First of all wow i did not know there was a forum (oh geze i can have fun with this) but on to the headset buisnes i want to make a head set (you know like the ones those gamers use) because i have msn and one of my friends is moving back to germany soon and i still want to be able to talk to him but w/o long distance charges and so yeah mabye we could put a colaboration together

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Phone Headset

I would swear I saw an Instructable on this somewhere, but now I can't find it. I have an old corded telephone that I want to rewire. I just want to take the actual handheld part and attach it to a standard 2.5mm stereo output, such that I could either plug it into a cell phone and have a giant cool headset, or use it with my speaker/mic splitter to do VoIP-type work on the computer. Do phone cords have standard colored wires? Am I just going to have to figure it out myself? The headset has a standard 4-contact CAT-1 phone jack, and I want to take one end off a phone cord and replace it with a 2.5mm plug.

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Headset Confusion?

I bought a turtle beach cable to use my x31 on my pc. I managed to finaly get the mic to work but the sound  quality is less then that of the wirlress one I bought the cord to replace. Im not sure if its the 3 different levels it go's through or faulty cord.  Any suggestions? I allso have 3 audio jacks. Anyone have a clue what the third could be for? 'Info http://www.turtlebeach.com/products/xbox-gaming-headsets/ear-force-x31.aspx http://store.turtlebeach.com/ps3pcchatadaptercable-cab.aspx http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16834220715 Gracias

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turtle beach headsets?

Dose anyone know how you would go about makeing a headset that would work on a xbox360 and play the live voice chat and the game sound?i have a little free time and a little extra money but cant get one of those turtle beach headsets.turtle beach a good one = about $100.

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USB headset Speakers?

I hate playing socom with a headset when friends are around because they cant hear what the other people are saying. Is there anyway to make it so my Logitech headset can be wired to speakers but maintain the microphone function?

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Cellphone headset with PC?

Hey guys i need some help. I just started using gizmo for voip calls b/c i don't get cell phone reception in my basement. I have a bluetooth headset which i use to pair with my cell phone and it works perfectly. Is there a way i can pair this same headset with my computer (has bluetooth) and make voip calls using my bluetooth headset?

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Bluetooth Headset Hack

Anybody know how to turn a mototola H500 (Motorola H500) NO I DID NOT GET IT FOR THAT PRICE i got it for free with my cellphoneinto a bluetooth adapter for a pc that works with usb i dont think its possible but if it is then thanks a lot

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how to make earbuds?

I wanted to make earbud that could work on bluetooth just like bluetooth headsets please give details thank you

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Is it possible to modify a Turtle beach Earforce XL1 to fit the PC when it was originally intended for the xbox 360? Answered

 I'm interested in modifying my Earforce XL1 Turtle Beach XBOX 360 Headset so that it can be used for gaming on the PC as well. Does anyone have any ideas on how to do this while still maintaining its original function?

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anr aviation headset pc conversion

I have an anr (active noise reduction) aviation headset that I want to use with my pc. I've searched everywhere but nothing converts it directly from a six pin LEMO (power panel, redel) to anything my computer will take. I'm assuming because the anr requires a power source. is there anyway I could convert it?

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converting bluetooth headset to bluetooth vibrator. tbut when the headset is connected we cant talk with phone itself?

I want to convert BT headset to BT bracelet vibrator. the problem is when the headset is connected to phone we cant talk with phone itself? is there a way to talk with phone mic and speaker when BT headset is connected?

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head set help!

I need help with my headset, its just a little microphone and speaker, but when i put it in the headphone port, it doesnt read anything on voice recorder thing. Help please

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How to hack Bluetooth Dongle to work with a headset = Bluetooth headset.

Hello, I need help, I have a Bluetooth audio dongle the kind that you plug into a USB port of a speaker to transform it into a Bluetooth speaker. But I was wondering if I can use it with a regular headset/headphones and a regular cellphone battery for power supply,. THank you

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Bluetooth Transceiver for headsets with a mic

Hello Everyone, I would like to build a module that is a Bluetooth transceiver that I can connect to a two-way radio. I have seen many transmitters for Bluetooth but they don't have the correct connection. I need a Mic/audio/Ground type. Can someone here point me in the correct direction. Thanks Hobs

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Xbox 360 headset loop?

One thing I am working on is looping the headset speaker back into the mic. This way it plays everything you hear back to the game. You may wonder why in the hell anyone would want to do that? well, this is for those Really annoying people or kids with really annoying voices(squeakers) When they start being annoying or making sounds, I can plug the modded headset in, so they can hear just how dumb they sound. I took apart my headset and there are 4 wires, 1 blue, 1 red wire, 1 white wire, and a bare wire. the red and blue wire go to the speaker, and the bare wire and white wire go to the mic I've googled more about it and it seems the white wire is a ground so does that mean I just solder the blue, red, and bare wire together and I'm done? thnx for any help you can give. (P.S. Yes the Picture is correct, the bare wire looks red, but is really brass, and the black wire is really red, with a plastic enamel.)

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how do i convert cell phone headset for computer?

I have a headset for cell phone, but i need a headset (mic and headphone) for my computer. But the input for the cell phone headset is too small for the computer 'in' jackhole (green). How do I convert the headset jack to fit the computer jack hole?

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Bluetooth Headset mod with LED's

I have an idea, I need a good starting place. My father is deaf.  I want to get him a cell phone and send him SMS text messages.  I obviously don't have to worry about him running up minutes on my cell plan.  What I want is a bracelet or watch band that lights up with LED's.  The LED's would stay lit up until a reset button of some kind was pressed.  The phone would have to be linked via bluetooth with some kind of handset protocol that would set off the LED's. A fake watch would be ideal.  The watch innards could be big enough for the bluetooth circuitry and the battery. Dick R.

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Will a cellphone Bluetooth headset work as a computer headset if used with a usb Bluetooth adapter? Answered

 If so does anyone have a suggestion to an adapter that will accomplish this?Thanks, Scott?

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POLL: Bluetooth headsets make you look...

We've all seen them, those people walking down the street with those bluetooth headsets, thinking  they're from the future... What do we really think of them though. I've made a poll on my website: http://exploringtech.com/2010/07/poll-bluetooth-headsets/

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My bluetooth headset speaker uses 3 wires, what gives?

I'm trying to mod my bluetooth headset to give better sound quality and volume.  I disassembled the whole thing, but I noticed something kinda weird.  The speaker on the BT headset has 3 wires coming off of it, instead of the usual 2 that most speakers use.  The 3 wires are: 2 that are of a similar color and are connected to where the magnet of the speaker would sit.  They're not connected to the same spot.  One is connected to the 3 o clock position of the magnet of the speaker, the other is connected to the 9 o clock position.  1 that appears to be connected to the metal speaker housing (I'm assuming is the ground?) Anyone know why this Samsung unit uses 3 wires to power the speaker?

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Wiring a 2 way radio headset to also record audio?

I am a hang glider pilot and like to take videos during flights. I would like to add narration and the back and forth communication with my chase driver as part of that. I have a headset in my helmet that is wired to a ham radio for that communication. The jack to the helmet is a three conductor, 1/8" jack that goes to the earphones, microphone and a common ground. There is a push to talk switch that trips the radio to transmit which is between the helmet and the radio. What I would like to be able to do is put a jack/splitter inline with the existing jack to then go into the mic jack on a voice recorder to get three things; Radio audio (receive), Radio audio (transmit) and me just talking into the headset mic - Narration.Not sure how well I am explaining this and I could just experiment, but I am thinking it's not as simple as just wiring stuff together. I'm good with a soldering iron, but no EE by a long stretch. Any thoughts? Thanks

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How to mod a "Sensational headset with mic for xbox 360"?

I bought a sensational headset with mic for my 360 and it doesnt work well. I bought it cheap on ebay for around 11 cents. I have another phone headset that works, but the earpiece rarely produces sound. I want to combine the headsets so i can hear through them and talk too. Any suggestions?

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What do I need to be able to charge my bluetooth headset from my laptop's USB port instead from the DC adapter?

The DC adapter that came with the bluetooth head set puts out about 5.4V but I haven't been able to find the current.  The adapter has no labels.  I know that the output from a USB port is about 5V and my headset has a Li-polymer cell.  I'm wondering if I could make a contraption that I could use to charge my bluetooth headset from my laptop's USB port? TIA... 7fold

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can you convert a xbox headset into a push to talk headset for a walkie talkie?

I found some info about this on an instructabale but it was for an old headset, when I tried it on a newer one it didn't work and I ended up ruining it.

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Will the Xbox head set work with games played over the network?

My friend and I have Xboxs that we plan to connect via WiFi(we live next to each other). If the game such as halo has headset capability will it work or do you need Live for it to work?

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Making an LG Stereo Adapter?

Hello, I have an LG GW520 and I have tried everywhere for an adapter to connect this to a stereo. I did find a company that advertised the adapter I needed but when I bought it it is the wrong size as the connection on other LG phones like the cookie models are different :( So basically I need an adapter with a 3.5mm female stereo jack on it. Is it possible to make one?... I've got lots of randoms wires and a headset that fits into the phone with one broken ear bud and a female stereo jack. When I've cut open the broken headset I've got two silver wires, and a purple, red and green wire bundled together and surrounded by fine copper and the female stereo jack has a black, red and brown wire. ....is it possible to connect these and how should I do it? Thanks for reading and I hope you can save my sanity before I just get mad and go an buy another phone that I can connect!

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How to check the USB headset other than PC?

Is there any equipment available to test the USB headset?

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Xbox 360 Headset can it work with Windows based PC?

Just wondering if Santa were to get this Xbox 360 Headset if it could also be used on the PC?

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How to get a plug out of Kindle headset plug?

My headset plug broke and got stuck in there. What do I do?

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hi...was just wondering if there was a way i could use a telephone headset or an x360 headset to use skype?

 id appreciate the help...just a link even. thanks a ton in advance.?

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How do Nokia headsets work, and how do we hack them?

My understanding of nokia headsets is limited, except for trying once to put a mic and a speaker directly wired to the phone's intputs. And nothing happening. And opening it up and finding a small chip amongst all the tiny SMD parts. Do the headsets have some kind of proprietry chip inside to prevent non-nokia headsets from being used? How does it work?

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Converting digital headset to analogic one

Hello! :D Some time ago I have bought a Microsoft LifeChat LX-3000 digital, USB headset. Hmm...maybe it was not the best choice, but I want to convert it into an analogic one. In theory it is simple: I only have to remove the incorporated digital-analogic analogic-digital signal converter and connect the 2 wires of the headset to 2 Jack 3.5mm, one for the microphone and one for the speakers. Reason: my laptop's sound card is much better than the headset's built-in one. I am pretty sure that this converter is located in the volume control box: www.turbozone.ro/fotografii/Casti/Microsoft_JUG-00003.jpg But things may not be as easy as they seem. Or are they? As far as I have heard, the cable from the volume control unit and the headset consists in 2 wires. The cable of my old cheap analogic headset consists in 2 wires too. It shouldn't be complicated: the microphone wire get tied with the microphone wire and the speakers wire get tied with the speakers wire. But when I opened the old cheap analogic headset I noticed that each of the 2 wires branches out in 2 respectively 3 separate wires when they reach the headset: a blue one, a red one, a yellow one, a green one and a blue-yellow one. This is quite strange, isn't it? Or...do I have to worry about that?; should I simply tie the 4 wires together - old&cheap; analogic speaker wire with LifeChat's speaker wire and old&cheap; analogic microphone wire with LifeChat's microphone wire? I don't want to do somethig wrong.^^ Thanks in advance. :)

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Is there any way to turn a usb headset into one that uses 3.5mm jacks.

If anyone knows a way to do this it would be a great help.

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XBOX 1 Headset Guts Inside an Old Turtle Beach Mic/Headphone

Hi, I have never posted here before, so if this is in the wrong place please let me know and I will move it. I have seen some guides on getting Turtle Beach headphones to work with the XBOX 1 chat adapter thingie. However, what I want to do is that I want to essentially replace the shell of the XBOX 1 chat headset with my old turtle beach headset shell - I just want the chat in one ear and the mic to work. Is that possible?

Topic by wags2284 

what kind of material should i start with to make prototype bluetooth headset casing ?

Looking to take apart a bluetooth headset and rebuild it to look completely different, maybe going with metals or even plastics not sure would be easier/cost effective. 

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How can i make just a microphone from a cell phone headset?

I want to use the mic for my mp3 player that can record voice . How can i just use the mike and kill the disconect the ear bud is it possible?

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How can I fix a short or broken wire/connection in a USB headset? Answered

I've got a USB headset (that is, stereo headphones with a built in microphone) that has either a short or a broken wire or connection inside of the in-line volume control and the right ear piece only works when the wires are held in perfect position which is really impossible for any extended amount of time. The volume control is just a wheel for volume control and a switch to mute the microphone. I've tried to get it apart along the "seam" but it appears to be sealed somehow and I don't want to irreversibly break it since it's the only one I have for the time being. I also do NOT want to just cut the volume control off an splice the ends together to completely eliminate the problem. I very much need the quick access volume controls as they are. I'm really looking for some advice on how to open the volume control without damaging it further and how to go about locating and fixing the problem. Any help appreciated, thanks. This image contains an identical volume control to mine (different headset, however): content.etilize.com/Large/10365180.jpg

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Can i connect two xbox 360 headsets together so two people can hear and use the mic during online game play?

What i want to do is basically "piggyback" one set off of another i have the basic wired headset that comes free with 360 purchase. This is my first time on the site so sorry if im not being clear enough! any other questions just ask

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what can i do with an extra blue tooth headset?

What can i do with an extra blue tooth headset that is no more of any use?

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Testing Xbox LIVE headset offline? Answered

Can I test my voice (micrphone/headset thing) on my XBox 360 without going online and doing the whole Can you hear me?? thing?

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Would this sound setup work? -Xbox 360/TV combination-?

Im thinking about making a simple headset/microphone combination for my xbox 360/TV would this work?The top is the standard Xbox-360 headset (the little brick is the volume control & switch for mic)The second is my standard headset 1= the volume control & a switch to go from headset to secondary sound (the little black impute to the left of the 1)The third is my setupRed = MicrophoneBlack = AudioThe thing I'm not sure about is that the standard xbox-360 headset has only 1 speaker... and i wish that my headset has BOTH speakers on the voice chat + the game sounds just pull out the cable on the controller to quit the sound from the voice chat (or pull out the TV to eliminate the sound from the game)The headset from the TV is just a regular headset that works with any TV/PC/MP3 player (3.5MM jack)It has two jacks (Audio, Microphone)PS:The -+ thingy is the volume control for the microphone & the on/off switch for it(The headset volume is controlled by the TV volume)YES, i will post an instructable for this -should it work-

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How do I make an Xbox 360 headset to standard 3.5 mm adapter, so I can use it with my PC?

The 360 headset has a cell phone headset-sized jack, I think, which I have a female matching end for. I also have plenty of 3.5 mm male jacks laying around, along with the rest of the required basic materials and tools (wire, duct tape, soldering iron).

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Has anyone reverse engineered the iphone headset?

I would like to build my own headset using my choice of ear buds and microphone as well as wire up my own control unit for volume and answer controls that I could build custom into my motorcycle helmet.  My attempt to do this by tearing apart the factory iphone headset and soldering components onto the controller board was unsuccessful, i was unable to isolate where to wire my microphone to

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Here is an idea involving a Bleutooth Headset

Hi, I was wondering if anyone ever had the idea to build in a headset in an old telephone (something with wood) so you can use it for your phone. I'm planning to do this this year. What are your thoughts? Dries

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DIY phone headset to computer plug?? Answered

I would like to make one of these. http://www.amazon.com/TOP%C2%AE-Headset-RJ9-RJ10-Adapter/dp/B00CXTO2NM It is to connect to the headset port in my phone to record some greeting that I saved on my computer It only needs to connect the computer speaker to the phones mic. I need to know the pinouts of both connectors and what to connect together Thanks

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How to mix stereo & mono inputs for XBox headsets

Does anyone know the best way to merge/mix a stereo input and a mono input so that the stereo remains stereo, but the mono input can be heard across both ear pieces? I've got a project in mind to create a box which will do this for using normal headphones for my Xbox 360 in-game chat. I'm just not sure if I need to isolate the mono input with a diode so that it doesn't turn the stereo input into mono.

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