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Problems with Handbag libraries

Hi, I've trouble with the Handbag and Android Acessory library. I've  already unzipped the folders  and put it into the libraries folder. Then I ran the SimpleHandbag sketch. But now I have some errors: SimpleHandbag.ino:54:21: error: Handbag.h: No such file or directory SimpleHandbag:57: error: 'AndroidAccessory' does not name a type SimpleHandbag:63: error: 'HandbagApp' does not name a type SimpleHandbag.ino: In function 'void setupUI()': SimpleHandbag:86: error: 'Handbag' was not declared in this scope SimpleHandbag.ino: In function 'void setup()': SimpleHandbag:95: error: 'Handbag' was not declared in this scope SimpleHandbag.ino: In function 'void loop()': SimpleHandbag:100: error: 'Handbag' was not declared in this scope Thanks for help. Sorry my 'English is not the best, because I'm just a German, who learns English at school

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Make your own d20 handbag

The crazy Evil Mad Scientists have gone and made another cool item and shared the instructions with the rest of us. This time around it's a d20 handbag so you can carry around what's important to you and show your role-playing roots at the same time.d20 Handbag of Holding: How to build it

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My Daughter has asked me to design an illuminated handbag so she can find her keys in the dark?

My Daughter has asked me to design an illuminated handbag so she can find her keys in the dark? I know that I could do it with LED's but I would prefer to use some kind of illuminated material (electroluminescent?) if such a thing exists.

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i need to know how long it takes to make a bespoke bag, be it a uni, school, handbag or or laptop bag.

The bag could potentially be made of any material, i just need to know the process, and most importantly the time it takes to make it on average.

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I have a pneumatic tube from a bank, what's something cool i could do with it? Answered

 Had it for 5 years, never could figure out the best thing to do with it, but it is too cool to pitch. It's the thing you put your money in and watch WHOOSH away. I've attached a pic of someone who turned it into a handbag.

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Designer RatWear

A neat, rather disturbing bit of rat-based faux-designer wear:TransRatFashionA project by Kristofer Paetau, Rio de Janeiro, 20075 pieces of fake Chanel fashion accessories made out of taxidermised rats:a rat-bra, a rat-slip, a rat-handbag, a rat-handkerchief and a pair of high heel rat-shoes.Note that the webpage is decidedly NOT work-safe, or suitable for those underage. This picture tells the story pretty well on its own.

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Gun Purse

I couldn't help but post this. The Persuader is a purse designed by James Piatt to look like a gun. He writes: "For the girl on the move the Pursuader features a handy cell phone compartment in the clip. Constructed by interlocking laser cut leather this handbag has no stitching. This is a combination of old-world craftsmanship and high technology. Create the look no one can refuse."For the woman in your life who has everything! - via Craft: - via geekologie - Link.

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LG G3 and Arduino ADK no longer working?

So I have the LG G3 with Android 5.0. I have tried hooking it up to the ADK while running the ADK off of USB and it detected it and started charging the phone fine, also used external power source and it also charged fine. I tried using an application called Handbag which detected the ADK but crashed after it detected the ADK. After crashing about 3 times my android no longer detects the ADK and now says that it can not charge with this device on USB and on external. My external power supply is 12V 1A. Is there maybe something I did wrong here? Any help would be honestly nice at this point...

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nokia 800 - front screen significantly cracked - in full working order - can I use epoxy to mend screen ?

My son's friend 'dropped' his phone. Being quoted upwards of £50 to fix. My husband is wondering whether an epoxy could be used to fill in the cracks - as all is working. It's just the shards on front of screen are at present dangerous - I can testify to that as we took off the cling film we had initially covered it in at the repair shop - put it back in my handbag - and I then ended up with small slivers of glass embedded in my thumb. Nice. It's just such a shame. Was an old contract phone, given as a present to my son - and everything works !! Epoxy seems so easy - but will it ruin the phone?

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