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Hackduino-like thing help!? Answered

First a little background to help you understand whats going on... I live in the Philippines, i grew up here and part of my hobby is Electronics. I usually scrounge up parts due to the fact that parts are kinda outta my reach and it's a shame to let all that money go to waste when i can find salvaged parts. Recently, i got the idea of programming and searched around 'ibles for pojects on TI's MCUs. Finding none, i thought it wouldn't be worth the effort to try to program one of these with lack of info so i thought "what about the arduino?". Arduinos are kinda popular here but one thing sets me back. Getting one. So since my mom won't let me get an arduino (i'm a High school student), i need to resort to making one. Most of my sample requests from Atmel have been denied so it's time to quit being a cheapskate just for arduino! (and for science yay!) I sourced some parts, haven't bought the most important ATmega328 (it's kinda big but better get it than upgrading) and i'm starting to prepare. I read the HackDuino and i just need some help and info such as: * How do i make an arduino using common electronic parts? * What schematic will i use that will allow me to upload using a serial port? * How will i prepare the chip without another arduino? (I heard about bootloaders and stuff) I have lots of questions, but if you know some arduino tips and facts, you may throw it in Thanks in advance

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Ceramic resonator vs. Quartz crystal for arduino? Answered

Hey- I'm going to build some Arduino clones (as posted from ) and was wondering if it would be better to use a crystal or a ceramic resonator. i will be ordering from Tayda Electronics (Ive ordered before, 10 days shipping for rock bottom prices, I'm ok with that) and the resonators and crystals are +-5c. difference, so I was wondering if I could use resonators, since they are a bit cheaper and I'm ordering a few (around 8). Which ones would be better? Also, does anyone know for the circuit from the above link would work with a 4.5v supply if I just left out the 5v regulator? Many thanks- Astroboy907

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Any "Cheap-Duinos" based on the ATMega1280/1281/2561 MCUs?

Hi there. I'm using a Arduino Mega-1280 in a project, and am wanting to "free it up" for other things. I see that there are a number of cheap-duino replacements here and other places (ie;, but I haven't found any that specifically incorporate the ATMega1280/1281/2561. Basically, I'm needing all four of the hardware UARTs this family of MCUs provide, without reverting to interrupt-driven, software-based serial I/O it's predicesors utilize, having the extra memory certainly doesn't hurt either. Thanks in advance for any suggestions, links, etc! Regards, Scott

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Not sure if this is a bug or if should be brought up in this section, I apologize in advance if it does not belong here. I was on the site gearing up to do the "Perfboard Hackduino (Arduino-compatible circuit) "by jmsaavedra and all was good until I selected the view all steps button. I received and still receive       "403 Forbidden                                                                                   Request forbidden by administrative rules."                                                                                     Can anyone lend a hand here? I've been looking forward to making a few of these for some time now and finally have just about everything needed (except my sockets for atmegas,any day now) but figured I could just leave all final connections to chip open to do later. Would post a pic but I'm sure we've all seen the white page with black letters at one point in our lives. It happenes on all my computers and my android.Please help.

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Help with MAX232 Serial Converter troubleshooting?

Ok..long story short.. built this Instructable: (minimal Arduino on poerfboard,.  w/ blank Atmel) I put this on a breaboard instead I then installed Arduino IDE, as well as WinAVR/avrdude I tried to build a parallel programmer: but it didnt work.. (not sure if it because of WinAVR?avrdue setting?  but command line AND flashing bootloader through Arduino IDE did NOT WORK.. AVRDUDE gives this response: avrdude: can't open device "giveio" avrdude: failed to open parallel port "lpt1" pinout for parallel programm was as follows: PP     ATMEL  (pinout) 1    -  19 2    -  17 11  -  18 16  -  1 18  -  GND on breadboard*** no clue even Ive asked and googled.. couldnt find a 'real' solution to this.. so I looked around..and I found a couple MAX232 chips laying around..figured Id use these to build a Serial Converter using this tut: I this all set-up on my breadboard: (pics to check what Im doing wrong) *******(the images shows the vRegulator moved over 1 has been corrected but after pic was taken) I have checked the vRegulator portion..  I have a cap BEFORE the regulator  *bridging GND & output* and I use my meter to check that there is, in fact, 5v coming from it..  and there is... HOWEVER...  the vRegulator gets SUPER HOT, SUPER FAST!... if I dis-connect the pin 16 form the  chip to the ++ then the vRegulator does NOT get hot... once I bridge it.. instant HEAT.. so is it something I have done wrong in my diagram? vRegulator not show in diagram here;; in this diagram.. as soon as I hook up the V++ to pin16 on the chip.. and the cap..etc  something is wrong?? I 'do' have some FTDI cables coming from China for a few bucks.. but this is ONLY for sketch uploading...correct? I also have a true Arduino Due coming as well... but hate waiting weeks when I want to play and get started now! Any help is appreciated..   Im new to all this, so be nice!  LOL thanks gang!

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