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iPod Harddrive ??

I have a 30 gig iPod hard drive (just the hard drive...nothing else) is there any way I can wire it up so I can use it a a portable hard drive or something? Or should I just throw the thing away?

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left over harddrives

At this moment I have FIOS as my hd provider. As you already know the harddrive on the hd dvr in my motorola unit is very small. I am also in possession of two regular and one hd dvr from directv and one rca dvr-10. Is there any way to download info from my FIOS Motorola QIP6416-2 into either one of the dvr/pvr I have in my possession. Especially the Directv dvr. Since I canceled DSS service they all say searching for signal. Thanks for your help.

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Can I use a 3.5" hardrive enclosure for 2.5" harddisks (SATA)?

Will it damage my harddrive if I use a 3.5" hardrive enclosure for 2.5" harddisks (SATA)? The connectors are the same...

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DIY Wireless external Harddrive

Okay, so, I've been wanting to make my external hard drive wireless, so I can access it from anywhere in the house. My question is; what is the best way to go about this? I have two old computers standing in the attic, so I could use their parts to make some sort of time-capsule inspired thingy. Is this possible? Or is it much cheaper to just buy a real airport extreme or time capsule

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How do I fix my hard drive?

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Cd to Harddrive without the use of a computer

Is there any way to burn a cd to a harddrive without the use of a computer?

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Dual Hard Drive Enclosure

Hey i'm work'n on use'n and old computer as a harddrive enclosure. So it house 4 or more hard drives i seen where you can buy one but you know how the site works it is better if we make them. I have like 20 160gig harddrives needed some thing to do with them. Any help would be great.

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What to do with a 20 MB 10LBS brick

Hey guys. I was treasure hunting at the Recycle Reuse the other day and I found something interesting. It's a 20MB external harddrive that weighs ~10LBS. It's ridiculous, and it's formatted to be used with a //portable computer//! Crazy, you'll need a backpack for this thing. Anyway, I bought it (2$) to take apart and see why so much space was needed. It probably works, seeing as how it is still in its original wrapping. But does anyone have any ideas about what to do with this thing before I destroy it? Maybe it's more valuable intact, maybe you know what parts are neat in it. What should I do with this monster? -BG

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what can i use to store my 3.5 hard drives, looking for common items to up-cycle / re-purpose

I have a bunch of hard drives  that i want to put into something better than the anti static bags. i did see some cheap enclosures for 3 bucks from china, they are made out of plastic.  reviews state that they are very tight and the hinges break quickly.  i was wondering if there are any items /boxes that would work to keep them in.  i use  the hdd drop in readers, so i just need to find some decent enclosures to stack them safely.There must be a food box that would be a good fit. Thanks for any help.

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How could I wipe a harddrive?

I need to wipe a hard drive completely ( and reuse it) while it is in the dos mode . My wife did it again and her computer is down

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My grandpa took out my laptops internal hard drive. Answered

we are currently running from xubuntu. does anyone have or know a place to get cheap/free laptop hard drives? it is a toshiba satalite.

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OG xbox drive into external usb drive???

It just so happens I have 3 OG xboxes sitting in my room and a netbook with a dead hard drive. I was wondering if there was a way to use one of the xbox drives and turn it into an external usb drive to plug into my netbook. Im familiar with hardware and what most things do, but I havent had much experience with electronics. Any ideas? Thanks for any input!

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Converting Hardrive into mini version of hypno disc!

Hey,Just found an old hardrive and messed about stripping it down to its bare minimum, it's currently on my lap with just the curcuitboard that controls the spindle, the actual spindle and the two discs.If I plug a molex connector in then it will spin continuosly at its idle speed.My QuestionIf I want to somehow power this hardrive to make it continuosly spin wirelessly how could I do this?I was considering maybe a laptop battery of some sort, I could then control it on a channel on an RC circuit.I have experience in the remote control wiring part just not sure the best way to power this wirelessly?Any thoughts would be very greatful to help me on this little challenge! :)Thanks,New user Dan!

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How do I remove the platter from this SCSI harddrive? Answered

I found an old SCSI harddrive that stopped working a while ago, and decided to take it apart. From all the videos and tutorials I've seen, the platter(s) had a screw or multiple screws which you can take off, and then easily take out. From what I can see, there are no screws or anything I can really take off. How do I remove the platter?

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USB Hub with Keyswitch (Keep your data safe)

I was wondering if anybody could help me with this. I was thinking of getting a USB hub ( and connecting 4 USB flash drives to it and then sticking it in a project box with a keyswitch to activate and de-activate the drives and also put a LED to show weather they're on or not. I'm sorry if that doesnt make that much sense, its hard to explain but if you understood it my question is: Could you show me how to wire the USB to the switch and LED? Thanks

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Computer hard drive wiping problems

 Hi, I have a  custom made computer that has gotten very corrupt (viruses, useless crap, etc.) over the years, and I would like to erase the hard drive. I've tried stuff like Dban (Darik's boot and nuke), only for some reason, when I try to boot from the cd, it just gives me an error like "ERROR CANNOT BOOT FROM CD".  No, I don't have the Windows XP install disk, or any other installation disks. I haven't used it in years, so I don't remember the password. What I'm asking is, is there any way to erase the hard drive without having to get into the account. By the way, yes, I know I would need the XP disk if I were to install XP after, but instead I'm going to install Ubuntu. I can't even boot from the Ubuntu disk, I've tried it. Thanks in advance.

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can I use harddrive magnets in a guitar pickup build? Answered

O.K. I saw the question on the internet but never an answer. I build CBGs and desire to build pickups. I get using transformers like step down or AC to DC puttin a magnet inside the coil of the secondary. These Harddrive magnets are shaped like an arc and are some kind of strong, watch your fingers, they snap together big time. How can I use them and if I have to cut them any ideas?

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how do you keep a hard drive from powering down?

When i opened a hard drive and powered it  with +12 and +5 volts the platter spun, but the hard drive powers down after about 40 seconds. I'm guessing its because it's idling, but how do a force it to keep going without programming a arduino to send signals through the ide?

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win 7 install on new hard drive with no installation DVD

I have a new hard drive for my laptop and need to install win 7 on it, as was previously installed on the old one. Being an OEM machine, it did not come with an installation disk so I either have to try and extract it from the old hard drive, or get a pirated copy. Is it possible to simply mirror the drive onto the new one, or will it require a DVD installation? I have the facilities to copy the drive while it is still in the laptop. Can the activation key from the genuine pre-installed windows be used with a pirated copy to make it work without any of the "windows genuine notifications"

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Can you play Windows PC games on an Xbox 360??

I have an Xbox 360 and I know I can save 360 games to the harddrive and run them.  I was wondering if I could save the Windows PC game to the xbox hard drive and then play it off the harddrive.

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if i have a harddrive connected to a gameboy advance card, can i plug it into my DS and boot linux from said HDD?

I found an 'ibl to hook up a CD player to a gameboy by wiring the IDE cable to the card pins. I was wondering if i can do the same with a GBA card and boot linux on my nintendo DS from the HDD?

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Hard drive wiping problems REFRASED

 Hi, I posted another question on the same topic, but I don't think I got my point across. I'll lay down the basics - Is there any way to erase a hard drive WITHOUT having to boot from a cd (like dban or the windows xp install cd) and WITHOUT having to access the accounts. My computer is so corrupt, I can't do either. Don't tell me what I could check to make it work, just answer the question. No, I don't want to take the hard drive out and use another computer to erase it. I do know that I would need the XP disk to reinstall it, but I would need that if I weren't going to install Ubuntu instead. Yes, I tried booting from the ubuntu disk, it didn't work. Also, don't say "well, you're out of luck, take it into a repair shop." That's NOT answering the question. Thanks in advance.

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Need help on identifying big BLDC motor from 5.25 HDD (hallsensors?)

Hi! I have a very nice 5.25 HDD spindle motor with (obviosly) built-in hallsensors (or probably other kind of sensors?). I tried already to find a datasheet, but no success. The 3 spindle coil connectors are easy to identify, but I have real trouble to find out how to connect the hall sensors that are built in. I tried already to put 5 V DC from my arduino to the red/black connectors, then measured several combinations on the remaining 6 connectors which I believe are the hall-sensors. But the signals coming back is not 0 or 5V like a hallsensor should do. I measure slight voltages going up and down when turning the spindle by hand, for some combinations the current is alternating between -200 mV and +200mV. It looks more like a sinuswave for me, but not from the spindle coils. It delivers only a signal when I connect 5V to the red/black connectors. Unfortunately I can't open the spindle, dont want do damage it. The original driving circuit is missing, only housing, platters and spindle is left. Can anybody help to identify or how to find out about the sensors (6 pins + 1 black + 1 red). I also added 10k pull-up resistors, but no on/off effect when turning the spindle. The HDD is a FUJITSU M2266SA, the spindle is manufactured by Matsushita but google does not return anything useful on the part number(s) DIL-58B 3  or  B90L-1415-0021A.  Any help to get this baby running is highly appreciated!

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USB drive virus, scan through, restart with external harddrive in

Hey! So last night I started scanning through my computers, scanned the whole computer with MSE, MBAM, PANDA ONLINE and superantispyware and it was clean. Then I plugged in my external harddrive to scan, I scanned that one with MSE and then with superantispuyware and then MBAM. It didn't find anything. Then I scanned the whole computer AND the external harddrive. First with MSE, it came up clean. Then with superantispyware, it was also clean, but it found som tracking cookies on the pc, and I had to restart the pc. But heres the problem, I forgot to take the external harddrive out of the pc while restarting... Can this (if there is a virus) have made it boot into the computer, so AV's can't find it anymore? (I had autoplay turned off through "control panel" - "hardware and sound" and "autoplay") Lets say that there is a virus and it did do this, will reinstalling and formatting get rid of it anyways? Is this tool to be trusted? Does it work? : please say if you know of any better ways to detect this. *More backround info in my last topic here (including list of viruses that could have something to do with it. 

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Old xbox, xbox 360 hardrive(20g) WITH cable that attaches to xbox 360, What to do?

I want to make something with my original xbox and a xbox 360 20gb harddrive, Im willing to use other things. I just need ideas, Ive already made a computer in a xbox case, it works :D but I need more Ideas, can anyone help?

Question by BobbyTheNerd  

Reusing an old hard drive

I was recently disecting an old laptop (HP, roughly 6-8 years old) trying to find a use for the parts, as i have had very many replacements since I had stopped using that one. I removed a 10GB IBM hard drive. From the picture, you can see that it has a total of 44 pins. I am not sure if each pin goes to the same destination as the one opposite to it. i was wondering if there was any way that I could convert this into an external drive that I could attach via USB or something similar. If you have any ideas, let me know. Id love to find a use for this instead of just throwing it away.

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How Should I Partition My New 500GB Hard Drive With Windows XP Pro? Answered

I have a new 500Gb Hard Drive, and I'm going to install XP Pro on it. How should I partition my drive if I plan to have a lot of pictures, a lot of music, and games on it? Also, how big is XP Pro when it is fully installed? Thanks.

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Does anyone know of a self destruct program for the hard drive on my laptop and desktop PC?

I am looking for a self destruct program for my computers hard drive(s). In case of my demise or if my laptop or desktop is stolen I want the hard drive to wipe out , re-format, short out, burn out or whatever if I do not personally input a cancellation code when prompted to do so either after a specified time or at boot-up. I just want to make sure that my personal information such as tax files, banking information and such do not fall into the wrong hands. The best case would be that I, and I only could resurrect the PC afterwards if I was to get it back if it was in fact stolen or, that it would be otherwise useless to whoever pried it from my cold dead hands. Thanks to all who can help.

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Isnt there any way to just create a virus without wiping your hardrive?

Hey guys, I would really like to send a virus but then I dont want to have to wipe my harddrive. Any tips?

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Are the parts in 5th generation iPods interchangeable in spite of differing harddrive sizes?

I have two 5th generation IPods. On the 30gb, the battery needs replaced, and on the 80gb the screen needs replaced along with the motherboard. Is it possible to simply combine the working innards of both iPods into one functioning, 80gb iPod?

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Does anyone in cape town have any computer stuff that is not being used? even if it doent harddrives ect.

This project of mine is to provide for those who cannot afford to buy computers.Will collect it myself

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looking for inspiration

I've got two old towers, four spare harddrives, an old handspring treo, old laptop, spare wifi card -- all in various states of non-use. looking for inspiration on what to do with this collection of hardware i'm not using

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Why is instructables not working?

Ok. so, I try and go on instructables, using firefox on my mac. Then, I see this! Could someone please help me solve this problem? I've triederasing Firefox from my harddrive and re downloading it, and it did nothing.

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where the best place for cheap pc parts in amsterdam? Answered

Where the best place for cheap pc parts in amsterdam? like cddrives usb sticks cardreaders graphics cards harddrives and the rest of pc stuff like motherbords sorry about spelling

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disk rom to ram Answered

Hello, I know it is illegal to rip a disk, but when a disk is processed, and it is decrypted, and put onto ram. So, how is that any different from using cleanrip, and having it stored to a ram disk (not harddrive). It is rom to ram action just like a console.

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How to partition Windows and Linux?

Okay, on my custom built PC, I have Ubuntu 12.04 LTS (Precise Pangolin) installed fully on my 1 TB harddrive. What I would like to do is to partition my harddrive with Windows 7. How may I go about doing this. I have never partitioned like this before. I always had Windows previously installed and then used Ubuntu's built-in partitioning option. However, I also know very little about partitioning in general. Can anybody please help me figure this out? It would be MUCH appreciated. (By the way, I would like to allot something like 600 GB to Windows with about 400 GB to Ubuntu)

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How do you copy a partition to a different hard drive? Answered

My friend got an error on his Hp saying to  replace his hard drive and failure was imminent. What i need to know is how to copy over the partitions or data to the new harddrive.

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Can I put Laptop HDD in a custom build and use same OS?

I have a 2.5 sata harddrive with an OS from an HP laptop. Can I plug this drive into a new custom build so that I don't have to buy a new hard drive and OS

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Making a computer boot linux from a flash drive? Answered

So heres the story i dropped my laptop while it was running so i am pretty sure that the head smashed into the platter becase it makes a timed clicking noise from the harddrive but any ways it only boots up past the "HP Invent"part then it ses disk error please remove and strike any key so i would like to know if i could boot it up with linux from a usb flash drive and how(step by step guides and links are helpfull here) then i wold make nessesary repairs like new harddrive i just want to know that the componts still work before i dump money into it the version of linux i want would probably be ubano or simaler version for laptop? Thanks for help

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Battle of the Laptop Hardrives!

So i need an ata 5 or higher harddrive, but i can't decide what to get!This: this: can't really decide, i'm leaning towards the 160 gigTell me what you think! (or you can show me a better one for under $70?)

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How to fix frozen logitech mouse? Answered

About once a week the cursor/mouse on my computer at work freezes.  The only way to get things working again is to shut off the power to the harddrive and reboot everything.  This is REALLY aggravating.  Is there a less drastic way to fix this?  I am using a Logitech wireless mouse and running Windows XP.

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External HDD isnt recongnized?

I have a Iomega F7BJ2101PA External 300 Gb Harddrive and it stopped being recongnized by all computers. I've already checked that the cord is fine, it has enough power, and isnt recognized by windows explorer and device manager. AND when I got to Iomega site to get the drivers they say they dont recongze the serial number. What do I do?

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Hard drive motors?

I need to get a harddrive motor up and running, it has four pins for power, does anyone know exactly what these pins or which is which, the motor is from a harddrive from an old xbox, i worked hard get this wretch out all the way down to the motor, honestly microsoft should build bomb shelters, and the casing of the hard drive is pretty tough, on of the boards on it needed some friendly persuasion from a hacksaw and a hammer after I removed the apparent retaining screws, all 7 million of them, by the way I may do an instructable on how to open an old Xbox with nothing more than a swiss army knife, and it doesn't get damaged at all. To figure out the pins is all I need, left to right arrangement would do I have figured out which way up the bottom is but the crazy hieroglyphis in microscopic size reveal little about the connections,

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Does anyone have any clue if i can get the pictures off the cellphone harddrive by connecting it to my computer somehow?

So i just have the insides of my old cellphone (It went through a lot over the 5 years or so i used it...) Does anyone have any clue if i can get the pictures off the hard drive by connecting it to my computer somehow? I'm willing to dig into it to try...? 

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