making helicopter as a project

 hello friends, any one can help me out to make a small helicopter  send me some usefull like s and send me some designs 

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gyroscopic frisbee helicopter

A helicopter mainly made up of a frisbee rotating at very high speeds, along with a propellor underneath, and steering propellors.

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RC helicopter cinematography

Both RC helicopters and DSLRs have shown some amazing advances and when they're combined the results are amazing. Eric Austin has a company called Heli Video that specializes in this with a helicopter-mounted Canon 7D and the footage rocks. With a free-roaming helicopter he can get shots that swoop in and out and then look down from above without any need for a crane or anything else. There are also no mistakes allowed as a crash means several thousand dollars worth of gear get wrecked. Check out the first video to see what this technique can do and the second for a view of the helicopter at work. via Core77

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Altoids tin helicopter?

I need to find a way to make an altoids tin helicopter. What can I use as a rotor?

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need help with a helicopter.

i want to build a remote controlled helicopter to take pictures and record video, but since i dont know anything about it, i wanted to know if anyone knew where i could get a kit or parts.

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NYC Helicopter Tour

As part of a birthday gift for both of us, this past Saturday my father and I went on a helicopter tour of NYC. We have the same birthday (Sept. 20), and this was the first weekend since then that the weather was nice enough for us to go up.The reservations were for 10 AM, so at 9:30 I left my apartment in Fort Greene, biked over the Brooklyn Bridge, and met my parents near the South Street Seaport. At the heliport (a few blocks south of the Seaport) my mom waited outside with a camera as my dad and I listened to the safety instructions and snapped on some yellow belt-style safety vests. The helicopter holds six passengers. Five unlucky riders are cramped in the back, while the sixth "chosen one" gets to sit in the copilot seat with plenty of leg room and a great view. As we were lining up to walk to the helicopter, the employee who loads the passengers pulled me aside and led me to the front seat. Once all the passengers were loaded we took off. For the entire fifteen minute trip my finger twitched furiously over my digital camera as I snapped out 233 photos (along with a couple minutes of video).The helicopter starts off the tour heading north, does a quick U-turn before the Brooklyn Bridge, goes over Governors Island and Ellis Island, travels up the Hudson River to about 75th Street, turns around and follows the same path back. At no point does the helicopter go over any land or buildings because it is against NYC air traffic regulation. The cost of the the ride is $150 per passenger ($10 a minute for the 15 minute ride), but it is definitely worth it if you visit or live in NYC.The brown stepped building (left on the 4th picture, middle on the 5th) houses the law firm where my dad works, and where I spent a summer in the mail room. I have some photos taken from that building in my Urban Exploration Instructable.The full photoset can be found on flickr here.A few sewn together clips I took with my digital camera:The footage my dad took with my digital video camera:

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my mini helicopter

Hey,this is my new mini helicopter i got it for 29.97. its really fun to play with. my last one got cought on a two story roof lol. well here my new helicopter and landing pad. i made my own landing pad out of knex.

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Rc helicopter project

Hello guys i recently got an old helicopter with two good motors and a good frame with a control board i was wondering if some one can help me to interface with on board circuit to controll it with arduino. What i'm traying to say is to use the arduino as transmiter to send signals to the helicopter so i can control it.

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pid control helicopter?

  hello i have digital potentiometer mcp1642 wichi have pid library setvalue on arduino which varry betwwen 0-256 and give resistance from 0-5k  and i connected it to remote control which has 400-4.2k ohm on manual resistance which 400 is max throttle and 4.2k is off motor and i have sonar sensore ez0 on helicopter thatread  atlitude by resoloution of inch and send to arduino and make i used to calculate error and then make pid control i make simple code but i start to tune p but i think i should start d , can any one help me how can i start to tune this   thing and is it true my scale in code i saw that at setvalue(111) helicopter hold good in sky so i decide to make it stable point which pid go around it  ,or maybe the problem is the sonar resoloution ..g? ecode #include #include "SPI.h" // necessary library int ss=53; // using digital pin 10 for SPI slave select int f=0; char *buffer; byte x; char array[27]; int counter=0; unsigned char r; int p=0; int last; int error=0; int wew; int required ; int kpipo; int n; void setup() {   pinMode(ss, OUTPUT); // we use this for SS pin   SPI.begin(); // wake up the SPI bus.   SPI.setBitOrder(MSBFIRST);    Serial.begin(9600);   Serial1.begin(9600); } void setValue(int value) {   digitalWrite(ss, LOW);   SPI.transfer(0); // send command byte   SPI.transfer(value); // send value (0~255)   digitalWrite(ss, HIGH); } void loop() {    while (Serial1.available()) {    x= Serial1.readBytes(buffer,1);    if(*buffer==0x52){    x= Serial1.readBytes(buffer,1);    array[0]=*buffer;    x= Serial1.readBytes(buffer,1);    array[1]=*buffer;    x= Serial1.readBytes(buffer,1);    array[2]=*buffer;    int Final_inch=(array[0]-48)*100 + (array[1]-48)*10 +(array[2]-48) ;   float Final_cm=Final_inch*2.54; //Serial.print(Final_inch); //Serial.println(" Inch "); if (f==0){ //Serial.println(" ana hoon ");   setValue(35);    } required = 50; error = required-Final_inch; Serial.print(error); Serial.println(" ana hoon "); p=abs(error); if(Final_inch == 21){    f=1;}    if(Final_inch == 22){    f=1;}    if(Final_inch == 23){   f=1;}      if(f==1){    Serial.println(" ana hnak "); if(error >0){     setValue(111-(error));}     if(error <0){     setValue(111+abs(error));}     }    }    } }

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What is the best buy in rc helicopters?

I'm thinking about getting one.

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instructible to home made radio controlled small helicopter ,which could fly in home ,without using a market kit

Please could some one tell me a detailed instructible to make a homemade radiocontrolled small helicopter which could fly in home,without using a market kit ,also the neccesary eletronic components to use?pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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How much big in length and size blades and what rpm of motor do I need to lift 600 kg of weight like helicopter?

How determine what size blades ( length , width ) and what rpm do the helicopter need to lift a specific weight like 600

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home made tracker and shooter.possible?

Hello.need help in making a home made tracker and shooter.suppose there is a rectangular compound(4 walls) and this tracker is on the ground(say in the middle).a friend of mine(whoz in the neighbourhood) flies a helicopter or a RC aircraft into this compound of mine.outrite intrusion!:P...this tracker SHOULD detect this intruder and fire a home made rocket at it.given that the height of this intruder is 3-4 km but it CAN intrude from ANY direction.the tracker should track it ,lock it and shoot it to do all to prepare whole of this system.thanks alot.have been thinking on it for about 4 months now.still unable to come up with something WORKABLE and easy to BUILD?

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How much lift is created by a half-sized rotor?

If there is a rotor of 26ft rotating at 600 rpm and lifting 635kg of weight at 1200ft/min 14000ft so if there is rotor of 13ft HalfSized 26/2 =13 and same rpm 600 & same power so will it lift half of the weight like 635/2=318kg at 1200ft/min 14000ft ? if not then how much half sized rotor will lift at same rpm and power if 26ft rotor is lifting 635kg at 600rpm at 1200ft/min upto 14000ft then how much 13ft rotor will lift at same rpm and power at 1200ft/min upto 14000ft ? The helicopter used in this example

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ARMY Helicopter Film Shoot

COMING SOON My latest film project is a Helicopter crash/ Behind Enemy Lines sort of ordeal I do not want to give away too much, BUT I will bee posting how I built the Military helicopter rig I used to flip my actors upside down in the crash scene. So I will be building a 6ft x 5ft x 6ft interior of an Army military helicopter within the next few weeks, just give you guys something to look forward in seeing, since I've only posted one instructable a long while back. ~Miranda Pechon

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Free Helicopter Rides Anyone?

For those of you in Northern Virginia/DC Metropolitan Area    I stumbled across this accidental, but pilot Rick Rahim, who has over 1,000 hours of flying time, is offering free helicopter rides for young folk aged 7-17. He's stationed in Leesburg Airport, about 30 miles outside of DC. The rides are free, all you need is a waiver signed by a legal guardian. Each flight is about ten minutes, and the whole thing is around two hours, and you fly in a helicopter!!! Sounds like an adventure to me. For more info Link

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really high altitude helicopter

Hi one really random question that has really been annoying me for a while is What is stopping a helicopter (probably unmanned) form achieving a really freakish height, eg + 45 km - 80km range im not sure how big it would have to be, but the blades would not be regular and the talk would be have to account for the increases in speed and it probably could not it get itself to a high alttitude to start probaly need a ballon to take it up, and any ideas for testing? or any major theroy problems? and any tips or hint?

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how we make a helicopter?

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replacement transmitter for an rc helicopter?

So i bought a rc heli from a thrift store and it turns on when the switch is flicked, but it came without the transmitter/controller for it, i checked the hobby shops and they said that they don't have any spares for it it says on a sticker that the heli is a 27MHz, so i was wondering, if i got a transmitter that was designed for helis and ran on the same frequency, in theory it'd work, right? can anyone lend me some advice?

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Add more channels to you factery controller rc helicopter?

Do any one no how to add more switch to your rc helicopter model GT QS8008 helicopter controller to add on/off for light switch and other think like a toy bomb drop?

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I have a lama v4 helicopter and it does not fly straight. It always flys off to the side!

Any ideas please help! And also the battery doest stay in the bracket in the bottom. I tried Velcro but it didnt work.

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use cam from RC helicopter

I found a MJX T40C in my backyard. How can I use the cam without the helicopter? What voltage does it use? Thanx in advance! Taeke

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Slowing down my helicopter remote? Answered

Ok so I have a helicopter. The remote is very cheap for it. I was wonder if I could put a resistor on the left/right control knob to slow it down. The knob goes in increments, but the increments are too fast. If I put a resistor there, would it slow the increments down?

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has anyone made a gps guided helicopter?

Like to find out if anyone has made a guided helicopter using a gps from an iPhone 4s or any other way of guiding a quad / or helicopter so you can give it a point on a map and it will fly to that location or to operate thru web or google maps etc.. Love to hear from any whizz people out there.. Lets hear from you .. 

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Hirobo XRB Remote control helicopter

I have a Wireless remote control twin blade helicopter for sale. This is not the cheapo mini copter you see on Ebay. This is an hirobo XRB, cost me $400 new still have the reciept. Comes with xtra rotor blades, remote, 2 Lipo batteries. I have cut some of the plastic away to make it lighter in weight. The X and Y axis are adjustable on the heli and the radio. It flew great 1 year ago, The blades are a foam composite, ( you can buy carbon fiber ones online.) The colars where the blades mount are broken, so if you want to use it as the heli you have to purchase new ones from Hirobo, couple bucks I assume. Or you can use it for whatever you want to, everyone in this community is quite creative, I however am not. I'll try to post pics. Someone can build some cool stuff with this. Make me an offer

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IR helicopter doesn't respond, how to fix it? Answered

Hello, I have here a (G.T. MODEL 9004) helicopter that worked fine for 3 years maybe, now I just wanted to use it again in one of my projects, so I went to Shake out the dust of my old toys, and didn't respond to any thing ! I charged it, and tried again and nothing except its internal LED blinking when I try to give a command from a transmitter. So it seems to receive but doesn't take an action ! (Note that you may see that it's important : When I used to use it, I was providing it the power through a 9V power supply because batteries were very coasting and get dry fast due to its usage in the helicopter charging, but it always worked fine.) It's company link :

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Is it possible to control a wifi helicopter with signal from wifi router?

Hello, I'm wondering if it'd be possible to control one of those wifi controlled helicopters such as the Wi Fli ( with a wifi router, rather than a wifi enabled device such as the iPad. I'm thinking the helicopter could instead be controlled by a computer connected to the same router. Let me know if you have any information or knowledge in the subject! Thanks, Digimas

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How do i change the RC frequencies? Answered

I have gotten a RC helicopter from a friend but it has no controller and the IC chip is soldered in and the frequency is 40Mhz . So I was wondering how I can change the frequencies from one controller so that I can use it on my helicopter.

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Converting an RC Helicopter to a wired one.? Answered

Hello all, I am currently involved in a competition for my school and my question is as follows. We are utilizing an RC Helicopter and I was wondering if it is possible to convert one to a wired one? As in there is a physical wire connecting the controller and helicopter and it is using that rather then and frequencies to control it. The reason being there is going to be a huge amount of students also using RC Helicopters and we wish to eliminate any possible interference.

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can you make a baseball sized sphere fly by putting a fan-thing in it? How? Answered

If I can't use a fan, wat can I use while keeping it perfectly sphericle? It also has to sort of control itself with voice comand overide

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Politicians do the darnest things?

In October 2006, Mr Carter reportedly called on navy helicopter to deliver a toothbrush he had left on the frigate Te Mana, moored near Raoul Island north of New Zealand. I am sure lots of people can come up with a toothbrush substitute. Or a question, how many politicians does it take to brush one set of teeth?

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Witnessing Human Flight

First posted here. Last Friday, I drove up to Maryland to see UMD's Gamera II human-powered quadrotor. They are currently pursuing the Sikorsky Prize, established in 1980. Here's the team testing a new control system. (sorry, the embed function isn't working)   During this test, Gamera II flew for approximately 65 seconds, unofficially tying the endurance record that the team previously set. This flight time, plus the ability to remain within a specific boundary, satisfies two requirements of the Sikorsky Prize. Because the rotors are so close to the ground, the helicopter is benefiting from a cushioning effect of the air between the rotor blades and the ground. This effect will diminish exponentially when the team attempts sustained flight at the required 3 meters. The helicopter transfers the pilot's pedal power by unspooling cable from pulleys, mounted on the shafts of each of the four rotors. Flight time is limited by the pilot's stamina and the amount of cable stored in each pulley. The rotors are constructed of carbon fiber, balsa, and foam, and are covered in a plastic film.  All in all, it was a cool experience. I've never seen so much carbon fiber in my life! I look forward to seeing the team win the Prize.

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Stopping a helicopter from spinning uncontrollably

My little brother just got a model helicopter for his birthday, and it works all right, except it only gets to about 2 metres up, because it spins around uncontrollably when it flies. How do you stop this from happening? We've tried adjusting the trim, but that doesn't seem to do anything.

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What on earth to do with box of RC helicopters? Answered

I just got a box of RC helicopters and parts. Its has 2 complete helicopters in pieces ( BIG ONES) a ParkFlyer step charger (?) a battery, a ratio, and a whole bunch of crystals and servos and wires and rotors ect. Even a carbon fiber cloth rod that the tail rotar attaches to.  *shrug* I don't know anything about RC helicopters, except that they are very difficult to even takeoff. What do I do now?

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Is ceiling fan blade and helicopter blade same in design or not what is the difference between them in their design?

Can i use fan blade as light weight helicopter blade or there is a difference in their design

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Helicopter parts for 4 channel pandora helicopter?

For christmas I got a 4 channel GT-3386 helicopter. After battling it with my brothers hellicopter snapped the  guards off the side fan and now it is  unstabe. I could not find a spare part but after watching a review on my helicopter he called it a Z008 instead of GT-3386. So I searched online that number and found I could get spare parts that looked the same. Would Z008 parts fit on a GT-3386 helicpoter? or at least the side fan guards.

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How do i fix an RC Helicopter's remote?

I have an RC Helicopter, but the remote doesn't work. The remote doesn't switch on.. I have attached images of both sides of the PCB.. could anyone please help me? If not, how can i make a remote control? It is a 40MHz rc.

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GEN H-4 Mini Personal Helicopter

The GEN H-4 personal helicopter weighs 70 kg, carries 220 kg total, has 40 hp of 2-stroke power, counter-rotating props, and costs $35 K. Check out what it takes to put together:, get a flying motorcycle from Butterfly Gyroplane:

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rc dual rotor helicopter (like the chinook)

I was planning on a dicopter, my own version of a chinook style dual rotor rc helicopter. Decided to try working on one. Any ideas on how it may work ? all comments are welcome. I decided to use a tricopter like yaw mechanism.

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Trying to make a table fan out of an old RC helicopter

I had an old rc helicopter lying around and I thought I could make use of it by using it as a table fan to cool my pc, now I don't have the remote for it, nor the battery pack that came with it, all i have is the board and the motor. I don't exactly know how these work but I've tried to connect the motor directly to a 9v dc transformer and it didn't go very well, the rpm was too low compared to what I would get when i used it with the helicopter's remote control, so my question is that, is there a way to increase the rpm on it without the remote control?

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Can I make helicopter with cd rom brushless motor and is there is any cheap brushless motor driver IC??

I was trying to do a helicopter. When I search internet about that all I found was done by using brushless motor with a module  that costs really high, to me , as I'm a student. So I decided to use brushless motor of my CDROM. Can anyone help to make a helicopter by using this motor. And also I need to know about a Cheap Driver IC or something that acts as a control cirucuit for that brushless.

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can i find the resistance of a resistor if its burnt?

In one of my helicopter controllers, there is a burnt resistor. it burned when my brother tried to charge his more expensive helicopter with it. i looked at it and all i know is that theres a yellow stripe and a gold one, but thats all thats visible since the middle two stripes have been burnt off. will it still have the same original resistance when tested with a multimeter? how can i find the resistance of it so i can replace it? i havent got another one of these controllers to compare it with. it has a very similar controller shape as the air hogs havoc helicopter, except this helicopter cost only $20. because the resistor is burnt out the controller cant charge the helicopter, and i dont know the voltage that the copter takes in, and the copter doesnt have any battery protection circuits as far as i know, so i cant charge it. can someone help me figure this out?

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Amazing Human-Powered Vehicles

Hey everyone, I'm part of a team building a bike for to break the human-powered land speed record of 83 mph!  Check out our kickstarter page at, or our website/blog www.aerovelo, for updates on the design/construction/testing process. We've worked on a few other crazy human-powered projects including a helicopter and an ornithopter. Check it out! :)

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Quadropropellor concept

Last night I had this dream about a bizarre helicopter that used a simple but unique form of a propeller.  Conceptually, I see no reason why it should not work... but I'm not sure if it would be any better or more efficient than a typical propeller.  The idea is that the geared propellers rotate at the tips of the main rotor as it spins.  The outside ring is fixed such that as the central propeller spins, each of the out side disc spin creating lift from both the central propeller as well as each of the four outside propellers.  Because the geared wheels will spin faster than the central rotor, theoretically it might produce more lift than a single propeller (maybe).  I would like to hear other people's thoughts on the concept.  If someone has a 3D printer, it should be relatively simple to make and test.

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if my helicopter is 27mhz and my remote is 27mhz will it work

I have a hawkspy 711 helicopter withe no remote ,ive now have a gyro transmitter 3 channel radio control both 27mhz both charged.not working

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