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Hideing data

I was looking for a way to back up and hide some of my important files (passwords, credit card info) when i ran into cryptcd and so far its really nice it does stuff like adding users to your CD with their own passwords and permissions per file and folder And the ability to create a custom decoy boot screen for the CD including screen color, text, background image, and logo image anyone els use this or have something simaller?

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hide a fiver challenge

Just a simple challenge, all you get is bragging rites till the i decide on a new callenge. so here it is you have to you have to hide a five pound note (usa equivalent dimensions ($20)i think) in the easiest and quickest way. this has to be hidden on the body or be carried. deadline is the 6th march that it have fun

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hiding a bebo page

Ok i have a small problem. My kid wants to do this poetic terrorism thing in our town. Putting up signs warning about low flying angels and such. There is a statue of some great leader of the past and he wants to put a ball and chain on him. This is subversive art and he wants to set up a bebo page or similar to display his poetic subversions but he is afraid that the page would lead authorities back to him. Can he hide?

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Hiding ceiling projector

UPDATE! made some progress and have it all set up, its in the finishing touches area now. :) Items used- -12 in AC linear actuator -3 way switch - 4x draw slides - MDF - PVC - ceiling tile - various sizes of wood for frame for the actuator. ______________________________________________________________________________________ I have an idea for my ceiling mounted projector to hide in the ceiling tile and then lower down when a button is pressed. however I have no idea how to execute it. in theory I would need a motor to pull up and lower down the tile that the projector is mounted to and then run the cables down the wall to a switch. but I turn to you instructables to tell me how to make the motor stop when the tile is low enough on the cable and when it rises back into place with the other tiles. Sort of like an automatic window on a car. with the push of a button it goes into place and when the button is pushed again it rises back.?

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Hiding non-present devices?

Hi, It gets extremely annoying when there is multiple drives in my computer but they aren't in use. Does anyone know how to only show present devices or do I just have to live with the multiple devices?

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hang fabric to hide a wall?

I want to drape out the walls in my living room to hide them for a party...don't want to damage my walls or ceiling. Is there some sort of pole situation that can be please

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Completables~ What are you hiding??

Does anyone out there have some hidden project's, that they have not / can not publish?Have you Completed an Instructable with excellent result's?Post it in Completables and get the credit it deserves..!!

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How to hide my IP address ? Answered

i tried these apps-- hide my ip,mask my ip but they did not work whatismyip website shows my real ip address and google too.. How to hide my real ip address ???

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how hide things in the common home

Ok, i think there is need of a instructable on how to hide small things[ or any thing in general] like credit cards or money or not real sure why you would need to do this but im sure it could come in use... for example taking a hinge off a door, cutting a small slit to slide a card into then screw the hings back on, like nothing never happened. note- i got this idea from burn notice[ its a tv show] cool eh?

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Want to hide cords in living areas

Live in old house few outlets. Wish to hide cords in attractive manner

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Why do people hide their age? Answered

I am 13 and I am not really bothered what people say about people our age. I think that the people who hide their age are generally not the right age to be viewing some 'ibles. Thanks, Flannel UK

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I have all the printer software installed and the comp wont see the printer for some reason, can some help me. usually i would be on top of this, but i dont have lots of time to worry about this kind of thing. please help.

Question by zen lyne    |  last reply

Hiding a PS2 inside a PS1 case.

Hello, I have an interesting proposal for you all. I am interested in putting all of the hardware from a PS2 into a PS1 case. I want this for a friend of mine who cannot have a PS2 where he is. Is there anyone who has done this, or has any ideas that would help me? I have been told by one person that the hardware will never fit, but I've seen the crazy things people on here can do, so I thought I ask you all. Thank you

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He's back! Hide the women and children.

Hi there, all you groovy Instructables folks! After an extended absence due to vacations, visiting relatives, intermittent router failures and general "life happens" stuff (not necessarily in that order), I have returned to haunt the boards once again. I have missed this crazy place, and am looking forward to catching up with all the stuff that went down while I was gone. First order of business is to find out who this goober is that is accusing me of stealing one of my instructables from him. Sheesh.

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Inconspicuously hiding an i-pod in a trunk? Answered

Im going to scout camp in a few days, and i enjoy listening to my i-touch during the drive and while relaxing after a hard day of rafting or what have you. My trunk is a med/heavy plastic footlocker type dealie with a master lock on it. But in the chance someone gets "teh sticky fing0rz" i would like to have a little extra piece of mind. Anyways i would like multiple ways to hold an i touch and a phone(1/2x2) in some un-eyecatching container. 

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Still waiting for my "hiding Places" prize

Hi there, I've sent a couple of emails asking  when I should expect my prize for the hiding place comp.  I've yet to receive any information on when I should expect it.  I don't mind waiting (been over a month already), I'd just like to know when I should expect it! If you could get back to me on an ETA that would be swell.

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How to hide a large speaker in a Halloween display?

We're preparing a bit of an over-the-top Halloween display.  Part of it involves three singing pumpkins on some sort of pedestal.  To provide the audio, we're using a guitar amp — it's about 16 inches high and sounds fantastic. Sounds fantastic, that is, until we stick it inside a cardboard-and-foam pedestal, at which point it sounds muffled and sad.  We could crank up the volume, but that doesn't really produce the clear sound we're going for. At the same time, I don't want the amp just sitting there on the lawn... I want to preserve the illusion that the pumpkins are producing the sound.  So I need to hide the amp in/under the pedestal, while still allowing clear sound. We've considered just having the pedestal open on front, draped with a thin dark cloth to hide what's inside.  That would probably sound great, but it no longer looks like a stone pedestal.  If there's going to be a big dark hole in it, I need some explanation for why the hole should be there, so it doesn't seem out of place. Anybody have any ideas how we can effectively hide this big speaker in the scene?

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how would i go about making a humidity spritzer for a snake? or a hide?? Answered

I want to make a humidity sensor that will spritz my snakes en closer when the humidity gets to low but not make it too high.  an acceptable alternative would be a snake hide seeing as how he is getting to big for that both need to be affordable (not cost the same as buying a commercail one otherwise i wouldnt be asking you guys)

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Does any one know how to make a good bunker?

 i want to make a ''bunker'' in a natural part of my town as a place to hide and hang out. if you have any ideas please tell me!

Question by The Knights Of The Round Pie    |  last reply

How would i make a belt buckle that has a hollow center that i can hide stuff in?

One of my friends had a beltbuckle that opened up and you can hide stuff in it how would i make one. I would ask my friend but i cant get in contact with him

Question by Don,t try this at home    |  last reply

I got a instructable i have been working on about tanning animal hides its done but i dont got pics?

What do you guys think should i post it with out any pics or should i wait till dec when i shoot another deer. If i post it now i will add pics later.

Question by Don,t try this at home    |  last reply

What to do with a 200W solar panel? Answered

I recently got a nice 200W solar panel including controller. Initial plan was to use it to power the outdoor freezer during the summer and later on to get a 12V compressor for it to avoid the inverter. Now my agent did an inspection and demands the solar panel has to go as it is too big and makes the backyard look untidy. To sum it up: Not allowed to mount it on the roof, in the garden, in the backyard or against a wall.... Only option at this stage would be to mount it on my roof rack but I don't have the time for long camping trips anymore :( Quite reluctant to just sell it as I thought someone here might still have an idea how to "hide" a big panel so the agent won't notice next time.

Question by Downunder35m    |  last reply

How can I convert an existing sink to become a table without removing the plumbings, etc?

I have a vanity sink just right beside our bathroom, so this vanity sink is pretty much useless. i'm planning to convert this sink into table without removing all the plumbings, etc? I'm thinking maybe i'll just cover it with a plyboard on top, but i want to make it nicer as well. Any suggestions is greatly appreciated.

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Is it possible for non pro members to hide / insert a link?

I'd like to make it so that I say a word such as "this" and when clicked it goes to a web page. I know it used to be [ words here] to make it work, but nowadays... well, it can frustrating to have to insert a huge link. Thanks in advance.

Question by Kryptonite  

deleting or hiding comments from your proflile page

Does anyone know how to hide or delete comments you have made from your home page

Topic by knex N craftin apocolypse    |  last reply

Door upcycle need help hiding hinge area

I am trying to make a desk out of a hollow core door. I want to fill in the hinge areas before painting or put something there after painting to make them look nice. any ideas? I haven't found any online and I've spent hours looking.

Topic by BrookeF    |  last reply

Dog Rawhide daily chew as leather? Answered

OK this is a disgusting in question, and I am not going to do this (cross fingers >:D)  but, I have some dog chews for my dog made of Raw hide ( Will it act like leather? Can I wet mold it into a penknife holster without wild dogs chasing me through the woods? Thanks :) Sorry for all my odd questions...

Question by Digital Flame    |  last reply

How do I get a musty smell out of leather? Answered

I picked up an old deer hide off of craigslist today.  It's in great condition, but it's been in storage for about 30 years and has developed a bit of a musty smell.  Any ideas on how to get rid of that smell?  It's not too bad, just enough that it kind of bugs me.  I don't want to clean it with anything too harsh, as I want it to stay supple and soft, if that's possible.

Question by depotdevoid    |  last reply

Design Assistance Humbly Requested! Mylar + Flatscreen TV + Frame = Stealth TV Goodness

I am in the pre-panning stages of a project in which I would like to make a false over-the-mantle mirror to hide an LED TV using mylar on a motorized roll to pass over the television.  I will be building a frame and really need some brainstorming help with a starting off point for fabbing the mylar into a false mirror.  Parts, ideas, etc.  from a very simple, mechanical-tension model to more complex, electrically motorized design would be much appreciated. Thanks!

Topic by cepartin    |  last reply

what happen when i hide my wordpress title? Answered

I'm going to hide my free blog title. will my blog disappear in search engines  

Question by ishan udyoga    |  last reply

Tips for playing MW2 on pc. (classes, hiding spots. etc.)? Answered

Please share any tips or tricks that you know.

Question by bubbaman22    |  last reply

Can you easily hide a GoPro Hero 3 Camera in regular clothes, in such a way that you still record your point of view?

Can you easily hide a GoPro Hero 3 Camera in regular clothes, in such a way that you still record your point of view?

Question by bethekind    |  last reply

More ideas on secret stash spots?

What other things can be used/ made as a secret stash spot, other than lighter, book, card deck, can, deodorant, or clothing?

Question by cndbottoms    |  last reply

Are There More Suggestions On Secret Stash And Safes...? More To The Spy Side...!? Answered

I Wanna Kinda More On Safes And Stashes. Also I Wanna Know Where Are The Good Places To Hide The Stuffs In A Home. I Also Want Tutorials On Home-Made Spy Stuffs. Hope That I Get Good Response. Thank You...!

Question by yusuf786    |  last reply

Where is the CMOS battery in an HP xh485: mine is hiding and probably dead!?

The great old dinosaur died and symptoms are like a dead bios battery...but I can't find one, even after removing the bottom cover, the HD, KYBD, etc.

Question by buddy03    |  last reply

Knife concealment??

OK, i was wondering about how to conceal a knife, and i remember listening to Nocturnal podcast by Scott Sigler, and one of the gangsters had a knife in his shoe. i was wondering if i could hide a knife in my shoe like this:1. put the knife under that removable pad in the shoe.2. cut a hole in the back of the shoe that looks like this:|..................... | |_ _ _ _ _ _ _| |......................|dont mind the periods, they are just place markers.3. tie a string (fishing line) to one of the holes in the back of the handle, run the line through the above hole in the back of the shoe. 4. drill a hole in a quarter and tie the string to the quarter, then stick it in your pocket. when you need the knife, grab the quarter from your pocket, lift your leg with the shoe and knife, then pull it out. the way you cut it, the flaps will open and the knife will slide out, but will stay closed all other times. could someone please make an instructable on this, or tell me if it would work by testing it out?

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who thinks that a animal hide tanning instructable would be good to put on instructables?

In this instructable i would show people how to clean the hide salt it and explore the options of tanning like brain tanning alum tanning and buying tanning solution do you think it would be worth the trouble to make?

Question by Don,t try this at home    |  last reply

How do you completely hide your myspace comments with no way of revealing it?

Some people have ways of getting through to your comments even if they are hidden. I'm asking if there is a code that will completely hide and it won't be seen even if people use that view-no style trick or any other tricks.


trying to hide a programmable calculator inside a regular school calculator to use in tests?

hi all I am not allowed to use a programmable calculator in exams, however we are allowed a scientific calculator. is there any way to convert one or mod a programmable calculator to look like a regular school calculator? cheers

Question by thatfamousguy    |  last reply

Is there any way I can hide my speakers but still allow them to be heard?

They are hooked up to my mp3 player.

Question by tirth5    |  last reply

what is a wildcard for folders in batch?

I am making a batch file to hide files and folders, what would be the wildcard to hide all folders, like *.* for files?

Question by XOIIO    |  last reply

Is there a way to create a messaging system using cmd, but also hide who it came from?

In a school system, everything is monitored. but if there was a way to mask the user, it would be like texting in school. but without the mask, the administrators will know exactly who and where it was from. any ideas?

Question by mdan    |  last reply

Who wants ghillie suit instructable

I heard people wanted to see a ghillie suit instructable and i was wondering if you would mind if i got best info and pics from the intranet and Put it in a form suitable for instructables?

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