katoomba high school

Anyone go to katoomba high school?

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high school academy?

I want to go to auto academy at my high school but my parents say no because that everyone that is in there is"bad people that do drugs and smoke and that i will do that too" but i know alot of people in there and no one does that how can i convince them to let me? i already talked about it for hours and they still insist i dont and its very anoying

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High School Teachers

Do you teach 9th-12th grade? If so, say hello and connect with other High School educators. Feel free to share where you are from, what grade level(s) and subjects you teach, and any exciting projects you did with your students this year or fun plans you have for your classes next year. :)

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High School Football

This just happened at my school, I thought you guys in this group would like it: This week on the announcements, our sports director told us about the new rules for football games. None of them were too bad, except for not being allowed to take off our shirts (sports bras for girls) any more, in order to paint our chests. We were all pissed, and determined to do something about it, so this night at the game, the entire spirit section (huge) just sat their quietly and didn't cheer at all. By half-time, we were down 9-0 and the cheerleaders were pissed that we wouldn't even stand up. The principal called down the kid in charge and they talked for a bit. When he came back up, he told us that she had agreed to not wearing shirts on the homecoming game, as long as we didn't use the "Bullshit" chant. A few minutes later, someone else went down and talked to her, they convinced her to withdraw the policy starting next week, if we would start to cheer this game. In the end, it was a great success, and we won the football game, too!

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Your School

Just because I am a very curious person I would like to ask you a question. What high school did/are you going to, and were is that school? I go to NPHS (North Penn High School)in the USA. And you?

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started school

Going to be an electrical engineer I like high voltage but here my latest experiment any body know a better way to make a capacitor

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what high school is good for me?

Im about to go into 8th grade and i have to start thinking about what high school is right for me. i love science and weather, i think i want to be a meterologist. i live in glassboro new jersey, and i need a high school that is close. i cant go to glassboro, i cant go to pitman because i dont live there, olma; pvi; and glouster catholic are too much money, and i cant think of anymore high schools...do you know any high school that is good for me?

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Does anyone else hate this?

How willing people are to follow everyone else. Maybe its just high school, but I find myself confused as to how sheepish people are (willing to follow) I'm feeling angsty and all anti society right now

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Engineering Class Suggestions

I'm part of an Engineering Club at my school and we're looking for future projects that just explore some ideas of Engineering in general. We would like to come up with our own ideas at some point, but for now, a lot of us are inexperienced, so I thought I could come here and find some stuff. So far, we have decided to build a bunch of Stirling Engines and use them for miscellaneous things, but after that, we have no other ideas. Could you guys come up with some ideas (possibly your own or ones that you have done), that are similar to this idea of teaching the basics of making things and stuff like that? Links would be helpful. Guidelines: Because we do this at school, there are certain rules that prevent us from bringing large knives and laser pointers on campus. Power tools and exacto knives are OK, though (IKR?). Also, because we are students, we have to scavenge around for materials, so unless it's less than ~30$, we might not be able to do that either.

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What high school is best for me?

I live in Chicago in the 60640 area code what high school is the best for me i ruled the SAT,s i passed and this is my last year in middle school 8th grade YAY. i want to go to a high-school that specializes in setting me up to become a IT or robotics anything in the technology area

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3D Printing for High School Students

As part of our effort to print awesome things for awesome people, we printed out 8 models designed by students at Oakland Technical High School. The models were designed by kids during their spare time to assist younger students in the program to visualize shapes in three dimensions. “It’s amazing, but it’s all on the screen,” shared junior Zoey S. when I asked her about the main challenge facing students in the program. “It’s one thing to see it [the model] on the computer, but another to see all the aspects and angles in real life. It’s nice to have a physical representation in order to see all sides.” Students in the Oakland Tech engineering program begin by modeling basic shapes and slowly develop their 3D modeling chops by manipulating geometric shapes. By senior year, students create an architectural design that incorporates everything they’ve learned about 3D modeling (and calculus and trigonometry and environmental design). The high school juniors designed their models to help sophomores who are just beginning to create objects in three dimensions. The prints were mostly cylinders and boxes with various cut-outs and indentations that present a real challenge to neophyte 3D designers. High school students are not the only people who can receive free 3D prints of their models. With a small army 3D printers, we're printing our favorite 3D models from the gallery at 123Dapp.com. Just submit a design to the 123D gallery to be considered for fabrication. For free. We'll send it to you. Even if you're not in a high school that we can easily drive to. And be sure to submit any designs to the Make it Real Contest (by the end of May) for the chance to win a $50,000 3D printer of your very own.

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High School 3D Printing Hackathon

Calling all student Coders and Designers! MSJ 3D Printing Club is hosting a 3D Printing Hackathon, called a Designathon, at Mission San Jose High School on November 15th from 8:30-5:00 for $10. This event is for 6th-12th grades only. Schedule for the day: 8:30am:   Registration 9:00am:   Opening Ceremony 9:30am:   Designathon Timer Begins 12:00pm: Lunch 2:30pm:   Designathon Timer Stops 3:00pm:   Presentations 4:00pm:   Judging and Speakers 4:30pm:   Awards and Closing Ceremony  We will be conducting workshops on Tinkercad, AutoCAD, and Illustrator.  The Designathon is a great opportunity for students to learn about 3D Printing, its impact on the world, and coding. 3D Printing is a new and upcoming technology that is sneaking its way into every field. Biologists are printing organs, researchers are using the technology to find a cure for cancer, architects are 3D Printing houses, Engineers are printing robots, chefs are printing food. In the age of 3D Printing, we want to expose students to this amazing technology and who knows, you may change the world. For more information and to sign up visit: www.tinyurl.com/ MSJDesignathon  If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at msjhs.3d@gmail.com or call (510)-979-1046 Thank You, Vaishnavi Dornadula Vice President of MSJ 3D Printing

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whats a better school? Answered

Which is a better school, boca raton high or suncoast high for engineering or park vista which i am zoned for all they have is a auto repair academy. i still want to have a life though but boca has STEM  and sucoast has MSE i dont think there is much of a difference but the classes i really want to take is some engineering class and a computer programing class but not the computer academy. i would like to be in the engineering academy though because i am not zoned for that school please answer or at least a suggestion.

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Introduce Yourself

Hey everyone! Welcome to the group & thanks for joining! Take this opportunity to introduce yourselves, what grade you're in, what classes you take, school stuff, whatever else you want, etc. I'm Mark. I'm currently in 9th grade. I went to a Catholic boys' school for the first semester this year, but starting Monday, I'll be going to the public school closer to home. For the first semester, I took Biology Honors, Geometry Honors, World Lit Honors, World History Honors, Technology, and Spanish I. My favorite class this year BY FAR was Geometry.

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Instructables Club for School?

Hey everyone, I am in high school, and I was just thinking it would be quite fun to have an Instructables club in our high school. I was just wondering if I have permission from the Instructables staff to start a club, because of all the copywright and whatnot. I was thinking of having annual contests, and the winners could get an Instructables Leatherman or something like that. I was also thinking of having the joined users from my school make a group to gather all of our ideas. Maybe the contestant in the contests could join our group and submit their Instructable, and the leaders of our club could decide a winner. Is this is good idea? And do I have permission? Suggestions are always welcome! Oh yea, when everyone sees use walking around in Robot-T-shirts, who wouldn't want to join? -Thanks -Brennn10

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Using Instructables in the high school technology classroom?

Can a whole class sign in on the same user name and password? Does anyone have any ideas for use of instructables in the classroom?

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What is a good way to effectively make witty posters for a high school campaign?

I'm campaign managing for a friend of mine whose running for president. We've got a slew of ideas, but does any one know of an instructable on making lots of effective posters and/or does anyone have any good ideas? Its an all guys school, so the posters can be as stupid as possible. Thanks! --xD

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How to start a High School Radio Station?

With some friends at high school we have started a radio club. We are currently just streaming over the internet. I'm interested to know how complicated it actually is to broadcast over the FM radio. I know its possibly to receive a low power broadcast much easier but I still don't know how expensive that would be and difficult to acquire. I'm sure its a bit out of reach but i do know other high schools broadcast.

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Hoax? A task not only for high-schoolers...

       Well, exept for being quite a fun thing to watch, it also should work as a great Physics problem for someone like me (or a bit younger)-studying all sorts of Mechanics and Newton's Laws to work on... The task is to estimate the acceleration the motorcycle should have to do it, and whether it's significantly larger than the one stated in some technical data (there is the motorcycle model somewhere in the video's name).        If you have a go on it and are a) school-aged and b) not sure you are right, PM me. If you simply want to share your results and/or opinion, write here (but try not to put any solution-I mean formulas). In case the video doesn't work

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Spanish or French | Intro to Metalworking or Intro to Engineering and Tech.?

Ok, so it's that time of the year - picking 9th grade courses. I'm signing up for all gifted (higher than honors) academic classes, but am stuck on my electives.To get into universities and colleges in Georgia, I have to take 2 sequential years of either French or Spanish. My mom says Spanish is easier, like I'm sure most people would. I don't really care about speaking fluently in either language; I just need to go to college.What would you say would be the easiest to get through?So, I guess all of y'all know that I aspire to go into the mechanical engineering field. High school is a good place to start out, but I've come upon another bump in the road: Should I go with the metalworking classes, or the engineering (and technology) ones?I've always wanted to be able to weld, and I'm sure that's a major skill when it comes to engineering. Classes that my future school offers include Intro to Metalworking, Arc Welding, GMAW and GTAW (which I won't take), Intro to Milling (which includes using a lathe and a CNC machine), and a sheet metal class. The engineering class covers things like CAD, CAM, CNC, robotics, audio and visual productions, and other technology things.I think the metalworking would be best for me - I'm more of a hands-on person; i.e., I like tangent things, not doing "theoretical" things on a computer, though I know all of the CAD stuff would be very useful.I'd like to take all of it if I could, but that's only possible by going to summer school (which costs $180 per class).Any help would be appreciated!

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April Fools at School

So, I found out that my school doesn't use a standard clock system - instead we have this high-tech radio synced system, and every single clock has an antenna on its back. I was thinking of having some serious fun tomorrow, but that would require me stealing a clock to take home with me - dismantling it, and reverse-engineering it. I'm sure it wouldn't be too hard, but I don't know if I could have done it in one night..... That would have made an awesome April fools joke! There's so much potential! I'll probably end up wearing a Jester hat and my LED t-shirt, though. So much for that fun (perhaps as a senior prank?)

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How to Survive middle (or high, i dont know) school

That is it, the period from 13 year and ---year. i need a survival guide!

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Electrical Engineering Schools

I want to go to a good electrical engineering college. I've been looking at schools like Georgia Tech, and University of Michigan Ann Arbor. I'm leaning toward Georgia Tech, but which college would be the best. My Reach is MIT, considering my scores are high enough. So if I magically get accepted to all electrical engineering colleges, which should I go to?   My potential college list: Boston U Bucknell U Carnegie Mellon U Cornell U Franklin W Olin C En Georgia Tech MIT Miami U Oxford Penn State U Park Polytechnic I of NYU Rensselaer Polytec I Stanford U U Calif Berkeley U Illinois Urbana U Michigan Villanova U Virginia Tech All offer Electrical engineering and rank in the Top 100 based on various US surveys and ranking list for Graduate Education 

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Zombie fiction: illegal in Kentucky.

A Kentucky student has been arrested under anti-terrorist legislationWinchester police say William Poole, 18, was taken into custody Tuesday morning. Investigators say they discovered materials at Poole's home that outline possible acts of violence aimed at students, teachers, and police.Poole told LEX 18 that the whole incident is a big misunderstanding. He claims that what his grandparents found in his journal and turned into police was a short story he wrote for English class."My story is based on fiction," said Poole, who faces a second-degree felony terrorist threatening charge. "It's a fake story. I made it up. I've been working on one of my short stories, (and) the short story they found was about zombies. Yes, it did say a high school. It was about a high school over ran by zombies."I originally found this story through Groxx. The article is here, and if you want to pass comments on to the relevant people, their contact details are here.

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TechSummer camps for high schooler?

 I am looking for any Technology Summer Camps iN Silicon Valley for this summer. I am a high school student looking for a few good camps, any recommendations? Thanks!!!!!!!

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Science Fair Project Ideas for High school Student ?

I've been searching everywhere for an Awesome science fair experiment to do on instructables but sadly can't find any. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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Instructable blocked at my school

Instructables is blocked at my school. I had it unblocked at one point, and since then it is again blocked. How do I convince the higher ups, principal and IT personnel, that this is a website that the school should be able to access. I teach at a school that teaches high school age students trades like welding, culinary arts, carpentry, graphic design, automotive technology, machine tool, metal fab, masonry, business, nursing, agriculture, and cosmetology. I think I hit all the classes. Instructables would be a great site for students or classes to showcase their work. Suggestions? 

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In need of dier help for school

Ok i'm in a high school engineering class and the first assignment of the year is to interview a engineer. which is great sounds like a lot of fun but i don't know any one with an engineering background witch makes this rather difficult so the next thing that came to my mind was wait why don't i try the most amassing web sight on earth to see if any one was willing to help me and so i'm trying to find some one thats an engineer and is willing to answer about 14 questions so if any one would help i would really appreciate it and When my people come to colonize this planet, you will be on the protected rolls, and no harm will come to you :) 

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New School Yoyo Tricks

Yoyo tricks have gotten a lot crazier in the past few years. People are playing with metal yoyos that can sleep for over a minute and can pull off a couple dozen tricks in that time. Some people even go off-string with the yoyo spinning all on its own.A company called Anti-Yo is in the thick of this scene and releases only a couple yoyos a year, but of high quality. The owners, Kiya and Sonny, started out as regular fans of the scene and decided to simply make their own and they've done a great job of it. They're living proof that you can make your hobby into something much more and start to have an effect on people all around the world.The video below shows their new yoyo, the BSP, being played with by one of their team players. Check it out.

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Me and my friend are gonna start selling stuff at school (were in junior high). What should we make/sell.?

We honestly have no clue... Were both teenagers and we need money :O Also : What should we do like hand out fliers or buisness cards or i dont know... :O pleasee help :D

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NASA art contest - open to high school and college students

From NASA'S official website: "The National Aeronautics and Space Administration invites high school and college students from all areas of study to enter, including the arts, industrial design, architecture, computer design, and the fine arts. Students are asked to submit their work on the theme: Life and Work on the Moon. Artists are encouraged to collaborate with science and engineering students. Such collaboration is not required, but would help to ensure that the art is valid for the Moon’s harsh environment. Any full time student can enter, regardless of major or area of study.Entries will be accepted in three categories: two-dimensional, three-dimensional, and digital, including video. Entries will be evaluated not only on their artistic qualities, but also on whether they depict a valid scenario. Prizes include awards and exhibit opportunities. Entries are due no later than April 15, 2009. Entries will be accepted in three major categories: two-dimensional, three dimensional and digital. Each category will have pre-determined size limits.All entries are due no later than April 15, 2009 for College entries and April 15, 2009 for High School entries.Cash prizes, certificates of achievement, and exhibit opportunities are planned.We expect that winners will be announced in May of 2009.All entries will initially be submitted digitally as 300 dpi jpeg images.An on-line gallery is planned for public viewing of the artwork.Winners will be asked to ship their work to NASA for exhibit purposes."So what are you waiting for?! As Eric would say, go make something awesome!

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High school students' lack of knowledge regarding 3D printers.

Has anyone else come upon the severe lack of knowledge about 3D printers by high school students, and possibly people in general as well? Today, my teacher announced to my art class that: "Some architects will be coming in to show us their 3D printer that they built". Then, practically every student started to say things such as: "what the hell is that?". The teacher then said that: "it's like a printer, but it prints things out in 3D". After that, one student asked: "so it like prints stuff out on paper in 3D?" So the teacher replied: "no, it prints objects out in 3D". Then, the same student asked again: "so it prints stuff out onto paper in 3D.....?". It went on like this for about 5 minutes, until the teacher got tired of explaining from her limited knowledge of 3D printers. After the teacher managed to end the conversation, I heard murmurs from the others saying things like: "I don't get it..?" and "That doesn't make any sense..". Has anyone else encountered this? (not that I'm an expert on 3D printers or anything..) Thanks -Me

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High school teacher, new to wireless connections, looking to make a classroom app.

I'm looking to create a classroom app that will require some hardware creation as well. I'm hoping to take data from multiple of the same apps from each student's smartphone, and have a "teacher" app which receives that information and displays it in real-time, probably on a tablet or computer. I have a few questions to get started, as I am starting from about as square one as anyone could start.1) I'm envisioning a bluetooth connection, as I would love for the information to be sent from various student smartphones to a tablet device controlled by the teacher. What is the maximum number of bluetooth connections one device could receive data from at the same time? If the number is smaller than your standard high school classroom size, is there any way to get there?2) If bluetooth is limited to a small number of connections, is there an alternative wireless method that could work?Thank you in advance for the help, I look forward to getting started on this and putting my education experience to go above and beyond to help out in the classroom!

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PopSci National School Inventor's Challenge

Our friends at PopSci are holding a National School Inventor's Challenge! Winners get $5,000 in science equipment for their school.Details:Teachers submit their students' inventions and/or ways to improve the world - it seems to be open for individual and group work. Separate categories for elementary, middle, and high-school entries. US-only.

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Is Wikipidea a Bad Source To Use at School

Im a high schooler and my library teacher gave me a disiplinary referal for using wikipidea as a source for a research project, and for refusing to never use wikipidea in school. He gave me a one hour speach on how anyone can edit wikipidea and its all based on the personal belifs of people. So i guess my question is should you use wikipidea for fact's.

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I know I'm not alone.

I saw someone with an instructables t-shirt in the halls at school today. Who goes to UOIT? :p For everyone else: What school do you go to? (College, Uni) Or are you still in high school? Finished education or just not doing anything?

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Teaching Middle School Through Instructables

I am a junior high math and shop/technology teacher. For years I have been wanting to develop a math program that uses as much hands on as possible.  Like all teachers, I have developed a few projects, but just don't have the time to develop all the activities needed to cover an entire curriculum. I would love to correspond/collaborate with others (including non teachers). Email me directly if you are interested.  mikemckay@pwsd76.ab.ca

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For a high school physics lab, my group needs to make a roller coaster out of foam pipe insulation. Answered

The coaster must use Newton's laws of motion. The coaster has to have at least three hills, though the first hill cannot be more than 1 metre high off of the surface it is upon. Does anyone have any ideas?

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Need Ideas for Gears and Cams Project for School

Im sitting in my CAD class right now looking for ideas for this project. anyone have any suggestions? this is a high school project so nothing to difficult (but not to simple).

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just give me a code to get on myspace at the meridian high school?

Just need to get on it now ok

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I'm a sophmore in high school and I really like this junior girl. Answered

There is this junior in my school that I've known for quite a few years now and I think she is such a beautiful, nice and caring person and I care about her a lot. The biggest problem is she has a boyfriend right now. And no girl I like has ever liked me back; so how do I go about talking to her and just being around her in general? I want her to trust me and at least have somewhat deep feelings for me. I do get chances to talk with her now and then to but I just want her to like being around me more.

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Today a tornado killed 15 people from my high school

I was driving home from work when I heard on the radio that a tornado had ripped through the high school of Enterprise, Alabama, where I attended, and where my little brother currently attends. A shock went through me as I heard the name of my home town. I'd never heard it on the national news before. When I heard that at least 8 kids at the high school had been killed, I really started worrying. I wanted to call my mom and find out if my little brother was okay. But I don't have a cell phone, and I was stuck in a traffic jam. I felt so trapped, and I was less than a mile from my house. When I finally got home, I couldn't reach my mother on at any of her numbers. I couldn't reach my sister, either. I called my sister-in-law, Michelle, who lives 30 minutes from Enterprise. She was home. Michelle said that my mother had driven to the high school twenty minutes before the tornado hit, and picked up my brother. He was safe. I was still in shock, though. I did the same thing I did after September 11; I watched the news for hours. I called and finally got through to my mom. She told me the police weren't letting anyone near the high school. Then I found out that seven more students died, bringing the total to fifteen. I got mad. It seems crazy to me that the police would keep away people that could help rescue the students. Maybe seven more would be alive if they had just let people go to the high school to help, or let the students with cars drive themselves home. My Mom told me about a family we're friends with. The tornado went right over their house. The mom and five kids all huddled in the hallway as the house shook and the roof was ripped off. They all survived. But the father was at work, and from where he was, he saw the tornado touch down. I can only imagine how helpless he felt as the tornado went towards his house. Enterprise is small, and I'm sure I know some of the families that lost sons and daughters today. I told my wife I'm leaving in the morning to go help clean up. I'm sure there's going to be a lot of work to do tomorrow. I've been so shook up by this all, I have to send my thoughts somewhere. You never think it will happen to you. You never think it.

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