Hi people just discovered this forum the other week and im stuck and need help with something.   any kind people know what the actual name of those octopus bubble tripod camera stands are ?   you know the ones which pop and click together and can grasp hold of things.   i know there called octopus bubble something or other but that's the name of the tripod , cant seem to find the name of the actual legs.   anyone help or even know what in talking about ?

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help me ?

Why can not publish my statement

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Help me Answered

I cant figure out a name for my sniper. So please help me.

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help me

How can you increase a bluetooth module range(hc 05)???i know it range around 10m.I want it to be 50m because i need it for a rc plane project.

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help me

Give me some ideas for what to do with a old desktop pc

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help me!!

This has been bothering me for ages on this site!! the pop ups on the right side of the skreen block the pictures on peaples instructabls makeing it very hard to make knex guns..ect. if you have any way to help me post now~!

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Help Me!!!

Hi. I was hoping somebody here could tell me how to make a very, very, VERY Powerful TAZER. I live around a ton of crazy people!!! If you know how, PLZ Tell me.

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Hello! please help, im making a scale model car wash that uses 4 brushes and top cloth strips to clean the car. How can i get the arms that hold the brushes to go in and out to wash the front and the back of the car? PLEASE HELP!!!

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I recently rebuilt my dads old rc car. everything seems to work right except i put a batterie in it and it almost caught fire before i could run it. everything seems to look fine and sound fine it just smokes batteries! PLEASE HELP! -Drew?

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Help me!!

Https:// In this Control circuit schematic They explained about sensor inputs (the sensor inputs are connected to the analog inputs on the Arduino board ( A0, A1, A2, A3 ). The input voltages on these pins are converted into a 10 bit integer value such that the range between 0V and 5V and translated into a value between 0 and 1023 respectively. The ideal connector thus contains 3 inputs per sensor ( 5V, GND, A ) resulting in 12 connection points.) I need clear explanation about this and what type of sensors they using and how they connected ?? Thanks For ur help :) :) 

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RSS Help!

Okay, RSS is something rather new to me, and I would like to know a bit more about, so could anyone explain/define/preach about RSS feeds, feeders, etc. Like, full on RSS for Dummies.Don't link me to buy RSS for DummiesSmart asses

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Help please

I need help... does anybody know how to send a message to Instructables? I got an email from them saying I need to send a direct message and not email... but I don't know how. please help

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Please send me good ebooks for learn linden script. I am in a beginning stage. please help me.

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Help!? Answered

My computer is not let me logout or instructables not leting me logout! One or the other! But help!!!!

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Hey I tried to read The hitchhicker's guide and it still dosn't make any sense!!!!!!!!  if anyone can tell me anything that might spark some brainwaves please tell me Thanks!!!

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Recently, I posted the card shuffler me and Shadowman39 made. However, there is something that came to our attention. It is appearing in the featured filters, but has no featured badge/banner. It appears in ALL of the featured filters, but its not saying that it is actually featured... Any admins or ibles staff, or just anyone, have an theories? Thanks, Hiyadudez and Shadowman39.

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I don't know how to do anything on this site! Can someone at least tell me how to disable my account?:(

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Hi everyone.i need ur help.i want to make an airgu but i dont know how to make it.can anyone help me..

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I just made a instructbles and published it but i wont show up an it says i havent posted it yet??? can someone please help me

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I have recently created a website offline which is about 1 mb in size. my next step is to upload it to a webserver so that others can view my website. i have registered a domain name at for free. can any body help me to upload it to a perfect webserver ?my website also contain images . i want that images to be displayed in it.  please mail me at

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For help?

I got herpes three year ago. And I find a really good man at a  website.So confused me,he want to have a date with me after a long chatting. but I am worried about how to deal with it ,because he suffered another STD ,HIV/AIDS.So I want to know is it possible we each catch both HSV-2 and HIV. I don't want to give up this chance.Because it is a long time I have no BF after I know I have this damn herpes. I am going to to chat with him, so hurry up give me some ideas.We both in NY United States now. Maybe we will meet tomorrow.Hurry. Looking forward yours answers,many thanks here.

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Whenever I finish the preview thing in make an instructable, it makes the text re and when I click save and make next step, it goes back to the top and shows me everything i wrote

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Help me please.

Can anyone help me? ugh i feel so stupid, i just need someone to talk to...please. I'm so confused. pleas

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help me with this thing

Hello, I allready have the budget to make ahuge robot. You see, i am interested in making a huge bipedal robot. This robot would be similar to the robot usedin The recent movie avatar. Alli need is some help. - can i run 12 wheel chair motors with batteries ? - can i charge the batteries at the same time while they are in use ? - can i use a small engine to charge the batteries? - what are the other alternatives for movements ? - can some one help me with the design ?

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Please help me!

Recently, my firewall on my laptop was somehow removed and about 26 malicious files viruses, 5 different trojans and some other things I can't identify got installed, how do I remove them? my service is not registered and when I go to search for the file and delete it (I search my entire pc) it can't find it! HELP ME PLEASE!!!!!

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Help me please!

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help me find this?

I'm looking for good tutorial or  tips for art like this i know i can do this, but a few things throw me off, maybe i dont have the right tools? I just have one type of X-acto blade. Thanks a million!

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Hey guys, i can't seem to add pictures to my acc so my pic isnt a head thats all grey and stuff so can someone tell me how u do it?

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Airsofters? HELP ME!!!

I want (and need) a good airsoft machine gun, any ideas? (under $50 would be the best) also ihere that the gun(s) in the pics are crap is this true???

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please help me Answered

How to increase my range in my RC car 

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please help me

Im just starting and im wondering what to make

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Somebody Help Me!

Can some one help me find a knex gun thats good for war and it can shoot anything thank you. dildil99.

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Anyone Help me

I have an old super nintendo , what can do with it to turn it into something cool ?

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Please help me

Hello all  can you please help me, I want to make a camera connection kit to my ipad but there is no single way, how can I do that, i found a lot of it on the net (called otg cables) 

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Anyone Help me

I have an old super nintendo , what can do with it to turn it into something cool ?

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Help me!!! (electronics)

Can somebody tell me where I should solder cabels to extend this switch (keep this one and add another).

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help me gleek?

Ok well all my friends can gleek and i hate how all of them can do it and i dont know how.... so if anyone can plzzzz tell me how to gleek step by step thanxxx

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plz help me?

I am working in this project but I have a problem to i want to transfer electricity at 1-2 meters.for that what frequency we have to give in input.?

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Help Me Out...

By Voting!Click To Vote!This is my design for the contest. If it wins you can see it as a t-shirt!

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help me please ?

I have a hp a808x desktop. some of my usb ports were not working so i went in to disable them instead of uninstall them so here i am with no keyboard or mouse to get into my computer to fix it so i need some help. i bought a ps2 to usb adapter but that is not working. I really don't want to take it to a repair shop, so could anyone help me please. thanks

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Help me find this?

Hi im from Johannesburg South Africa im looking for one of those barrels in this ible

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help me with ic's Answered

I recently got some ic's from texas instruments and two of them came in bags that say: notice!! moisture sensitive parts. bake prior to vapor or ir soldering to reduce the chance of damage.What does this mean?

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Help me thunderclap!

Hey Everybody,  I've been humbled and surprised by all the support I've gotten on my Gravity Hook project. I'm trying something new to spread the word and I'm asking for your help to share it.   Thunderclap is a website where people come together to get the word out. Here's how it works. You visit a project and support it by clicking on buttons marked "facebook", "twitter", or "tumblr". On a certain date (March 18th in this case) the post goes out all at once.     Help me spread the word by visiting the project at . Thanks! Brent  

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Hello,I'm Marcin from Greece. I saw yesterday a video about a interactive speaker cloud,but is too expensive for me.I started search about how to build one and I saw Arduino think. (I don't have any experience about it but with instructions I believe I can make it for my nephews) That is my project: I think to use led lights and speakers 2.1. I want to sync the woofer with a specific led strips that gonna make a bright white/light blue light when a loud lighting strike hits and then the following sounds that happens at lower volume to light up the others leds,and some times some random lightening lights. All of those thinks to sync with a sound effect of raining and storm that I will download from YouTube and can play for 1 hour and more. Maybe inwill use ceiling power supply so please someone tell me if that is possible to me to make it and how much gonna cost and if anyone can guide me about what I will need and the commands.Please if anyone can,really I want to make it for the kids because they love it when is raining and hear strikes.Love from Greece.SORRY FOR MY ENGLISH.

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No matter what i try i cant seem to load pictures so im not this stupid grey head can someone help?, i know its un-grouprelated but some of u guys have pics and i want one, its pissin me off

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Hi!  I need more votes for the Whoopie Pie Mocktail! It's currently entered in the Homebrew and Cocktails competition. I would love to win this contest!!! I would love a kindle fire!!!! Please vote for me!!!!    (Just click any of these words!!!) FrecklesMagee

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I have figured out how to make an inbox setup, I just need help. I am not asking for someone to give me the whole answer, but rather help me figure out what the problem is. This isn't the program itself (obviously), just a section Please take a look:if %command% EQU 5 (chdir C:\chdir Documents and Settingschdir All Userschdir Desktopchdir %global.username%IF EXIST Mail.txt (type %global.username%echo You have mail!pause > nulset command=goto AccountPanel) ELSE (echo No new messages.pause > nulset command=goto AccountPanel)For some reason, I can only get it to say "You have no new messages" or "You have mail!" rather than the right one for the situation. Now, It keeps appearing and disapearing in a window whenever I select the number five. All users have the same exact Account Panel, so %global.username% just represents the user that is currently logged on using set globals. I am kindly asking for help, not for someone to do it for me. I know that batch isn't a real scripting language, but it is fun to work with, just... confusing. I am sure I have all of the directories correct. Please help!

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SOME BODY PLEEZ MAKE A KNEX AIRSOFT GUN! i mean real airsoft fight ready, shoots thrugh cardboard, airsoft. PLEEZ I need something to fight my freind who just just got a real one(thinking to myself"@#$%in sniper99! y did u get 1 and not me!)

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