wegmans saftey hazard

I recently went to wegmans (for those who don't know it's a grocery store, it's a chain brand) and I while I was waiting in line for checkout I saw that the fire extinguishers were 2005. I have a picture on my cell phone, but my cable is in the basement and I don't feel like getting it right now, but I'll put up a photo later. Thoughts on this? Edit: Broke through the laziness barrier and got the cable and uploaded some pics. Sorry that they're bright, I had my cellphone on automatic flash and I didn't have time to turn it off. If you have a prgram that can dim them you might be able to see more

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Hazard Light Hack Ideas ???

Hi everyone! My Dad recently bought a van and it had a hazard light on it which he doesn't need. He's given it to me and my Mum to play around with. Other than sticking a plug on it, what else can we do with it?

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Noise Maker

What makes this thing tick, is it the black dot in the pic and if so where can a person by this or at least make it louder on 9volts.  http://news.webshots.com/photo/2227393080102250713YfmCLm

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Linseed oil health dangers? Answered

 I frequently get linseed oil on my hands when I finish my woodworking, is it a health hazard? I sure like the smell! Correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm told that linseed oil is edible until boiled. After it's boiled, it becomes hazardous if eaten (that's why you don't cook with flax oil, heat alters it). Is it a danger to the skin? Thank you!! `Neph P.S. I'm using genuine, pure boiled linseed oil. It's not synthetic. I added a totally random picture, for your enjoyment. :D

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2 jet lighters taped to a deodorant spray, to make a flamethrower. can the spray can blow up ? Answered

2 jet lighters taped to a deodorant spray, to make a onehanded small flamethrower. Flame on the jet starts about one inch away from the nozzle. can the spray can blow up ? How about if the lighters are extinguished first, and then the spray jet ?

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What should I do if I broke a CFL.? Answered

 Besides clean up the glass. I understand that there is mercury in them. Is there a an amount in one bulb that could cause a health hazard?

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My buddy and I are starting a webshow called Duo's In Rhyme. We are starting broadcasting tomorrow June 24, at 1:00 PM EST. We will be talking about Tech, Crafts, Science, and maybe some Games/Music, and we'll try to make it a bit funny and make some jokes. Tomorrow I will be showing/telling about Pineapple Grenades, and incendiary devices. I will be demonstrating a pocket handheld flamethrower that has a 10 foot range, but is less than 5" length! All real-time live! Just need some viewers, and the Instructables has always been supportive through friendly comments and featuring Instructables. I even got a message from Threadbanger asking me to do a bit because of this wonderful Website! Thanks! -HazardRush

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Fire Proximity Suit Build - Keep Super Cool!

I am desperately trying to find a way to create a fire proximity suit. Picture https://commons.m.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Fire_fighters_practice_with_spraying_equipment,_March_1981.jpg#mw-jump-to-license I have been looking everywhere for the alumizied fabric that is used. I want to make it more for prop purposes, or to wear on a really hot day. So it does not need to be flame proof! Anybody have any ideas on where I could fine or what I should be searching for? Thanks 

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Is it safe to use old ornament hooks for jewelry? Answered

I want to use some old, "giant staple-looking" ornament hooks to make beaded charms to hang off a choker, but I don't know what the hooks are made of. I don't really know anything about beading materials or jewelry-making in general. The packaging's long gone and they've been sitting in the toolbox for years. I made one charm and want to make more, but I don't know whether it's okay to keep using these hooks or use wire that's actually sold as wire for jewelry-making. Aside from "don't stab yourself, don't ingest the wire," I'd like to know whether this kind of metal can cause skin irritation or rashes or if that's an issue with any sort of metal (if the latter, is there anything I can do about it?). Unfortunately, I haven't tried wearing the charm I made because I have a bug bite on neck; the charm would brush right up against it. My fingers seem fine, though.

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Im tearing apart a Mitsubishi Projection TV? Does anyone know if there are parts that need specific hazardous disposal?

Im tearing apart a Mitsubishi Projection TV to recycle metal, circuit boards, etc. Does anyone know if the gel substance or part that says x-ray critical is hazardous. Can these items be thrown in the general trash?  Are there any other parts in a projection tv that need hazardous materials disposal?   Thanks, patty?

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PVC — one of the most hazardous consumer products ever created

PVC  is one of the most toxic products ever created - seems no-one here realizes this - PVC is NOT something to play around with - esp not for indoors! Google it!

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Which is the most flammable, non-regulated and non-hazardous material you know?

I'm trying to ignite a smoke cartridge from a 6V flashlight bulb tungsten filament. When connected to the battery, the filament vaporizes with a small flash, however not sufficient to ignite the smoke mix. The smoke mix requires some energy to ignite (equivalent, 5 seconds with a lighter). I am now looking for a ignition aid material to put in between the filament and the smoke mix. It can be natual or synthetical, the only requirements are that it 1. ignites from a small spark 2. Is not classed as hazardous material/dangerous goods. What I have already tried: Char cloth - works OK, but the filament has to be put right at the edge of the cloth as it doesn't ignite very well from the top. Dryer lint - Doesn't work Cotton pad with vaseline - Doesn't work Toilet paper - Doesn't work Any other ideas? Thanks!

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PCB etching question?

I wanted to start making PCBs. However, I read that because the chemicals dissolve the copper, you can't dump it down the sink or throw it away because it is "hazardous" and should be taken to hazardous waste disposal. I'm still in high school and can't really do that and/or my parents would think I'm doing something dangerous. Is there any other way to etch PCBs besides using chemicals, like a knife or something?

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DIY Home Improvement Books Recalled. Faulty wiring instructions.

From the Consumer Product Safety Comission: Name of Product: Home Improvement Books Units: About 951,000 Publisher: Oxmoor House, Inc., of Birmingham, Ala. Hazard: The books contain errors in the technical diagrams and wiring instructions that could lead consumers to incorrectly install or repair electrical wiring, posing an electrical shock or fire hazard to consumers. Includes some Sunset titles, as well as Lowes and AmeriSpec. Sold from 1975-December 2009.

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Can chemical based projects be posted on instructables?

 I know there are projects with more hazardous components but I just want to check before I post something.?

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Safety Tips, anyone?

Ok, obviously, "don't drop hot steel on your feets" is the first safety thing we need to think about, but what abut others? Any chemical hazards or others people'd like to share?

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diy hamster tubes anyone?

I realy want to make hamster tubes for my hamy but i cant find good ones for a good price. O and i dont want the instructible by hazard. THANKS ! : P

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How does instructables address some projects that I see have some serious safety and liability issues?

Some projects that are on the instructables website have some serious safety and hazard concerns. In particular electrical and electronic projects that interface with 120 volts or higher. Though many of these projects are incredibly creative and brilliant, some oft these projects could put people at risk along with their associated liability.The "instructables" organization itself might be liable as well if it has not done more than some superficial notice to it's membership. I suggest that projects that could be hazardous be inspected by any controlling authority (such as building and safety) prior to their being displayed on the instructables website.

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Good project books

My birthday's coming up and I'm probably going to ask for books. I want to know of any interesting or funny books you guys know about. Preferable nonfiction that have a lot of interesting projects or how to knowledge. Thanks for your help.

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power hack

Aside from it being an ugly hack, is there any reason I can't strip the wire back from the end of a printer power cable and solder it to the plug terminals of a 5v wall wart transformer? This shouldn't be a fire hazard since the power cord should be rated correctly, correct?

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How do I split a circle in Illustrator?

I'm new to Ai and I am trying to make a "radiation hazard" sign, but I have been unable to split a circle into individual segments that I can color. Any help is appreciated

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take apart computer for kids to play with? Answered

I have an old imac that is pretty useless as a computer, I don't want to throw it away. What parts are safe for kids to play with? (i mean no hazardous materials) to play with if any? Any dangerous pieces when I do take it apart?

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Tutorial/ible on making soybean crayons?

Looking to make soybean crayons or other eco friendly non toxic crayons. Can't seem to find anything here or on google. Any links/tutorials/etc. would be greatly appreciated. I am not looking to make the crayon rocks, as one of my children is young enough that they would be a choking hazard.

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Does anyone know how to make fireless smoke? Answered

Im inventing a game that uses a lot of stealth, but i cant risk a fire hazard in my woods. any help? and btw, if u live fond du lac, it may be comin soon. nowhere near finished yet...

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Reflective Silk Screening?

Does anyone know a easy way to do reflective silk screening for garments? Would need to stand up to washes and moderate use. Also would need suggestions on what type of reflective to use, and where to purchase. Needs to be very bright, as clothing would be used in night/low light/ hazardous conditions. Thanks!

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Vulcanizing Rubber....? From Latex Paint?

                 Vulcanizing rubber... latex.                          sulphur.            Heat!                                           Pressure. those are the basics according to research.  but how much heat?   how much pressure? can i use that old can  o latex paint?  can i use sulphur from the garden store?                    hazards?                    techniques?

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Cheap Room Air conditioning

Hi, I have a burning question, I thought about combining a small fridge I have with a floor fan for cheap in room air conditioning. I'd appreciate your thoughts and suggestions on how to combing the two without hazards. Tho the fan is a bit bigger, in concept would do as well.   Thanks, Chen Cohen.

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i need someone to help me edit my ball machine video when it is done

I suck when it comes to editing videos so can some one either do it for me or help me out when fire hazard is done thanx

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are there toxic vapours produced from using ferric chloride to etch pcb boards? Answered

Are there toxic vapours produced from using ferric chloride to etch pcb boards?  I want to present this process in a classroom but there are no windows and wondered if this would be hazardous. There's also the method of mixing hydrochloric acid and hydrogen peroxide to act as an etchant. Thanks!

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How do I increase the glow time of luminol? Answered

How do I increase the glow time of luminol? And what is the safest mixture of chemicals that I can use for chemiluminescence? I'd like to avoid using highly hazardous chemicals like potassium hydroxide if possible. Ideally my mixture would glow for a few minutes once activated.

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How can I permanently soundproof a Jewellery studio?

One day I plan on making my own home studio including Painting, Sewing and most importantly Jewellery making. How can I soundproof a studio where there is sawing, filing, drilling, etc. from escaping a room or basement in a house, without causing a fire hazard (ie. blankets)?

Question by Cicatrixx 8 years ago

How do i make an oil burner?

I would like to make a waste oil burner. Yes, i know the hazards of the fumes given off so and so but i have a respirator. Can anyone make me a step by step instruction on how to make an oil burner capable of melting aluminum,silver,and tin. And possibily iron?

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Small CNC Machine help?!! Answered

Looking into building a CNC maybe 15 x 20 inches working area, and need help:O Ive seen several instructables about it but still not sure which type of motors to use and why, where to buy the circuitboard OR how to program a DIY one, what are the 4th and 5th axes, and will it be expensive? Also are there any other hazards i should think about during the build? Any help would be greatly apprecited, thanks.

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hydrogen gas storage question?

I want to store hydrogen gas(not browns gas) in some kind of pressure container. Since the propane tank is  not a good idea from your forum, I was thinking about using a truck tire that could be pressurized to 120 psi.  What are the hazards in this process. I would suck out the air from the tube tire with a vacuum pump and then generate hydrogen gas, compress it into the tire.  Will it work or will it become unstable and blow up?.

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diamond cutting steel.... Friction cutting?

Recently got a diamond wheel for angle grinder.   tho it is marketed to cut tile, marble, etc, i tried it on steel.  cuts quick enough, but leaves huge burrs. burrs 4x thicker than the workpiece.   seems the blade just melts and squishes the steel out of the way.  it works, kinda, leaving a hazardous ragged edge on the work... i see why they dont market those blades for  steel. im reminded of friction cutting blades.

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How do I make fabric superhydrophobic/waterproof?

I am looking for a solution to make a fabric waterproof. (including cotton and polycotton blends/synthetics) I am looking to do something cheaper than buying a store-bought solution, such as making it from scratch. I have looked into purchasing octadecyltrichlorosilane, but it is both expensive and hazardous to ship ($25 hazmat fee) If possible I am also looking into finding a solution that is non-toxic and is safe for use on people.

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Avoid using PVC

I see a lot of projects that use or re-use different grades of PVC pipe due to its easy use and availability. Free or cheap PVC seems to be a good material choice for those who lack the tools and skills needed for metal or wood work. I suggest that builder rethink this choice. Exposure to PVC is dangerous to your health. Fumes and dust from cutting, drilling and accidental burning or overheating PVC are known to cause cancer.A few points:PVC production is the largest use of chlorine gas in the world.Chlorine production consumes enormous amounts of energy.Chlorine production causes mercury pollution. Hazardous by-products are formed throughout the PVC lifecycle.By-products of PVC production are highly persistent, bioaccumulative, and toxic.PVC is extremely difficult to recycle.PVC is one of the most environmentally hazardous consumer materials ever produced.source: http://www.healthybuilding.net/pvc/ThorntonPVCSummary.htmlDifferent grades of PVC have different melting points, flash and glass temperatures. At 70-80 Degrees C (~150 F), most grades begin to soften and degrade in performance. This should be taken into account when building projects that involve any kind of direct or indirect heat, including hot water, etc.(I've edited this post to contain more useful information)

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Keeping canoeing gear dry

I'm about to go on an overnight canoeing trip with my scout troop, and we were wondering about the best way to keep our gear dry. I know that there are those dry bags that you can buy at places like REI, but I was trying to come up with a cheaper option. We'd be storing tents, food, personal gear, and backing stoves, and a few other things. If you have any ideas and methods you have previously tried, please tell me!

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Mirror acrylic Glue

Hey,I have been researching the best way to glue acrylic mirror together into a cube the same as the picture attached. So far I have been told it is quiet hard but Dichloro is what my supplier was able to find out. I have read a lot of health hazards and difficulty getting hold of it. Is there any that would be able to point me in the right direction.With my normal acrylic i just use a weldbond etc but the mirrored surface would not be suited.Thanks in advance everyone.

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Blinker Circuit

Hi i am looking for a good model for a turn signal circuit. i am trying to make turn signals for my mower (not a joke) and i need a list of parts i need to buy, and a image of the circuit i already have the lights and switches. i would like to have it so a switch is for each side, and   i would also like it to be able to do hazard lights, i dont know if i would be able to do that by switching both switches on at the same time?. but what ever you got to help me would be awesome. thank you

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How safe is the "Copper Fire Log Heater: Burns clean with alcohol!" project?

The Instructable itself seems fairly risk free; however, I noticed one comment stating that it could potentially become a big problem (the internal gases build up and you get a pipe bomb...). I have no problem operating the equipment necessary to create it, but I would like to know of any hazards of the product - besides general fire safety.Here is a the link: https://www.instructables.com/id/Copper_Fire_Log_Heater_Burns_clean_with_alcohol/Thank you for any amount of the time that you spend answering this question!

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An Transmitted RF-powered LED WARNING light?

The Situation: I am a disabled Veteran with too much time to fill.  So, I volunteer at the Sheriff's Office doing light clerical work and a little target shooting, but my first love is HAM radio.  It is a GREAT hobby!  It is not without its hazards, though.  My main transmitting antenna is a ground-mounted vertical in the back yard.  We have six children with four still at home and while my kids know to NEVER touch my antennas due to the danger of electrical shock and nasty RF burns, their friends in the neighborhood may not fully comprehend the hazard. The Challenge (if you choose to accept it): So, what I'd like to do is to have a circuit out on the post supporting the antenna that would light LEDs, (preferably, four), whenever I key the mike - AND - have the entire circuit use the power from my own transmission... no power supply or batteries!   It would also simply be a cool thing to have! The Specs: This is a vertical for the HF bands, from 7MHz to 30MHz and I typically transmit at 100 watts.  The circuit would be at a distance of no more than six inches from the active element.  I have seen crystal radio circuits in the past that used received RF to power a LED but don't remember where.

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I need to recharge Li-Ion cells w/ undervoltage lockout?

I have 2 Apple A1175 macbook batteries that will not charge, regardless of what I have done to the computer or the battery. I believe that this is due to the batteries having sat for much too long, and eventually the cells got depleted (causing what i believe is undervoltage lockout on the charge controller circuit). I believe I can get these batteries functional again by charging the cells again. Thing is, I don't want to take apart the batteries to charge each cell individually. Is there a way to somehow trick the charge controller into letting current through the batteries? I read somewhere that a 5-15v pulse will do it, but I am not sure if that is true... Any pinouts for the battery would be helpful as I have not been able to find a pinout for them at all. Again they are apple A1175 batteries (from the old bulky aluminum 15 inch macbook pros) Thanks! Edit: I also understand (mostly) the hazards of li-ion technology. I understand they are extremely hazardous under an uncontrolled charge condition. I also understand that by doing this, they might blow up in my face entirely, causing burns and possibly a fire. 

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Need help with LED lights

Hey, I'm making an infinity tunnel/mirror based off an instructable on this site. https://www.instructables.com/id/cool-DIY-infinite-LED-tunnel/?&sort;=NEWEST&limit;=40 But the instructions are crystal clear and I'm running into a few road blocks. What kind of LED should I buy? They all have to be the same voltage correct? Does it matter if I connect it to a battery pack or the wall? What kind of battery should I use? Basically I know nothing about electronics and I don't want to create a fire hazard. Any help is appreciated.

Topic by changsta3 8 years ago

How to fix a speedometer? Answered

I recently have my power steering fluid emptied unnoticed. I got stuck in the middle of the road, when I re-started the engine, the speedometer didn't work anymore. I got the power steering fluid filled with new ones but it didn't fix the problem (speedometer). Now I only feel I'm the most hazardous driver on the road, driving without knowing what speed I'm going to. I don't know anything about cars, how do I do about it? Please help, I would highly appreciate any advise. thanks

Question by smallboy73 7 years ago  |  last reply 2 years ago

Removing toner? Answered

When trying to make a pcb I messed up on the toner transfer... I have grayish traces on the pcb, and some of them didnt even transfer.  I know you can supposedly get toner off with lacquer thinner, but i couldnt find any. Will paint thinner work? The pcb is fine, it has some white paper on it though too.. I have acetone too :) Also, when ironing with photo paper, something melted and is all over the iron. Is this potentially hazardous? Probably not good to breath in.. Any ideas on how to clean that off and to prevent it from happening?  Thanks!

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How do i paint my earphones?

I need advice on painting my earphones a safe way so that the paint doesn't fall off , a non-hazardous method for the user i have seen tutorial that they use nail polish,  sharpie markers or acrylic paint  but i have never used any of these mediums before so i'd also like to know if these mediums keep the smooth texture of the plastic and are there any other type of mediums that i can use which are more effective and how do i go about doing it? Sorry this is my first time doing this.

Question by MarcianoNg 3 years ago  |  last reply 3 years ago

I have a few gallons of leftover ammonium hydroxide at work. What should I do with it? Would anyone want it? Answered

I work at an engineering company and we use ammonium hydroxide for making blueprints. After a while we have to change out the bottles. I'm assuming the leftover bottles are not pure ammonium hydroxide anymore, but it is still very strong. We have about 8-10 jugs of it sitting around that we would like to get rid of. I'm not sure if it could be useful to anyone. I'm also not sure how to properly dispose of it if nobody wants it.

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Advice for a hand crank ice cream maker please? Answered

I'm thinking of making a hand crank ice cream maker using an old hand drill I had and mounting that on a plastic bucket that'll be my ice bucket, then using some copper pipe I have lying around and soldering a dasher with some oak scrapers for the side. The main hurdle I'm hitting is where to find a canister for the actual ice cream. I'm wondering if I could safely use galvanized ducting, I'm planning to make sherbet on this as well, so will the acids react with it at all or is there some other hazard I should know about using ducting for this?

Question by sugarworm 7 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago