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models on harnessing energy?


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Sled dog harness? Answered

I was wondering if you can use a cheap walking harness for training and very small weights for training a sled dog??? If not where can I order a really cheap dog sledding one online??? Thanks!!

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How to harness the energy in snow

I found a thread that asked this question previously on instructables but the author wanted to harness the kinetic energy of falling snow, and many of the criticisms involved the unpredictability of when snow will fall.I am specifically curious if it is possible to create a machine to remove snow that uses the energy of the snow itself. Ideally, it would melt the snow and use the water or steam to power itself.The things Canadian winters do to the mind...

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Sam Browne belt/harness mods?

I want to make a modification to the classic Sam Browne belt/harness by adding a thigh bag to hold tools, water bottles, etc. I'm looking for a pattern to be made from heavy canvas or at least khaki denim. If anyone's been to an Army surplus store will probably get a pretty good idea of what I'm looking for. The bag has one large central pocket, two zippered pockets on the inside, and two outer pockets. It also has a large cover flap over the top with a leather or canvas tie-down straps.

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How do I make a no-pull harness for my dog?

My dog pulls against his current harness constantly. We once borrowed a so-called 'no-pull harness' that worked brilliantly by tightening around and under his forelegs if he tried pulling, unfortunately it seems impossible to purchase one here so I was hoping to try my hand at making my own. You can see examples of the harness by performing a google image search.

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How do you connect multiple wires together for a harness?

If you are creating an automotive type wire harness and need to connect the same ground to say six switches or relays, what's the best way to connect 6 short wires together to one longer wire that runs to GND or +?  I've tried multiple methods using soldering and butt connectors, but all have poor results.

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Making your own custom plug for a wiring harness?

I have always wondered whether it would be possible to make your own custom plugs for wiring harnesses, similar to the ones used in automotive wiring such as in car stereos. The use of multiple wires is very common in projects, It would be much better to have wires organized into a harness with a plug rather than just multiple random spade connectors. My main aim is to use these harnesses for car add-ons for which wiring harnesses and/or plugs cannot be supplied. Thanks for all the help!

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Convert an old canister vac to a harness/backpack vac?

Greetings Instructables Brethren! I've been getting along with all hardwood and no vacuum cleaner for 7 years now, and now with kids, I am admitting defeat, but still can't take that dreaded step into the spiral of ever-shortening planned obsolescence cycles for ever-more-expensive and flimsy junk. I'm looking for a way to turn an old Electrolux or other simple, repairable, and reliable antique canister vac, into a backpack vac. I wanted to do this Instructable myself, but between the 3 kids and being only armed with a dustmop and broom, I haven't got the time to do all the project development! Can someone out there with a few tools and a Monster Hacker / steampunk mentality, convert an old canister vac to a trusty Ghostbuster-style Backpack Duster? It will need a superlong cord, though most of those oldies-but-goodies did come with that.  And if you do this successfully, and can see fit to sell it on the Instructables Store, you probably have your first customer, right here!

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Dog brakes all his harnesses chains ect I need a harness design that tuff but functionble pet store gear not cutting it?

Need a good design for a dog harness thats sturdy but easily worked with, I live in the mountains and go on alot of big excursions with my dog and a solid harness is crucial

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Is there a way to harness solar power or some other energy source for rockets?

There are ways using a limited supply of a substance, but is there a way to get an unlimited supply?

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Does anybody knows the pinout of the steering harness on a 1989 GMC SIERRA ?

Hello, "Somebody" tried to steal my truck last night. He/They broke sliding rear window and destroyed the ignition switch on my poor truck. He/They bent the rod that goes to the "Steering Switch Harness". So I can Replace the whole steering column, or make a "Hidden key-less push-button ignition switch" But I don't know the wiring pin-out of the steering harness. I desperately need help with this. Thanks for reading and Helping. Also any creative suggestion will be appreciated. Mr. Lunna Xiii

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How to harness waste heat from a gas hot water system? Answered

I have a outdoor gas hot water system in the courtyard of my rental property. So much waste heat blows out of a vent at the top of it, I want to harness this somehow but there is a sign on it that says specifically not to cover it. I was thinking about building a box type arrangment on top of it to use for drying clothes. Even beter would be a way to use it to heat the house as it is winter here in melbourne and freezing cold but. It seems like venting and flow is a bit of a complex subject. Anybody with any expertise here? Cheers (Edit: I have decided not to go ahead with this project as the amount of heat the water heater emits on standby isn't enough to worth bothering with. Thanks to everyone for their replies)

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Can I replace a broken soldered-in DC jack on laptop, with a DC jack cable connector with harness? Please help!

This is for an Asus K53E laptop.  I tried to remove the bad dc jack, but I've given up.  Since I cracked part of the MB/circuit board where it is soldered in, I'd like to know if I can connect a dc jack that uses a cable harness instead?  I already have removed an ethernet port on the laptop, so I have a slot to insert a new jack.   My thinking, is that this would plug directly into the MB, instead of the plug that is soldered into MB, and then I can charge my laptop again!  My other option is to buy an external battery charger, but those run about $70 and the harness is only $12.   Is there anyone that can tell me if this will work?  Please?  :)  

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How to wire a new head unit in my car?

I just got a new car (04 Sebring Touring Sedan) a week or two ago and i've decided that the stock stereo doesn't do what i want. So i bought a Pioneer DEH-1300MP online. Then it didn't come with a wiring harness so i got one from ebay that fits. Anyways.. my question is how i would go about connecting the new harness to the old one so i can install the new deck. Here's a wiring diagram if that helps.. (the new harness is on the left and the old one is on the right) I tried pairing up what i thought went together, can anybody confirm/deny it? Thanks

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My radio in my 2011 mitsubishi lancer has stopped working even when pluged into th factory harness. How do i fix it?

All that I know is that the radio doesnt even light up and stopped working after i put a signal conferter on the out put lines to connect a subwoofer. i connected it exactly how the instructions told me to do

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will using muriatic acid to clean shower tiles harm porcelain tub?

Muriatic acid is a strong cleaner. If it his the tub, will it cause damage?

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Washing machine motors?

I have also seen a lot of washing machine motors at the scrap yard. They usually have a large wiring harness. Has anyone used a washing machine motor for a tool or project?

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Some php trouble with Dreamweaver

I'm giving my sister a hand with her pharmacy website for the university she goes to. And we got a link on the main page: Pharmacy main page . The link is for the phrosh (frosh with a p due to it being "pharmacy" har har, I know). If you look on the phrosh page itself: Phrosh information . The thing is that it's supposed to have the same grey tile as the main page, and on my sister's computer (she sent me a screenshot) she's got the background on there, but you can't actually see it online.. Any ideas guys? Thanks.

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How to Use Diodes to Harness Mulitple Flows of 4 5 Volts Earth Battery Telluric Current Electricity Generated

Hello, We can generate 4.5 currents using an earth battery in Kpalime, Togo, West Africa. I want to combine 5-10 of these together, and stop the electricity from going both directions using a diode. Do I need a special diodes? How to couple many earth batteries of 4.5 volts together to create higher volts?. I am Andy Lee Graham of http://www.hobotra  

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i have a hammer storage morespace 1tb external hard drive that my computer recognizes as a unkown device. what do i do?

Email me at if you have an answer..

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1970s animated series -innovation

Does anyone here remember an animated series ca 1970somethin, in which a group of people travels back to the dinosaur age and harness geysers, crack rocks by soaking wood wedges in water etc? Kinda silly but fun.

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How can i generate electricity from heat?

I've got a water heater that runs on fire, plenty of heat escaping through the chimney, is there any way that i can harness some of it? I'll be happy if i could run a light or something small

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Woot, they extended the Green Science Fair judging!

It must be a tougher call than They first reckoned, or are we just play-things to Them? "Har! let 'em stew in it for another day" I hear Them cry. I tell ya I can't take it anymore!

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arduino USB keyboard with the serial port NO HARDWARE CHANGES?

I want to have the arduino(uno or duemilanove) to emulate a US keyboard with no hardware changes just printing in word on the serial port a URL will be great please be nice 

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I need an inexpensive set of climbing gear that will last and is decent, can you tell me what and how much I need?

I am looking for a full set of gear: harness, carabiners, etc... If you could please post links and prices that would really help!

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How do i convert a bicycle trailer or child's wagon into a cart for my dog to pull?

I have seen many made from PVC or conduit. I would like to know how to construct the portion of the cart that attaches to the cart (a bike trailer or wagon) and hooks to the dog's harness.

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Has anyone developed a practical application using the Casimir effect?

The Casimir effect is the attractive force between two surfaces in a vacuum - first predicted by Hendrik Casimir over 50 years ago. just curious if anyone has been able to harness this force for a practical application.

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Super Pants

I and my friend are trying to make super pants. They will be waterproof, flameproof, and bulletproof. We are going to sew a climbing harness, shin guards, and kneepads into them. The pants will be made out of Nomax with Kevlar in certain areas. Where can I get Nomax and Kevlar in semi-small quantities, and how can I waterproof them in a way that won't be burned off?

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Is it possible to draw energy from an ion chamber?

On a purely theoretical basis, would it be possible to harness a small sample of radioactive material and an ion chamber to produce a small trickle of electricity? I'm not sure what the practical use of a device would be, and I'm well aware of the risks and dangers involved; I'm asking to satisfy my own curiosity.

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ive got a 98 chevy 3500dualie pick up ive put a 1972 4brl. 454

It has the stock 4l80e trans in it  and i need to trick it into thinking the old 350 votec fuel inject engine is still in it with out spending the money for a painless wiring harness dose anyone have the pin voltages to dothis or know a way around this problem ? thank you for your time

Question by dizzydog598r  

Extra LCD with full wiring...Interesting, no?

I have a Sharp LM80C219 11.3" LCD screen from a laptop and have the wiring harness that connects it to the motherboard. I would like to know if anyone could help me find info on if i could use it for other applications. I would like to use it for SOMETHING since I have it just sitting there. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, DK

Topic by Danielk  

More efficient bike charger for USB devices?

I' been inspired by these bike lights from I have a set of these for my bicycle for reliable and very effective lighting. It's stated they are powered by "pure induction". There's got to be a way to harness the energy from both wheels to charge a USB device (5 volt) in the same manner. Instead of using a friction generation mechanism bike charger or bike generator.Any thoughts?

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Cook a Burger with Your Tailpipe

Why waste all that heat out your tailpipe when you can cook a burger with it? We've seen an instructable on how to [ cook with your car], but this concept shows a simple device for grilling on the go.It looks like it's still just an idea, but where else can we harness energy that would otherwise just heat up the air? link

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Can I use an electric arc to superheat air an expansion chamber to create thrust?

I have an idea about harnessing the electric arc from my makeshift Jacob's ladder to super-heat air at a very rapid pace within an expansion chamber of a ramjet rocket without using any combustable gasses. Can I get any suggestions for more effective forms of thermal expansion?

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Rush å fikse Storbritannias Cyber politiet

Http:// Eksklusivt: TechWeekEurope FOIs utsette usammenhengende metoder i cyber politiarbeid over Storbritannia, som tjenestemenn begynner å slite over forestående dannelsen av National Cyber Crime Unit Når jeg spør Charlie McMurdie, leder for Mets politiet sentrale e-Crime Unit (PCeU), og hvis hun er bekymret for dannelsen av National Cyber Crime Unit, hennes hender dekke øynene i fortvilelse, halv-hånlig, halv-ekte. Hun vet at i de neste ni månedene, vil hun bli oppgave med å fullføre sammenslåingen av PCeU med cyber-arm av den alvorlige organisert kriminalitet Agency(SOCA), å danne Storbritannias bly cyber politiet troppen, NCCU. McMurdie vet dette kommer til å ta en monumental innsats, en som vil se slutten av PCeU, som hun hjalp satt opp i 2008. Hun er fretting over det faktum at NCCU ikke engang har et riktig hjem ennå, og heller ikke en sjef å lede britiske cyber politiarbeid inn i en ny epoke. Og hun engang vet ikke hvis hun vil fortsatt være politiarbeid cyber-kriminalitet på slutten av det hele. Britiske cyber politiet Men innsatsen kan godt være verdt det, for Storbritannias offentlige og bedrifter både. Det er fordi britiske politiarbeid av e-kriminalitet, på landsbasis, mangler i en rekke avgjørende områder. Frihet av informasjon (FSM) forespørsler sendt av TechWeekEurope til hver politistyrke i Storbritannia har avdekket stark forskjellene i registreringer av cyber-kriminalitet over hele Storbritannia. Metropolitan politiet, ikke overraskende, har sett de fleste handlingen. Det så en økning i Computer Misuse Act lovbrudd fra 11,181 i 2010 til 12,817 i 2012 (til November). Ennå ble 997 enkeltpersoner belastet, mindre enn i 2010, når 1291 ble belastet, eller 2011, da antall var 1262. Hvorfor nedgangen i kostnader når antallet lovbrudd har økt med over 1000 i London-området alene? Politiet, som har ikke klart å forbedre deres håndtering av cyber tilfeller de siste tre årene? Dataene kan indikere dette. Andre steder, ser politiet liten cyber-relaterte tiltak, i forhold til andre vanlige forbrytelser for eksempel innbrudd eller hærverk. Faktisk, det synes å ha jevnet i mange områder, mens bare en håndfull av personer har blitt fakturert de siste tre årene. I Leicestershire gikk Internett-baserte bedragerier ned fra 298 i 2010 til 167 i 2011 og 143 i 2012, opp til November. I Hertfordshire det ble bare 189 cyber-relaterte lovbrudd og 21 belastet fra 1 januar 2010 til 1 November 2012. Lancashire innspilt 19 Internett-baserte lovbrudd i samme tidsrom, seks under Computer Misuse Act. Bare ett ble belastet-de mottatt en fengselsstraff, men det involverte andre tilkoblede lovbrudd. Strathclyde rapportert 466 cyber forbrytelser i 2010, 543 i 2011 men så bare 143 mellom januar og oktober i 2012. Surrey har sett en nedgang i Computer Misuse Act lovbrudd, fra 45 i 2010 til 17 i 2012, og det har bare belastet en person. I alle FOI svar var det en nedgang eller meget beskjeden vekst i poster av cyber-kriminalitet. Det er til tross for indikasjoner fra mange kilder som viser Internett kriminalitet er på vei oppover. De siste tallene fra British Retail konsortiet viste totalkostnadene for detaljhandel kriminalitet i Storbritannia hoppet 15,6 prosent i et år. E-kriminalitet steg til å bli den mest kostbare av alle detaljhandel forbrytelser, regnskap for 37 prosent av totalt £1.6 milliarder tapt i ett år. I noen tilfeller, politiet utsette innspillingen av cyber-kriminalitet til nasjonale svindel intelligens Bureau (NFIB), men det gjør ikke rede for mangel på noen bemerkelsesverdige stiger i e-kriminalitet poster på tvers av britiske styrker. Usammenhengende politiarbeid Men hva alle disse tallene fortelle oss? De angir en nasjonal lappverk i cyber politiarbeid, hvor styrkene utenfor Met bare ikke har nok evne eller vilje til å opp sin innsats, sikkerhetseksperter mener. Kartet nedenfor høydepunkter denne lappverk, viser forskjeller i nivåer av cyber-kriminalitet og i kvaliteten på registrerer innen politiet styrker (disse styrkene ikke på kartet var ute av stand til å levere data): Se flere relaterte videoer og emner:

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How to connect laptop battery to any dc application

Hi. I would like to know, how you can use spare laptop battery to any dc application. Once the external battery is charged, i want to harness the power from the battery, which type of connector, usb , etc can be used to connect the dc application ? any kind of assistance would be very help full. Thanks, Richi

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Telephone line power help? Answered

Found a cool video from kip kay where in he tapped free energy from phoneline to power LED lamp. I tested my phone line with a multimeter. The readings were as follows; Voltage - 53.8V (DC) Amp - 61.9 So the power running through the phone is 3.33 watts approx. So which resistors and circuits should i use to harness all 3 watts of energy from this secret source?

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How to create wings for human flight?

All of us have seen humans fly in those triangle shaped gliders. How about creating wings that will do the job? Understood that it requires more than wind to propel it so flapping power could be harnessed.  I need designs and the physics(i.e How much area of wing is required to lift what mass of body and etc.) Please suggest solutions ASAP! My e-mail id is Thank You :D

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Hydro Power generation from water service . Question?

Has  anyone  ever  tried  or thought   about some how  rigging  a  hydro  generator  maybe   some type  of   enclosed   padel   system  onto  the    supply water  service   from the street to the  house?  I cannot help  but think   their should besomeway to harness    the  energy of   public  water system .  As many loads  of  cloths  as i  see  my wife  washing  and  the dishwasher  seems  to   be  alot fo wasted  energy. Just  curious . Andy

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How to make a Rf controlled small siren?

I need to make a small battery powered loud(120dB+) electronic siren that is turned "on/off" by a key FOB type RF remote. I am currently trying to train my dog to not dig holes, etc, and need a small siren that can fit on her harness collar. I need to be able to push a button on the remote to make the siren wail, until I release the button. remote needs to be RF not IR. Any ideas?

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12 volt relay help please?

I just purchased a set of electric running boards for my truck. i have to make my own wiring harness. the problem i have is, i need to wire a relay to each running board. i need the relay to power the motor down when the door is opened  and is triggered by the door ajar switch which isnt to hard to do. the hard part is to have the relay reverse polarity so that the motor retracts the running boards when the door is shut and  the signal is lost from the ajar switch

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Is this gonna be big enough for an electric bike?

I have a complete, motor/wiring harness/controller/charger  out of a wrecked Spirit Scooter it has bad batteries but the motor runs.  I would like a 20/30 mile ride between charges 50 would be even better. The motor is 24v   250w  14a  How much of a battery system will it take to get the numbers I want or is it feasible?   I have a second one that is in great condition that just needs batteries. I don't want to molest it just yet.

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can i adapt recovered laptop camera to a usb?

I have a webcam recovered from broken laptop. i want to  use it with another computer through a usb port. i'm hoping all i need to do is properly attach wire harness to usb cord, download drivers to comp, and run. i'm sure it can't be that easy. the camera: Rose_2G/ CN0316-S30C-0V06-1/ VA-R02.02.02 the overall project if i can get past this step is to use it for a 'pinhole' door camera to be waterproofed and put behind the siding.

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Walking LED Billboard

Hi Instructable Members! I was hoping someone can help me with a project for a business, which in turn will help others with their businesses or give ideas to other members. In this down economy, we need all the help we can get and rather than ask for a handout out from the government it is up to each and everyone of us to make our own way. Okay, enough of the preaching, let's get a teaching! My request is for information on constructing a internally lit, walking billboard. This is to advertise a walking tour business that I would like to start, but it could also be used to advertise other businesses. If you do a quick search on YouTube, you'll see a couple examples of what I'm talking about. Usually these models are pretty big and quite heavy, or should I say, heavier than they ought to be. I've seen them up close and have spoken to guys paid to carry them around here in Las Vegas. I'm told that they are constructed from sheet metal and plexiglass, weigh about 30lbs without the battery and aren't that comfortable. I wanted to make my units lighter and more comfortable, especially since I'll be the one wearing it all day. To do so, I've done a little research and have come up with some of the components to do this. Harness: I plan to use a military backpack frame called a Molle Frame. This is used as an internal structure to hold backpacks. It has several attachment points and is molded to follow the counter of the back. I have already purchased this harness along with the shoulder straps and hip harness. It is quite rugged and I'm sure it hold up to a 100 lbs in equipment. Though I hope my sign will weigh less than 10 lbs. Brace: To attach the billboard to the harness, I'd like to manufacture an aluminum brace. This brace would be constructed from aluminum bar stock and bent in such a way to hold the sign upright. It would be attached to the Molle harness by drilling holes through the aluminum bars and attached via nuts, bolts and washers. Cross braces will be attached to give the brace rigidity. Billboard Construction: (this is where I need help) Rather than making a "light box" from sheet metal, my idea would be to use Coroplast (a plastic type cardboard, typically used in mail containers like the post office uses. These can be found in sheets up to 1" thick. This could be used for the construction of a lightweight "light box" and then covered with black vinyl sheets or even spray painted. A rigid sign poster frame can then be attached to this box to hold a white opaque acrylic sheet. Then the advertisement can be place onto this sheet and then covered by a 3rd clear sheet to protect the advertisement. A quick note: This light box would have and internal skeleton, made of aluminum braces to attach to the brace and support the coroplast "light box" as well as the advertisement frame. Electrical component: (again, help is needed) I'm envisioning using led rope, or leds along the back side of the box to cast out enough light to illuminate the advertisement. Also I failed to mention that along the top of this light box, the front side has to be lit, as it will extend about a foot above my head to advertise toward the people i'm walking toward to. Please search "walking billboards" in YouTube and you'll see what I mean.;=related My unit won't nearly be as large, as I do have to be mobile and be able to maneuver inside casinos without knocking anyone over. So if you choose to accept this mission, I'd greatly appreciate it. Any ideas will be taken under advisement and if they seem to be doable and cost effective, I'll put up the results as a LED Walking Billboard Instructable - Let the creativity flow and the designing begin! Sincerely, ~Elric Leano

Topic by elricleano  

Elementeo Chemistry Card Game

14-year-old Anshul Samar has created his own science-based fantasy card combat game Elementeo. Check out the interview with him below.Elementeo is a strategic battle game where you use your elements across the battlefield in reducing opponent's electrons to zero. You do that by harnessing the strength and moving properties of the elements and compounds, and by using their reactionary powers. For example, Oxygen can rust any neighboring metal or Copper Conductor can shock any metals and send them back to the deck. via Wired's Geekdad

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Any chances of repairing an unwilling 2.5 inch hardisk?

I have an 2.5" external harddisk which is unwilling to really start. A few clicks when starting up and a blinking green led on the hardrives casebox, but no communication between disk and laptop. It's a Samsung 40Gb disk, so called Spinpoint MP0402H. Has anyone tried to open a harddisk and succesfully got it running again? I know I should not open it, to keep dust out. But it's only for once, just to get my valuable data off the disk. What appreciate positive experiences. Regards, Jaco de Graaf

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mac g5 has 2 HDs with diff osx (10,4/10,5) and one with 10,5 doesnt make programs work

Thanks in advance for any help. i have a power mac g5 dual 2 ghz. it has two hard disks: one mounts osx 10,4, the other 10,5. when the g5 runs from the 10,4 disk all ok, when it runs from the 10,5 the programs that require 10,5 won't work (and won't install either). any idea why this happens and how can i fix it? thank you very much in advance.

Question by ernesto88