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Has anyone made the Gigantic Bubble Machine in Vol. 28 of MAKE magazine? I have made that circuitry 25 times and can't get it right.  Can anyone help?  Thanks?

Question by lfreundl  

Has anyone?

Has anyone actually built one of my ibles? any of them?

Topic by Bartboy    |  last reply

Need help with revenge. mwa ha ha!

I'd like to know how to create a harmless virus that will block anyone from entering a certain website. But I'd like to be able to remove the virus after a period of time. Or at least do something to get revenge, harmless, but still revenge. They really ticked me off. I'm sure you've all been there. Any help would be great.

Topic by jessjess    |  last reply

Who has a Mindstorm?!

Who has a Mindstorm (NXT)

Topic by dombeef    |  last reply

pug has rash?

My pug dog has a small rash under his neck and under hisarmpits

Question by bortolus  

who has a skype?


Question by knexsuperbuilderfreak    |  last reply

sgt, this has pics!!

Where da sgt go. i made his ak-47

Topic by T-man    |  last reply


hey guys tryed gettin some pdfs but no pictures will come up help

Topic by chicochan    |  last reply

Has anyone succeeded ? Answered

I do not see how to join the legs to body ?

Question by iceng    |  last reply

Has Trauts left?

I haven't seen Trauts around in a while, has anyone heard from him? I know he took a lot of flaming from people who find basic physics to be too complicated; did he leave because of that?

Topic by knexguy    |  last reply

Who has a stalker?

So who has one or more? I have one semi-stalker, with several cling-ons, one or two "random comment/PMing" people who send me odd messages at times, and 4-5 "admirers" to round out the group. What have you got?

Topic by Lithium Rain    |  last reply

Has this happened to anyone?

I accidentally opened a link while uploading images and working on an 'Ible in the new editor. After pressing the back button I ended up with this. Messing with it produced some weird things. Your thoughts?

Topic by Firebert010    |  last reply

Has KI crashed? Answered

I was going to post a forum topic but I thought I'd give this a spin. The title is pretty much self-explanatory. I'm getting a General Error Message ever time I try and go to the site.

Question by knexguy    |  last reply

KITEMAN has died...

RANDOFO has exhaustion, NACHO has drowned, and GMJHOWE has dysentery (and measles. And cholera. Idk why it has a hate on for him, but it sure does...)>_<When I first saw that Nacho and Kiteman had died, I started to freak, then remembered it was just a cruddy little simulation.I gotta stop naming my trail buddies after people I know. It's too traumatic.You remember the ORIGINAL Oregon Trail, yes? Not the sissy versions with their fancy-pants "gui"s and "icons" - I mean the Real Gamer's OT. It's baaack! You can play it online and relive all those wonderful memories! Linky You probably already know about this one, but I'm sharing it anyway! :DWhether you name your people after enemies and drive them to the brink (as cameron says - Tiny meals, Grueling pace, and NO REST. MAN UP.), or name them after friends and loved ones and pamper them, there's just something about playing Oregon Trail...Which way do you play? Bataan death march, or 4 month exclusive get-away mobile spa for pioneers?There are a couple things I don't get about the game, however. Like what's with the "peperony and cheese"? And how come all the names are in all caps? You clicked on 992 lbs of this forum topic, but can only carry 100 lbs back to the wagon.

Topic by Lithium Rain    |  last reply

Has anyone done this?!?

If you don't have it set up like this already, then try it. If you have a smallish room, try putting your subwoofer in the corner. In my room the bass lights up like the 4th of july compared to when the box is sitting in the middle of my room. I'm listening to it right now and it just sounds wicked. You the bass more than you hear the subwoofer itself moving and groaning at the low notes.

Topic by Punkguyta    |  last reply

The robot has a glitch

The Robot seems to have a problem. Whenever I comment on the questions page, the robot sends me my comment in E-Mail form as if someone else answered my question. But it's not my question at all, I just tried to answer someone else's question. I don't need to know what I just said. Is this normal or broken? *It happened last on monday the 18th so I don't know if it's been fixed or just being intermittent.

Topic by Bigev    |  last reply

Efficient House in Maine has no Furnace

This house in Maine has no furnace and will generate more power than it uses. With some extreme air-tightness and solar panels this is one super efficient house. It even has mood ring-style lights on the side to let you know how it's doing. Green is for Net-Zero use, yellow is on the border, and red for pulling more from the grid. Linkvia MAKE

Topic by fungus amungus    |  last reply

What has Instructables taught you?

It being near the end of the year, I figured that this would be a good topic.From being a member of Instructables, what have you learned? Either from iBles, or through forums.How have other members here helped you or changed your life?I'd have to say, that I've learned way more about electronics than from reading books, and have finally found a way that I can entirely express my self.Happy New Year everyone!

Topic by Bran    |  last reply

will an ac appliance run on dc without an inverter?

I look at all the DC windmill and solar panel projects on the net and I was wondering if an AC appliance (lamps, blenders, microwaves, refrigerators, etc) will run on DC current. Answers? Opinions? Further Questions?

Question    |  last reply

My computer got hit with a virus of some kind, what should I do? Answered

Usually this kind of stuff isn't an issue, but this one is really bad.  I can boot up the computer, but can't login unless it's in safe mode, and I can burn a boot disk if necessary.  If I try to login, it just logs me off.  Any Ideas? 

Question by furrysalamander    |  last reply

How to create a circuit that has a long lifetime but has a variable?

Hi, I am looking at a parallel circuit that includes a power supply by 3 AA batteries and powers 30 LEDs (Being sold like so). I want to convert the same supplies to series circuit powered by  the same 3 AA batteries however the amount of LEDs could vary from 1 to 30. Would this still be functional and not burn out the LEDs? The overall project is designing a series circuit that can have different amounts of LEDs in it. I would like to know if I need to change the power supply for each situation (and how to do that easily) or if it would work fine. Thanks!

Question by jacobdlyon    |  last reply

who here has an iphone

Who here has an iphone

Topic by Easy Button    |  last reply

this has to be the funniest thing ever

This is Chris rock and he is wicked funny. I can remove this as it has one swear.

Topic by Easy Button    |  last reply

well nobody has joined

 still noone has joined the group, i got a request today but im not sure how to accept

Topic by ~DaDawg~    |  last reply

os has trouble booting? Answered

Hello, my os sometimes has trouble booting, it mostly occurs before starting work in the morning. any advice?

Question by knutknackebröd    |  last reply

What has happened to Christmas?

Has there been some sort of Grinch around? Really, it is the second week of advent already, and I still see no signs of it here...

Question by gruffalo child    |  last reply

SunBanks Has Seen The Light!

Have you?Firefox 3 FTW!

Topic by bumpus    |  last reply

Xbox who has live?

Who here has xbox live and battle field bad copany2 or modern warfare 2 or halo3 post ur live id ill pm u mine Ok

Question by knex man123456    |  last reply

Has the instructables layout changed? Answered

I recently won a years free membership and I activated it, and came back 8 hours later. Has the instructables layout changed naturally or is it different for pros? The new tabs are labelled; Create, explore, contests and more. Can you help?

Question by HMice    |  last reply

Who here has fish ?

Who here has fish? if you do have fish, what kind? I have two panda corydora catfish, a betta fish, and a gold mystery snail in a twenty gallon tank. if you do have fish what are there names?

Topic by iman    |  last reply

what has happened to the site?

The site is no longer easy to use for simple ques. Where do you enter your search?

Question by CHIEFGR8TWOLF    |  last reply

Has anyone tried: FitBrains ?

We provide brain exercise that is fun, engaging and personalized. Fit Brains has created a unique brain fitness experience that makes it easy for people to incorporate brain work-outs into their daily lives. With Fit Brains' games, it's healthy to be addicted!FitBrains Link

Topic by Goodhart    |  last reply Has anyone used this?

Has anyone ever used Its a site where you can set up a fundraiser. I'm trying it out and will post results if it works for me. I'm trying to raise funds to set up my workbench at the Santa Fe Complex

Topic by LinuxH4x0r  

Has anybody used CoDeSys?

Does learning C++ help with the structred text programing. Or what programing languge would be better. I'm new to the whole programing languge.

Question by MRAINIER  

ZOMG! Has The World Ended?

Well, as you may have heard, the world could have ended last night, but, alas, we are still here.So, I came across this website that tells you if the world has ended, or is working its way toward you.I suggest having this as your homepage.Safety First!:DNot Broken LINK

Topic by bumpus    |  last reply

Who has a laser engraver?

Who here has a laser engraver?  What make and model is it?  How much did it cost? Do you like it. Feel free to not answer questions you prefer not to.  I am just trying to group souce a little info that seems difficult to find in forums and blog posts. Thanks in advance.

Topic by roccopeterbilt    |  last reply

Has anyone sold on

I was searching the other day for a way to sell of my crafts and came across a free auction site, - has anyone ever listed with them or had sucess? It appears the site is new, just a few items listed but they allow you to open a store front for free. Thanks

Topic by pvonhoven  

who here has heard of...

The gaming cheatsite called...*drumroll* GameFAQs? r u a member there? please tell me your username for that site, ONLY IF U DO have an account there! (p.s., Random Image Time!)

Topic by the_TRUE_LINK_OWNZ!    |  last reply

Tim Has Reached 100!

With his Burning Man Skills 2007 instructable, TimAnderson has made his 100th instructable. He's the first person to do so.Here's what ewilhelm has to say about it.Tim's one of those one-in-a-billion types, and he's personally inspired me on numerous occasions. He carefully observes and learns from the world around him, and then turns around and, with near limitless energy, teaches everything he knows to others. Have a look through his 100 Instructables; you'll be sure to learn something new.Congrats, Tim!

Topic by fungus amungus    |  last reply

Battery has lost amps?

I have used a 12v 7aH lead acid battery to power a small amp and speakers, yet recently the battery doesnt produce enough amps for the amplifier (3A). What could this be down to, and is there anyway to fix it? Thanks.

Question by finnlay  

Has Firefox overtaken IE? Answered

Hi, I still use IE8, but I like it. On my site, slightly more visitors come from Firefox than IE! I'm pretty sure this is a recent thing. Thanks, Nutrition Man! *I used to be called Flannel UK*

Question by NatNoBrains    |  last reply

This webpage has a redirect loop

When I try viewing a fill preview of my instructables, I get the following message from Chrome (as does anyone else I send the link to): This webpage has a redirect loop The webpage at has resulted in too many redirects. Clearing your cookies for this site or allowing third-party cookies may fix the problem. If not, it is possibly a server configuration issue and not a problem with your computer. Learn more about this problem. Error code: ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS I have tried clearing my cache, using incognito mode, and nothing seems to help. This is an instructables that I published privately, then unpublished, and made public again.  I searched the forums for "redirect loop," but nothing came up..  Link: Operating System: OS X (10.8.4) Browser: Chrome (28.0.1500.95)

Topic by cat-haines    |  last reply

Has anybody else got this?

I had an unexpected surprise today, I found this MAKE: book by the door addressed to me... (Thanks MAKE: team!) I was happy about that and I am enjoying reading this book, but then I am starting to wonder why did I receive this book...? And has anybody else unexpectedly got something from MAKE: or Instructables? (I know Goodhart got a T-Shirt from the members of Instructables.) (I can't post the picture on this forum, there is some weird error going on...)

Topic by Plasmana    |  last reply

Has the member population decreased? Answered

Usually, my view counts are in the 100's in just a day... I lost my camera awhile ago, and totally stopped posting for about 3 months. After I bought a new camera and started posting again, my view counts are at only 11 after 2 days! Has anyone else noticed this? is it possible my 'ibles aren't making it to the "Explore" section? I never see them there...are they hidden from the author?

Question by nepheron    |  last reply

who has heard this song?

The song is called "Still Waiting" by Sum 41. i have heard it and seen videos with this song in it on, and it is AWESOME!!! if i found its lyrics and they asked me to rate it, i would give it either a 4 or a 5. maybe 5. anyway, have you heard this song?

Topic by the_TRUE_LINK_OWNZ!    |  last reply

Has this happened to anybody else

Hey. I published my instructable, and entered it in the pocket sized contest over a week ago. There's no reason it wouldn't be accepted, and I even got an e-mail telling me my entry was accepted. So why is my instructable nowhere? I looked through every single page of recent, rating, views etc and it isn't anywhere. Hell, even when I type the exact words into the search (of the title) it doesn't appear. Has anyone else had this problem?

Topic by nonickname    |  last reply

My laptop has no picture?

I have a toshiba satellite 200cds that my neighbor gave me. When i start it up you can hear it booting and the hard drive light comes on, but the screen has no picture. I tried plugging it into an lcd monitor and still no picture. It doesn't have a battery, could that be the problem? Any help with this would be much appreciated. Also the disk drive wont open, when i push the button it makes a click like its about to open, but doesnt.

Question by musick_08    |  last reply

Irene....she has arrived !

Irene is now raining on our parade..... Short clip.... UPDATE:   Will the damage here and else where continue long after the storms have left us? Further UPDATE: also see added pictures, this is what Lee is doing to us....

Topic by Goodhart    |  last reply

Has anyone been to prison?

Im starting a group about making stuff out of the few things you get while in prison. Ways to spend your time or ways to escape. I've done some time doing research in jail once but not in prison. I was hoping some current or previous inmates could share their knowledgebase. Boat Drinksprison life

Topic by postapoc    |  last reply