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Have paid

I paid a long time a go. Do I have have to pay again Thanks Jerry 

Topic by gmsmg    |  last reply

Have the Winners...

Been announced yet? The rules said they should be announced on or around the 18th. I really want to see who won. :)

Topic by MeganT    |  last reply

an instructable on how to add pictures to be able to post an instructable

But instructables dosent seem to be allowing me to upload any photos

Topic by im to drunk to think of a fake name derk    |  last reply

Billy Mays is Dead

TMZ reports that Billy Mays has past away this morning, he was 50..'''LINK'''Two celebrities dead, both at 50 years old...O_o

Topic by bumpus    |  last reply

I have a laptop, I have to destroy.. :(

In my computers class, I need to make a movie, in hopes of getting a grant for the school. The theme is school laptop use, and my teacher got my a working iBook, that I have to destroy to simulate the use.. The thing is, it works just fine! I hard to just destroy a fine working piece of art... :-/ I think I'll try to get two, so I can destroy one, and keep the other one.. (If anyone wants/needs any parts from it, besides the keyboard and outside shell, please PM me)

Topic by bumpus    |  last reply

I Have A Car, You have An Idea?

I am planning to sell this car within a month, but if I can't I would like to do something creative with it, like cut the roof off /demolition derby/something of the like. But I was wondering if anyone on instructables has an idea of what I could do to it. I've been looking at mutant/art cars from Burning Man, and wondering about an armored car or something.. BTW, the car is for sale, $500. Any takers?

Topic by bumpus    |  last reply

I have a Joke

Ok this is the Joke A Catholic engaged couple are in the car and the die just before the wedding and the go to heaven and they are at the pearly gates and see a pastor. they ask him if the can get married in heaven and he says "I'll go check". Four days later he comes back to the couple and hes says yes you can. Then the married couple says "Well 50% of marriages end in devorice. Can we get devoriced in heaven? and then the pastor says. For the love of Pete women it took me for days to find a Preist dfo you know how long It'll take me to find a lawyer!

Topic by Metal4God    |  last reply

I have no comments posted. (Apparently)

Okay, so basically, when i access my public view page, it says... NYPA has not posted any comments... But I've posted about 700. WTF? -NYPA

Topic by NYPA    |  last reply

questions i have?

Question by crystalsopko    |  last reply

Have I joined?

I only seem to have the option of "leaving" the group, but I don't see my entry among the others.

Topic by pitterpattern    |  last reply

I have a video........?

I have a video in youtube that my friend that he blurred a part of it. How do i unblur this part?

Question by Riojelon    |  last reply

I have A clone!

I have just found out that I have a clone.find my clone here: This was just a joke by my friend, he has been punished accordingly.

Topic by Fred the Penguin    |  last reply

Anyone have this song?

I'm looking for Black Bear Caller Herrin, a scotish song, anyone have it by chance? It seems that the "p2p" community thinks that the scots consist of drunken scotsmen that have no other song but amazing grace to toot on their pipes. -Punk

Topic by Punkguyta    |  last reply

i have this speakers?

I have 5 speakers without  main woofer, can you sugest me how to connect them and give them power? is there any instruction similar project?

Question by tealk    |  last reply

Having an error publishing

I'm trying to publish an instructable but keep getting an error. I'm using Firefox and have tried from the edit page, the author tools, and from my "you" section. I suppose that's what I get for waiting for the last minute for a contest entry.

Topic by zieak    |  last reply

We have the technology!

What would you make of this curious (I-don't -really-know-what-it-is) technology? ?

Topic by lemonie    |  last reply

Have you heard?

There's this "make fest " coming very soon to the Henry Ford museum. Those that live near Detroit or in it and love making things may want to visit. They have all kinds of people making things, demos and more. Here's the link for those that are interested.

Topic by Treasure Tabby  

I have a clone!

If you get a OB post by "Axiys."(see the dot) My name has no dot. He is a clone!! I'm not leaving! I think it's someone  I know (I don't think anyone else knows I have 120LBS of knex). Well I'm not leaving! And a side note to everyone who gets a comment from this clone: DELETE IT!! Axiys Grand Ultimaytum Of Everiyan.

Topic by Jesus.    |  last reply

we have an imposter

There is this guy called kipkay. you all know him. now there is this guy called kipkay who has the same avatar as the real kipkay. when you search for him, pick the first result, ok. just a warninghere is a link

Topic by coolz    |  last reply

Have they found HOBBITS ?

Tiny Pacific skeletons stir hobbit debateTiny skeletons found in the caves of the Pacific islands of Palau undercut the theory that similar remains found in Indonesia might be a unique new species of humans, researchers report.The Palau skeletons, which date to between 900 and 2800 years old, appear to have belonged to so-called insular dwarfs, humans who grew smaller as a result of living on an island, the researchers say.Read the whole article here...

Topic by Goodhart    |  last reply

I have a plan ...

I have acquired, as a strict one-off, a quantity of solar cells.Apparently seconds that "work fine", the one I have unpacked is about 5 inches electrode-to-electrode, glass, and produces about 4-5V with no load in full sunlight. I assume the others are similar.A plan springs to mind. A plan to save money and be "greener". I want to use them to charge batteries during the day, then light my home with LED sources.A grand scheme, one that still requires the approval of She Who Must Be Obeyed, so I intent to take it is stages.Stage One: The Shed.I plan to install an LED light source, running off a battery charged by cells stuck to translucent panels already in my wall.Questions:what number and combination of (ordinary, cheap) LEDs would give a reasonable match for the brightness and colour of the currently-fitted 3-foot fluorescent tube?Is this a suitable circuit to charge the battery?Should I connect PV cells in series or parallel?Is there anything I should have thought of?

Topic by Kiteman    |  last reply

I HAVE A VIRUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Answered

OK i start google chrome on my Ubuntu operating system and It says: Whoa! google chrome Has crashed Relaunch now? That is not normal if it had really crashed it would say something like: Google Chrome Has encountered an error and needs to close sorry for any inconvenience. How can i Delete this VIRUS? In addition to that, This window Pops-up about 200 Times and there all dancing on your screen. (VERY ANNOYING) 

Question by highvoltageguy    |  last reply

I have this thing? Answered

I have this thing. I got it from a bag of  obsolete parts where my dad works. It's a component, with a black plastic body. It's about 24 mm wide and 19 mm long. It has five leads, two coming out of the right and three coming out of the  left. The text on it is as follows: AMF POTTER & BRUMFIELD 109P471 JRE-4011 MADE IN U.S.A.               (Out here it has a symbol like "SA" inside the letter C) 02-07-75 The last one is obviously a date, it was made in the seventies. AMF used to make all kinds of things in the 60's and 70's apparently, so this must just be one of their products. My dad and I think it's a relay, but I've Googled it to no avail. Are there any old-time electronics nuts who can help me out here? Thanks a lot.

Question by mrmerino    |  last reply

i have a question:

Unfortunately, this question is completely unrelated to instructables and it's DIY nature. i am turning 16 in april and was wondering about getting a job over the summer. if possible i wanted to get a job at the apple store near where i live (is it true you get a free iphone/laptop if you work there?) i would never pay for an iphone or macbook or anything expensive for that matter (i have no money) but seeing as it would be free, a job there would be awesome. anyway, i was wondering what kind of experience you would need in order to work there. i was assuming that they'd want me to have some sort of experience around apple gadgets and mac software. the only one im familiar wiht is the ipod. :-) the apple store iw ant to work at is in the mall. i was wondering if i'd be able to be a stock boy at least or something (if they even have one) anyway, i was just curious....oh and best buy too. there's one coming in and was wondering what kind of experience i'd need. it's a big store so i assumed id just stock things all day. if anyone knows about working at the apple store or best b uy, thanks for answering my question if you do. other (funny) comments are welcome, too. and for all you photographers out there: i want to buy a cheap slr and buy a nice lense for it. i want a canon rebel xti then later on buy a super awesome lense for it (seeing as the lense is much more important) is this a good idea? i'm really fond of canon and like the xti becuase it's decent and it's fairly cheap. what wouild be a good lense? i'd be using it for everyday camera taking and occasional art picturizing. am i making the right decision in doing this?

Topic by alvincredible    |  last reply


Can you send a patch to yourself?

Topic by Chicken2209    |  last reply

What should i make for a cool instructable?

I dont have many chemicals around my house and dont know how to put electronics on a circuit board. I am very smart but i need help with a little bit of the stuff.

Question by agspy1    |  last reply

is it legal to have pepper spray in school? Answered

What is says up there^^

Question by knexsuperbuilderfreak    |  last reply

How many noobs have you pwned

Are you good a pwning noobs this is a fourum to list the number of noob pwnages you have in every videogame combined. I have 1000 noob pwnages

Topic by El Chucko Norris    |  last reply

My old speakers have no plug, what do I do?

Hey, so first off let me say I have no clue if this is in the right area, the Instructables forum is a bit confusing to me. Here is my problem: I found two old speakers that I want to set up in my room with my Xbox (Original, not 360) and would also like to be able to plug a MP3 player or whatever else into it, but mainly just the Xbox. However the wires are just bare, there's no plug on it or anything. So how would I go about fixing this? I was hoping I could just take a simple audio in/out cord and snip the end off and attach it to the speaker, but I've never worked with audio before, so I'm a bit lost. Thanks for any advice :) And P.S.  I'm good with electronics, I've just never worked with audio/speakers before.

Topic by mojobo1    |  last reply

How to make amplifier using (2) LM4440 ic maybe bridge !

Hello , i have a circuit board, having all element, I want to make a good amplifier using 2  lm4440  ic, as given in the images, Please help me to find music input connection, speaker output and dc input,+ - And also tell me is this best for high bass, Please find all circuit diagram,

Topic by MannuH    |  last reply

problem nerf

My nerf longshot has a problem when I load a dart it fires good but the next one barely falls out of the barrel. please help.

Topic by SorryBarry    |  last reply

I was fearing this...

Oh my!Today I noticed that you could give patches to people.I tried it on myself and got the terrible message! PRO accounts!This means you now pay to get extra privileges.I'm going to be inactive to protest this.

Topic by Derin    |  last reply

Do you have to have a modchip to run homebrew on a wii?

I can't be more descriptive than that.

Question by Nibbler19    |  last reply

does someone have a runescape account i can have?

I really need a account mine got hacked plz if anyone has a account they dont use let me have it ty :]

Question by xdarkxsparkyx    |  last reply

if you want a video instructable does it have to have a URL? Answered

I wanted to make a video instructable but dont know if it needs to have a URL. Any help?

Question by EPL    |  last reply

i have an idea but im 14 and have no clue how

I have an altoids tin uk version and i want to make a cool device i had an idea a toglee swich and leds right i want to make it so that i can that when its turned off that one led (red go on and when turned on the other one (green) light up i need this to put into very easy instruction because im 14 and got no experience with building it when i know how i will ask my dad to help so how would i make this here an image of the tin Edit my mam chucked one out while cleaning i got it but it some how as a large hole in it can i still use it or is is scrap the hole is on the lid not on the bottem.

Question by christopher3    |  last reply

Should all crossbows have handles? Answered

Should all crossbows have handles? DJRADIO NO VOTING =)

Question by Wafflicious    |  last reply

How many patches have you got?

How many patches have you got? This is to show off/brag/sulk/moan about how many patches you got. Please tell everyone (in a comment) how many patches you have recieved, and a picture of your favourite one, thanks :-) I have recieved 11 patches so far, 12 when I get another off fungus amungus when the newest patch givaway ends, and me favourite patch is this one (its from Goodhart) :

Topic by Hiyadudez    |  last reply

Does anybody else have summer homework?

Is it not the most ridiculous thing?! I have to read 2 (count 'em - two) books and do a book report on each, one of which includes making maps, graphs, and a load of other stuff.To me, summer is supposed to be a break. Like, Christmas break, or Thanksgiving break, where there shouldn't be any homework given.And what's even more stupid (but slightly funny in a way) is that I'm going into 9th grade. All the teachers and counselors were saying how much stress you're going through, and then they make us do all this homework, which is major grade, be due on the first day of school?I'm not in AP classes either. Just 9th grade gifted! It's crazy!Geez! Shouldn't there be a law against this?

Topic by Bran    |  last reply

When can we have a new Know How?

That'd be actually Really kool, dont you think? BTW, Pop Quiz, is this Windows or Ubuntu? (easy one)

Topic by Yerboogieman    |  last reply

what do i have?

Ok i have had a fever everymorning and then goes away later(i have strep but its getting taken care of) but do i have a bug,a virus,swine flu,flu,etc

Question by knexsuperbuilderfreak    |  last reply

Do you have proofreaders?

Have trouble reading instructions because of  terrible spelling and poor grammar. 

Question by accompanist    |  last reply

HELP! We have fleas

HELP! I have fleas, but we have 6 week old chickens in the kitchen. Is it safe to use sevin powder around poultry?

Question by slacouture    |  last reply

do you have origami?

Question by jmanlk456    |  last reply

guns that have not been done

Title says it all what guns have not been done before on Instructables comment please

Topic by knex mad    |  last reply

how to have two mice?

Hi is it possible to have two mice running at the same time on the same pointer. On my vista computer?

Question by walterh9    |  last reply

We Have Spell Check!!!

Hurrah!!! We now have a built in spell checker on comments so now there is no reason for poor spelling anymore!

Topic by Loosewire; SOE Operative    |  last reply