Portable LCD Screen

Hello everyone... I have a broken LCD screen that went to a dvd player base that was a portable dvd player system, I was wanting to know if it was possible for me to find a way to power this up and use it with my computer, to display system stats like temp, proccessor usage, and things like this, any ideas on if this can be done and how I could do it?

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Wiring a LCD screen to a Wii

I would like some help on learning how to wire this 7" screen that i took off of a dvd player and wire it to the Nintendo Wii. I'll show you some pictures and hopefully someone can help me out. This is what im planning if you can't tell aready, i am going to take this LCD screen and wire it up to the wii and make my own version of the wii laptop but i need help with the wiring. Ok well i cant the the picture to let me make notes in them so ill just explain them like this going left to right.The first picture shows what the motherboard of the dvd player said about the wiring going TO the LCD screenThe second picture is about the connector to the lcd screen, its just there for in case someone wanted to see itThe third picture is the whole lcd screenThe Forth is the wii, and here is a website for the av pinouts. help?

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Powering a 16x2 LCD Screen? Answered

Hey all I am relatively new to the Arduino platform and learning as I go. I have a 16x2 LCD screen that I am trying to learn how to use. I hooked my positive lead to pin 2 and the Ground to pin1 and nothing lit up. I then hooked a potentiometer up to pin 3 to try and adjust the contrast still nothing lit up. Does this mean my LCD screen is broken? I haven't sent any code to it so I am not expecting it to "say" anything, but i thought when the power was on it would at least light up? Please let me know if i need todo anything else to make it light up or if I need to buy a new LCD. Thanks!

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Laptop Screen

Hi From Scotland I am looking at a Toshiba Satellite A200 27U the screen is black I have plugged the laptop into a moniter and everthings loads up and works so is it the Lcd that needs replaced or is there anything else I should check any help would be welcome.                                  Alibole

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LCD Screens and motors for projects

Hi, guys. I have acquired a whole bunch of defunct printers that don't work for one reason or another. I have box of working LCD touch screens. Printer motors, stepper driver boards for the motors, belts drives, gears, shafts, scanner lights, power boards, cables, printer heads, power supplies and screws. I can't use them all and I was wondering if any was interested in some of this stuff for projects. I have picked out a few things for my self, but I can't use it all. If any one is interested in buying anything let me know. If enough people ask I can make a list of parts and prices for the parts.

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LCD laptop screen on XBOX

Hi, I have a broken laptop i would like to know how i can do to use his LCD screen on my XBOX. My xbox is softmoded so it would be a cool portable xbox. Thanks for your help and ideas. Dim

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Is it possible to hack a color lcd screen from a VideoNow player so it can be used for something else?

Hi There! A long time ago I found a VideoNow cd player at a thrift store - and was going to hack it to play regular CDs (as seen on Youtube and here)- however, neither option worked for me, so I'm left with a VideoNow unit that has a nice lcd color screen (everything is intact except for the lid of the unit) and I'm hoping that there is a way to hack the lcd screen to make it useful for something else.  I tried to look for an instructable about how to hack an lcd screen - but no success. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

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LCD Swappems

Hello creative tech people, This is my first post so I hope I got it in the right section, and I did a lot of research before creating this post. I've been researching this for a bit, and I've gotten a sudden fascination with LCDs (mostly of the full color display variety) and I've been planning on making  custom tablet style PCs based on old laptops just for fun and experimentation but in my planning I hit a bit of a snag in regards to the screen. Since much to my dismay they weren't swappable and relied on a controller intertwined in the motherboard. There's also the inverter which I'm not sure how relevant it is to the project, This is a real issue for me because I wanted to use a variety of screens from big ones to tiny ones from smartphones or mp3 players. I was wondering three things: 1. Can you make a monitor connect to a different motherboard through the magic of soldering? 2. (if #1 is a yes) will the controller handle the different signal or does each one have a different driver format and all that aggravating frippery? 3. Would taking apart a standard vga flat screen monitor and using that instead of a laptop screen avoid the issue altogether? Or would it bring up new problems?

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Help with LCD screen fault

I have an unusual fault on my Goodmans LCD TV. When first switched on the TV screen appears with multi coloured squares covering the whole viewing area, occasionally vertical stripes appear instead. this will persist for around 20-30 mins after which the disturbance fades into the background and normal vision returns without further problems. Any ideas please... could the panel be at fault.

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SMall LCD screen help

I have managed to get my hands on a Hitachi LCD module. Its a thin flat colour screen. Viewing area is 242x69mm and has a resolution of 320x240. Its model number is LMG9520RPCC-A. I have 2 data sheets for it but unfortunately no power or interface cables. I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions on how I can use this? I have called Hitachi and am awaiting a response on to what cables I need and how to get them. But in case I cant get them has anyone any ideas on how Id put it to use? I was thinking of making a digital photo frame but...what sort of video feed will it accept? What pins do I connect to? Any geniuses out there who know a thing or 2 about screens?

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Small LCD

I've been working on the OggVOSH... I was planning the screen & touch-wheel board when I realized that the screen, and the backup were both too big, ironically, was too big in BOTH dimensions!I've checked mouser & digikey, and neither have any LCDs that would fit in the space. By any chance, does anyone know of a really small color LCD? The board is 28x48mm, and I can't have it take up the whole board (but some stuff *can* go beneath it, I just need to account for the connector)

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2,4tft lcd to arduino uno

Hello guys , I'm making a gaming console for my school project with 2,4 TFT touchscreen and arduino UNO , i bought arduino uno and touchscreen LCD but without a shield , i searched on web how to connect them but i cant find a circut diagram for lcd without shield , can someone who know how to connect it make me a circuit diagram for it or just write which pin goes in which port on arduino , thanks , I'll attach picture of my LCD touchscreen

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Looping LCD Display

Okay, this might be a little confusing, so bear with me. I want to make a looping video of, say, Matrix code display on a small LCD screen, but I just want the little screen. Is there any way I could hook up a thumb drive or something to it to display that video in a loop?

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Digital clock hack

I've been trying to do more DIY stuff recently, so I figured I would start out with an easy project. Basically, I was wondering if it is possible to modify a standard digital clock so it could display different messages through an lcd display based on the current time. Since most clocks have an alarm feature, I thought this would be pretty easy to do, but then again I could be completely wrong. I know how to solder and such, so I shouldn't have too many technical problems if I get a push in the right direction. Also, I know how to do a bit of coding, and I'm good at adapting so I'm sure I could find out some way to make this work. Any help is much appreciated.

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Old Cellphone Camera & Its LCD Screen

Hiya everyone ! I was wondering if i can hack on my old cellphone with camera and screen and install the camera in back of my car (reverse camera) and the LCD screen on my dash. I know its possible i am just confused about the circuit. Help out on the circuit diagram please.

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old ipod screen?

I have an old ipod screen that works? maybe it just comes up white the ipod had water damage but the screen truns on and off i thouught it mught just be the video aspect of the ipod anyways are there any good uses i would like to make a projecter out of it but i dont know if i can without the video of the ipod could i hook it up to an arduino or some other fancy smacy device and have it work i would hate to see it go to waste i have the rest of the ipod still and all is connected execpt the touch screen was broken while disassmbling but screen still works anyon eknow how to hook it up to something?

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Cintiq/Lcd Tablet

Is it possible to make a replacement screen for a tablet pc to be a cintiq-like external display tablet? I've seen replacement screens available on eBay as well as tablets that are missing components like hdd, keyboard, ram, etc which could be used to obtain said screen. This would not be a stand-alone device like a tablet, but a second display for either a desktop or a laptop that would function as a screen and tablet for input, a cintiq clone. Thanks

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know any cool lcd screen projects?

My family had a portable dvd player poop out so i ripped it open and got all kinds of cool stuff! does anyone know if i could make it work with my computer? make it work with anything? do i have to recycle it because it's worthless? thanks! sonny

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Does anyone know how to manipulate LCD screens without completely trashing them?

I want to turn old LCD screens into art (from calculators, watches, etc.). I like the look of them when pressure is applied, but it isn't permanent.

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How do I install a switch to disable the LCD screen on a Sony CFD-S05 CD/Cassette player?

I would like to install a switch to disable the LCD screen on my Sony CFD-S05 CD player, while keeping the functioning of the player the same.  In other words, I want the capability of completely turning off the screen so you can't see anything.  The screen is not backlit.  This is for a special project I'm working on which I don't really want to go into detail on, but it's very important and I'm hoping you guys can help me.   I can provide pictures if you'd like....just tell me specifically what you need!

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what can I do with a screen taken off a mobile?

I just obtained one screen from the sony erricson mobile. it is in perfect condition..... What can I do with it?

Question by The Pencil Guy 

I need instructions for replacing the screen for an hp pavillion dv7-1232nr notebook?

I cracked the screen and purchased a replacement. I downloaded instructions that turned out to be for another model. I cannot find a service manual for this model. Can anyone help me?

Question by Simplysam 

LCD and MB

Hello im the new guy here and im wondering what can i do with these parts i had a lcd monitor and the motherboard is fried and jjust the screen is ok what can i do with him somehow to use it or something and also i have GPS motherboard it works fine it has a 8gb disk space i dont know what to do with her i have old motherboards for dekstop computer mini itx,msi..... and i have two laptops one the motherboard is fried and the other one doesnt have a problem but its too old and if somebady can give me some examples in what can i convert this things Thank you      

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hacking a tablet

Hey everyone. I am shopping for a wacom tablet to use a stylus to ease photo editing, for which I use a macbook pro. there are google tablets and other off brand tablets that have interactive screens for less than the wacom tablets. so, how could I get one of these devices to essentially do what the wacom tablet does, with all the benefits of the tablet itself- to aid my digital photography? It seems that it would be advantageous to just make use of the tablet (weather it be an ipad google tab or coby tablet) so I can plug my 50 d into it to display photos to people, instead of carrying around an irreplaceable macbook pro. And when Im editing at home, using a stylus to edit on the pad like you would with the plastic no screen wacoms. it seems you could set up as many hotkeys as you would want on the screen and  have the benefit of working accurately inside the photo, too. if this is a feasible idea , please, tell me how to hack it! or make it work. maybe have something that other photogs would use , too... much respect to my community, Scott

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LCD screen works from touch?

I was taking apart a small department store card reader and as i was doing so i noticed that the LCD screen would kinda  work from my fingers touching it.  Some parts of numbers and indicators glowed as I ran my fingers across it.  Is this from static electricity is my hands?  Or just residual power in the display.   All wires were removed from it so no capacitors to power it or anything.  I did notice that the silicon-rubber-carbon? thing on the top and bottom of it were attached.  Can someone with a knowledge of how these displays work please explain this phenomenon.

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Help with a small LCD display? Answered

(Refer to picture below) I've got this watch, but due to space restrictions for this particular project I'm doing, I can't mount it as it was, it's kinda too thick. Can anyone offer ideas as to how I could make a good electrical connection to those black pads on the LCD screen? I don't even know what they are made of (...graphite...?). I can find old ribbon cables from other LCD displays, but I dunno how to connect them to this. Thanks in advance

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Hey, let's invent this immediately!!!

OK folks, how hard can this possibly be?Yeah, yeah, I know. Probably REALLY hard. But if we all team up and combine our gray matter, can't we overcome any technological obstacle with our collective geekiness?I want to see an affordable, open-source doodad that can turn an LCD from a dead laptop into a working external flatscreen monitor. It should accept digital & analog signals and allow us all to hack up beautiful screens ready to embed in our brilliant projects, while keeping LCD's out of the landfill.punish3r valiantly went down this road: then ended up "cheating" (his words, not mine) by using software that does most of the work (plus he started with a functional laptop!). Discussions I've read usually end with "you'd have to buy a controller for that specific LCD, which would cost almost as much as a regular flatscreen so what's the point?"I reject this (resting on my laurels of ignorance)! If a controller truly exists for every LCD on earth, don't they share lots of common features? And if so, can't we come up with a generic one that could be programmed or dip-switched or soldered or otherwise persuaded to play nice with any LCD on the playground? Even the weird one by the monkey bars who smells like cheese? (Sorry; stretched my metaphor too far and it broke)I envision a circuit board with PC or even TV "in," an amazingly versatile multi-pin adaptor or cable that would replace or connect to that flimsy little ribbon cable sprouting from the LCD. The board would have a USB plug for programming, and a chip smart enough to remember what you tell it. Some smart person will write a nifty app that talks to the board, and vast legions of techies across the globe (or rogue employees of the LCD manufacturers, perhaps?) will upload specs for all of their LCD panels that will be used by other smart people to create a profile for any given panel that can be dropped onto the board.It would have to be really low-cost to make sense, but I envision a cottage industry: package it up as a kit, or we could build goofy-looking monitors out of e-waste and sell them!Somebody else could probably strengthen the argument in favor of this invention by providing a list of terrible LCD ingredients that would be re-purposed out of our trash heaps and water supplies and cat food... I'll leave that up to the experts.What do you think, folks? Is this a pipe dream, or a viable idea? Either way, let's do it!(and if anybody manages to make one, I get dibs on a prototype!)Thanks for reading!Mike

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working lcd tv **missing dvd built in dvd player**

Click the link to my ebay page for better details

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Help: Creating an LCD screen 'multiplex' using Android screens

I want to make a large digital image using multiple small screens. I was considering using Android LCD screen replacements and somehow linking them all up into a 2x4 grid (more or less) and was wondering if this were at all possible, and if so,how would one go about constructing it with minimal space between the screens. I have little electrical engineering knowledge so could use all the help i can get! I want to note that the idea would be NOT to have this connected to a computer, but to a MUCH smaller unit that would store content for the screens. Thanks guys

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